In addition to supporting his disciples off the court, Chang Sheng also continued to trust Gotze on the court.

In the 13th league match with [opponent to be investigated], mario gotze continued to start.
And Gotze knows exactly what kind of support his boss needs.
In this game, he was very active and finally scored a goal and an assist.
Help Lazio beat [opponents to be checked] 4-1.
After the game, Chang Sheng proudly said: "When Dortmund’s Gotze was still unknown in the youth team, Lazio’s Gotze has become the hottest player in Europe. This is why Lazio’s Gotze is smarter than Dortmund’s Gotze. "
If Gotze’s performance in this game is poor, these media will have something to say.
But it happened that Gotze’s performance in this game was very good …
This makes those journalists who have the intention to say something unpleasant to make them sick and always win don’t know how to open their mouths.
Especially the German media.
They felt as if they had been slapped by Chang Sheng and Gotze …
After this game, the Italian media also stood up to speak for Gotze and Changsheng.
Although they are always winning, the contest with the German media is a struggle between countries, so they naturally want to help their teams.
"Players have the freedom to move. As long as there is no contract with the other side, they can go to a better team for them. Gotze’s performance proved how correct he was when he chose to come to Lazio. "
"I don’t understand what the German media have to complain about. Did Gotze become an Italian player after he came to Lazio, and no longer play for Germany? Shouldn’t a real German fan be genuinely happy to see him doing well in Lazio? Our players have proved their abilities in other countries’ leagues, which just shows the strength of German youth training, which is a matter of great honor for German football … Why are there so many people abusing Gotze? Oppose him to go to Lazio? "
"Lazio is a robber? According to the regulations of FIFA, they paid compensation of up to 800,000 euros to Dortmund Club, and there was no legal problem for them to get Gotze. And I think Lazio has a lot more conscience than Manchester United. What if Lazio only gave Dortmund 35,000 pounds? What will they say? "
The wind of public opinion has turned …
Chapter 56 The reborn Inter Milan
As Chang Sheng expected, there is no more introduction of Gotze in Manchester United.
Obviously, when they realize that Gotze really came to Lazio because he worships himself, then they don’t have to waste time and expression on Chang Sheng.
For those players who don’t have a professional contract, the most important factor for them to leave or stay in their original club is the player’s own will.
If a player is willing to go, then no one can stop him.
But the opposite is also true. If the players themselves don’t want to leave, it is useless to promise more benefits.
Gotze is a typical representative.
If he is really like what he says, then it is meaningless for Manchester United to contact him directly.
He won’t come.
In this way, the soap opera about Gotze was completely over.
After the Genoa match, Lazio ushered in the penultimate round of the Champions League group match at home.
Their opponent is Marseille.
Lazio won the game 1-0 at home, and the winning team did not send all the main players, but rotated.
Players like candreva and Gill all started.
What makes Changsheng so relaxed is that after Lazio beat Atletico Madrid 9-0 at home, it has already won the qualifying right as the first in the group in advance-not only the group qualifying, but also the first in the group.
After four rounds of group matches, Lazio scored 12 points and Atletico Madrid scored six points.
Lazio are six points ahead of Atletico Madrid in the last two rounds of group matches. Even if Atletico Madrid wins in the last two rounds, Lazio loses all, and both sides have the same points. Atletico Madrid will also be at a disadvantage because of the winning or losing relationship with Lazio.
So Lazio secured the first place in the group.
In the next game, Changsheng intends to use it to train new people.
Because there are still several players in this Lazio who have never participated in the Champions League, it is with an eye to the future to accumulate experience in the Champions League for them.
Because there is no worry about the future, all the players are relaxed.
But relaxation and relaxation are different.
Don’t think that Lazio can take advantage of relaxation. In fact, Lazio’s tactical play can only exert its true maximum power when they relax.