"boom! !” The two sides collided together in an instant, and ji made a shocking explosion, but they saw flying feathers all over the sky, all of which were gold Se. The golden storm disappeared, and the golden feathers of Simon’s blood flew back and spilled blood in the sky.

Has been out of hundreds of meters away, Jin Yu finally stopped castration, struggled to flap its wings and maintain a floating state, but seeing it was originally a piece of gold Se, it was bloody at the moment. In the confrontation just now, it was cut by Jian Kui.
Simon, who was lying on Jin Yu’s back, was bleeding, and when he saw Jin Yu’s bloodied bird body, his face, which had a casual expression, suddenly became cold.
Stood up, Simon soaring blood while using Jin Yu Jin Chuang Yao to treat its injury, while looking at the opposite Jian Kui, who was flapping his wings and running towards him, "His mother, dare to play with Lao tze for real? ! Then I will be with you to the end! !”
"Amazing sword! !” Also just a recruit, a shocking firm but gentle toward the sword chief crazy cut down.
Jian kui said with a sneer, "hey, this recruit again, is that all you can do? !” Said as just now, in the hands of a giant sword cross block, raised his head, ready to block Simon soaring blood as before.
Who knows, just as Simon’s shocking shock wave of blood is about to collide with Jian Kui’s giant sword, it becomes steep.
See Simon soaring blood suddenly took a deep breath, shocking firm but gentle instantly to pieces, followed by a shock of his hands, under Jian Kui’s giant sword and reshaping, evaded Jian Kui’s giant sword, and continued to chop at Jian Kui’s head.
Jian Kui didn’t expect Simon to have this trick, but he was caught off guard and didn’t have time to dodge. As a result, he was cut red-handed by the shocking shock wave of Simon’s blood.
"boom! !” There was an explosion.
"ah! !” With a scream, Jian Kui was shocked by Simon’s blood, like a choubāng ball, and flew out.
Has been out of the distance of hundreds of meters, Jian Kui finally stopped castration and looked at his own injury. Fortunately, he was equipped with defense, otherwise this sword would have to be dismembered. However, his equipment was obviously damaged, and its durability dropped badly. At the same time, because there was no mask protection, Simon’s shock wave was used to draw a blood stain, and blood trickled down.
"Simon soaring blood! !” Jian Kui, who had suffered such a loss, roared and wanted to cut Simon’s blood to pieces, but he was killed just after shouting the attack of Simon’s blood.
"Sword emerged! !” A firm but gentle, total annihilation, the sword chief about to cut.
Jian kui didn’t have much time, so in a hurry, she turned against the conditions and used her big sword to block the firm but gentle shock wave of Simon’s soaring blood. As a result, Simon blustered blood and did the same thing again. As soon as the firm but gentle sword was put away, he evaded his giant sword again and cut it firmly on his waist.
"Oh, ah, ah!" Jian Kui suddenly screamed again, flying like shells.
Dapeng spread his wings and rocked Wan Li, and Jin Yu fluttered, and instantly caught up with Jian Kui, who flew out. Simon’s bloody offensive resumed, and his hands were separated, forcing out two shock waves, which staggered toward Jian Kui’s neck.
Jian Kui was the first person in the Philippines. He didn’t luàn in a crisis. While flapping his wings to stabilize his retreat, he made a backflip with a strong waist and eyes. At the same time, he could not avoid Simon’s blood attack, grabbed the neutral position, flapping his wings to accelerate, and the giant sword launched a counterattack against Simon’s blood.
Jian Kui’s counterattack timing is very well grasped this time. At this time, Simon’s blood surge is just a move. Before the new move is made, it is too late to respond to his attack, so he can only watch his sword cut.
"Simon is bleeding, you are finished!" Jiankui smiled wildly and was about to make a move, but he didn’t expect Simon to beat him to the punch and made an incredible move. Please remember the website, if you like the "Purple Dragon Emperor of Online Games" written by the Devil.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-nine Either you die or I die
"Broken body invisible firm but gentle! !” Simon’s blood suddenly vomited all over his body, like a hedgehog. Jian Kui-wan didn’t expect Simon’s blood and this trick. He was caught off guard and was immediately caught. The firm but gentle Lin, who was burst through the body by Simon’s blood, wore a sieve and nailed it in the air. 4∴⑧0㈥5
"You! !” Jian Kui growled, and his veins stood out suddenly and violently. He wanted to use his arms, which had become a hornet’s nest, to wave his giant sword and give Simon a fatal blow to his blood, but it was only a few centimeters from his forehead, but it was insurmountable.
Ximen Biao blood looked at the whole body bloody at this time, they were ferocious, like a beast’s sword chief, raised a faint sneer at the corner of his mouth, flicked the sword in the hands of the sword chief, and said, "Are you at this level, and do you still want to be the number one in the sword? ! This kind of iron knot in one’s heart, I won’t play when I’m in the eighties! "
After that, Simon blew blood and offered a pointer on Jian Kui’s eyebrows. The shock wave compressed and blasted Jian Kui’s head directly, and Jian Kui hung back on the spot.
When Jian Kui died, Simon roared with blood. "Your boss Jian Kui is dead, so why are you still struggling in vain?"! !”
Snakes can’t fly without a head, birds can’t fly without a head, the two armies are at war, and the commander-in-chief is killed. The blow caused to his subordinates is absolutely destructive to xing.
Jian Kui originally wanted to attack the morale of players of Hongwu Club by killing Simon, but as a result, we stole the rice without sacrificing. In the end, instead of killing Simon, he died.
It doesn’t matter if he hangs up. Originally, the players in the Philippines were able to give the players of Hongwuhui a close fight. As a result, the morale of the players in the Philippines immediately plummeted, and the players of Hongwuhui were even more imposing. [provide you with
Originally, the Hongwu Club fought according to the city, and it occupied an advantage. Now, such great changes have taken place. Players in the Philippines have a sharp edge of attack, and players in the Hongwu Club suddenly broke out, completely suppressing the momentum of players in the Philippines, and then chasing after them, killing players in the Philippines at one stroke and moving the front out of the city.
The collapse of the players in the Philippines was out of control, like spilled water, and it was difficult to recover it. The defeat was like a mountain and it was completely defeated.
Players of Hongwuhui took the opportunity to beat Reservoir Dogs, and rushed out of the city like a flood that burst its banks, killing all the players in the Philippines, causing death and injury.
At this point, the battle of Hongwucheng has been won and lost, and Hongwu will repel the forces in the Philippines and seal the victory.
The third battlefield is in front of the Prince of Yan, the main city of the Youth Soul Guild.
The president of the Great God of Japan, the Great God of Jiugong, personally led a team of 20 million troops from Japan and South Korea to the front of the Prince’s City.
The two sides are at daggers drawn, and the war is on the verge.
The prince city guild hall, the prince city received a report from his staff, the fire emit three zhangs, gnashing his teeth, "Who is the base species, with my most powerful young soul in Huaxia District, who will not save it, but go to support the base woman of recent flowers to woo a group of rabble to form a bullshit Halloween alliance, which is simply unknown!"
Arrow saint said, "It’s not that he doesn’t know the so-called, it’s simply that he retaliated with si, didn’t block the interests of Huaxia District in the first place, and still resented the fact that we had organized the Heaven Alliance to conquer him, and now it’s just impeded people in Japan and South Korea to kill us!"
"Who is sacred, Lao Tzu is at odds with you!" The prince said with a face of hatred, "Don’t let Lao Tzu turn over, or Lao Tzu will know that you will die and let you fall through! !”
"Boss, it is imperative that we find a way to get through this difficult situation!" Get to the point, the arrow said, "Now Japan and South Korea are attacking us with 20 million troops. They can be regarded as the most sharp force among the invading forces in the five regions. If we confront them head-on, it is really difficult to win!"
"Positive hard touch us is any chance, but we can’t lay down and die! Now! " The prince beckoned the arrow saint to the crowd, bowed their heads and whispered, "we only have! !”
Ten minutes later, a player broke into the Chamber of Deputies and reported to the Prince of Yan, "Report to the President, the President of the Great God of Japan, Jiugong, has given us ten minutes to leave the city and surrender, otherwise they will step over the Prince of Yan!"
"Don’t wait ten minutes!" The prince Huo Ran got up, gave a strike table, saying, "You can give him an answer now! As a member of Huaxia District, how can we bow to foreign invaders? ! Give me an order to fight to the death and swear to live and die with the prince city! !”
"yes! !”
After giving the order, the Prince of Yan led a group of key players of the Youth Soul Club to leave the Chamber and go to Chengtou of the Prince of Yan to face the joint army of Japan and South Korea.
"Hum, the prince, the president of the Youth Soul Club, one of the three top guilds in Huaxia District, was a lean figure who almost killed anyone!" Jiugong Great God stood on the shoulders of a statue of ghosts and gods more than 100 meters high and armed to the teeth, and saw the prince who came to the head of the city. He said with a condescending attitude, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend, since we all have the same enemy! Then I will give you a chance, as long as I surrender to the city, I can not kill you, and I can also cooperate with you to deal with who is sacred together! How about it? !”
"Hum!" The prince disdain cold hum 1, saying, "who do you think I am? ! Who am I with? Even if there is a big issue, it is also an internal contradiction. On the occasion of the national disaster, will my prince agree with you regardless of the country’s righteousness? ! You’re dead. Today it’s either you or me! !”
"In that case!" Jiugong great god a face of cold, palm aimed at the prince in front of the city, as if I were in the palm of my hand, "then you can go to hell! Kill, leave none! !”
"kill! ! !” At the command, the joint army of Japan and South Korea came from all directions and flooded towards the Prince City.
"kill! ! !” In the face of twice as many enemies as their own, the players of the Youth Soul Club were awe-inspiring and showed no weakness. They broke out a screaming ShaSheng, and they fought fiercely with ji, a player in enemy areas.
In the field, blood was flying all at once, falling into a dark and cruel killing.
"Super ghost, destroy the wall!" The Jiugong Great God said that his shoulders shook, and a pair of wings spread like flowing clouds, flapping slowly, dragging him to slowly lift off and leave the giant ghosts beneath him.
"Hey!" Super Ghost is a new pet of Jiugong Great God. When he heard a loud roar, he made great strides in the next moment and rushed towards the front of the Prince like a chariot.
The head of the super ghost is hundreds of meters, and the distance between it and the prince city is two kilometers in a blink of an eye.
To be rushed to the front of the prince’s city 20 meters distance, super ghost fists seesaw, a pair of fists gas mans soared, forming two huge latosolic red Se ball, and then brazenly attack, fists actually hit on the wall, "super ghosts and gods bully crack! !” Please remember the website, if you like the "Purple Dragon Emperor of Online Games" written by the Devil.
Chapter three hundred and thirty Abuse
"Boom! !” There was a loud noise, and I saw the wall of the Prince of Yan, centered on the place where the super ghost’s fists landed, and the wall circled outward, and finally two shocking pits appeared, and the wall was seriously damaged.
"Super supernatural power-knock! !” At the end of the blow, the super-ghost continued to make fierce moves, his fists violently shook dàng, and a strong impact of bojidàng went out. The situation was somewhat similar to the effect of the nine-fold "Xuanwu earthquake". On the basis of the effect caused by the first blow "Ba Lie", he continued to expand the results, and the crater blasted out of the wall continued to expand and spread to half of the wall.
"Super supernatural power-Hao Chong! !” At the end of the second strike, the third strike immediately followed, only to see the super-ghost tilting, flashing half his arm, aiming at the pit on the wall, Huo Ran accelerated, and a brutal collision actually landed on the wall.
The pit on the wall was further expanded, and the scale spread to the whole wall, and the whole wall was shaking and shaking.
"Super supernatural power-destroy the cannon! !” After the serial fourth strike, the brutal collision of "Haochong" ended, the super ghost suddenly opened its mouth, and a ball of light shining in the dark compressed and condensed. When it was condensed to the limit state, it gave a long whistle, "Roar! !” The super-ghost condensed light ball rolled up a blazing tail flame and bombarded the center of the pit it made on the wall.
"Boom! !” With a resounding explosion, the wall with a span of several hundred meters, which was attacked by super ghosts, finally collapsed and fell to the prince.
Players in Japan and South Korea on both sides of the city saw the wall being destroyed, and immediately filed in and threw themselves into the city of the Prince.
"Bad, that monster destroyed the wall! Block, block, don’t let them rush into the city! !” The players in the prince city saw it and shouted.
The two sides launched the worst fight in this gap of the city wall.