They step into the minefield, and there is an invisible minefield in a circle, which will trigger at any time. This is plain and clear.

At that time, when Liu Shiyu and Jiang Gangbo came here, they were once hindered by this minefield.
Cloth is now like a god of war. How can there be any fear of thunder? When he saw that arcs were struck, he punched them out again and again to drive them away.
"These are some fields that prohibit the formation of thunder, which is still too weak for those true celestial thunder."
Bu Pingfan thought that when Chenggu Dengzhou fought against the thunder fairy, those were the real thunder, and they were still very overbearing thunder.
Any one can blow out thousands of miles of pits. It’s a real day. Lei Bu looks at those who are constantly stirring out of the void. Lei fudged his fist and blew it off.
"Are you not afraid of these thunder?" Guan Mengfei hides from the ordinary arms of cloth and is very protected. Speak out and ask the ordinary cloth.
"These are not weak because of the thunder from the sky."
Cloth ordinary while thunder flying soon has flown out of this minefield.
"Master Zhu Xian Tabu is back!"
Looking at Zhu Xian Tata’s golden seal script cloth, with a mocking color in his mouth, he hugged Guan Mengfei and jumped into the tower.
Poop, poop, poop.
Cloth ordinary just stepped into Zhu Xianta when she heard an attack sound.
His body brightened up and a layer of golden light came out, shining all over the whole Zhuxian Tower.
Can you clearly see how big the area of this Zhuxian Pagoda is when the cloth is ordinary and the equipment is shining? For thousands of meters, there are pairs of sharp eyes like death staring at the ordinary official Meng Fei.
"There are a lot of people here …"
Guan Mengfei discovered at this time that there were so many people on the first floor of Zhuxianta that she was a little overwhelmed.
See clearly the first floor of Zhuxianta. After the repair, the ordinary cloth patted an official Meng Fei on the shoulder and said to her.
"It’s okay! These are ants. I can kill them in an instant. "
Bu Pingfan left Guan Mengfei in place, and he jumped forward and jumped out of the tower to enter the battle instantly.
On the first floor of Zhuxian Pagoda, the highest level of cultivation of immortals is to let Bu Pingfan kill them during the foundation period, just like when yawning, he spits out one breath and kills these cultivation departments.
Cloth ordinary body didn’t move. He lit up his body. That set of equipment for killing immortals has killed all the people who cultivate immortals on the first floor by coercion.
Now you can see piles of bones lying there on this floor.
Careful accounting cloth ordinary saw that the first floor of Zhuxian Tower had one hundred immortals, one more and one less.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-one Cut off a layer
Bu Pingfan, get rid of all the immortals on the first floor of Zhuxian Tower and rush to the second floor.
"If the guess is correct, we will know the secret if we break through these towers."
At that time, during the "White" War, five black souls were sweeping through Dongyi Shengzhou, and his ancestors approached and refused to let them near Zhuxian Pagoda. He had this speculation.
But he also knew that the man with the black-and-white mask of Liu Huaxi’s face was so secretive that he wouldn’t let those who cultivate immortals get close to the Zhuxian Tower and let Bu Pingfan overturn this speculation in an instant.
"The old fox should not so easily put this secret leak estimate another mystery …"
I have a feeling of consternation when I think of the commonness of the official machine cloth. This person can pretend to be peaceful and easy to get close to people.
Yeah … yeah … yeah.
Suddenly, a force of gravity swept from the ordinary canopy of cloth, which made him Zheng ready to compete with his physical strength.
"What’s the matter? This kind of gravity … "
Cloth ordinary operation spiritual protector failed to achieve good results, so that his legs slightly bend their knees at any time to be overwhelmed by this gravity
"What’s the matter with you?"
Guan Mengfei is relaxed and seems to have nothing to do, not as flustered as ordinary cloth.
Staring straight at Guan Mengfei’s ordinary eyes.
I can’t believe my eyes are desperately resisting the gravity suppression, but this beauty is flowing. Looking at herself really makes him want to cry.
Bu Pingfan’s present posture is like a horse stance in a martial arts novel, and his hands are still raised like surrender, which looks very funny.
That kind of pressure pressed the ordinary cloth into this shape, but the official Meng Fei was nothing, and it was difficult for the ordinary cloth to find a solution
"This kind of gravity is caused by the immortal who guards the tower. After the owner killed them, this layer of guards fell and crushed all the gravity at the top to kill the fairy tower. It seems that it is strange to disappear a layer. Please pay attention."
Suddenly, two analysis chips were erected from the position of cloth ordinary eyes, showing that such a line of words was taken into cloth ordinary eyes.
"By disappearing a layer? Is the first floor of this Zhuxian Pagoda missing? " Cloth ordinary although carrying the gravity, but there is more than enough strength to distract him.
Thought of here, Bu Pingfan called Guan Mengfei out, and then he suddenly jumped out of this Zhu Xianta and came out. A closer look outside suddenly startled him.
"With a layer less? What is this? "
The visibility of the first floor of Zhuxian Pagoda, which was more than a thousand meters in size, disappeared before his eyes.
The incredible scene stunned the ordinary cloth and startled Guan Mengfei at the same time.
"This … this is …"

In a word, stride forward directly, and the bloody light is accompanied by killing Hongjun.

Hongjun is afraid but also fights back.
"Boom …"
Bloody ShaQi diffuse slowly into time to collapse and then be swallowed up by the four swords of Zhu Xian.
Imperial heaven is a Sanqing here, saying, "How much time do you need to prepare for this killing fiend?"
Tongtian murdered. "How is it possible that this killing demon looks like a mixed element, especially from chaos? If you have a demon body, you can’t kill Hung-chun!"
The Imperial Heaven shook his head. "You look down upon Pangu’s seal. This seal keeps extracting the source of the fiend to strengthen the universe. Now the source of the killing fiend has been swallowed up. It is estimated that the killing fiend will collapse after a while. It can be said that the killing fiend is a frame!"
Words fall instantly only to see the large array of the two constantly fighting and killing is turned upside down.
Hongjun was beaten up first and then fought back, and then the fight was even.
This scene is deeply imprinted in Sanqing’s eyes.
The old man said, "It’s incredible that a statue of a fiend has been cut off like this. Your Heaven and Earth National People’s Congress array can summon Pangu’s father, God Yuan, and God Yuan can control heaven."
Yu Tian chuckled, "So there is a way to deal with Hongjun. Now Hongjun is the integration of heaven and Hongjun. You call Pangu Yuanshen to make Hongjun’s body resist Hongjun Yuanshen. We will destroy it, but now it seems that we need a chance. We need to prepare well or we will die!"
Sanqing nodded. Although they had hatred, they still had to unite in the face of Hongjun.
At the moment, Imperial Heaven turned around and appeared directly here in Sumi Mountain.
Although the western land was destroyed, Mount Sumi was not destroyed. Otherwise, what should we do if the causal fiend appears?
Holding up the imperial seal of the heavens means yelling "Fall!"
The decree of the heavens falls directly with a chaotic treasure.
Directly down the whole Mount Sumi.
"Boom …"
The heavens and the earth roared and Mount Sumi exploded instantly.
The spirit vein of Mount Sumi is swallowed up by the decree of the heavens, and the heavens are gone.
The whole universe, Hwa-Sung Do, can teleport in the large array naturally.
Cause and effect fiend also appears at the moment.
"Roar …"
Causal fiend appeared sharp eyes staring at Hongjun in the distance.
Hung-chun excited than in the face of killing fiend unexpectedly repeatedly occupy the wind at the moment.
Chapter 674 Causal fiend
"Go …"
Hung-chun’s words are full of happiness and excitement, and he is a scum. However, it is unimaginable that he can defeat the top killing fiend. Therefore, Hung-chun’s excitement is better than directly lifting the chaotic Lingbao earth into a meteor and throwing it out, and then pinching the fairy method to summon the vast river of years!
The long river of time appears to merge and the earth rushes directly to kill the fiend.
Killing fiend’s face upwards roars and feels that the body can’t mobilize energy. I want to absorb some reiki from heaven and earth, only to find that this reiki is out of place like rejecting him.
This universe is, after all, a reiki in Pangu’s monarch, and it is also natural with Pangu’s breath that it won’t let these chaotic fiends swallow up. Chaos fiends are sealed, but they are constantly extracted by the universe to nourish the universe. The fiend is a frame with mixed yuan and twelve powers but no mixed yuan and twelve powers.
"Boom …"
The planet falls directly to the killing fiend with the long river of years.
"KaKa cheep … KaKa cheep …"
Killing fiend slowly cracked with unwilling "ah … Pangu unwilling this seal will devour the body mana, but also will devour the body source …"
If you only devour mana, you can also fight with the fiend body, but now even the source of the fiend body has been swallowed up, so you can’t keep fighting just now.
"Boom …"
Instantaneous cracking immediately turned into bloody fragments and disappeared.
Yu Tian stares at smashing the killing fiend every day. "It’s sad, but this killing fiend body still has some profit value!"
With a wave of his hand, the four swords of Zhu Xian engulfed the killing fiend fragments in the vast ShaQi.
The four swords of Zhuxian contain the killing avenue. Even if the source is missing, it can improve the quality of Zhuxian’s four swords and strengthen the killing avenue of Zhuxian’s four swords.
Hung-chun will kill the fiend, and his heart will be full of confidence. He will stare at Yu Tianhe and Sanqing. "You will all die!"
Yutian chuckled and pointed at the distance. "Oh … if you want to kill us, kill this person first!"
Come back with the decree of the heavens.
"Boom …"
Xumishan explosion slowly appeared a pair of arms Hongjun dumbfounded anger burning "f * * king … you …"
Hung-chun has no idea that Pangu Seal can devour the chaotic fiend source, although he just killed the killing fiend, but he is still not confident in the face of chaotic fiend.
Now the causal fiend appears. This is the top ten chaotic fiend in chaos
The mystery of Causality Avenue is not as mysterious as Destiny Avenue, but it is far from simple.
At this moment, the causal fiend’s eyes narrowed. "You are very good to save the seat and owe you cause and effect!"
Words fall on the royal sky is a finger!
Then an inexplicable breath appeared, and the causal fiend continued, "This is the Causality Avenue. You hope that you can inherit the cause and effect in front of Pangu, but Pangu’s strength far exceeds that of Pangu, and it is even more jumping out of the Causality Avenue. Therefore, it is unrealistic for Pangu to get energy from the wild world. Therefore, it is not enough to deal with this person who integrates the wild heaven!"
In spite of some horror, the causal fiend pointed at Hung-chun, "Causality!"
Then a road chain appeared and fell directly to Hongjun, who was trapped directly without resistance.
The causal fiend said, "Hongjun, right? Now you have to pay off what you owe."
In a word, I saw that Hung-chun’s body flew out of several silk threads, and everyone could feel this silk thread.
Cause and effect fiend sighed, "You are sanctified by these people. You preach to repay cause and effect, but you don’t know that you preach to owe cause and effect. You need to repay these accumulated things!"
After that, the causal demon looked at Yu Tiandao. "Thank you for saving!"
Immediately to the virtual is a punch will be a little chaotic gas body source.
Suddenly virtual fracture faintly appeared a channel.
Causal fiend just walks in and disappears into chaos.
The strange picture Yu Tian was dumbfounded. "I’m leaving!"
Tongtian is also dumbfounded. "Good personality chaos fiend!"
The old man always says, "this is not personality, this is the cause and effect road!" "
"Snow … snow …"
Hongjun gushed blood, and blood fell directly to the ground like blood from heaven.
Several causal chains are boiling.
"Boom … boom …"
Hung-chun was dumbfounded and roared, "How is that possible!"
However, I saw that the mixed yuan 12-fold Hongjun directly fell into chaos 10-fold, which directly caused Hongjun to fall by 20%.
Suddenly, there are two causal chains in The six great divisions in the wheel of karma.
"Bang …"

In a blink of an eye, we came to the funeral home office. We pushed the door and went in. The office was very simple, and the funeral home didn’t need any luxury office equipment.

There are four writing desks and a couch in the office, but at the moment there is a man sitting inside, who is dark and thin with a pair of yellow glasses and looks like an African refugee. The man looks like he is in his forties with a big head and a wide and ill-fitting suit. His white sweatshirt is a little yellow at the neckline, and he looks more sloppy.
"This is Manager Zhang of our funeral home." The little security guard introduced me.
I nodded at manager Zhang and got up the courage to shake hands with him.
To my surprise, Manager Zhang didn’t show a guilty expression. He didn’t look confident, but he also felt calm. He said verbally and politely, "We are very sorry about Mr. Fan’s mother."
I also said rudely, "I didn’t come here to listen to sorry words. I wanted to watch the video and report it to the police."
Manager Zhang waved and said, "Whether to report the case or not is your freedom. I am responsible for showing you the video."
Then Manager Zhang asked the little security guard to move two chairs away from a desk and motioned for me to sit next to them and watch together.
Manager Zhang gave me a meaningful look before playing the video and then said, "Little brother should be mentally prepared."
I nodded, and he didn’t seem to be at ease, so he took out a pack of Yuxi cigarettes from his pocket and handed me one to light before playing surveillance video.
Manager Zhang lit a cigarette himself and said to me, "Let’s watch it from 11: 45 last night."
The third chapter resin [the second more]
Chapter III Corpse
The surveillance video shows a green picture, and the place where it was shot is the funeral home, which further renders the atmosphere of terror and horror.
Manager Zhang took a deep drag on his cigarette and said to me, "Don’t worry, take your time."
I cursed him in my heart and said, can I not worry? My own mother’s body has been stolen by others. It is reasonable to say that he should be transferred directly to the picture of that despicable thief. But just now, the little security guard and his words have affected me, and I have a vague sense of unknown fear. My heart is lingering.
I think that manager Zhang, although his appearance is very untidy, gives others the impression that he is not extraordinary in spirit, but also the kind of person who has experienced many storms and seen many world figures, such as funeral parlours and crematoriums. Not everyone dares to do these businesses. This is not a question of money, because sometimes you may not have the life to spend the money when you earn money.
Manager Zhang and I just stared at the brain screen, which was almost equivalent to pausing the video. In the picture, my mother’s body was lying in a glass coffin. She was wearing a shroud and holding a copper coin in her mouth according to the custom. But the makeup artist’s heavy makeup still gave her a very awkward feeling. Her head was directed at a huge portrait of her, a small urn, several incense sticks and a glass coffin. There were several wooden chairs on both sides, and there was no one like her mother. There was a round pad in the direction of her feet, which was for the younger generation to kowtow.
The green picture doesn’t move. After I finish smoking a cigarette, Manager Zhang gives me another cigarette. People can’t focus on something for a long time. Gradually, I am a little distracted.
About ten minutes later, Manager Zhang cleared his throat and said to me, "Little brother, pay attention."
Want it? I was so excited that I quickly put all my attention back on the screen.
"Don’t worry," added Manager Zhang.
After about two minutes, the picture taken on the brain screen suddenly flashed and the whole screen was covered with snowflakes.
I frowned and asked, "What’s going on?"
Manager Zhang looked very indifferent and explained to him, "Don’t worry, we haven’t modified or deleted the video. This is why the picture taken last night suddenly appeared snowflakes on the screen. I can say that this is probably due to the influence of strong magnetic waves."
"Strong magnetic wave?" I repeat what manager Zhang said doubtfully.
Manager Zhang nodded and said to me, "Don’t worry about it for a while, you’d better keep watching."
"Why? Not finished yet? " After I also saw snowflakes on the screen, the video recording ended, so my eyes returned to the brain screen.
Ten seconds later, the monitoring screen returned to the screen. I stared at the brain screen and my heart suddenly cooled. Sure enough, there was no body of my mother in the central glass coffin of the back room, but at this moment, the coffin was so chilling.
This is gone? I feel incredible in my heart, not to mention the sudden absence of a surveillance screen. It’s incredible only in these ten seconds. The glass coffin of the funeral home is strictly sealed, and there is strong air conditioning in it to ensure that the body will not rot and stink quickly.
No way! How could someone take my mother’s body in a glass coffin for more than ten seconds without leaving a trace?
I specially observed a glass coffin covered by my mother. Although it was lifted, it gave people a feeling that it was not messy.
"Coming" Manager Zhang once again woke me up and said.
What on earth is coming?
Suddenly, the picture on the brain screen shook, and a green face was illuminated by an infrared camera, which filled the whole screen-my mother’s face.
I almost jumped out of my chair and almost screamed.
"I’ve woken you up," Manager Zhang said slowly. "Come and sit down. Don’t be afraid."
Manager Zhang comforted me almost without any words. I stammered, "What’s going on here?"
Manager Zhang cocked his head and looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders, pointed to the brain screen and said, "You saw it. That’s the thing."
I got up the courage to look at the brain screen again, but I insisted on looking at it. I never had the courage to sit in a chair and look at the face that I was familiar with and unfamiliar with.

But he is really reluctant to part with those grandchildren.

If this changes,
"Dad, is it possible to eat meat in the city?"
"Are there many cars in the city?"
"Then you can stay with us all the time?"
It’s a heavy heart to watch the twittering or the children’s old songs, but he can’t do it either. Follow the trajectory of generations and let them suffer all the time in their hometown.
"No, I’ll take you to S city to study and find a job there." The old song gritted its teeth or decided like this.
He can’t stay in the countryside, there are many things waiting for him, and he can’t leave all the children in the countryside to suffer.
He wants these generations to be busy in the fields, and half or even one generation of children can live a different life.
I don’t work in the fields every day, but I can go out for a walk during the holidays and buy whatever I want.
"Really?" A few people immediately excited.
Even the small bowl is bright, obviously full of expectations for entering the city.
They are all dressed up and stepping on old cloth shoes, which is the image of the countryside at this time.
Lao Qu sighed and put that worry behind him.
Yes, let nature take its course.
Others can let nature take its course and watch the old songs. You can still help your daughter here.
I don’t know, even if I know, it’s always a good thing to let that smelly little Song Xing go home early
Although this is not reliable, it is really very good for his daughter.
And Zhu Jia is also a poor person.
Because of the tight schedule and the fact that there is nothing old at home, the family began to rectify their ideas.
It is worth one thing that in this process, Lao Qu knew that his second son had said not long ago that he had kissed the second daughter-in-law.
He couldn’t say how complicated his mood was, and he was even more relieved.
Several daughters-in-law have advantages and disadvantages, but after a generation, so many excellent children have been born, and they are still very well remembered.
Now that one difficulty has been solved, look at the other.
It is said that she was single and didn’t get married until she was 56. Si Er, this is not urgent.
Then there’s only one left who won’t be engaged to Qu Laosan for another year.
"Third, do you have a favorite object?" The old song gently coughs and asks if this lifelong event can be solved early.
After all, he still wants grandchildren.
Qu Laosan blushed and stammered.
Looking at this situation, Wu Manzhu’s eyes narrowed as soon as he looked at Qu Laosan and then at the old face thoughtfully.
When she went to bed late, she said, "There’s no hurry for the third and fourth children to get married. Since she’s going to town, just find a girl in the city."
The old tune "No" was immediately opposed by a tingle.
Wu Manzhu narrowed his eyes and threatened "what? Do you think my son is not good enough for a city dweller to marry a country girl? "
As she said, she added, "Actually, I don’t think the second thing is urgent. It’s only because we’re engaged anyway. We’re going to the city so far away, and if it’s a big deal, we’ll give you more dowry when we break off our marriage."
"No" before she finished the old song, she objected again and said hurriedly, "We can’t be such ungrateful people."
"This how ungrateful? This is an engagement, and they can understand that we are going to town. "
"No means no" The old tune can’t calm down when he takes a deep breath.
What about his great-grandchildren?
"What’s my granddaughter’s name?" Suddenly the ear rings and the old tune consciousness says

"Boom …"

When the negative energy swept, the silicon-based beetle immediately released red light to resist the eyeful energy melting, but the damage caused by the silicon-based beetle moving out through the dimension was negligible.
"Good quick difference makes the crystal play" incarnate son looking back to Lin momo build crystal play is very difficult to make a large number of will reduce the phantom of the opera, the captain needed to grant.
"We can’t let the Zerg break through the wormhole. It’s not the time yet. Even if there is an elf fleet in the nearby star domain, they don’t pursue it. Tian Yi said that the Zerg had already held the corresponding wormhole and entered the first place to destroy it. It would be our elven king’s diabolical mind that drove us into the urn. The Zerg’s decisive retreat has been cut off and there has been a constant fight."
Lin Sisuo Duo Cong is a person. From the current situation, he thinks that many things are that the Elf King personally came to deal with the inheritors of Xiao Hanhan gene with great fanfare. Are you afraid that the bearer will come out of the mountain if he finds Xiao Han? Or are you afraid of another fate in a few years? Or both? This is not clear.
Charm’s son was given ammunition to prepare all kinds of crystal bombs to be fired. Dense crystal filaments swept across all directions. The theory of silicon-based beetles would be entangled when they shuttled from direction to direction. Once they entangled with objects, they would shrink and a large number of silicon-based beetles would be "packed" by crystal filaments. No matter how hard they struggled, they would be rushed out.
If we can bind the silicon-based beetles for a long time, Lin momo really wants to get them all together to deal with the elf fleet. Unfortunately, the forced birth of crystal silk is limited.
Harley flies to fuck a standard black hole, and it blooms like a bomb without money. Small black holes are formed, and the glittering and translucent packages are swallowed up. Silicon-based beetles finally resist so many mini black holes, and most of them are immediately wiped out.
Lin Qingya suddenly came to "Momo, we came back and met Bai Rosa and water on the way. It doesn’t matter on your side, does it? Elves are uneasy and kind. "
"That’s great. It’s good that you’re all right. Hateful elves will infiltrate into the adventure guild. We’ve been isolated and joined Mana’s reorganized fleet at once. What about white Rosa? Let her talk to me "Lin momo see silicon-based beetles are contained hurriedly spare energy lyra fleet to get white Rosa is having something to say.
"alas! Momo, the situation is worrying! Our Tianqi fleet and Tissot fleet were also forced to come over. I often suspected that there was a dark ghost among the seven of us. I didn’t expect that this dark ghost came from the Elf King. He was so ambitious and strong. On the theory of patience, the mechanical humanities or the sisterhood behind me kept a certain connection with the Elf for 3,000 years. After all, the ancestors were half Elf-related and took great care of the Elf, which involved a period of Elf-related secrets. Elf subverted human beings. No one dared to imagine their population base and ethnic strength. However, there were always traitors in human beings who could not control This makes sense. The Elf King may increase the population through cloning or has already done so. After my emergency investigation, there should be no problem for the seven of us. The Elf King will not leave anyone alive to see what our seven fleets can rely on when they are forced here. "
"Elves secret symplectic? Wood bug? " Lin momo surprised not shallow stare at white Rosa virtual image.
"Don’t be surprised that I often hide my strength. At present, there is a star cruise ship in our fleet that is very close to the demigod level. Yi Tianhe and Jill also hide their strength. The Blue Shield Jinniu and Geling can protect nearly a thousand star cruise ships and escape here by a few tricks. According to my calculations, wood bugs are hidden in our fleet, and the ambition of the Elf King is more than our foresight for many years. This guy’s whereabouts are secret. After looking for words, Momo is not weak at all. In the face of the main era, the mother emperor’s charge can support the Phantom of the Opera. Most of them have become demi Bai Rosa’s words are really not surprising.
Volume 17 A bloody battle! Temporary parting Chapter 117 Taboo
"Rosa elder sister, please also put it bluntly. I’m very interested in Elves’ secrets and wood bugs. The description of Elves King in the database is unknown. It’s full of vagueness. He is the half-sister or foster of ancestors Xiao Han, and his qualification is extremely mediocre. How can it be so extraordinary after more than three thousand years? It’s a little weird to play with all the interstellar forces. I still can’t believe it. "
"A long time ago! There are many twists and turns in this matter, and many secrets have been submerged in the torrent of history. It is reasonable to say that the elf king should be called Uncle Xiao Han, but he is called Uncle and has always been called Uncle, and there is no doubt from the elves.
In fact, this elf king is a very unfortunate guy. Xiao Han, the ancestor, didn’t save the oil lamp to offend the elf queen in those days, and this elf queen is ambitious. It seems that she wanted to be a big girl a long time ago.
The Elf Queen Xiao Han’s father, the Elf God of War, mixed his genes to generate a group of Elf God of War. These iron warriors once won the first galaxy, and the main star field was the bloody war in Eden, which is very famous in history.
When the ancestor Xiao Hanhan knew this, he resolutely rushed to destroy the plan of the Elf Queen and killed all the Elf Iron Warlords, but only one Iron Warlords escaped seriously.
Light federal so angry elves Eden star domain blood a lot of elves died if xiao cold show amazing strength behind the forces I’m afraid the elves will be exterminated?
Hatred may have been planted at that time. Although it was later made up by various means, someone would always remember the passing pain.
The Elves Queen escaped, but the Iron God of War seemed to get a little cold blood from his ancestors, so the God-making plan was carried out for more than 50 years! "
"What is a god plan? I didn’t expect so many secrets? What is the connection between the elf king’s god-making plan? " Lin momo is not familiar with history, especially involving all kinds of secrets, not to mention the level he can reach.
"God plan? Our plans to create God are all linked. Without the study of the ancestors of the Iron-blooded God of War, I’m afraid it would be difficult to carry out the great legacy of the next generation. After 3,000 years, a group of descendants with genetic blood will be created.
And the most difficult experiment is the Iron Blood God of War, who wants to create a more powerful warrior, resolutely puts all his genes into one stove.
According to some secret files of Elves, at that time, there was no survival case because of the ridiculously high fetal mortality rate in cloning experiments.
The wounded and bloody God of War did something when his life was coming to an end. He injured Xiao Han’s sister and forcibly transplanted an embryo, hoping to breed a God of War with the help of an elf strong. This fetus is the King of Elves.
Because the genetic map of the Iron Blood God of War is owned by Xiao Hanqin’s brothers, the Elf King can call his ancestor’s uncle or uncle, and Aner Temple, the ancestor’s sister Xiao Hanqin, didn’t get out of trouble until the child was born, so you can imagine what kind of mood it was at that time.
Suo ‘an ‘er Temple said that the adoption was really going on, but the Elf House was very clear that the birth of this child made some ambitious people in the Elf see hope. However, the kind-hearted Aner Temple brought the child with it to raise it just because it didn’t want to be exposed to the dark side of the Elf.
Speaking of this child, some genes in Xiao Han are so taboo that they naturally attract attention. Moreover, the Elf King seems to be very pleasing to Xiao Han, but the promotion has been slow, like a failed production, and the Iron God of War project seems to be bankrupt.
Such taboo is supported by Xiao cold secretly to ascend the throne. Otherwise, why did our ancestors take care of the Elves so much? This is simply a trinity of sons and nephews!
If the person behind this crime is really the spirit king who had a reputation for benevolence and righteousness before his death, I’m afraid everything was an illusion many years ago, and the Iron God of War project has been playing and poisoning for over 3,000 years.
Alas! Generations of feuds have just affected our preparation for this terrible elf king! Jing Cai is absolutely brilliant. Xiao Han, an interstellar hero, is no longer. There is nothing to restrict the Elf King unless we find our ancestors. "
Lin momo opened his mouth for a long time and couldn’t speak. No wonder the Elf King subverted human beings and had so many hidden events. Did Xiao Han realize that hurting others was the Elf King? Is unwilling to admit the truth or kill such a painstakingly cultivated child …
"Momo later to inquire about these things! The direction of the wormhole has changed. "The incarnate son quickly called for the silicon-based beetles to be cleaned up almost, but those fish that escaped through the net are still very troublesome.
Some silicon-based beetles actually attached the magnetic field superposition light band strangulation directly to the energy shield, and the Phantom of the Opera lost a lot of energy. This is also the demigod level interplanetary tour rotation. His ship has been invaded by silicon-based beetles.
"Peacock give me the Tianma from hate, and give me the silicon-based beetles frozen across the energy shield. I don’t believe they can’t freeze." Lin momo threw metal and looked at the screen.
The direction of the wormhole is abnormal, and there is energy expanding the wormhole. I’m afraid that the odd-level wormtower and the elite-level wormtower can directly cross the wormhole after a while, but the strategic wormtower is the largest, but I’m not worried.
"Sister Rosa, Tian Yi’s brother, sent your relatively intact ship to the mirage to quickly renovate and abandon all the star cruise ships that were seriously damaged. If you really want to run away, you must not be burdensome."
Lin momo is very decisive, and there is a large-scale energy in the wormhole. Most of the time, the mother emperor personally stepped in to expand the wormhole channel, and soon there will be a large number of zerg spewing out the roots to stop the zerg army from advancing.
"Good fleet, you can do whatever you ask us to do." It is commendable that Tian Yi handed over and led the continuous fight and exhausted his heart.
"Siso Gaia’s fleet listens to orders." Jill also pays attention to it. After all, he is an elf family. Even if Bai Rosa and Lin Momo believe him very much, it is natural to say something if it is not doubtful.
"Wood bugs how long do you want to hide? Revenge aside for a while to spend this time and then settle accounts "Lin momo suddenly said through wave frequency lang that many captains have heard the name of wood bugs.
"Ha ha ha Lin momo ting cong a person zha don’t let an old wood hide for a while? Let me out for what? How much can it help this situation? Don’t you think it’s ruining the atmosphere?
Oh, by the way, is the Phantom of Odin doing well? This little guy is a descendant of Wang Zhi, an elf queen. The illegitimate daughter came here to torture her, but you robbed her.
After all, the Elf King needs an heir Odin when he is old. The name comes from the god of war in ancient mythology. Why should he give his daughter this name? Therefore, women are the third generation of the God-making plan more than 3,000 years ago.
Do you feel very troublesome? It’s a pity that the Elf King is very indifferent to family, and Odin is not the only one.
I said that I thought Odin’s plan to blackmail the Elves had fallen behind for many years, and I devoted myself to the layout, even if I knew the ambition of the Elf King, it wouldn’t help. Who would believe the Elves’ rebellion? Even the wooden house became uneasy.
In a hundred years, I have repeatedly evaded the Elves and pursued the Elves. How many hidden lines are there? I’d rather kill someone by mistake than let one person go, or would I live to listen to your chat?
Before today, I didn’t trust you six. Who knows if there is a king of the elves? However, after observing in recent days, I feel that I miss you. You are little idiots made by Xiao Bai and Xiao Han. "
The wooden bug laughed recklessly, and the charm son couldn’t track him down. At this moment, the wooden bug still didn’t want to show up, and Hugo quickly clarified that the wooden bug was not Shakespeare
It is true that the signal in the Shakespeare wave frequency actually came from the white Rosa Tianqin fleet
White Rosa immediately looked bad to track down the results, and there was no harvest. Wood bugs knew what layout the Elf King’s ambition would be. This has become a hope against the Elf King.
Lin momo suddenly killed a wooden bug, and when he saw others, he actually pulled out the hidden wires of the Elves. But it’s hard to say whether this kind of slaughter is right or wrong. It’s hard to say that there is no time to think more.
"Everyone has an attack!" Mana organized an attack
If the wormhole is regarded as a wormtower floating slowly on the horizontal plane, it turns out that the blue halo of the odd wormtower bounces off the tower and picks up all the cannon light.
Odd-level worm tower needs ten odd-level star cruises to attack the field. Star cruises can make up ten odd-level star cruises. However, odd-level worm tower scatters a large number of worm clouds, all of which are golden-winged king worms.
Whether the golden-winged king worms sent by the mother emperor in the main era are those forced catalytic products, whether they are defensive forces or charge forces, depends on Mana’s efforts to cut them off.
Those who hate silicon-based beetles near Phantom of the Opera are destroyed. Lin momo hurried to the battlefield to block the Zerg back with the strength of the demigod star cruise ship. At this time, the elves came.
A large number of ship shadows have sprung up in wormholes in four directions in the southeast and northwest of the star quadrant coordinate axis. These ship shadows are blood red, which symbolizes the spirit of iron and blood, and a black flame marks the side of the ship, highlighting a detached mystery.
"Elves are Elves" is an abnormal panic in the wave frequency. Tian Yi led the fleet and was really scared by the other side
"Tian Yi brother Jill brother Rosa elder sister elegant elder sister often get together to a mirage, I decided to put the zerg army in it will be interesting to see if the Elves can stop us" Lin momo provoked his eyebrows and thought about the Elf King. No matter how severe you are, our fleet will be a bigger foe.

"Depend, there is such an organ!" Jiuzhong touched his earlobe and thought for a moment, then said, "Forget it, we can’t startle him yet!" "

"Then I will go to Donglai Temple and Randeng Temple to patronize ~!" After that, Jiuzhong entered the "fast" state of Xiaohe and left. Net
"Hey … hey!" Ten golden retrievers shouted twice and didn’t see Jiuzhong’s response, knowing that Jiuzhong had already left. "Your boy ran really fast, and I forgot to tell you … Randeng Temple can’t trespass!"
It took several hours to come, so I don’t need to bother now. Jiuzhong has already written down the specific coordinates of Donglai Temple and Randeng Temple, and directly started the fixed-point transmission function of the transmission ring, and a teleport passed.
For Randeng Temple, it looks very shabby, and Jiuzhong is not very interested in it. But Donglai Temple is different. The whole temple exudes a kind of luxury and a kind of fragrance of money, which is undoubtedly fatal to Jiuzhong, so Jiuzhong’s first goal is to lock Donglai Temple.
A teleport appeared directly outside Donglai Temple. Nine eyes looked at Donglai Temple and couldn’t help licking his lips. "Hey, hey, hey, when Lingshan is broken, the whole Donglai Temple will be full of Lao Tzu drops ~!"
After thinking for a while, Jiuchong cleared up his mood and walked into Donglai Temple.
Although this task is only to spy on the actual situation of Lingshan, Jiuzhong will certainly not go back after completing the established task.
After some spying, Jiuzhong has made a rough estimate of the strength of Buddhism, which is absolutely only above the heaven, not under it. Even if heaven and his human strength jointly attack, it is not necessarily possible to get anything cheap.
This is definitely not what he wants to see. He has forged a dead issue with Buddhism, which is absolutely endless. If Buddhism does not die, in case the forces opposed to him in Huaxia, such as the prince, have the opportunity to get the support behind Buddhism, and the two sides collude, which is absolutely endless for him, so this time it is necessary to kill Buddhism.
Now, the strength of heaven and the human forces led by him is basically fixed, and there will be no substantial growth in the short term. If you want to increase the chances of Buddhist crusade, you can only weaken the fighting capacity of Buddhism.
If you want to weaken the fighting capacity of Buddhism, the most direct way is to slaughter the Buddha Lohan of Buddhism directly, but at present it is not a good time, it will only startle the Buddhism and make it alert.
But this can’t beat Jiuzhong. Jiuzhong has already had a dispute. He can’t kill people openly. It’s ok to steal two treasures secretly. If you can steal all the treasures of the three powerful Buddhists, the Buddha who burned the lamp and the Buddha who came from the east, it will definitely be a great loss to the fighting capacity of Buddhism.
After all, in this game world, the peak combat power has irreplaceable influence on the overall combat power of one camp, just like his influence on the hell and even the whole holy alliance.
Lingshan has a vast territory, and it seems endless. A Donglai Temple is like a five-level city. There is no detailed map of Donglai Temple on the map of Lingshan, and Jiuzhong has returned to a state of being completely blind. He only knows that Maitreya’s palace must be in this Donglai Temple, but he knows nothing about it.
"Well, you have to grab a tongue!" Jiuzhong wandered around to the sparsely populated fart essence place in Donglai Temple, narrowed into the dark and waited for the opportunity.
Time was short, and a small group of patrolling monks passed by the dark alley where Jiuzhong was located. Some people in the team were in urgent need of urination and wanted to relieve themselves. Other monks felt a little impulsive when they heard it, so they organized a group to enter the dark alley, lined up and began to relieve themselves.
Nine heavy a look at the opportunity came, word, first in the alley mouth calls out the door of vanity, blocking the way of these monks, and then lightning movement to the back of a monk in the innermost dark alley, one arm round, arm around the monk’s waist, start speed, toward the door of vanity is rushed past.
Jiuchong’s raid was too sudden, waiting for a dozen monks to react, and his body was out of balance. Uncontrolled by Jiuzhong, it was like escorting a train, and all of it was promoted to eighteen layers of hell.
Nine heavy followed also entered the eighteen layers of hell, backhand is a ring, closed the door of vanity, shooting turtles in a jar.
"Who … ahhh! !” These monks were suddenly taken captive to a strange environment, and they were clamoring to find the perpetrators, but almost in no particular order, they were recruited by other monks and then hit by a series of blows. Suddenly, the shouts of these monks turned into screams.
After a scream, the clouds cleared away, and Jiuzhong stopped attacking, revealing his true self. When he looked at the monks who had been taken captive, all of them became pig heads.
Give these monks a scare first, and then Jiuzhong did the same thing, using his own cruel means, and got the information he wanted from them in less than five minutes.
After getting the information, Jiuchong wanted to think, instead of uprooting all these monks like those in the Lohan Hall, everyone fed them a poisonous method and turned them all into a method of animal Lohan.
Jiuzhong has accumulated a lot of poisonous methods now. Although these monks are grabbing a lot of goods here in Lingshan, they can still be regarded as outstanding god-level combat power when they are put on earth.
After taking care of these monks, Jiuzhong left the eighteen layers of hell and went back outside. According to the information in his hand, he easily found the palace of Maitreya.
The monks patrolling outside Maitreya’s palace are even more numerous, and the Maitreya Palace is packed with guards, but this is simply useless to Jiuzhong, who swaggered into Maitreya Palace directly from the main entrance.
Entering the Maitreya Palace, Jiuchong found the main hall, which is where the monks who were captured by him said Maitreya would go to bed.
When I entered the main hall, I found that Maitreya Buddha was not there. Only two young monks were lying on the bedside in the temple, sleeping soundly. The nine-fold heart said it was just right. Let’s turn over your main hall first and take a chance!
At present, Jiuzhong began a carpet search for the main hall of Maitreya Palace.
Half an hour later, Jiuzhong emerged from the secret room behind a Buddha statue. "By … I got a lot of panacea and ofuda skill books, but how come there is no dry bag?"? !”
On second thought, Jiuchong was relieved again. "I’d like to carry it with me, as a housekeeping treasure like Gankun Bag! Presumably, this dry Kun bag should be taken with Maitreya! "
Making up his mind, Jiuzhong narrowed his eyes in a corner of the main hall, waiting for Maitreya to come back.
In two hours, Jiuzhong had already taken a nap, and was about to take a second nap when a loud shout rang out outside the temple, "The Buddha returned to the palace! !”
This cry woke up two laughing monks at the bedside, and the two young monks hurried out of the temple to meet Maitreya.
Time was short, and with the help of two young monks, a short and fat monk with a size as good as Pig Bajie came in from outside the temple.
"I’ve been waiting for my cucumber dishes to get cold, so I’m finally dead!" Nine heavy drowsiness, eyes fiercely open, two naked into the Maitreya Buddha in the temple, waiting for an opportunity.
"It will take half a day to have a meeting. I am really exhausted!" Maitreya came to the bed with the help of two young monks, and sat down, feeling that the whole palace was trembling, as if it had been squeezed short.
"This time, my old man can make up a good sleep and sleep with him!" Maitreya took off his clothes, stripped off all the loose clothes and bits and pieces of his body, and lay in bed like a mountain of meat with bare arms. "Don’t call me until my old man wakes up!" Then I closed my eyes and went to sleep. Five minutes later, the shouts of thunder echoed in the whole Donglai Palace.
Two young monks, each with a big fan, slowly caught a cold for Maitreya and enjoyed it.
"Depend, sleep fast enough, it is estimated that the pig is at this speed!" Although Maitreya fell asleep soon, Jiuzhong didn’t take immediate action to be on the safe side, and sat patiently for half an hour, until the young monks who fanned Maitreya began to fan with their eyes closed, which turned out from the corner.
"Let Lao tze see, dry bag ah dry bag, where the hell are you? !” Rubbing hands and feet came to the table where Maitreya put things behind the two young monks and began to rummage.
"This is not … this is not … this is not!" Nine heavy things turned over on the table, also didn’t find the dry bag, "by … why not? ! It shouldn’t be! Did I not look carefully enough? !”
Suspecting that he had missed something, Jiuzhong rummaged through it again, but there was still no sign of Gankun bag.

Time flies. The feedback from the fighter plane over there is that it is close to the target location, and it will take three minutes to reach the destination.

Something is always going to happen at this critical moment, and this time is no exception. Zhang Lan’s communication rings and the phantom indicates that it is Natasha Frey, the vampire.
You’re welcome to put on the tone. "Hey, vampire, what do you want? I am very busy now. "
Nick Frey roared, "Blue, you need to get to 12th Street on Manhattan Island now!"
"The vampire you eat the wrong medicine for such a big temper? What happened over there? "
"What is it? Haven’t you and Natasha tried to do something good? The new Hulk has been created. The code name is Hate. Now the streets are raging. Conventional weapons don’t need your hand at all! I lost the picture to you. Take a look at it yourself. "
Frey’s words made Zhang Lan’s head unconsciously look at his watch at two o’clock at midnight.
This happened less than four hours after he left Banner?
Hatred should be caused by Bronsky’s injection of Banner’s blood, but how did he get Banner’s blood? Is this Professor Stern’s place? How did he know about Professor Stern?
Everything is out of order. What Zhang Lan can do is to take out the equipment card, put on the phantom suit and watch the picture sent by Fury. It is a green monster street with a height of one or three meters, and the face is rampant. Bronsky is very much like the spine protruding behind him, which is the image of disgust.
What the hell is going on here?
Zhang Lan’s head is in a mess, and he doesn’t know how to clear his mind. This sudden appearance makes him very unprepared.
"What’s the matter with blue? Is something wrong? " While Charles saw Zhang Lan remained silent for a long time, his mind fluctuated greatly and he said,
"Ah, professor, take a look at the brain wave intensifier where there is a big monster on 12th Street in Manhattan Island. See if you can control him. I need a horse here, so keep an eye on Logan."
With that, Zhang Lan acted quickly and walked out to the take-off site of the fighter plane. He hit the basketball court on the top of his head again and launched a phantom suit to fly straight out.
It’s a pity that Katie was already asleep when she came back this time, and now she is in a hurry to leave. It seems that there is no way to see her.
Take off at the same time Zhang Lan reconnects with Frey Communication. "Frey, what the hell is going on? Where’s banner? Banner, why didn’t you come out and stop the hatred? He is fully capable. "
"Or are you and Natasha doing good things behind my back?" Frey growled and still breathed a sigh of relief to explain, "According to general Ross’s intelligence feedback, Banner, after you left, you left to find Professor Stern, and you are still in a coma after taking too many inhibitory drugs, and your heart is almost stopped due to extreme weakness such as breathing."
"His girlfriend Betty panicked and asked her father, General Ross, for help. He came to the army in the middle of LeBronsky. He had injected the incomplete Hulk potion to make him recover. After killing a colleague, he injected himself with a lot of Banna blood, which made him have the ability to transform into the Hulk."
"Later, you saw that not everyone with great power will become a hero, and some people will lose their power. Bronsky, that is, hatred is one of them. Banner has not yet recovered his heartbeat. It is not clear whether he can come back to life twice a minute. What’s more, it is to stop hatred?"
"Before this, I joined Peter and Harry. They actually went to Canada? You’re the one who submitted the exit application? Fantastic Four has been influenced by you to travel to China again. Tell me who else can I find besides you? "
It took Frey less than 30 seconds to finish this long passage. At the same time, it also showed Zhang Lan that he was isolated and helped. Unfortunately, new york superhero was left with only one fighting power.
"Vampire, I’m telling you, I’m not sure if I can stop it. You’d better not put all your hopes on me. Banner is the key. Be sure to wake him up. I can stall for a while!"
"What we are trying to do is to analyze what he knows about the ingredients of the medicine and what we know when it takes a while to inject the medicine …"
"The gamma pulse comes from the amygdala of the brain. Stern’s medicine temporarily absorbs the energy of Banna’s nucleic acid chain, which suppresses Banna’s Hulk cells and dissipates the energy of the nucleic acid chain. Can he recover by himself?"
"Oh? Oh! Okay, are you sure? We … "
"neve question my words! Vampires! " Zhang Lan growled at Frey for the first time, "Tell me how long I need to delay?"
“......OK! Wait a minute. I’ll ask a bunch of technicians … "
Frey compromised with Zhang Lan’s anger mainly because he knew that Zhang Lan had the ability to predict, and the credibility of what he just said was still very high. It was just a habitual question. I didn’t expect Zhang Lan’s reaction to be so great
Communication is quiet for a while.
Zhang Lan’s anger does not come from Frey’s unbelief or who he is, but from his own anger.
Once again, after the lizard man incident in new york, he was out of his control again. This feeling is very bad. More importantly, he is not sure that he can get this thing back on track now.
This is anger at one’s ability.
He is still too weak.
Frey was quick and fast, but it took 45 seconds to get accurate information back.
"Sixteen minutes blue If you say it’s a dialogue, you need to delay for sixteen minutes!"
"Okay, I get it."
Zhang Lan responded and then hung up the communication directly. He has arrived at Manhattan Island. At this time, there is a green monster standing in the air, wantonly destroying everything in front of him. Fortunately, there are very few passers-by in the middle of the night. At present, the casualties are only the soldiers who are blocked by General Ross.
Zhang Lan rushed to wreak havoc and hate when the time came, but also suddenly stopped and seemed to feel something. He raised his head and looked up at Zhang Lan in the phantom suit.
This figure he has just seen today is the highest superhero new york called-Zhang Lan!
"Hey!" Hate to shout "it’s you Zhang Lan! Come and fight with me! Look at me like tearing up your heroic aura! "

Kong Xuan stopped here.

"Master, we have been locked in. We don’t know what the earth is like now. We have to explore it first and then return to the earth’s surface." Kong Xuan suggested.
From which arrows appear in Qinnan, we know that they have been discovered, and look at each other’s direct attitude without saying anything. Look at this person, most of them will still be the enemy’s theory. For example, we must be careful on this journey back to earth.
The former Kong Xuan pick Jin Xian’s strength can be rampant on the earth, but now the situation on the earth is strange and Qin Na has to be careful.
The two gods directly enveloped the whole earth.
Qin Na has secretly decided to find out where Chen Hongbin is, so Ma Chong will take him back to the moon, but now the earth is in such a strange situation that Qin Na really doesn’t want to wade in muddy water again.
However, as soon as he and Kong Xuan’s gods enveloped the earth, another powerful god suddenly appeared and communicated with them
This divine knowledge is very gentle and seems to be harmless. At the same time, this divine knowledge has not stopped Qin Na and Kong Xuan from exploring the earth.
"Two who are you? Will appear from 33 days away at this time "that god is wrapped in a gentle voice, but this makes Qin Na froze.
Thirty-three days outside the atmosphere …
The master of this sound actually said that the outside of the atmosphere is thirty-three days away. There is no doubt that the master of this sound regards the earth as a vast world.
"Is it a crazy game in the wild world!" Qin Na muttered in his heart.
"Master, can it be that people from my world have crossed this world because I have never felt this personal breath before?" Kong Xuan was curious.
Kong Xuan, a pet of Qin Nan, was brought to the earth. Strictly speaking, he actually has a body in both worlds. Compared with the wild world, the earth is just like a small pond compared with the sea.
The earth is too small. All the gods of Jin Xian can cover the whole earth. Kong Xuan is the pick of Jin Xian, and it is easy for gods to sweep the whole earth.
When Kong Xuan first arrived on the earth, Kong Xuan should have remembered the breath of all the people on the earth. Now, the owner of this god knowledge obviously feels that everyone on the earth is different before Kong Xuan.
The master of this god knowledge should not be the earth talent. Right.
Qin nan once thought about this possibility more than once, but obviously this kind of thing is impossible. Although people in the wild world are powerful, they don’t have this world coordinate, so they come to this world probability base.
But now, if we don’t go through the explanation, we can explain this phenomenon fundamentally.
"Two, I observed that Jin Xian actually has the shackles of Samadhi’s true fire. Are you a disciple of Tailaojun Saint?" The sound spoke again.
"Who are you?" Qin Na was silent for a moment asks.
The mystery that the other party still sees the dragon without seeing the tail makes Qin Na feel very uncomfortable.
"If you want to know my identity, you can talk about it on the ground." The voice said indifferently without any malice.
"What about the master? Are we going?" Kong Xuan low road
"Wait …" Qin Na’s face changed because at this moment, he found something unusual. somewhere on the earth, Reiki was furious to the extreme. This point is that two masters have just detected the past when Qin Na’s gods were disturbed by these violent Reiki, and nothing can be detected.
"Kong Xuan, hurry up and see what happened in this position?" Qin Na hurriedly told Kong Xuan the location.
Kong Xuan pick Jin Xian’s spiritual knowledge is much better than that of Qinnan, and he should be able to find out who is fighting there.
Can shield Jin Xian’s gods from saying that the people fighting there should at least be pick Jin Xian, and at this moment there are only a handful of pick Jin Xian on the earth.
"Don’t be Chen Hongbin" Qin Na mused.
But Qin Na luck doesn’t seem to be good today. Kong Xuan looked back with a calm face after probing.
"The owner is a witch leader, and he is a strong man. I don’t know who that strong man is. I seem to feel that the strong man is no worse than the witch leader."
"That is to say, Chen Hongbin this little guy is also likely to be a witch? How is this possible? " Qin Na surprised way
Chen Hongbin is a combination of the strong will of the ancestors of the Wu nationality. In the physical body, it has surpassed many powerful wizards to catch up with the ancestors. Now, an insignificant guy can compete with Chen Hongbin in the physical body.
"I’m going to practice if it’s so good. That witch would have put out the demon kingdom’s heaven." Qin Na muttered a word.
"Master, yes, the opponent is indeed a witch because there is no yuan God on both sides of the war." Kong Xuan said again.
"Holy cow!" Qin Na was depressed and walked back and forth several times. Finally, he gritted his teeth and commanded Kong Xuandao.
"Come on, let’s go and see what’s going on?"
Chapter three hundred and forty-one Arctic ice sheet
Chen Hongbin is at war with a strange opponent in the most desolate place on earth.
"Arctic ice sheet …"
Although the Arctic ice sheet is extremely cold, this natural climate has no influence on them.
The two men fought very loudly, and many mountains have been split by them in the whole Arctic ice sheet, and obviously this is what they tried to restrain. If they fought hard, they would probably destroy the earth before it was destroyed.
Before landing in the North Pole, Qinnan saw two figures outside the combat range.
A middle-aged man with a calm face and a handsome boy.
Both of them are looking at the battle between Chen Hongbin and the mysterious man with expressions on their faces. At the moment, it seems to be high (tide), and the whole Arctic is trembling faintly.
"You still came. I apologize to you instead of my friends. I’m really sorry for attacking you directly without knowing your identity." A gentle voice came from the handsome boy’s mouth
That gentle knowledge just now is this handsome boy.
For those arrows …
Qin Na saw the long bow in the hands of the indifferent middle-aged man at a glance. I don’t know what it is. It looks simple and abnormal, just like a dry branch getting sleepy and getting a bow.

I smiled and knocked on the door symbolically, and saw that Zhi Xi was weak in bed and almost full of people. Three newborn baby boys were placed in the cradle with three carpets. Mom and Dad were holding a child in their hands. That was Zhi Xi and Lao Jiang’s first pair of children.

Xin Qing is like a king of children. She takes Ling Peizhu and Dudley to play paper-cutting and fiddling, and a thousand-faced child is called Pei Xixin. Now it’s Pei Xizhen. He has a big nose all over his face and said something to his sister and ran home to find Pei Xizhen to get paper.
Before I went to bed, I asked, "How did Ji Xi feel?"
"It’s like a big circle in hell, but fortunately, when Hu Li came to visit the day before yesterday, she taught me a method. Although she was a veterinarian, it was very solid." She took off her strength. "Jiang Tianci’s enemy is turning me into his pig."
Hu Li gave birth to Tang Raner two and a half years ago. She didn’t follow her to Fenggang Village, but lived with her children. She wanted to fulfill Tang Ran’s wish to train her children into a real policeman.
"Hehe …" I picked up a baby and exclaimed, "Wow, how did you give birth to three little Lao Jiang?"
Zhi yesterday opened her eyes wide, and she said, "Yu, give me a hug."
Although the baby was not born long, his appearance is still very recognizable. I can already foresee that when Zhi Xi’s four children grow up, it will be a scene of four "Jiang Tianci" laughing. I directly helped Zhi Xi to sit up. When she saw three newborns, she anxiously asked, "Is there a number?"
At this time, my mother laughed, "The cradle is numbered red, where is the old three, blue is the old four, white is the old five."
Jiang Xinmeng and Jiang Xinran went shopping in Tiannan City before, and now they just came back. When they saw the children, Jiang Xinmeng deliberately took out the photos of Jiang Tianci when he was a child. "It’s exactly the same as God-given brother … I really want my brother to see this scene." And Jiang Xinran took out the photos of Jiang Tianci when he was two years old and went to his mother’s front. Compared with the second-generation boss of Jiang, she joked, "It’s getting more and more like it."
"Don’t look like a ghost?" I asked with a supercilious look. "Zhi Xi’s second child has one brother and four younger brothers. I’m afraid no one will dare to bully her four Hercules who are two meters tall and covered in muscles. I have a sense of sight when I think about this."
"It’s a pity that I lost my photo when I was a child, otherwise you think it’s more like it." Zhi yesterday closed her eyes, half joking and half serious. "I decided that when Xiaoxi was six years old, she should at least have self-protection."
The second child’s name is Jiang Xiyi, Jiang Tianci and Zi Xiyu.
The boss told Jiang not to forget.
Now it’s three newborn names. One or three, we’re in trouble
Dad was silent for a long time and shook his head and said, "My name is Li."
Mom is helpless.
"Jianghu people should ask them more." Zhi yesterday went to bed and she was very tired.
I hold my heart clear and pink face. "Big girl, take them to the yard to play. Don’t make so much noise."
Heart sunny smile xi xi grabbed LingPei and bamboo mu wan belt with Dudley petticoats ran out of the door.
We marked the hands of five children in the Chiang family with numbers and moved to another room. It’s quiet here. Just take care of Zhi Xi if there is water.
I called the Star Picker, Poison King, Rectification, Dog King, Chien Chi and Pei Xizhen with the contact device.
After a quarter of an hour, the poisonous king came first, followed by her husband. I will never forget the scene when we first met him when we moved into Fenggang Village three years ago. His name is Wei Kuan. Maybe everyone has never heard of it, but I have dealt with him less than 50 times since I entered the police career. At that time, I was stupid and asked, "Why are there no dead people here dragging a corpse car?"
Wei Kuan shrugged and said, "Jade told me to bring my daughter."
Speaking of which, the spectators must have guessed Wei Kuan’s identity. He is the captain of the corpse-carrying team! I never imagined that Wei Kuan was the king of poisonous methods, and the man really startled me. I remember he said, "I moved a dead person for most of my life, but there is a skin inside, with the same bones and dirt. No one can grow flowers, and the appearance is not bad. I have never interfered with her shaving or not, and I like her true temperament."
Now Wei Kuan and the king of poison method are holding hands with sweet eyes, and they said hello to their parents. The king of poison method looked at the three newborns and said, "Jiang Jiaxian was born? No wonder my belly was so big. It turned out to be three little godsend. "
Then the star-picker, the rectification, the dog king and the sword idiot rushed to the so-called Tiannan Wujue in turn to envy the children respectively.
Dad habitually took out a cigarette. "My daughter gave birth to too many children, so we asked you to be a staff officer." Mom grabbed the cigarette from his hand and crushed it and threw it into the trash can. "Children can’t smoke second-hand smoke." Dad blushed with embarrassment.
The star-picking hand touched the baby’s ear. "These three are as good seedlings as his boss. According to me, this old one is called Jiang Picking Yue Laosi, and Jiang Picking Xing Laowu is called Jiang Picking Chen."
"Why don’t you go to shit?" The dog king hummed a sentence and thought, "Jiang Shiqi, Jiang Moye, Jiang Sijia."
"Come on, dog king, it’s not like snow. Why are all dogs’ names?" I’m depressed that the dog king has cultivated mountain dogs for Fenggang Village in the past three years. Those dozens of heterogeneous dogs are even afraid of wild animals.
The poisonous king suggested that "it is better to call Jiang arsenic, Jiang Dinghong and Jiang psychedelic."
"… are these three playing with poisonous materials?" Dad vetoed
Kuang Zheng added, "What about Jiang Yinquan, Jiang Tongquan and Jiang Tiequan?"
Dad, mom and I looked at each other and suddenly realized that it was a big mistake to call Tiannan Wujue, and there was no reliable name. Not only that, but everyone was moved to accept disciples. When the children woke up, they agreed to let the boss be Jiang. Don’t forget to practice gymnastics and spiritualism with three brothers, Kuang Zheng and Dog King. When Wu Zhenzhen retired, he also came to make friends with four brothers, flying needles and fist kung fu. Second, Jiang Xixi and Ling Q, star picker and poisonous Wang Xueyi.
Pei Xizhen, holding a small snot bubble, came to visit Jia Jiang’s sisters with Xiao Yuan and Xin Qing. After a long time, our three families finally got three good names: Jiang Xiangzhi, Jiang Shou, Jiang Xiang, and Jiang Xiang.
"You should water the Nirvana flowers today," Xin Qing said, pulling my skirt.
I touched her head and took a small plastic bucket with her. I ran to the grave in the cemetery and looked at the pot of nirvana flowers on the tombstone. I was very emotional and said, "Wan Wan, do you know? Lao Jiang has three more children. Now I haven’t told Lao Jiang the good news. Don’t tell him secretly. I’m going to let Zhi Xi take the children to his grave and say, "
Heart clear pocket took out a small flower "Wan Wan elder sister, look, this is your favorite morning glory."
I took the tombstone nirvana flowers and watered the heart with a smile. "Your sister hasn’t left for three years. She certainly doesn’t know that the male god gave birth to four little male gods and a little goddess."
"big!" The heart is clear and angry. "Isn’t the little goddess me?"
"You are twelve years old this year! You are almost grown up. Don’t you understand that the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves before? " I shot her in the head.
Heart shine rubbing his forehead, "bully shine shine hum again! When I go back to bully Ling Pei and Zhu Muwan. "
After watering, I put Nirvana flowers back on the tombstone.
At this time, Xin Qing suddenly covered her belly, and her face was red. I wondered if her pants seemed to be red. "Woo ~ it hurts." She panicked and said, "Is the big me dying soon?"
I quickly carried her back to Pei Xizhen’s house without packing, and they tossed about for most of the day. What’s more, it’s the first time that this big girl has come to have a holiday to ask for a macro private brother.
Heart fine worry way "big …"
"Wait a minute. I’ll buy a pack of sanitary napkins for you at Bujian Supermarket." I ran to the north of Fenggang Village, where there was Bujian Supermarket, which was jointly organized by Shen Yu and Bu Jianyou.
Bu Jian put the sanitary napkin in my hand. She smiled and asked, "Did Ling Yu buy it when Muxia came back? Nirvana is spent? "
I sigh lightly, "Not yet …"
Nirvana cauda (middle)
Ning Shu-ying successfully dragged on for two years. He left Fenggang Village a year ago and went to Banxianpu, a doomed old man, and never came back. The doomed old man would send his children to play for five days every month. Yu Ning Shu-ying didn’t reveal that "it’s okay to be okay."
I suspected that Ning Shuying had died of illness several times. However, the old man who died suddenly took out the photo album, which dispelled our doubts. Ning Shuying and Night Heart and Ning Silk were filmed recently, and there was no trace of ps. I asked the old man who died suddenly if he could talk to him. He said that Ning Shuying would not come back until early next month. Then he and Xiao Pin took Ling Pei, Zhu Muwan and Dalishang away from Fenggang Village.
When the old man who died the next month sent the child again, he said that he could talk now, but not for long.
I ran to the top of the hill where my cell phone had a signal and dialed the number he gave me.
"hello? And you are? " Familiar with the faint sound quality into my ears
I am depressed and said, "Ning Erhuo doesn’t even remember my mobile phone number?"
"Ling three shots?" Ning Shuying was surprised. He wondered, "How do you know I can talk now?"
I complained that "the old man who died said, what on earth are you doing now?" If you don’t come back for such a long time, you will know that you two beautiful women will travel with you every day. "
"I can’t tell the third person about this," Ning Shuying felt guilty. He added, "I’m in much better health. Don’t worry. I can return to Fenggang Village and reunite with you in ten years at most."
"Ten years?"
I shook my head and asked, "Have you seen Lin Muxia?"
"No" Ning Shuying is also very worried.
Nowadays, the multifunctional police flower is the daughter of the lamp god. Everyone knows about her, and the owner of the pencil necked stall once said that he had never seen Lin Muxia, as she said. If she doesn’t, she won’t appear.
We talked for a few words and then hung up.
In Fenggang Village, winter goes, spring comes, summer comes, and a year has passed. Zhi Xi gave birth to a pair of daughters this time, and named them Jiang Xiangsi and Jiang Xiangnian respectively. At this time, she is already the mother of seven children, and the essence left by Jiang Tianci is also consumed.
Zhu Yehong showed no signs of conscious recovery. Now she can sit up and open her mouth to eat, grab the sheets when she wants to go to the toilet, and so on. I took her to Tiannan City Hospital for examination. The result is that Zhu Yehong is currently equivalent to a two-year-old child, and her intellectual recovery is very slow. Maybe this is predestined. We have tried almost every method. Uncle Ning’s bamboo leaves are only slightly abnormal when he is acupuncture. After a while, it becomes the original one.
Ling Pei and Zhu Muwan made no further progress when she called her mother before bed.
She’s an adult in Fenggang Village. Eye Village has a more reliable means of defense than in the past. Besides, four years ago, the new Jianghu people and we didn’t destroy the pattern of the village. We live in the fringe of the village separately, which is relatively independent, but it’s worthwhile to get along well with the villagers. First, my position is an agent.
Tiannan Wujue and Ling Q guided the Chiang family boss and second child to learn skills, as well as small snot bubbles and children.
And I do three things repeatedly every day. The first thing is to take care of bamboo leaves without self-consciousness; The second thing is to run to the grave to talk to Lin Wan Wan and Jiang Tianci and see the state of nirvana flowers. When the weather is good, I will put the nirvana flowers on Lin Wan Wan’s tombstone, but I will take them home. The third thing is to lie in front of the bedroom window and look at the big girl in front of the hospital. I always set up a drawing board here. She holds the palette in one hand and the brush in the other, and then draws when she is finished.
Xin Qing’s painter is getting better and better. She shows it to me every time she finishes painting $ > > >
Day after day, year after year is like a blink of an eye.
This day is the eleventh year since we moved into Fenggang Village. I became a 37-year-old uncle. Xin Qing is already 20 years old. She turned into a slim girl in a beautiful little skirt. I helped Zhu Yehong to walk back to the hospital. She still didn’t take the initiative to remember everything, but when Ling Pei and Zhu Muwan were there, she was like a habit to remember and hold the female hand tightly for a long time.
Xin Qing put the brush back. She picked it up and showed it to me just after painting. "Is the painting beautiful?"
I sent the bamboo leaf red to the room to lie down and then came out to poke my face. "Your face is stained with paint."
Heart shine quickly ran to wash a face.
I watched her painting turned out to be an impossible scene. "I played mahjong with Zhu Yehong and Lin Wan Wan and Lin Muxia when I was young. When I was young, my heart was clear and I moved a small bench to sit by my side and play with rabbits."

In fact, when his right foot just pulled the football out, it had already hit Buffon’s palm.

He could have shouted and then fell to the ground.
This is a penalty, and maybe Buffon will be given a red card.
If this is in the Spanish league, it may be okay to do so.
But this is in Italy, and the opponent is Juventus, so you can do it.
David silva doesn’t know much about the inside story of Juventus and Italian football, but Rocchi’s good ball was fouled offside just now, which made david silva realize that their opponents are different, and some things may not be reasonable.
So he didn’t choose to fall to the ground.
It’s just that he does this, how can he get rid of Buffon?
David silva didn’t want to get rid of!
After he shifted the football to the left with his right foot, he pushed it directly with his left foot!
The whole movement is very smooth, just like running water, without any pause and stagnation.
But this is actually not a shooting action, this is an extraordinary action, which Spanish players use most skillfully … "Fried meatballs"!
That is, the right foot or left foot buckles the football in the opposite direction, and then the other foot quickly follows and pushes the football forward. At the same time, the player flexibly dodges the opponent’s grab and wipes it from the opponent’s side to complete a beautiful pass.
David silva didn’t use this action to pass others, but creatively used this action to shoot!
It’s really finished!
Football was pushed to the goal by him!
And he himself was thrown to the ground by Buffon at the same time.
It’s just that he doesn’t care anymore. He fell to the ground and looked up at the football rolling in front.
The football was not fast and skipped to the goal.
Then he saw his legs rush past …
David silva, who thought there was no problem, struggled to get up from the ground. If the opponent really destroyed the football, he had to make sure that he still had the spare capacity to finish the shot.
Buffon seemed to know what he wanted to do. He grabbed his ankle and pulled it. david silva kicked it empty.
But he used his hands and feet, quickly got up again and staggered forward …
"david silva’s shot-rober kovac-"
The owner of the legs that david silva saw was rober kovac.
He caught up from behind, saw the football rolling towards the goal, and flew directly to shovel it, intending to destroy it with scissors legs.
This is a difficult move.
He should adjust his body orientation in the process of sliding shovel, otherwise he will shovel the football into the goal with one foot, which will be an oolong.
At the same time, he has to twist his body in the opposite direction, cross his legs and kick out a scissor leg. He is exercising himself, and so is football. It is not easy to hit the target accurately.
In the end, rober kovac didn’t hit the football, he missed it!
The football slipped from his leg into the goal …
It was quiet for about five seconds in the Olympic stadium, and everyone seemed to have to confirm whether the ball really scored. After all, Rocchi’s ball was in front, and now everyone is a little afraid to be happy too early.
During this silence, everyone heard the whistle of referee De Santis and saw his gesture. He turned and pointed to the middle circle-the goal was effective!
The goal is valid!
This is a no matter what fucking shady, black-box operation, behind-the-scenes trading … can’t be denied … Good shot!
"david silva! ! ! Nice goal! Even three people! He beat Juventus’ whole defence by himself! Zambrotta, Nedved, Cannavaro, and finally Buffon and rober kovac! World wave! Great goal! In Italy, such a goal is wonderful! "
The commentator of Sky Italia, which is in charge of broadcasting the game, growled hysterically.
He was so excited that he lost his temper, because the ball was so beautiful!
The key goal of the key game, and it is so beautiful.
This ball has all the elements to become a classic!
"david silva! Nineteen-year-old david silva! Spanish genius! He changed the course of the game by himself, and he conquered Italy! Phenomenal young people! "
After a short pause, the Olympic Stadium burst into huge cheers, which were enough to drown everything and pounce on everyone like a flood.
Everyone in the Olympic stadium is flooded and part of the flood.
Together, they formed this spectacular scene.
All Lazio fans are screaming and shouting with all their strength.
After Rocchi’s goal was blown out on the grounds of offside, there was a fire in everyone’s heart.
Now this fire can finally gush out unscrupulously, and then spread quickly, burn and burn everything!
Chapter 59 Capello’s Countermeasures
The cheers in the stands are a little crazy, and the celebration of Lazio players is also crazy.
In the past, Chang Sheng asked the players to remain calm when they were treated unfairly.
Wrapped the anger in their hearts with ice.
But this flame has never been extinguished for a moment.
Now, they burn through the frozen shell and spurt out like a volcanic eruption.
Silva stumbled to make up the shot, but when he ran to the goal, the football had already rolled into the goal.
So Silva simply stopped braking, bumped into it, sucked the popped football in again, and then the whole person followed him into the net, then fell on his back and fell into the goal.