"Depend, there is such an organ!" Jiuzhong touched his earlobe and thought for a moment, then said, "Forget it, we can’t startle him yet!" "

"Then I will go to Donglai Temple and Randeng Temple to patronize ~!" After that, Jiuzhong entered the "fast" state of Xiaohe and left. Net
"Hey … hey!" Ten golden retrievers shouted twice and didn’t see Jiuzhong’s response, knowing that Jiuzhong had already left. "Your boy ran really fast, and I forgot to tell you … Randeng Temple can’t trespass!"
It took several hours to come, so I don’t need to bother now. Jiuzhong has already written down the specific coordinates of Donglai Temple and Randeng Temple, and directly started the fixed-point transmission function of the transmission ring, and a teleport passed.
For Randeng Temple, it looks very shabby, and Jiuzhong is not very interested in it. But Donglai Temple is different. The whole temple exudes a kind of luxury and a kind of fragrance of money, which is undoubtedly fatal to Jiuzhong, so Jiuzhong’s first goal is to lock Donglai Temple.
A teleport appeared directly outside Donglai Temple. Nine eyes looked at Donglai Temple and couldn’t help licking his lips. "Hey, hey, hey, when Lingshan is broken, the whole Donglai Temple will be full of Lao Tzu drops ~!"
After thinking for a while, Jiuchong cleared up his mood and walked into Donglai Temple.
Although this task is only to spy on the actual situation of Lingshan, Jiuzhong will certainly not go back after completing the established task.
After some spying, Jiuzhong has made a rough estimate of the strength of Buddhism, which is absolutely only above the heaven, not under it. Even if heaven and his human strength jointly attack, it is not necessarily possible to get anything cheap.
This is definitely not what he wants to see. He has forged a dead issue with Buddhism, which is absolutely endless. If Buddhism does not die, in case the forces opposed to him in Huaxia, such as the prince, have the opportunity to get the support behind Buddhism, and the two sides collude, which is absolutely endless for him, so this time it is necessary to kill Buddhism.
Now, the strength of heaven and the human forces led by him is basically fixed, and there will be no substantial growth in the short term. If you want to increase the chances of Buddhist crusade, you can only weaken the fighting capacity of Buddhism.
If you want to weaken the fighting capacity of Buddhism, the most direct way is to slaughter the Buddha Lohan of Buddhism directly, but at present it is not a good time, it will only startle the Buddhism and make it alert.
But this can’t beat Jiuzhong. Jiuzhong has already had a dispute. He can’t kill people openly. It’s ok to steal two treasures secretly. If you can steal all the treasures of the three powerful Buddhists, the Buddha who burned the lamp and the Buddha who came from the east, it will definitely be a great loss to the fighting capacity of Buddhism.
After all, in this game world, the peak combat power has irreplaceable influence on the overall combat power of one camp, just like his influence on the hell and even the whole holy alliance.
Lingshan has a vast territory, and it seems endless. A Donglai Temple is like a five-level city. There is no detailed map of Donglai Temple on the map of Lingshan, and Jiuzhong has returned to a state of being completely blind. He only knows that Maitreya’s palace must be in this Donglai Temple, but he knows nothing about it.
"Well, you have to grab a tongue!" Jiuzhong wandered around to the sparsely populated fart essence place in Donglai Temple, narrowed into the dark and waited for the opportunity.
Time was short, and a small group of patrolling monks passed by the dark alley where Jiuzhong was located. Some people in the team were in urgent need of urination and wanted to relieve themselves. Other monks felt a little impulsive when they heard it, so they organized a group to enter the dark alley, lined up and began to relieve themselves.
Nine heavy a look at the opportunity came, word, first in the alley mouth calls out the door of vanity, blocking the way of these monks, and then lightning movement to the back of a monk in the innermost dark alley, one arm round, arm around the monk’s waist, start speed, toward the door of vanity is rushed past.
Jiuchong’s raid was too sudden, waiting for a dozen monks to react, and his body was out of balance. Uncontrolled by Jiuzhong, it was like escorting a train, and all of it was promoted to eighteen layers of hell.
Nine heavy followed also entered the eighteen layers of hell, backhand is a ring, closed the door of vanity, shooting turtles in a jar.
"Who … ahhh! !” These monks were suddenly taken captive to a strange environment, and they were clamoring to find the perpetrators, but almost in no particular order, they were recruited by other monks and then hit by a series of blows. Suddenly, the shouts of these monks turned into screams.
After a scream, the clouds cleared away, and Jiuzhong stopped attacking, revealing his true self. When he looked at the monks who had been taken captive, all of them became pig heads.
Give these monks a scare first, and then Jiuzhong did the same thing, using his own cruel means, and got the information he wanted from them in less than five minutes.
After getting the information, Jiuchong wanted to think, instead of uprooting all these monks like those in the Lohan Hall, everyone fed them a poisonous method and turned them all into a method of animal Lohan.
Jiuzhong has accumulated a lot of poisonous methods now. Although these monks are grabbing a lot of goods here in Lingshan, they can still be regarded as outstanding god-level combat power when they are put on earth.
After taking care of these monks, Jiuzhong left the eighteen layers of hell and went back outside. According to the information in his hand, he easily found the palace of Maitreya.
The monks patrolling outside Maitreya’s palace are even more numerous, and the Maitreya Palace is packed with guards, but this is simply useless to Jiuzhong, who swaggered into Maitreya Palace directly from the main entrance.
Entering the Maitreya Palace, Jiuchong found the main hall, which is where the monks who were captured by him said Maitreya would go to bed.
When I entered the main hall, I found that Maitreya Buddha was not there. Only two young monks were lying on the bedside in the temple, sleeping soundly. The nine-fold heart said it was just right. Let’s turn over your main hall first and take a chance!
At present, Jiuzhong began a carpet search for the main hall of Maitreya Palace.
Half an hour later, Jiuzhong emerged from the secret room behind a Buddha statue. "By … I got a lot of panacea and ofuda skill books, but how come there is no dry bag?"? !”
On second thought, Jiuchong was relieved again. "I’d like to carry it with me, as a housekeeping treasure like Gankun Bag! Presumably, this dry Kun bag should be taken with Maitreya! "
Making up his mind, Jiuzhong narrowed his eyes in a corner of the main hall, waiting for Maitreya to come back.
In two hours, Jiuzhong had already taken a nap, and was about to take a second nap when a loud shout rang out outside the temple, "The Buddha returned to the palace! !”
This cry woke up two laughing monks at the bedside, and the two young monks hurried out of the temple to meet Maitreya.
Time was short, and with the help of two young monks, a short and fat monk with a size as good as Pig Bajie came in from outside the temple.
"I’ve been waiting for my cucumber dishes to get cold, so I’m finally dead!" Nine heavy drowsiness, eyes fiercely open, two naked into the Maitreya Buddha in the temple, waiting for an opportunity.
"It will take half a day to have a meeting. I am really exhausted!" Maitreya came to the bed with the help of two young monks, and sat down, feeling that the whole palace was trembling, as if it had been squeezed short.
"This time, my old man can make up a good sleep and sleep with him!" Maitreya took off his clothes, stripped off all the loose clothes and bits and pieces of his body, and lay in bed like a mountain of meat with bare arms. "Don’t call me until my old man wakes up!" Then I closed my eyes and went to sleep. Five minutes later, the shouts of thunder echoed in the whole Donglai Palace.
Two young monks, each with a big fan, slowly caught a cold for Maitreya and enjoyed it.
"Depend, sleep fast enough, it is estimated that the pig is at this speed!" Although Maitreya fell asleep soon, Jiuzhong didn’t take immediate action to be on the safe side, and sat patiently for half an hour, until the young monks who fanned Maitreya began to fan with their eyes closed, which turned out from the corner.
"Let Lao tze see, dry bag ah dry bag, where the hell are you? !” Rubbing hands and feet came to the table where Maitreya put things behind the two young monks and began to rummage.
"This is not … this is not … this is not!" Nine heavy things turned over on the table, also didn’t find the dry bag, "by … why not? ! It shouldn’t be! Did I not look carefully enough? !”
Suspecting that he had missed something, Jiuzhong rummaged through it again, but there was still no sign of Gankun bag.

Kong Xuan stopped here.

"Master, we have been locked in. We don’t know what the earth is like now. We have to explore it first and then return to the earth’s surface." Kong Xuan suggested.
From which arrows appear in Qinnan, we know that they have been discovered, and look at each other’s direct attitude without saying anything. Look at this person, most of them will still be the enemy’s theory. For example, we must be careful on this journey back to earth.
The former Kong Xuan pick Jin Xian’s strength can be rampant on the earth, but now the situation on the earth is strange and Qin Na has to be careful.
The two gods directly enveloped the whole earth.
Qin Na has secretly decided to find out where Chen Hongbin is, so Ma Chong will take him back to the moon, but now the earth is in such a strange situation that Qin Na really doesn’t want to wade in muddy water again.
However, as soon as he and Kong Xuan’s gods enveloped the earth, another powerful god suddenly appeared and communicated with them
This divine knowledge is very gentle and seems to be harmless. At the same time, this divine knowledge has not stopped Qin Na and Kong Xuan from exploring the earth.
"Two who are you? Will appear from 33 days away at this time "that god is wrapped in a gentle voice, but this makes Qin Na froze.
Thirty-three days outside the atmosphere …
The master of this sound actually said that the outside of the atmosphere is thirty-three days away. There is no doubt that the master of this sound regards the earth as a vast world.
"Is it a crazy game in the wild world!" Qin Na muttered in his heart.
"Master, can it be that people from my world have crossed this world because I have never felt this personal breath before?" Kong Xuan was curious.
Kong Xuan, a pet of Qin Nan, was brought to the earth. Strictly speaking, he actually has a body in both worlds. Compared with the wild world, the earth is just like a small pond compared with the sea.
The earth is too small. All the gods of Jin Xian can cover the whole earth. Kong Xuan is the pick of Jin Xian, and it is easy for gods to sweep the whole earth.
When Kong Xuan first arrived on the earth, Kong Xuan should have remembered the breath of all the people on the earth. Now, the owner of this god knowledge obviously feels that everyone on the earth is different before Kong Xuan.
The master of this god knowledge should not be the earth talent. Right.
Qin nan once thought about this possibility more than once, but obviously this kind of thing is impossible. Although people in the wild world are powerful, they don’t have this world coordinate, so they come to this world probability base.
But now, if we don’t go through the explanation, we can explain this phenomenon fundamentally.
"Two, I observed that Jin Xian actually has the shackles of Samadhi’s true fire. Are you a disciple of Tailaojun Saint?" The sound spoke again.
"Who are you?" Qin Na was silent for a moment asks.
The mystery that the other party still sees the dragon without seeing the tail makes Qin Na feel very uncomfortable.
"If you want to know my identity, you can talk about it on the ground." The voice said indifferently without any malice.
"What about the master? Are we going?" Kong Xuan low road
"Wait …" Qin Na’s face changed because at this moment, he found something unusual. somewhere on the earth, Reiki was furious to the extreme. This point is that two masters have just detected the past when Qin Na’s gods were disturbed by these violent Reiki, and nothing can be detected.
"Kong Xuan, hurry up and see what happened in this position?" Qin Na hurriedly told Kong Xuan the location.
Kong Xuan pick Jin Xian’s spiritual knowledge is much better than that of Qinnan, and he should be able to find out who is fighting there.
Can shield Jin Xian’s gods from saying that the people fighting there should at least be pick Jin Xian, and at this moment there are only a handful of pick Jin Xian on the earth.
"Don’t be Chen Hongbin" Qin Na mused.
But Qin Na luck doesn’t seem to be good today. Kong Xuan looked back with a calm face after probing.
"The owner is a witch leader, and he is a strong man. I don’t know who that strong man is. I seem to feel that the strong man is no worse than the witch leader."
"That is to say, Chen Hongbin this little guy is also likely to be a witch? How is this possible? " Qin Na surprised way
Chen Hongbin is a combination of the strong will of the ancestors of the Wu nationality. In the physical body, it has surpassed many powerful wizards to catch up with the ancestors. Now, an insignificant guy can compete with Chen Hongbin in the physical body.
"I’m going to practice if it’s so good. That witch would have put out the demon kingdom’s heaven." Qin Na muttered a word.
"Master, yes, the opponent is indeed a witch because there is no yuan God on both sides of the war." Kong Xuan said again.
"Holy cow!" Qin Na was depressed and walked back and forth several times. Finally, he gritted his teeth and commanded Kong Xuandao.
"Come on, let’s go and see what’s going on?"
Chapter three hundred and forty-one Arctic ice sheet
Chen Hongbin is at war with a strange opponent in the most desolate place on earth.
"Arctic ice sheet …"
Although the Arctic ice sheet is extremely cold, this natural climate has no influence on them.
The two men fought very loudly, and many mountains have been split by them in the whole Arctic ice sheet, and obviously this is what they tried to restrain. If they fought hard, they would probably destroy the earth before it was destroyed.
Before landing in the North Pole, Qinnan saw two figures outside the combat range.
A middle-aged man with a calm face and a handsome boy.
Both of them are looking at the battle between Chen Hongbin and the mysterious man with expressions on their faces. At the moment, it seems to be high (tide), and the whole Arctic is trembling faintly.
"You still came. I apologize to you instead of my friends. I’m really sorry for attacking you directly without knowing your identity." A gentle voice came from the handsome boy’s mouth
That gentle knowledge just now is this handsome boy.
For those arrows …
Qin Na saw the long bow in the hands of the indifferent middle-aged man at a glance. I don’t know what it is. It looks simple and abnormal, just like a dry branch getting sleepy and getting a bow.

"Dare to break into the devil’s stronghold and want to leave to die of old age!"

Suddenly, a new and violent roar came from the front, and a statue of a man of God with five feet high and shining golden armor descended from the sky, holding a fork for heaven and glaring at Xiao Yu’s body.
The heavy sharp front thrust the fork of heaven and let out a harsh roar and whine, giving people an illusion that even a world will be stabbed by a blow.
Xiao Yu punched against the glittering golden light, hit the mouth with a fist and let out a muffled sound. The shining golden man of god was shocked by him on the spot. He just couldn’t hold back the fork and flew out, grinding his hands into blood directly.
He was horrified.
It’s time for him to react. Xiao Yu has rushed over at a faster speed than terrible. A palm directly fell on his forehead and slammed his whole purple mansion into pieces, and all the gods and souls died.
The statue of Jin Jiashen population with a bloody nose and wide eyes fell straight from it.
"Bastard, he killed our companion again!"
"Kill him, you must kill him!"
"If you don’t kill him, I’ll be implicated if the devil comes back!"
Those shining golden men of God are hysterical and growling.
Suddenly, someone offered a magic weapon, Xiaguang, which filled the sky and slammed into Xiao Yu’s body.
Xiao Yu cast a seal on the rampage and rushed out quickly from these magic weapons.
As soon as he rushed out, he turned into a big bird and rushed away.
But those shining golden man of God seem to really have the means to lock his body and roar directly towards his body.
Xiao Yu instantly disappeared into a cloud of white clouds and quickly rushed into the distance.
"He turned into a cloud there!"
"Attention, everyone, this is the pursuit of Daozong Jiuxuan Gong!"
These shining golden men of God have been chasing and roaring all the way.
Some of his guardian halls, the shining golden man of God, raised his hand to see a cloud of white clouds and rushed forward quickly, but then they seemed to hear something and their faces changed.
"It’s an outsider!"
"An outsider has broken in!"
These shining golden men of god flew into a rage and rushed toward Xiao Yu’s white clouds.
There was chaos in the middle.
The black man who broke in in a remote corner couldn’t help looking up and suddenly showing strange colors. "Who is this man? Don’t you know how to guard against the mountain spirit beast?" The strongest spirit is hidden in the dark. Once someone enters the Lord’s Hall, he will immediately be perceived by him and then inform the Golden Armor God of War. "
He observed for a moment, and suddenly his body flashed into a mass of black fog and disappeared. He sneered, "I’m wearing the fragrance of leaving the soul, and even I can’t feel it."
Xiao Yuzhong’s constant display of change was surrounded by many golden armor gods, and he couldn’t help but look gloomy and wonder, "How did they find me?"
There is a big river in front, which fills the air in the whole island and rolls in a mighty way.
Xiao Yu’s heart suddenly moved, and a drop of water directly rushed into the big river.
His causal operation suddenly made his own causal ambiguity elusive. In the dark, the head of the spirit beast was also awkward, and I couldn’t help but frown. I felt that Xiao Yu suddenly lost track and didn’t know whether he rushed into the water or changed his appearance.
"His body suddenly disappeared and I couldn’t find him."
The other end is full of sounds of golden armor and war of war.
"Be sure to find his trail if you are scattered!"
"It’s a capital crime to break into the forbidden area while the devil is out!"
Many warriors in shining armor broke off drinking and scattered to search everywhere, rushing into the river, rushing to the clouds and pulsing to other mountains.
Xiao Yu is hiding in the river, and his mind is flickering. It’s hard to figure out whether these shining warriors really found him.
He dived into the bottom of the water and flowed with the river. Suddenly, a statue of the shining golden god of war rushed into the water, and the golden light in his eyes flashed out to search for the bottom of the water.
Xiao Yu’s heart moved instantly to the shining golden ares, and a big hand behind him grabbed the shining golden ares’ head suddenly.
The shining golden god of war was about to shout in the heart, and suddenly a terrible suction came from all directions to absorb all the essence and blood of the shining golden god of war.
Not only that, but he felt his brain splitting, and all his memories flashed quickly, like being searched by life, and everything in his mind was peeked away.
In a short time, this shining golden god of war was sucked into a mummified body, all skin and bones, and died completely.
Memories in his mind were also seen by Xiao Yu.
"Spirit beast!"
Xiao Yu eyes flashing golden light know the story.
Chapter one thousand and ninety-seven Goals
Xiao Yu’s mind knew everything in a flash, and the head of the spirit beast was also directly seen by him.
"A beast dares to ruin my good deeds and die."
Xiao Yu suddenly sneered and whispered, "Brother Ghost, you’re going to have a good time this time."
The golden light flashed between his eyebrows, and a sharp strange smile rang faintly, which made the scalp numb.
Xiao Yu’s body quickly disappeared, and he walked through the water and rushed to the nearest main hall.
With the memory of the shining golden man of god, he is more handy, and he has directly evaded many arrays without causing any fluctuation.
After the death of the shining golden man of God, it caused a sensation again.
When he saw the bodies of his companions emerging from the water, the man of God in shining armor rushed to the bottom with great anger 2.
"He’s in the water!"
"Popular is dead, so be sure to kill him!"
These shining golden men of God growled.
Soon after, he approached a hall, and his body rushed out of the river and shook himself. Behind him, a Xiao Yu sneered and a big bird flapped its wings and left.
The other body is running causality, confusing causality and rushing directly in the other direction.
"A beast, I’ll kill you now."
Xiao Yu’s eyes are flashing with cold light
The presence of this spirit beast will greatly restrict his movement, and he may be found by it at any time, which will lead to unnecessary trouble.
Besides, there is the mysterious black man in secret. Once there is too much noise here, the black man will definitely regard it as attracting him to attract more enemies to reduce his attention.
Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed and rushed into the distance.
A huge fierce beast lurks on a cliff behind a mountain, with a thick chain tied to its neck and scales. It’s a mighty tiger with a face and fangs.
At the moment, his eyes flashed and suddenly he looked puzzled outside the valley. There was a strange force approaching quickly in his psychic perception.
"Roar “`"
Suddenly, the head growled and grew up, and I felt a little uneasy. My eyes flashed quickly and a long tail suddenly swept away.
Its tail is harsher than heavy pumping, but it has no resistance at all, but its anxiety is even stronger
There was a flash of golden light, and it fell directly to the side of the hill. A young man with cold eyes and red hair stared at the fierce beast, full of profound dangers.
My eyes narrowed and my voice boomed, "It’s you, an outsider!"
Xiao Yu’s eyes showed sarcasm, and a ghosting shadow between his eyes rushed out directly from his eyebrows, wrapped in a monstrous whine of Yin qi and rushed toward the other end.

Momo Tao licked maltose contentedly, and with a wave of his hand, he pointed to a small park not far over there, where there was a pavilion.

It looks not bad
It’s the first time their family has been here for so long, and it’s also very exciting to see this.
This wooden corridor with red painted golden dragon pavilion looks pretty, to say nothing of it.
The family sat in that chair and looked out at the lake and felt the breeze, let alone how comfortable it was.
This is life.
"Don’t lie on your back. What should I do if I fall?"
Come on, life is always a mess, kid
Persimmons almost fell out of the booth and peaches were pulled back.
"Oh, I just want to see if there are any fish in it." Momo Tao is curious.
There are many fish in such a big pond.
So everyone is interested.
"There should be such a big lake," Wu Manzhu said.
"Is anyone arrested?" Song Xing is ready to move "I haven’t eaten fish for a long time"
Eating fish in the city is more difficult than the brigade.
"Small six, do they have fishing nets?" Persimmon pursed her lips and looked at the lake with hot eyes.
"Can fish?" Momo Tao showed her white teeth and pointed out to them "Look there."
Some of them actually saw someone fishing there with a fishing rod. The family observed it for a long time and didn’t see anyone fishing.
See if there are any fish
Everyone sighed in succession
Then I saw that Momo Peach had run towards that side.
Everybody …
They also have to follow.
Momo Tao ran past without timidity, and then looked at it among several people and ran to the oldest and most serious old man.
Look at the bucket beside him.
Not a single fish.
Momo peach can’t help but sigh. This master can’t do it. Not even fishing.
My Lord …
Where’s the baby? It’s hard for him, right?
"Grandpa," Momo peach blinked and immediately cried softly, "I help you fish. I can fish very well."
The old man looked at this half-height cub at the corner of his mouth and wanted to fish before he was weaned.
"We are each half." Seeing that he didn’t speak, Momo Tao continued to persuade "It’s no use fishing."
"You can’t catch it anyway."
Old man.
"You come," the old man got up and hummed, and let Momo peach sit on the stool and watch.
He must laugh at the baby later.
Momo peach blinks and blinks, so don’t care about the process when you get the fishing rod. Momo peach immediately concentrates on the lake.
Come to fish, come to fish.
Big fish, big fish and big fish
In Momo, Peach hopes that after a while, the fish will float into the water, and Momo Peach’s eyes will shine, fish and fish.
"Oh," the fishing line suddenly pulled Momo peach in front, and the whole person fell into the water, holding the fishing rod tightly.
Fortunately, the horse was caught by persimmon and led to the back. When he took the fishing rod, he pulled it back a little.
Old man.
"Don’t pull hard and walk fast." The old man shouted with shame.
"Slip the fish or you can’t pull it."
Persimmon looks the same. She is strong enough to pull it.
"The line will break," the old man shouted again.
Persimmon hands began to listen to the old man’s words, pay off the line, pay off the line …
After a long time, I noticed that there was nothing to resist the fish there. She just closed the line and then successfully caught a big fish with a look of more than ten kilograms.
People around you are surprised.
This is really very big.

When it comes to mendieta, Real Madrid is full of anger now.

Florentino secretly scolded Valencia and Changsheng many times.
When florentino poached mendieta from Valencia, he was full of joy, thinking that he had strengthened his own strength and weakened Valencia.
I didn’t expect Valencia to be weakened, but their performance was better. Is your side, plagued by mendieta.
The first is the position dispute of mendieta, which has troubled the team for a long time.
Then there is the locker room problem caused by this position dispute.
The media are now speculating on this matter all day long, and everything that was originally fine has been speculated into something, making the dressing room in Real Madrid restless. What contradiction between mendieta and Figo, what contradiction between mendieta and helguera …
Some revelations look real, and some are real.
Real Madrid’s unstable performance this season is related to these internal contradictions.
In order to buy mendieta, Danghu spent 30 million euros, which made Real Madrid financially nervous and almost had no money to buy Ronaldo-if Moratti didn’t finally agree to Real Madrid’s installment payment, they really had no money to buy Ronaldo.
Only after I bought it did I find myself cheated …
They thought they bought a superstar, but they didn’t expect to buy a giant pit!
Florentino means how Valencia promised so readily, and bargained for two young players without even asking for money …
It turns out that this is specially for mendieta to come and cheat us!
When florentino understood this truth, he didn’t ask Bosco to start mendieta. Although this may make others guess that he was cheated by Valencia, it is only a matter of time. Mendieta’s performance is so poor that even fools know that Real Madrid spent 30 million plus Alvaro Arbeloa and Cambiaso to buy mendieta, which is a parallel product.
If we keep mendieta in the starting line-up for the sake of face, I’m afraid it will lead to the collapse of the team’s performance.
Real Madrid failed to win the league title last season, and we can’t lose the league title again this season anyway.
In order to win the league championship, it is only natural to let mendieta sit on the bench.
He is now preoccupied with letting mendieta go at the end of the season.
It’s just that he tried several times, and the situation was not good.
Mendieta’s agent, Tordera, was killed and refused to leave. When signing the contract, the agent who bowed to himself is now involved with himself.
Tordera certainly won’t want to let mendieta go, because mendieta is getting a lot of salary at Real Madrid now.
This is a lot of money.
The only condition for Tordera to agree to mendieta’s departure is that Real Madrid will pay mendieta the remaining three years’ salary in one breath.
This is a big headache for florentino.
I dug a mendieta myself, and that’s what happened.
Look at Cambiaso and Arbeloa, who were taken to Valencia by the winning team. One is a player who has never been taken seriously in Real Madrid, and the other is a young man who is still in the echelon of Real Madrid.
However, under the ever-victorious team, both of them were able to play in Valencia’s first team, and Cambiaso even had a regular chance to play and performed well. There was one goal and two assists.
Young players like Alvaro Arbeloa can start in the King’s Cup and contribute an assist.
Mendieta played 15 times in various competitions in Real Madrid, without scoring a goal or assisting.
This is the gap …
At the thought that the chief culprit of this gap is constant victory, florentino is even less in a good mood.
Therefore, this game, Real Madrid will end Valencia’s unbeaten no matter how much it costs!
For this game, Changsheng is also well prepared.
Before the game, all kinds of competition training skills that can improve the team’s ability in a short time were used.

God wiped his tears. "Doesn’t this show that you are accurate in whipping?" If I don’t smoke, I will fall down. If I smoke, my archduke will come to collect the body. Meowed my poor life … "

Warm secretly biting lip meat to resist not spray smile.
Ji Shuang is a little puzzled at the moment, and the expression is weird and forbearing.
Yao Shu almost fainted. "You …"
"I what? I want to be at odds with you. "God is still provocative."
Yao Shu waved her whip again to draw it. At this moment, Yao Yushu dashed over and suddenly stopped "Sister, stop"
Yao Shu has been angry and red-eyed.
How dare Yao Yushu let her go so crazy again? She looked stern. "Sister, calm down!"
Yao Shu stared at the warmth and gnashed her teeth. "Calm down? How can I be calm when I am bullied like this? "
When has she ever been so wronged in this life?
Smell speech Ji Shuang got up and stared at her angrily with a cold face. "Bullying? Who is bullying who? Look at my sister-in-law’s arm. Look who bullied who … "
God came out and cried like a sky. "Come and see, the wicked first complained about whether there is any law in our tribe …"
Yao Shu’s hands are shaking with anger. "Jade Shu, listen to you …"
Yao Yushu secretly winked at her. If she has fallen into someone else’s trap, don’t get deeper and deeper. How should she end up?
Yao Shuru doesn’t know that she has always been proud, but even worse, she is right. She has a sullen face and a straight back like a peacock who ignores her sister’s hints.
Yao Yushu can turn around and end for her. She first looks at the warm people’s arms. There is no need to go near to check that the red is higher than the skin. It looks shocking. Her eyes are narrowed and she is cruel to herself. She can’t underestimate it.
She smiled sincerely and apologetically. "Miss Wen, right? I’m really sorry for my sister. She’s also a heart girl. I’ll make amends with you on behalf of my sister. "
Said the curtsy.
Warm and light smile Although this one is a sister, it is obvious that the position is much higher than that of her sister. Murder is defined by God, and the blink of an eye becomes a slapstick. Hehe, this gesture of making amends is also humble enough, as if she is warm and does not accept it, but it becomes unappreciative.
If you don’t move, you will turn against an army.
She’s not easy to bully. How can she be allowed to turn over?
"Miss, I can’t accept this gift."
Smell speech Yao Yushu tiny one zheng but I didn’t think she refused so directly "? Does Miss Wen think I’m not sincere enough? Or don’t you want to give me this opportunity? "
No matter what the reason is, the diaphragm should be warm and the mind is not open-minded.
Warm shook his head and looked serious. "I can’t accept this lady’s poor statement because you distorted the truth and wanted to make it small and trivial. I’m sorry I can’t. If I were a person, I was beaten by your sister. I might be able to accept my fate, but today I walked in here as a daughter-in-law of God, but she humiliated me again and again, and I endured it. But she even wanted to murder in front of so many people. This would be too arrogant. She didn’t have me in her eyes.
That last sentence can be called harsh words and looks.
Ji Shuang was startled.
I can’t see from the sky that the young lady is quite scary when she is fierce.
There are more and more people gathered around, and most of them have heard these words. They can’t help but feel the truth in their hearts. They all know that Yao Shu’s beating is a fact, and Ji Shuang’s shouting with one mouthful and one sister-in-law also proves his warm identity …
God’s daughter-in-law can fight?
Think about Ji Fenghua, the mother-in-law, and the three brothers, the theologians, who suddenly dare not think about going again. I’m afraid things will end badly today.
Yao Yushu was also uneasy and frowned. At that time, I couldn’t think of any countermeasures.
Yao Shu suddenly pointed to the warmth and said, "Don’t be alarmist. When did I humiliate you and how did I murder you?"
Warm eyes are sharp and aggressive. "Do you dare to say no? So many people are there watching me, and I’m stupid enough to wronged you? Did you forget what you said when Shuang and I came in? Do you need me to repeat it to everyone? "
Yao Shu bit her lip. "I, I was …"
"What is that? Don’t tell me that your Yao family taught me like that, but I heard from my mother-in-law that Uncle Yao is the most reasonable, gentle and kind, but I don’t want Miss Yao to make me blind. "
"There will be murder ha ha am I wrong? I don’t have martial arts, as anyone can see, but you whip me. If you save me, do I still have a life to sit here now? If this isn’t murder, is it possible to whip people at will in that tribe? Is it a fight to keep people alive? "

"Even if there is any problem, he should not keep it from us. If there is anything, he will definitely say it. After all, we are a family!" Wonderful surplus pie mouth said.

Hearing the word "family", Yueru and Jiang Lanyue both seem a little unnatural.
"It’s no use guessing. Let’s ask him together." Qing Xuan suggested.
"He’s meditating in the quiet room. He won’t be disturbed if he goes there now, will he?" Anya some worry tunnel.
"Excuse me, what are you afraid of? Can he still eat us?"
Miao Ying stood up and then said, "We are his wives. When he came back from practice, he ignored us and looked cold, as if we had committed some heinous crime. It was irritating to think about it and we had to ask him face to face!"
"Then ask." Anya nods.
It seems that it is better to have more people to go. Miaoying will draw the moon as well as Jiang Lanyue’s sisters, but as for Shine, she will follow without pulling.
All the female monks in this room went to the quiet room where Xiao Lingyu meditated.
"You … something?" Xiao Lingyu asked.
At the moment, Xiao Lingyu is still the same as Li Jia, so his expression is very light, and he has no tenderness in the face of this group of female monks.
Just now, everyone had a heated discussion, but before Xiao Lingyu, they didn’t know what to say.
Can’t ask, why are you not enthusiastic about us?
"They want to know, what’s wrong with you? You’re not as close to them as before." Jiang Lan petticoats is said.
When someone speaks, everyone has nothing to be embarrassed about. They all stare at Xiao Lingyu and seem to be waiting for an answer.
Xiao Lingyu was stupefied at first, then smiled and said, "Haha, I’ve been so busy lately that I neglected all of you."
As he spoke, Xiao Lingyu stood up and said, "Anyway, you shouldn’t rush the practice, because my husband will spend more time with you in the future. /-/-full text of advertisement "
Xiao Lingyu said, and pulled Miao Ying into her arms in front of everyone.
"Don’t forget our agreement."
In the soul, Xiao Lingyu warned Li Jia coldly.
"Rest assured, I have seen your memory. You three wives, I won’t move, but other women are all beautiful and have good qualifications …"
"They also forbid you to move!"
Before Shirley and say that finish, Xiao Lingyu firmly tunnel.
"Ha ha, in fact, I didn’t move. You know very well that this body has not been occupied by me. Although I can control it, it is still yours in essence. Even if I move them with your body, you are actually moving them, not me. This body is still yours, and all the enjoyment and feelings can only be felt by you, which has nothing to do with me. " Shirley and said with a smile.
Li Jia told the truth, but Xiao Lingyu still warned: "You can use my body to fight, but you must never use it to do anything to them. Otherwise, you know the consequences."
Li Jia replied, "Don’t scare me. Except for your three wives, these women seem to be interested in them, but it’s always inconvenient. I can help you."
Xiao Lingyu snorted: "You don’t need to help!"
Li Jia still insisted: "But I have always been very enthusiastic."
Xiao Lingyu said angrily, "Don’t you dare!"
Li Jia shrugged off the tunnel: "Of course I dare."
After letting Miao Ying go, Li Jia suddenly smiled at a room full of beautiful women and said, "Now that everyone is here, I will make some things clear. I want to take a few more rooms."
This sentence, directly to a room full of beautiful women all stunned, they never thought that this kind of words would come from Xiao Lingyu’s mouth so flatly.
Miao Ying, Qing Xuan and Anya all have complicated expressions. They are already Xiao Lingyu’s wives. Deep down, they naturally don’t want Xiao Lingyu to have more wives, but they don’t know how to protest. After all, they are not the same as each other.
"PianShi? Then what is your main room? " Jiang Lanshang asked curiously.
"Er … wrong, wrong, it should all be the main room." Folded and embarrassed scratched his head, and then said.
"You are very greedy. You already have three beautiful women, but you have to accept them again. I just don’t know what you want, and people are willing to be accepted." Jiang Lan petticoats didn’t good the spirit ground say.
"Anyway, there are already three, and it doesn’t hurt to have a few more."
Li Jia looked dismissive, and then said, "I don’t know whether I want to be accepted or not, but it’s better to always put things out and say it than to always keep it in my heart."
"How nice it is so early." If Jiang Lanshang refers to the tunnel.
"It’s not too late now, and you are not married."
As Li Jia spoke, she looked at Yueru and asked, "Would you like to be my wife?"
Xiao Lingyu wanted to stop it, but he couldn’t control his body. Even though he still had a clear consciousness, he was suppressed intensely.
Everyone thinks that something is wrong with Xiao Lingyu now, but they can’t see what is wrong, and Xiao Lingyu’s saying that he wants to take another wife has also diverted everyone’s attention.
"First you refused my confession, then you killed my husband, and now you ask me this …"
"Don’t be long-winded. If you want to, you will. If you don’t want to, you won’t. Give me a happy talk."
Before the month is over, Lijia has stopped talking, looking very impatient.
"I …"
Yueru hesitated and sneered, "You don’t even think I’m a widowed widow. What am I unwilling to do?"
Li Jia didn’t care about Yueru’s expression. He looked at Linger again and asked, "What about you?"
Linger frowned, but she didn’t think she was a part of it, but her expression was still very calm. "I just want to follow you forever. As for the way and identity, it’s not my concern."
The original shine has already died in the fix true world. Today, the consciousness and memory of shine are instilled in her by Xiao Lingyu. She has no infidelity to Xiao Lingyu, and she will not hesitate no matter what Xiao Lingyu asks her to do.
Just shine think, Xiao Lingyu has always regarded himself as a sister, would make such a request, which makes her very puzzled.
Lijia looked at Jiang Lanyue again and didn’t speak, but the meaning was obvious.
"My sister won’t stay with other women!" Before Jiang Lan yue spoke, Jiang Lan petticoats had already answered.
"So, you don’t want to?" Shirley asked Jiang Lan petticoats.
"Do you think I have any intention?" Their Jiang Lanshang turned over and simply answered.
"It’s a needle in a woman’s heart, but I don’t want to!" Folded and shake head to sigh a way.
"Nonsense, my sister may be willing, but I don’t have any affection for your heart breaker." Jiang Lanshang stared and said.
"Let’s start with you!"
Folded and suddenly step forward, one hand caught Jiang Lan petticoats on the shoulder.
"What are you doing?"
"That’s enough!"

There is no doubt that May 1997 is a great situation for the northern Republican government. The second army led by Wang Shizhen in Hubei has arrived in Wuhan, three towns, Anhui, and Zhang Huaizhi has conquered Hefei, which is about to attack Anqing. Duan Qirui has led the fourth division to conquer Yangzhou, Taizhou and Nantong, and Wu Fengling has also expanded its army in Shanxi. After a few months, it conquered most of Shanxi and personally led the second division Linfen to panic in Zhao Erxun. A mixed association made Zhao Erxun’s troops suffer heavy losses and was forced to withdraw from the southern part of Shanxi and retreat to Shaanxi.

At this time, there was also a slight change in the navy. Before that, many naval vessels led by Sa Zhenbing left Nanjing quietly and then went to the sea to announce that there was the Haiqi in the Republic.
In this way, the southern Federation in the direction of the two rivers is even more tragic!
Up to now, it may be difficult for Wang Shizhen in Hubei to make a breakthrough, but it is just around the corner for the first army of Duan Qirui to cross the Yangtze River in the southeast, which has suffered several fiasco.
However, this situation is very good, but it makes many people in China frown.
Wang Yingkai, the capital of Jurentang, frowned. "Is the Union Army in Nanjing and Zhenjiang really desperate?"
"If there is no big accident, they can’t hold on to the south of Jiangsu, and if they are short in January, they will be defeated in March!" Wang Zhanyuan also looks not very good.
"Zhang Huaizhi there? What is the situation in Anqing? " Wang Yingkai asked again
"Anqing now has about 20,000 defenders, and most of them are beaten by beaten soldiers. If the fifth division attacks, they will definitely not be able to stop it!" Wang Zhanyuan Road
"It seems that things have been out of control!" Wang Yingkai turned and looked at the map of China on the table. After thinking for a long time, he said, "Get ready for your seventh division!"
Wang Zhanyuan was slightly shocked when he listened. "Oh, is this going south?"
Wang Yingkai shook his head. "No, you go to Shandong!"
"I go to Shandong? In this case, Zhang Zhen is over there … "Wang Zhanyuan is worried that he doesn’t want to go to Shandong but Zhang Huaizhi territory. Although Zhang Huaizhi has now gone to Anhui to fight, all families know that Shandong is Zhang Huaizhi territory.
"Zhang Zhen is not worried that he is now in Anhui, and this Anhui has just been called. I can’t be left unattended. I will let him and Anhui commander-in-chief go to Shandong to station troops improperly!" Wang Yingkai said this.
Wang Zhanyuan is a wise man. One is to guess Wang Yingkai’s idea that Duan Qirui South is progressing too smoothly. This means that Duan Qirui will be south of Jiangsu and Anhui, and the Jiangnan area will be very long. By then, Duan Qirui will have two rivers and rely on the Jiangnan area to rapidly grow into the richest warlord in the country. But by then, Wang Yingkai and others will not be the confederacy but Duan Qirui.
Although Wang Yingkai hurried to Duan Qirui to go to Liangjiang, he didn’t think about letting Duan Qirui take advantage of Liangjiang smoothly. According to his idea, it should be Duan Qirui South and Duanfang. They should fight for a lose-lose, and then they will practice several divisions in the north and then clean up the mess in the south. At that time, Duan Qirui and Wang Shizhen will be accepted in one fell swoop, and then the southern federal provinces and bases will all fall with the wind. After the south has settled Duan Qirui and Wang Shizhen, he will send his main force to enter the outside and fight with Zhao Dongyun.
To defeat Zhao Dongyun in the end, then he can truly unify Beiyang and, by the way, unify China.
However, this strategic concept is in a dilemma because the southern federal forces are too scum. Now his newly expanded troops of Wang Yingkai have not been compiled into the 11th Division and the 12th Division until the end of the year, but now Duan Qirui is going to have two rivers in the south, which is not what he wants to see.
It’s good for Wang Yingkai to say that Zhang Huaizhi is also an Anhui governor, although it will enhance Zhang Huaizhi’s strength and influence, but it will also greatly weaken Duan Qirui’s strength.
To let Wang Zhanyuan go to Shandong is a military control, and Shandong can also guard against Duan Qirui. Suddenly Beishan Dongyu didn’t let Wang Zhanyuan take the post of Shandong viceroy. It was also to woo Zhang Huaizhi and Zhang Huaizhi. Although they took refuge in Wang Yingjie, they also had their own small plans. If they took Shandong completely, it is estimated that Zhang Huaizhi would turn against them!
Of course, it’s not enough for Wang Yingkai to do these things. He has to pull another person. Who? Zhao Dongyun!
"Hum, I don’t want Duan Qirui to be bigger, so does Zhao Dongyun!" Wang Yingkai knows very well that Zhao Dong Yun, like himself, wants to be the boss of Beiyang and unify Beiyang warlords. It is not in Zhao Dongyun’s interest to see any power surge.
It is not reliable to say that Duan Qirui will grow up and then attack Wang Yingkai with Zhao Dong and Yunnan in the north. Once Duan Qirui grows up with two rivers in his hand, he will be able to control the southern provinces such as Zhejiang, Fujian and even Guangdong. Duan Qirui will replace Wang Yingkai as the number one enemy of Zhao Dong Cloud. Then Zhao Dongyun will not fight Wang Yingkai with Duan Qirui, but kill Duan Qirui with Wang Yingkai first.
Real control of the southern provinces of the two rivers, whether it is the southern Federation or Duan Qirui, or anyone else will become the common enemy of Zhao Dong Cloud and Wang Yingkai.
"Send a newspaper to Shenyang and ask Yang what he means!" After Wang Yingkai waved his hand, he just let Wang Zhanyuan go out and look at the table again. Many provinces on the map of China are different in color, and it can be clearly seen that contemporary China has actually fallen apart. There are Zhao Dongyun in the northeast, Wang Yingkai in the area of Zhili Shandong, Wu Fengling in Shanxi, Zhao Erxun in Shaanxi, Hubei in Hunan, Zhang Dong in the two rivers, Tie Liang, Duan Qirui in Jiangbei, Zhang Huaizhi in Anhui, Wang Shizhen in Hubei and Henan, and Wang Ruxian in northern Henan.
Such a big China has a republic in the north and a federation in the south, and there are dozens of warlords with real size in their hands!
This is a chaotic time!
And looking at the chaos is bigger than the map, Wang Yingkai feels deeply impressed!
What is so difficult to unify!
Chapter two hundred and forty The situation in the two rivers
May in Shenyang has long been gone. In the cold winter and early spring, the warm wind from the south has brought warmth to this northern city for a long time.
Li Wan, who has changed her thin dress in early summer, looked at Zhao Dongyun with a smile on her face. At this time, Zhao Dongyun held her daughter in her arms for several months, revealing a rare smile on weekdays.
This kind of smile is different from Zhao Dongyun’s usual kind smile. Although this kind smile gives people a kind feeling, people will know that it is a professional smile after watching it more. You can feel the kindness from it, but you will know clearly that it is not his sincere smile because it belongs to politicians.
However, Zhao Dongyun’s smile now is a heartfelt smile, which belongs to his father!
Li Wan looked at Zhao Dong Yun’s fingers and teased his little daughter’s little hand just enough to grab his fingers and then grabbed them and giggled. Looking at these Li Wan herself, she smiled. When her daughter was born a few months ago, she let many people down, especially the old lady Zhao did not hide her disappointment at all. Although there was nothing on the surface, everyone could feel the disappointment.
At the end of the year, Fang Ruolian was finally pregnant after many years of pregnancy. The old lady of Zhao didn’t even look at Li Wan and her little daughter. Every day, the commander-in-chief prayed that God would let Fang Ruolian have a big fat baby to inherit her old Zhao family incense.
Good people don’t like her giving birth to this daughter, but Zhao Dongyun is not dissatisfied. On the contrary, he loves this little daughter very much, which makes Li Wan feel at ease.
When Li Wan daydreamed, she saw Li San coming in from the outside, which made Li Wan frown, because she knew that whenever Li San came to find Zhao Dongyun, it meant that Zhao Dongyun had to work again, and when Zhao Dongyun came to match their mother and daughter, it would be less of a rare day to accompany him, which would probably confuse Li San again.
See Li San go to Zhao Dong Cloud and say a few words. Then Zhao Dongyun comes with her daughter. "There are some things I have to deal with outside. I’ll come back later!"
Although Li Wan is a little dissatisfied with this situation, she also knows that this is not the time to brush up, so she squeezes out a smile, "Well, it’s important for you to go to work!"
After being out of the courtyard, Zhao Dong said, "You call Fang Biyong and the intelligence department An Yutong!"
Just now, Li San came in and told him that Wang Yingkai had sent himself a secret saying that the central government was terrible. The words Zhang Huaizhi, Anhui, Anhui, Anhui, and Zhang Huaizhi were enough for everyone to know that it was absolutely not that simple. Zhao Dongyun was almost immediately associated with Wang Yingkai’s intention to attack Duan Qirui.
Because everyone knows that Anhui is the governor of the northern Republican government under the jurisdiction of the two rivers patrol, the patrol system is actually not much different from that of the former Qing Dynasty. Because of the urgency, the governor system of the former Qing Dynasty has not been directly changed, but it has just changed its name. Simply put, the governor has been replaced by the governor, and even the administrative areas have continued the old practices of the former Qing Dynasty. For example, the patrol ambassador of the three eastern provinces is the governor of the former Qing Dynasty, the governor of the two rivers patrol ambassador, and the governor of Huguang patrol ambassador.

When I said this, my face was red and my face was holy and radiant, as if I were going to learn from the great cause of bombing bunkers in Dong Rui!

Jane has a decisive fork.
"What do you want? Didn’t you say two years? Still young! "
"Not small!"
Er Ya is quite upright, and her chest looks like a little hill.
Jane shook her head and looked at Su Yuting’s back in front and nodded.
"See your wife? Wait until you have that big time! "
Er ya is a little depressed. It seems that the lady is much taller than herself. She is afraid that she will have to wait for two years, and she is suddenly discouraged, but she is somewhat unwilling.
"I don’t want to pass the door today!"
"Don’t listen to your wife’s nonsense about going through the door. When I said I wanted to have a lively joke, just joke. If you leave, your wife should come and clean you up!"
In the front hall, the table was full of chicken, duck, fish and other things, but there were no two vegetables, which made Jane feel bored and her stomach churned.
My hometown dad knows that big fish and big meat are good things, and there is no common sense of eating nutritious meals with vegetarian dishes. Jane still admires Yang Yi’s family for not cooking much, cooking exquisite vegetarian dishes and eating refreshing.
Er Ya and San Huan came to the table, which surprised Jane. She looked at Jane. How did the thief accept these two girls? They didn’t say anything. They hesitated for a while and finally didn’t speak. Instead, they immediately called a girl and gave a low charge.
Su Yuting ate a typical meal, chewed slowly and behaved moderately. I wonder if she had specially studied before she got married.
Er Ya eats very carefully, holding her breath and looking nervous.
The third ring road is even more unbearable. It’s not easy to pick up a dish and fall to the table.
It’s a shame or a big family, girl
Transfer the dissatisfaction to Su Yuting and stare at her for several times with great meaning.
Su Yuting was dissatisfied with a bright face and her mother-in-law said this, and her feet quietly moved to Jane’s upper and secretly gritted her teeth.
Jane took a deep breath and endured it.
"In the future, everything in Zhuang will be handled by you!" Jane gold and silver mouth wiped her mouth.
"Save your children!"
Jane Gold and Silver nodded with satisfaction. How can this son look pleasing to the eye now?
"If there is something wrong, tell Lao Wu that he has looked after Zhuang from the inside out for decades and is much more familiar than you."
Jane nodded a little in agreement.
After a while, I said some things, which was the official conclusion of the handover between the old and the new. The leaders of the older generation talked to the leaders of the new generation, and it was officially completed at this dinner table.
After the break-up, my mother quietly took Er Ya and San Huan and stuffed each person with a big red envelope rather than two small boxes.
On the third ring road, I was impatient and surprised.
Everyone looked into the box and saw that it was a woman who was triumphant in playing the third ring of gold and had no idea that she had just been promoted to the level of Mrs.
"Look at you!" Simple discussion
Er Ya was too lazy, but Jane looked at it and it turned out to be a bronze lock!
"How did that happen? Is this mother favoring one over the other? " Jane is busy. "Don’t worry, don’t worry. The box may be organic. If you look carefully, there must be a hairpin!" "
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Chapter 59 Winter
Er ya’s face is smiling and she looks very satisfied.
This is not willing to suffer in front of the Third Ring Road. This expression is not confused!
She didn’t speak and looked at it, still triumphant, with a triumphant expression. Sanhuan was very proud and moved forward.
Both girls are walking in high spirits, and they are not as usual. They look so dignified and outrageous, but the Third Ring Road won’t last for a while, and then they will return to their original shape and reply to the little girl.
Su Yuting and Jane walked behind.
"It’s really favoritism. It’s a domestic girl after all!"
Su Yuting looked at Er Ya’s back and smiled inexplicably at Jane.
"Yes, I’ll make up a hairpin for Er Ya later!"
"Officer person is playing dumb!"
Su Yuting looked at him strangely.
"I mean, Er Ya gets more benefits than San Huan!"
One gold makes one copper. That’s the opposite! Jane touched Su Yuting’s forehead. It didn’t look like a fever!

"Giggling is really funny. Are you here to seek asylum, or are you humans afraid that the Seven Demons will start a war together?" The queen guessed directly.

God bless replied, "that’s what I mean, but isn’t it good to get human support?" Besides, we will take the initiative to wage war, and the first crusade is the lust Lord. "
The arrogant queen looked at God bless in surprise. "How dare you take the initiative to start a war and lust is the first one? Do you know that lust is not weak, but people are not so good? You want to kill him with that wretched look! And stole a lot of my knights. Damn it! "
"Then it’s good that we just tidy up his queen’s temple and watch it." God bless suggested.
"No, I have to watch?"
"Even so, can you face his inferno?" The queen asked again.
"I have said that all the way to the Queen’s Hall of the Devil should be white." God bless the Queen to dispel doubts
"Interesting. I’ll just look at how humans like you struggle. Anyway, they are just human beings. Even my own troops can levy you!"
"Not the kui is an arrogant queen," God bless thought.
"Then the agreement is a queen’s position. I’ll come back after our target lust is dealt with."
The queen has guessed the meaning of God bless. "If you can really defeat lust, I will promise to help you teach others a lesson. Besides lust and gluttony, these people will die! These dirty guys are tired of looking at them. "
God bless the face without changing color. "Thank you so much!"
The queen looked at God bless and continued, "But you need to be tested by the king."
God bless "as you wish"
The arrogant queen "come with me"
Hou Tianyou followed the arrogant queen to a place similar to the arena. "This is the King Arena. You have lived here for three games. I can help you and promise you a small request."
"Really? Then I’m white! Then. "
"If you die and waste all human beings, do you think clearly?" The queen asked God bless seriously and smiled slightly. "People will pay whatever they want. It’s just a few battles. If we can get back the arrogant queen friendship, I think it’s worth it. Don’t say that three games is seven games!"
The queen smiled at the words of God bless and felt that she had touched the queen. "Look at me, I can get rid of the arrogant queen with a few words!" I like myself! "
God bless still immersed in her fantasy. The arrogant queen laughed, "Since you said that seven games are not a problem, then seven games are good. The male Han has said his words and the king has also said his words! Then human beings! "
God bless "never brag again!"
God bless came to a gate opposite the center of the arena. "Is there an inferno monster inside? Come on, I am ready! "
Pride queen knights activate the arena barrier to prevent the leakage of combat power
The arrogant queen said to a female knight, "Call Kailili."
The female knight got up and excused herself from the Queen’s command to call Kailili.
Here, the entrance to the arena is followed by a dull sound from the door.
A huge figure appeared in front of God bless the inferno. Ai Meng behemoth’s green skin leaked out of his mouth. Two big, long fangs were holding huge stone sticks.
"Oh!" Ai Meng beast waved his huge stone stick and called head-on toward God bless.
"alas! Stupid! " God bless the beast with a punch "touch" and then the stone stick in the monster’s hand was shattered. God bless the beast’s head with a heavy punch. God bless the beast’s head and hit it to pieces. Then look at the children and watch the game. God bless the arrogant queen’s "game" and shouted.
After nodding to the female knight, the arrogant queen asked Kai Lili, who was kneeling respectfully beside her, "Is he the one who blocked you many times?"
Kailili knelt down and said respectfully, "Yes, Dian is very unwilling, but I lost to this man many times!" "
"oh! Interesting! If he doesn’t make it through this trial, I’ll give him to you for whatever you want, but if he does, hehe, it’s really exciting! "
The queen stared at the fact that God bless had hit the second monster, a soul-devouring demon, followed by a tauren demon, and the fourth was a efreet God bless. After the pressure was over, these were all dregs for themselves, followed by the fifth phantom demon.
Phantom Magic Man, as its name implies, will make Phantom and powerful dark magic have normal physical attack effects.
God bless has fought against the Phantom Devil, and a virtual shadow has come to God bless’s side. "Let the Phantom Speed Up?"
"Diamond meteor fist!" "Bang bang bang"
The phantom escaped the meteor boxing and then almost turned into a phantom. God bless the naked eye, but the magic fluctuation induction God bless can still feel it.
Then God bless felt a magic wave suddenly stabbing from behind, and God bless hastily created an ice shield to resist the attack. As a result, suddenly a phantom appeared in front of his eyes, which turned out to be a fake avatar, and there was no real harm. At this time, God bless realized, "Shit is bait!"