They step into the minefield, and there is an invisible minefield in a circle, which will trigger at any time. This is plain and clear.

At that time, when Liu Shiyu and Jiang Gangbo came here, they were once hindered by this minefield.
Cloth is now like a god of war. How can there be any fear of thunder? When he saw that arcs were struck, he punched them out again and again to drive them away.
"These are some fields that prohibit the formation of thunder, which is still too weak for those true celestial thunder."
Bu Pingfan thought that when Chenggu Dengzhou fought against the thunder fairy, those were the real thunder, and they were still very overbearing thunder.
Any one can blow out thousands of miles of pits. It’s a real day. Lei Bu looks at those who are constantly stirring out of the void. Lei fudged his fist and blew it off.
"Are you not afraid of these thunder?" Guan Mengfei hides from the ordinary arms of cloth and is very protected. Speak out and ask the ordinary cloth.
"These are not weak because of the thunder from the sky."
Cloth ordinary while thunder flying soon has flown out of this minefield.
"Master Zhu Xian Tabu is back!"
Looking at Zhu Xian Tata’s golden seal script cloth, with a mocking color in his mouth, he hugged Guan Mengfei and jumped into the tower.
Poop, poop, poop.
Cloth ordinary just stepped into Zhu Xianta when she heard an attack sound.
His body brightened up and a layer of golden light came out, shining all over the whole Zhuxian Tower.
Can you clearly see how big the area of this Zhuxian Pagoda is when the cloth is ordinary and the equipment is shining? For thousands of meters, there are pairs of sharp eyes like death staring at the ordinary official Meng Fei.
"There are a lot of people here …"
Guan Mengfei discovered at this time that there were so many people on the first floor of Zhuxianta that she was a little overwhelmed.
See clearly the first floor of Zhuxianta. After the repair, the ordinary cloth patted an official Meng Fei on the shoulder and said to her.
"It’s okay! These are ants. I can kill them in an instant. "
Bu Pingfan left Guan Mengfei in place, and he jumped forward and jumped out of the tower to enter the battle instantly.
On the first floor of Zhuxian Pagoda, the highest level of cultivation of immortals is to let Bu Pingfan kill them during the foundation period, just like when yawning, he spits out one breath and kills these cultivation departments.
Cloth ordinary body didn’t move. He lit up his body. That set of equipment for killing immortals has killed all the people who cultivate immortals on the first floor by coercion.
Now you can see piles of bones lying there on this floor.
Careful accounting cloth ordinary saw that the first floor of Zhuxian Tower had one hundred immortals, one more and one less.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-one Cut off a layer
Bu Pingfan, get rid of all the immortals on the first floor of Zhuxian Tower and rush to the second floor.
"If the guess is correct, we will know the secret if we break through these towers."
At that time, during the "White" War, five black souls were sweeping through Dongyi Shengzhou, and his ancestors approached and refused to let them near Zhuxian Pagoda. He had this speculation.
But he also knew that the man with the black-and-white mask of Liu Huaxi’s face was so secretive that he wouldn’t let those who cultivate immortals get close to the Zhuxian Tower and let Bu Pingfan overturn this speculation in an instant.
"The old fox should not so easily put this secret leak estimate another mystery …"
I have a feeling of consternation when I think of the commonness of the official machine cloth. This person can pretend to be peaceful and easy to get close to people.
Yeah … yeah … yeah.
Suddenly, a force of gravity swept from the ordinary canopy of cloth, which made him Zheng ready to compete with his physical strength.
"What’s the matter? This kind of gravity … "
Cloth ordinary operation spiritual protector failed to achieve good results, so that his legs slightly bend their knees at any time to be overwhelmed by this gravity
"What’s the matter with you?"
Guan Mengfei is relaxed and seems to have nothing to do, not as flustered as ordinary cloth.
Staring straight at Guan Mengfei’s ordinary eyes.
I can’t believe my eyes are desperately resisting the gravity suppression, but this beauty is flowing. Looking at herself really makes him want to cry.
Bu Pingfan’s present posture is like a horse stance in a martial arts novel, and his hands are still raised like surrender, which looks very funny.
That kind of pressure pressed the ordinary cloth into this shape, but the official Meng Fei was nothing, and it was difficult for the ordinary cloth to find a solution
"This kind of gravity is caused by the immortal who guards the tower. After the owner killed them, this layer of guards fell and crushed all the gravity at the top to kill the fairy tower. It seems that it is strange to disappear a layer. Please pay attention."
Suddenly, two analysis chips were erected from the position of cloth ordinary eyes, showing that such a line of words was taken into cloth ordinary eyes.
"By disappearing a layer? Is the first floor of this Zhuxian Pagoda missing? " Cloth ordinary although carrying the gravity, but there is more than enough strength to distract him.
Thought of here, Bu Pingfan called Guan Mengfei out, and then he suddenly jumped out of this Zhu Xianta and came out. A closer look outside suddenly startled him.
"With a layer less? What is this? "
The visibility of the first floor of Zhuxian Pagoda, which was more than a thousand meters in size, disappeared before his eyes.
The incredible scene stunned the ordinary cloth and startled Guan Mengfei at the same time.
"This … this is …"

"Depend, there is such an organ!" Jiuzhong touched his earlobe and thought for a moment, then said, "Forget it, we can’t startle him yet!" "

"Then I will go to Donglai Temple and Randeng Temple to patronize ~!" After that, Jiuzhong entered the "fast" state of Xiaohe and left. Net
"Hey … hey!" Ten golden retrievers shouted twice and didn’t see Jiuzhong’s response, knowing that Jiuzhong had already left. "Your boy ran really fast, and I forgot to tell you … Randeng Temple can’t trespass!"
It took several hours to come, so I don’t need to bother now. Jiuzhong has already written down the specific coordinates of Donglai Temple and Randeng Temple, and directly started the fixed-point transmission function of the transmission ring, and a teleport passed.
For Randeng Temple, it looks very shabby, and Jiuzhong is not very interested in it. But Donglai Temple is different. The whole temple exudes a kind of luxury and a kind of fragrance of money, which is undoubtedly fatal to Jiuzhong, so Jiuzhong’s first goal is to lock Donglai Temple.
A teleport appeared directly outside Donglai Temple. Nine eyes looked at Donglai Temple and couldn’t help licking his lips. "Hey, hey, hey, when Lingshan is broken, the whole Donglai Temple will be full of Lao Tzu drops ~!"
After thinking for a while, Jiuchong cleared up his mood and walked into Donglai Temple.
Although this task is only to spy on the actual situation of Lingshan, Jiuzhong will certainly not go back after completing the established task.
After some spying, Jiuzhong has made a rough estimate of the strength of Buddhism, which is absolutely only above the heaven, not under it. Even if heaven and his human strength jointly attack, it is not necessarily possible to get anything cheap.
This is definitely not what he wants to see. He has forged a dead issue with Buddhism, which is absolutely endless. If Buddhism does not die, in case the forces opposed to him in Huaxia, such as the prince, have the opportunity to get the support behind Buddhism, and the two sides collude, which is absolutely endless for him, so this time it is necessary to kill Buddhism.
Now, the strength of heaven and the human forces led by him is basically fixed, and there will be no substantial growth in the short term. If you want to increase the chances of Buddhist crusade, you can only weaken the fighting capacity of Buddhism.
If you want to weaken the fighting capacity of Buddhism, the most direct way is to slaughter the Buddha Lohan of Buddhism directly, but at present it is not a good time, it will only startle the Buddhism and make it alert.
But this can’t beat Jiuzhong. Jiuzhong has already had a dispute. He can’t kill people openly. It’s ok to steal two treasures secretly. If you can steal all the treasures of the three powerful Buddhists, the Buddha who burned the lamp and the Buddha who came from the east, it will definitely be a great loss to the fighting capacity of Buddhism.
After all, in this game world, the peak combat power has irreplaceable influence on the overall combat power of one camp, just like his influence on the hell and even the whole holy alliance.
Lingshan has a vast territory, and it seems endless. A Donglai Temple is like a five-level city. There is no detailed map of Donglai Temple on the map of Lingshan, and Jiuzhong has returned to a state of being completely blind. He only knows that Maitreya’s palace must be in this Donglai Temple, but he knows nothing about it.
"Well, you have to grab a tongue!" Jiuzhong wandered around to the sparsely populated fart essence place in Donglai Temple, narrowed into the dark and waited for the opportunity.
Time was short, and a small group of patrolling monks passed by the dark alley where Jiuzhong was located. Some people in the team were in urgent need of urination and wanted to relieve themselves. Other monks felt a little impulsive when they heard it, so they organized a group to enter the dark alley, lined up and began to relieve themselves.
Nine heavy a look at the opportunity came, word, first in the alley mouth calls out the door of vanity, blocking the way of these monks, and then lightning movement to the back of a monk in the innermost dark alley, one arm round, arm around the monk’s waist, start speed, toward the door of vanity is rushed past.
Jiuchong’s raid was too sudden, waiting for a dozen monks to react, and his body was out of balance. Uncontrolled by Jiuzhong, it was like escorting a train, and all of it was promoted to eighteen layers of hell.
Nine heavy followed also entered the eighteen layers of hell, backhand is a ring, closed the door of vanity, shooting turtles in a jar.
"Who … ahhh! !” These monks were suddenly taken captive to a strange environment, and they were clamoring to find the perpetrators, but almost in no particular order, they were recruited by other monks and then hit by a series of blows. Suddenly, the shouts of these monks turned into screams.
After a scream, the clouds cleared away, and Jiuzhong stopped attacking, revealing his true self. When he looked at the monks who had been taken captive, all of them became pig heads.
Give these monks a scare first, and then Jiuzhong did the same thing, using his own cruel means, and got the information he wanted from them in less than five minutes.
After getting the information, Jiuchong wanted to think, instead of uprooting all these monks like those in the Lohan Hall, everyone fed them a poisonous method and turned them all into a method of animal Lohan.
Jiuzhong has accumulated a lot of poisonous methods now. Although these monks are grabbing a lot of goods here in Lingshan, they can still be regarded as outstanding god-level combat power when they are put on earth.
After taking care of these monks, Jiuzhong left the eighteen layers of hell and went back outside. According to the information in his hand, he easily found the palace of Maitreya.
The monks patrolling outside Maitreya’s palace are even more numerous, and the Maitreya Palace is packed with guards, but this is simply useless to Jiuzhong, who swaggered into Maitreya Palace directly from the main entrance.
Entering the Maitreya Palace, Jiuchong found the main hall, which is where the monks who were captured by him said Maitreya would go to bed.
When I entered the main hall, I found that Maitreya Buddha was not there. Only two young monks were lying on the bedside in the temple, sleeping soundly. The nine-fold heart said it was just right. Let’s turn over your main hall first and take a chance!
At present, Jiuzhong began a carpet search for the main hall of Maitreya Palace.
Half an hour later, Jiuzhong emerged from the secret room behind a Buddha statue. "By … I got a lot of panacea and ofuda skill books, but how come there is no dry bag?"? !”
On second thought, Jiuchong was relieved again. "I’d like to carry it with me, as a housekeeping treasure like Gankun Bag! Presumably, this dry Kun bag should be taken with Maitreya! "
Making up his mind, Jiuzhong narrowed his eyes in a corner of the main hall, waiting for Maitreya to come back.
In two hours, Jiuzhong had already taken a nap, and was about to take a second nap when a loud shout rang out outside the temple, "The Buddha returned to the palace! !”
This cry woke up two laughing monks at the bedside, and the two young monks hurried out of the temple to meet Maitreya.
Time was short, and with the help of two young monks, a short and fat monk with a size as good as Pig Bajie came in from outside the temple.
"I’ve been waiting for my cucumber dishes to get cold, so I’m finally dead!" Nine heavy drowsiness, eyes fiercely open, two naked into the Maitreya Buddha in the temple, waiting for an opportunity.
"It will take half a day to have a meeting. I am really exhausted!" Maitreya came to the bed with the help of two young monks, and sat down, feeling that the whole palace was trembling, as if it had been squeezed short.
"This time, my old man can make up a good sleep and sleep with him!" Maitreya took off his clothes, stripped off all the loose clothes and bits and pieces of his body, and lay in bed like a mountain of meat with bare arms. "Don’t call me until my old man wakes up!" Then I closed my eyes and went to sleep. Five minutes later, the shouts of thunder echoed in the whole Donglai Palace.
Two young monks, each with a big fan, slowly caught a cold for Maitreya and enjoyed it.
"Depend, sleep fast enough, it is estimated that the pig is at this speed!" Although Maitreya fell asleep soon, Jiuzhong didn’t take immediate action to be on the safe side, and sat patiently for half an hour, until the young monks who fanned Maitreya began to fan with their eyes closed, which turned out from the corner.
"Let Lao tze see, dry bag ah dry bag, where the hell are you? !” Rubbing hands and feet came to the table where Maitreya put things behind the two young monks and began to rummage.
"This is not … this is not … this is not!" Nine heavy things turned over on the table, also didn’t find the dry bag, "by … why not? ! It shouldn’t be! Did I not look carefully enough? !”
Suspecting that he had missed something, Jiuzhong rummaged through it again, but there was still no sign of Gankun bag.

I smiled and knocked on the door symbolically, and saw that Zhi Xi was weak in bed and almost full of people. Three newborn baby boys were placed in the cradle with three carpets. Mom and Dad were holding a child in their hands. That was Zhi Xi and Lao Jiang’s first pair of children.

Xin Qing is like a king of children. She takes Ling Peizhu and Dudley to play paper-cutting and fiddling, and a thousand-faced child is called Pei Xixin. Now it’s Pei Xizhen. He has a big nose all over his face and said something to his sister and ran home to find Pei Xizhen to get paper.
Before I went to bed, I asked, "How did Ji Xi feel?"
"It’s like a big circle in hell, but fortunately, when Hu Li came to visit the day before yesterday, she taught me a method. Although she was a veterinarian, it was very solid." She took off her strength. "Jiang Tianci’s enemy is turning me into his pig."
Hu Li gave birth to Tang Raner two and a half years ago. She didn’t follow her to Fenggang Village, but lived with her children. She wanted to fulfill Tang Ran’s wish to train her children into a real policeman.
"Hehe …" I picked up a baby and exclaimed, "Wow, how did you give birth to three little Lao Jiang?"
Zhi yesterday opened her eyes wide, and she said, "Yu, give me a hug."
Although the baby was not born long, his appearance is still very recognizable. I can already foresee that when Zhi Xi’s four children grow up, it will be a scene of four "Jiang Tianci" laughing. I directly helped Zhi Xi to sit up. When she saw three newborns, she anxiously asked, "Is there a number?"
At this time, my mother laughed, "The cradle is numbered red, where is the old three, blue is the old four, white is the old five."
Jiang Xinmeng and Jiang Xinran went shopping in Tiannan City before, and now they just came back. When they saw the children, Jiang Xinmeng deliberately took out the photos of Jiang Tianci when he was a child. "It’s exactly the same as God-given brother … I really want my brother to see this scene." And Jiang Xinran took out the photos of Jiang Tianci when he was two years old and went to his mother’s front. Compared with the second-generation boss of Jiang, she joked, "It’s getting more and more like it."
"Don’t look like a ghost?" I asked with a supercilious look. "Zhi Xi’s second child has one brother and four younger brothers. I’m afraid no one will dare to bully her four Hercules who are two meters tall and covered in muscles. I have a sense of sight when I think about this."
"It’s a pity that I lost my photo when I was a child, otherwise you think it’s more like it." Zhi yesterday closed her eyes, half joking and half serious. "I decided that when Xiaoxi was six years old, she should at least have self-protection."
The second child’s name is Jiang Xiyi, Jiang Tianci and Zi Xiyu.
The boss told Jiang not to forget.
Now it’s three newborn names. One or three, we’re in trouble
Dad was silent for a long time and shook his head and said, "My name is Li."
Mom is helpless.
"Jianghu people should ask them more." Zhi yesterday went to bed and she was very tired.
I hold my heart clear and pink face. "Big girl, take them to the yard to play. Don’t make so much noise."
Heart sunny smile xi xi grabbed LingPei and bamboo mu wan belt with Dudley petticoats ran out of the door.
We marked the hands of five children in the Chiang family with numbers and moved to another room. It’s quiet here. Just take care of Zhi Xi if there is water.
I called the Star Picker, Poison King, Rectification, Dog King, Chien Chi and Pei Xizhen with the contact device.
After a quarter of an hour, the poisonous king came first, followed by her husband. I will never forget the scene when we first met him when we moved into Fenggang Village three years ago. His name is Wei Kuan. Maybe everyone has never heard of it, but I have dealt with him less than 50 times since I entered the police career. At that time, I was stupid and asked, "Why are there no dead people here dragging a corpse car?"
Wei Kuan shrugged and said, "Jade told me to bring my daughter."
Speaking of which, the spectators must have guessed Wei Kuan’s identity. He is the captain of the corpse-carrying team! I never imagined that Wei Kuan was the king of poisonous methods, and the man really startled me. I remember he said, "I moved a dead person for most of my life, but there is a skin inside, with the same bones and dirt. No one can grow flowers, and the appearance is not bad. I have never interfered with her shaving or not, and I like her true temperament."
Now Wei Kuan and the king of poison method are holding hands with sweet eyes, and they said hello to their parents. The king of poison method looked at the three newborns and said, "Jiang Jiaxian was born? No wonder my belly was so big. It turned out to be three little godsend. "
Then the star-picker, the rectification, the dog king and the sword idiot rushed to the so-called Tiannan Wujue in turn to envy the children respectively.
Dad habitually took out a cigarette. "My daughter gave birth to too many children, so we asked you to be a staff officer." Mom grabbed the cigarette from his hand and crushed it and threw it into the trash can. "Children can’t smoke second-hand smoke." Dad blushed with embarrassment.
The star-picking hand touched the baby’s ear. "These three are as good seedlings as his boss. According to me, this old one is called Jiang Picking Yue Laosi, and Jiang Picking Xing Laowu is called Jiang Picking Chen."
"Why don’t you go to shit?" The dog king hummed a sentence and thought, "Jiang Shiqi, Jiang Moye, Jiang Sijia."
"Come on, dog king, it’s not like snow. Why are all dogs’ names?" I’m depressed that the dog king has cultivated mountain dogs for Fenggang Village in the past three years. Those dozens of heterogeneous dogs are even afraid of wild animals.
The poisonous king suggested that "it is better to call Jiang arsenic, Jiang Dinghong and Jiang psychedelic."
"… are these three playing with poisonous materials?" Dad vetoed
Kuang Zheng added, "What about Jiang Yinquan, Jiang Tongquan and Jiang Tiequan?"
Dad, mom and I looked at each other and suddenly realized that it was a big mistake to call Tiannan Wujue, and there was no reliable name. Not only that, but everyone was moved to accept disciples. When the children woke up, they agreed to let the boss be Jiang. Don’t forget to practice gymnastics and spiritualism with three brothers, Kuang Zheng and Dog King. When Wu Zhenzhen retired, he also came to make friends with four brothers, flying needles and fist kung fu. Second, Jiang Xixi and Ling Q, star picker and poisonous Wang Xueyi.
Pei Xizhen, holding a small snot bubble, came to visit Jia Jiang’s sisters with Xiao Yuan and Xin Qing. After a long time, our three families finally got three good names: Jiang Xiangzhi, Jiang Shou, Jiang Xiang, and Jiang Xiang.
"You should water the Nirvana flowers today," Xin Qing said, pulling my skirt.
I touched her head and took a small plastic bucket with her. I ran to the grave in the cemetery and looked at the pot of nirvana flowers on the tombstone. I was very emotional and said, "Wan Wan, do you know? Lao Jiang has three more children. Now I haven’t told Lao Jiang the good news. Don’t tell him secretly. I’m going to let Zhi Xi take the children to his grave and say, "
Heart clear pocket took out a small flower "Wan Wan elder sister, look, this is your favorite morning glory."
I took the tombstone nirvana flowers and watered the heart with a smile. "Your sister hasn’t left for three years. She certainly doesn’t know that the male god gave birth to four little male gods and a little goddess."
"big!" The heart is clear and angry. "Isn’t the little goddess me?"
"You are twelve years old this year! You are almost grown up. Don’t you understand that the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves before? " I shot her in the head.
Heart shine rubbing his forehead, "bully shine shine hum again! When I go back to bully Ling Pei and Zhu Muwan. "
After watering, I put Nirvana flowers back on the tombstone.
At this time, Xin Qing suddenly covered her belly, and her face was red. I wondered if her pants seemed to be red. "Woo ~ it hurts." She panicked and said, "Is the big me dying soon?"
I quickly carried her back to Pei Xizhen’s house without packing, and they tossed about for most of the day. What’s more, it’s the first time that this big girl has come to have a holiday to ask for a macro private brother.
Heart fine worry way "big …"
"Wait a minute. I’ll buy a pack of sanitary napkins for you at Bujian Supermarket." I ran to the north of Fenggang Village, where there was Bujian Supermarket, which was jointly organized by Shen Yu and Bu Jianyou.
Bu Jian put the sanitary napkin in my hand. She smiled and asked, "Did Ling Yu buy it when Muxia came back? Nirvana is spent? "
I sigh lightly, "Not yet …"
Nirvana cauda (middle)
Ning Shu-ying successfully dragged on for two years. He left Fenggang Village a year ago and went to Banxianpu, a doomed old man, and never came back. The doomed old man would send his children to play for five days every month. Yu Ning Shu-ying didn’t reveal that "it’s okay to be okay."
I suspected that Ning Shuying had died of illness several times. However, the old man who died suddenly took out the photo album, which dispelled our doubts. Ning Shuying and Night Heart and Ning Silk were filmed recently, and there was no trace of ps. I asked the old man who died suddenly if he could talk to him. He said that Ning Shuying would not come back until early next month. Then he and Xiao Pin took Ling Pei, Zhu Muwan and Dalishang away from Fenggang Village.
When the old man who died the next month sent the child again, he said that he could talk now, but not for long.
I ran to the top of the hill where my cell phone had a signal and dialed the number he gave me.
"hello? And you are? " Familiar with the faint sound quality into my ears
I am depressed and said, "Ning Erhuo doesn’t even remember my mobile phone number?"
"Ling three shots?" Ning Shuying was surprised. He wondered, "How do you know I can talk now?"
I complained that "the old man who died said, what on earth are you doing now?" If you don’t come back for such a long time, you will know that you two beautiful women will travel with you every day. "
"I can’t tell the third person about this," Ning Shuying felt guilty. He added, "I’m in much better health. Don’t worry. I can return to Fenggang Village and reunite with you in ten years at most."
"Ten years?"
I shook my head and asked, "Have you seen Lin Muxia?"
"No" Ning Shuying is also very worried.
Nowadays, the multifunctional police flower is the daughter of the lamp god. Everyone knows about her, and the owner of the pencil necked stall once said that he had never seen Lin Muxia, as she said. If she doesn’t, she won’t appear.
We talked for a few words and then hung up.
In Fenggang Village, winter goes, spring comes, summer comes, and a year has passed. Zhi Xi gave birth to a pair of daughters this time, and named them Jiang Xiangsi and Jiang Xiangnian respectively. At this time, she is already the mother of seven children, and the essence left by Jiang Tianci is also consumed.
Zhu Yehong showed no signs of conscious recovery. Now she can sit up and open her mouth to eat, grab the sheets when she wants to go to the toilet, and so on. I took her to Tiannan City Hospital for examination. The result is that Zhu Yehong is currently equivalent to a two-year-old child, and her intellectual recovery is very slow. Maybe this is predestined. We have tried almost every method. Uncle Ning’s bamboo leaves are only slightly abnormal when he is acupuncture. After a while, it becomes the original one.
Ling Pei and Zhu Muwan made no further progress when she called her mother before bed.
She’s an adult in Fenggang Village. Eye Village has a more reliable means of defense than in the past. Besides, four years ago, the new Jianghu people and we didn’t destroy the pattern of the village. We live in the fringe of the village separately, which is relatively independent, but it’s worthwhile to get along well with the villagers. First, my position is an agent.
Tiannan Wujue and Ling Q guided the Chiang family boss and second child to learn skills, as well as small snot bubbles and children.
And I do three things repeatedly every day. The first thing is to take care of bamboo leaves without self-consciousness; The second thing is to run to the grave to talk to Lin Wan Wan and Jiang Tianci and see the state of nirvana flowers. When the weather is good, I will put the nirvana flowers on Lin Wan Wan’s tombstone, but I will take them home. The third thing is to lie in front of the bedroom window and look at the big girl in front of the hospital. I always set up a drawing board here. She holds the palette in one hand and the brush in the other, and then draws when she is finished.
Xin Qing’s painter is getting better and better. She shows it to me every time she finishes painting $ > > >
Day after day, year after year is like a blink of an eye.
This day is the eleventh year since we moved into Fenggang Village. I became a 37-year-old uncle. Xin Qing is already 20 years old. She turned into a slim girl in a beautiful little skirt. I helped Zhu Yehong to walk back to the hospital. She still didn’t take the initiative to remember everything, but when Ling Pei and Zhu Muwan were there, she was like a habit to remember and hold the female hand tightly for a long time.
Xin Qing put the brush back. She picked it up and showed it to me just after painting. "Is the painting beautiful?"
I sent the bamboo leaf red to the room to lie down and then came out to poke my face. "Your face is stained with paint."
Heart shine quickly ran to wash a face.
I watched her painting turned out to be an impossible scene. "I played mahjong with Zhu Yehong and Lin Wan Wan and Lin Muxia when I was young. When I was young, my heart was clear and I moved a small bench to sit by my side and play with rabbits."

Momo Tao licked maltose contentedly, and with a wave of his hand, he pointed to a small park not far over there, where there was a pavilion.

It looks not bad
It’s the first time their family has been here for so long, and it’s also very exciting to see this.
This wooden corridor with red painted golden dragon pavilion looks pretty, to say nothing of it.
The family sat in that chair and looked out at the lake and felt the breeze, let alone how comfortable it was.
This is life.
"Don’t lie on your back. What should I do if I fall?"
Come on, life is always a mess, kid
Persimmons almost fell out of the booth and peaches were pulled back.
"Oh, I just want to see if there are any fish in it." Momo Tao is curious.
There are many fish in such a big pond.
So everyone is interested.
"There should be such a big lake," Wu Manzhu said.
"Is anyone arrested?" Song Xing is ready to move "I haven’t eaten fish for a long time"
Eating fish in the city is more difficult than the brigade.
"Small six, do they have fishing nets?" Persimmon pursed her lips and looked at the lake with hot eyes.
"Can fish?" Momo Tao showed her white teeth and pointed out to them "Look there."
Some of them actually saw someone fishing there with a fishing rod. The family observed it for a long time and didn’t see anyone fishing.
See if there are any fish
Everyone sighed in succession
Then I saw that Momo Peach had run towards that side.
Everybody …
They also have to follow.
Momo Tao ran past without timidity, and then looked at it among several people and ran to the oldest and most serious old man.
Look at the bucket beside him.
Not a single fish.
Momo peach can’t help but sigh. This master can’t do it. Not even fishing.
My Lord …
Where’s the baby? It’s hard for him, right?
"Grandpa," Momo peach blinked and immediately cried softly, "I help you fish. I can fish very well."
The old man looked at this half-height cub at the corner of his mouth and wanted to fish before he was weaned.
"We are each half." Seeing that he didn’t speak, Momo Tao continued to persuade "It’s no use fishing."
"You can’t catch it anyway."
Old man.
"You come," the old man got up and hummed, and let Momo peach sit on the stool and watch.
He must laugh at the baby later.
Momo peach blinks and blinks, so don’t care about the process when you get the fishing rod. Momo peach immediately concentrates on the lake.
Come to fish, come to fish.
Big fish, big fish and big fish
In Momo, Peach hopes that after a while, the fish will float into the water, and Momo Peach’s eyes will shine, fish and fish.
"Oh," the fishing line suddenly pulled Momo peach in front, and the whole person fell into the water, holding the fishing rod tightly.
Fortunately, the horse was caught by persimmon and led to the back. When he took the fishing rod, he pulled it back a little.
Old man.
"Don’t pull hard and walk fast." The old man shouted with shame.
"Slip the fish or you can’t pull it."
Persimmon looks the same. She is strong enough to pull it.
"The line will break," the old man shouted again.
Persimmon hands began to listen to the old man’s words, pay off the line, pay off the line …
After a long time, I noticed that there was nothing to resist the fish there. She just closed the line and then successfully caught a big fish with a look of more than ten kilograms.
People around you are surprised.
This is really very big.

Beautiful eyebrows slightly wrinkled nose blunt Jiang Feng said, "we are still newcomers are not qualified to participate in this kind of battle."

Zhou Yuer said that there are obviously some dissatisfaction here.
Jiang Feng turned his head and found that there were still many guards in red armor in the city.
"I see. It’s a pity that you will be disappointed. Zhou Jiji is no match for the Dark Lord!"
Jiang Feng tone than silent not only have no feelings.
He knows the Dark Lord very well, and Zhou Jiji’s accomplishments in kendo are really difficult to win.
"What did you say! Miss won’t be defeated by the hateful demon barbarian! "
Girl smell speech immediately nu bulging stare Jiang Feng saw Jiang Feng dress immediately disdain waved.
"It’s just a chief of the clan. How can Miss Bai be terrible!"
Be despised by a girl Jiang Feng wry smile touched the nose simply don’t answer.
Turned to look at the fight ahead.
"bang! Bang! Hey! "
The struggle is fierce. Zhou Jiji, the dark Lord’s empty weapons are constantly intertwined and hit a series of flames.
Strong spiritual strength is constantly erupting.
I have to say that Zhou Jiji’s guards are very brave, waving swords and pouring blood on the barbarians.
Demon barbarians are by no means weak. They have killed many Terran fighters with their strong physical qualifications.
Both sides suffered heavy losses as soon as they arrived.
"Black fist!"
The Dark Lord shines at the moment, punches out with unparalleled spiritual strength.
Zhou Jiji was horrified but didn’t dare to neglect.
Figure a show like a bit of smoke or dodge not mercilessly got a punch "step! Step! Step! " I can’t help but take a few steps back
"Wow …"
One mouthful blood could not help spitting out from Zhou Jiji’s mouth.
"The sword leans to the sky!"
On the spot, she drank a sword and slashed it with strong power.
It’s like a storm, a flood, a horror ratio
"Hum! You want to kill me for this! ?”
Dark Lord disdain cold hum together at that time the black * * gas emerged from his fists towards the sword severely played in the past.
The sword in Zhou Jiji’s hand was broken on the spot due to fierce impact.
"what! ? You repaired and rose again! ?” It’s too late for Zhou Jiji to be horrified.
Dark Lord, hey, hey, a smile, and several punches all over the sky, hitting Zhou Jiji with overwhelming force.
"Ahem …"
Blood in the mouth even vomited and shot at the rear at the same time.
Zhou Yuer’s heart was in a hurry, and her beautiful eyes were filled with tears. Beat! " Keep falling to the ground
Without her, the rest of the people are eager to follow.
It’s a pity that Zhou Jiji died like this.
"Ha ha! Go to hell! "
A dagger with cold light towards Zhou Jiji chest * *
Zhou Jiji was surprised to close her eyes and didn’t think that she was defeated so easily.
When Zhou Jiji was about to die, her ears suddenly hit.
For a moment, the slender waist was stopped by a person’s embrace.
Doubt in her heart could not help but open her eyes and found a figure appeared in front of her.
It was when something bad happened that Jiang Feng came to the rescue.
It turns out that Zhou Jiji’s flying direction is the gate. Her blade master brother naturally won’t watch her die in vain.
"It’s you! ?”
Zhou Jiji also recognized Jiang Feng, but she was scolded by herself just now.
There was a hint of gratitude and anger in her eyes, and it was the first time that she was hugged by a man.
"If the building is enough, don’t hurry up!" Zhou Jiji rebuked a red cloud on her cheek.
Jiang Feng smiled and immediately let go of his arm.
She glared angrily and gritted her teeth and said, "Don’t hurry back here and give it to me!"
Jiang Feng stand stand hands a funny sample "to you! ? I’m afraid I’ll die in vain if I give it to you. "
"What did you say! ?”
Zhou Jiji was shocked that someone dared to talk to her like this, and then she was furious.
"I’ll guard the Sword King City, you chief clan chiefs, so go back and stay!"
She has been fighting abroad and just got back to Jianwangcheng today.
She naturally won’t know what Jiang Fengjian Wang Cheng has done, otherwise she won’t talk to Jiang Feng in this tone.
"It should be you!"
Jiang Feng immediately gave her a hand knife, and Zhou Jiji didn’t know what was actually exerted by Jiang Feng.

He is Lu Changyuan, a sword Sect, Yuan Ying, a true gentleman who is bent on getting rid of demons and defending Tao. Will he fall into the devil?

"No … impossible …"
Xiao Jing’s face didn’t change. "By the way, you won’t blame me for falling into the magic, will you?"
"What?" Lu Changyuan is puzzled.
Two people’s eyes are still familiar with each other, but they can’t communicate.
Xiao Jing smiled and hit the nail on the head. "The more you break your love, the more dangerous it is to suppress your lust, the more you are disturbed by demons and deceive yourself."
Admit it, it’s reasonable that his duplicity has long been against heaven and that he has been tortured by himself.
"Liu Changyuan, you have a desire for me."
This sentence is like a thunder ringing in the ear. Liu Changyuan’s face suddenly changed, and in his indifferent eyes, he was as humble as a dirty ant.
The moment the magic gas broke out, and it was cold in the secret room.
At this time, Lu Changyuan felt unprecedented panic and asked in his heart, "am I really so cool?"
He wasn’t killed by Xiao Jing or bewitched by the magic baby, but …
He is impure, indifferent and eager for lust?
Cold old man was silent for a while and slowly said, "Is it so important or not?"
However, his evasive attitude just affirmed the answer.
At this moment, Lu Changyuan’s qi and blood surged, and the sword core was possessed by magic gas, which could almost collapse while cracks were everywhere.
All of a sudden, the magic gas is rolling from the nine secluded places, which seems to have spanned thousands of years. Once released, it will wreak havoc on the earth.
It happened that the magic gas was escaped by the law imprisonment method, and it became more and more manic and shrill, sweeping through the secret room, and even the thick chains were left on the wall
My feet pulled Xiao Jing down on the bed and raised my hand to cover my face. In front of me, it was dark and there was no trace of Liu Changyuan.
Not good!
My heart felt uneasy. Xiao Jing’s eyelids jumped and I just wanted to sit up, but I was lifted by a strong wind and lay on my back on the neckline of the bed, revealing a large white chest.
The magic gas turns into a snake, which rages in the secret room from time to time. Xiao Jing’s limbs are lingering like lovers, but cold and profound.
"Host, run!"
Xiao Jing’s teeth were entangled in the magic gas as soon as he raised his chest.
"Ah …" Xiao Jing gave a quick call and looked up. At present, it was still dark, but he knew that there was a beast gaining momentum.
The magic gas suddenly stopped and turned into a huge long snake, which wrapped the bed man round and round.
Xiao Jing was ashamed and wet, and her eyes were flushed.
In the dark, a pair of latosolic red eyes kept a close eye on the prey, generate, who was so possessive that he seemed to imprint his soul.
Cover the man in the dark and smile at this flower.
"Ahhh …"
Gradually Xiao Jing resisted lighter, and his mouth also sounded good.
The man is so happy that he can’t wait to give his heart to him personally.
Suddenly his heart ached suddenly!
Wait for a while bowed his head and plunged a sword into his chest, which was deeply painful.
Liu Changyuan coughed up a mouthful of blood and his body gradually appeared. "You … just …"
Xiao Jing eyes slightly cold corners of the mouth flush irony "get out! Otherwise, I will stab deeper. "
Xiao Jing’s eyes are wide open with a smile, but his eyes are like ice, cool thin.
"Teacher younger brother, do you really hate me so much?" Lu Changyuan’s heart ached at every word he said, and his red eyes seemed to have a mist of tears.
Xiao Jing deadpans coldly, "You are disgusting!"
Lu Changyuan was stiff, even if he was prepared, but every time he heard his cold words, it was difficult to calm down.
"Teacher younger brother, you don’t say that …"
Liu Changyuan begged for an almost humble tone and hoped that men would be lenient with him. "Teacher younger brother, please, I beg you, don’t say that again …"
"Please …"
His heart hurts so much that he can hardly breathe.
Xiao Jing Nunu mouth just wanted to refuse a few drops of warm water dripping on his face.
This …
What is it?
"Teacher younger brother, I have thousands of mistakes. I can change them if I change them. Don’t be disappointed and indifferent to me …"
"I … teacher younger brother I was wrong …"
Lu Changyuan cried.
Yuan Zhenjun was tough all his life. He didn’t cry when he was young. Practice was very bitter. He didn’t cry when he was injured. Even Xiao Jing didn’t cry when he died.
Now in Xiao Jing’s indifference, in the fear of losing his heart, he struggled to maintain his pride and collapsed
After Xiao Jing jumped off the cliff, he was asleep day and night. Lu Changyuan had great perseverance and told himself over and over again that if he could wake up, the two of them would be able to renew their frontier.

Huang Tiandi sepulchral way

"But this … this should be a secret confession?" ? Common duct fibrillation
"I personally explained this matter, and immediately searched the city."
Huang Tiandi solemnity way? "It’s your master!"
Manager hurriedly brought life rushed over.
Soon the whole crape myrtle city lit up with a bright light, and a piece of powerful law emerged like a chessboard, covering the whole city so densely that even a fly could not fly out. The whole city was filled with a more depressing atmosphere, and several monks rushed out of all directions to search for it. In addition, there were dragon boats flying out of the dragon boat, and there was a huge mirror that shot bright light in all directions and was shot by it.
Sweep away and suddenly the sky becomes clearer than the land.
Nothing in the world seems to escape these net searches! ? Xiao Yu’s busy body immediately rushed out and turned to a dilapidated inn in front of him. His busy body finally met with a flash of light. Xiao Yu’s face flashed with the mysterious jade bottle in his hand. "Life preparation Sansheng Sanjie Sanctuary can make monks thoroughly remould themselves and expand their genes. Sansheng Sanctuary is a treasure that many ancient ancestors are hard to get. Every time a bottle of life preparation is refined, 100,000 ancient beasts need to be slaughtered.
… what an exaggeration. Is this thing really that powerful? "
He knows everything from Zhou Tai’s mind.
Although this bottle of life reagent is not large, if you get the three sacred feet for ten big cities!
It’s crazy to think about it, and it also makes Xiao Yu interested in what’s in this bottle.
He scanned the checkerboard pattern in the dense, and suddenly his body flashed a few golden colors and rushed outside the city.
It’s okay for these checkerboard patterns to block others, but for him, no matter how powerful the patterns are, they are all useless. He has to go out of the city directly and try this bottle of life preparation himself!
Xiao Yu’s body seems to be completely attributed to the dust, without a spark. In the shuttle, the mirrors keep shooting, but it is difficult to find his figure. Soon he rushed out directly from Chengtou.
Chapter two thousand three hundred and thirty-three Ancestors in four days.
Several golden because rushed out from here immediately after the mid-round, Xiao Yu’s body was reorganized, and his hidden breath went directly into the ground.
Hey! ?
In a flash, his body rushed into the ground for many miles and didn’t stop until he had met a speech.
He raised his hand and put a strong pattern here to block his own breath.
After all, Xiao Yucai sat cross-legged and took out the bottle of life preparation without hesitation and pulled out the jade bottle cap directly.
Boom pause
From this jade bottle, a fiery breath rushed out, and the horrible and unpredictable burning made the magma here boil directly. Before Xiao Yu, he bared his teeth and turned into a huge figure of terror. There were nine heads in the dragon body and the phoenix head had ten claws, and immediately after forming, he descended on Xiao Yu and leaned out with the claws to try to crack his body. "
Hum! "Xiao
Yu cold hum a sonic shock and directly shatter the horrible figure into a light spot to dissipate the middle hand.
In the jade bottle, there are pieces of blazing light, vitality and terror coming out from the inside, and there are faint waves of hissing sounds. It seems that there are 100,000 behemoths trapped inside, struggling wildly, and the essence rushes out again to form a nine-headed monster, which screams at Xiao Yu.
Yu eyebrows a wrinkly for the robot blame physics all ignore directly pour the jade bottle liquid into the mouth.
Golden liquid is like fairy gold, which contains unimaginable terrorist power.
As soon as this liquid enters Xiao Yu’s mouth, it suddenly seems to have turned into a huge river, and it has taken the initiative to rush toward Xiao Yu’s body and spread to the limbs.
After some essence dispersed, the situation changed again, as if Xiao Yu, a horrible brute beast, had been trampled wildly in his flesh and blood, rushing to tear Xiao Yu’s body at random.
Xiao Yu’s body is a huge prison, and these pretty beasts are trapped for a while, and the horrible roar of the beast is unpredictable, and it is constantly emitting from Xiao Yu’s body.
Xiao Yu’s body surface directly rushed out of the dazzling light, and a terrible essence emanated from his flesh and blood, sweeping across the world and making this magma explode.
There is a strong array pattern, and it is still difficult to trap this essence. The essence rushes out of Xiao Yu’s head and converges into a ferocious monster. The monster was actually two before.
Xiao Yu’s face became more ferocious than before, and he felt that his whole body was burning violently, like a dried-up body being transformed into a body. The gene chain gave off a sound of collapse, and he was reborn in the reconstruction collapse in the destruction.
Roar up, sound and shock, the whole underground world vibrates and collapses, and several magma rushes towards the soil layer.
It’s almost as if his array pattern was directly destroyed.
"Causal wheel refining for me!" desolate
Yu baohou
? Behind him, a golden light wheel turns wildly and refines other life preparations. At the same time, several causal lines rush out, which directly breaks down the monster above his head and drags its body towards Xiao Yu.
The monster burst into a low roar, and Xiao Yu, with ten claws, waved wildly and splashed out harsh flames, but it was hard to resist Xiao Yu.
Unwilling to roar was abruptly pulled back to Xiao Yu’s body by several causal lines.
Xiao Yu’s body suddenly burst into flames like a huge sacred furnace with mysterious runes. He shuttled back and forth in his flesh and blood, and every inch of his flesh was strengthened and nourished like never before. The gene became more horrible and stronger, and the whole body was covered with a horrible light.
A strong terror Xiao Yu body ups and downs like a vast Wang Yang broke out him.
Repair again to rise up the whole.
A human body seems to be interspersed with several angry dragons, and it seems that thousands of gods are beating with a sledgehammer.
I don’t know how long this process lasted.
Xiao Yu has been sitting in this way, trying to refine the life preparation when he is in the body.
Slowly through these days, the mountains outside shook from time to time and small earthquakes broke out again and again.
Many foreign monks were shocked by this movement, and after a search, they found nothing.
Shake is more than ten days passed.
Xiao Yuli refining body that life preparation was finally completely absorbed by his flesh and blood.
On this day, he was wrapped in golden light, and his body suddenly shook, and the terror broke out. As soon as the array pattern around him exploded, it was shattered by a golden smell, and the mountains outside were directly blown away.
This movement is too big, and it will disturb tens of thousands of monks around.
"That area again!"
"Is there a treasure to be born when the mountains collapse?"
Many monks rushed towards here.
Xiao Yushen’s golden light slowly converges and rushes toward the body, and suddenly the heavens and the earth are all manifested in his mind in all directions.
The corners of heaven and earth can’t hide from his eyes!

Back to the 172nd fairy island fog
It is said that the "appeasement" policy of Shen Wusu and Yin Sutang in Emei Qingcheng two factions boldly killed Mr. Jian Xianzhong, one of the four friends of Kunlun, one of the powerful elders of Kunlun Sect, and his disciples in Xiandao, Donghai, and left.
Although there are some criticisms in the hearts of people present about the viciousness of Shen Wuze, no one dares to talk about this witch before the two families in Emei Qingcheng Mountain have spoken. If it’s a bad sword, there’s no place to complain.
Looking at two stunning deadlier than the male left this hall is no longer suppressed the voice of discussion. Whether it’s an individual who doesn’t come in person or a disciple of Qingcheng Mountain in Emei. I can’t believe this sudden change!
Emei Sect! Qingcheng school! Kunlun Sect! Wu-tang clan! Coupled with the magic way of all this is already the monk conference in the world today! With a place like this, someone dares and can kill all the participants of Kunlun Sect. How fierce it is! What is even more incomprehensible is that the landlords here, Emei and Qingcheng, have turned a blind eye to this matter. Isn’t the mystery worth many things?
At this time, many scattered practitioners who just want to try their luck have already felt the dense conspiracy atmosphere on this fairy island in the East China Sea. There are a lot of people who start to back down in their hearts, but it’s easy to think about this thief boat, but I’m afraid it’s just …
Although there was a lot of buzz in the hall, Qi Shushi and Zhu Mei, who were on the throne, did not suppress it and seemed to give them enough time to talk. I believe that today’s events and the strong return of the witch Shen Wusu will spread throughout the whole field of repair in a few days. And the’ illegitimate son of Qi Xiaer’ that overwhelmed a few days ago has become a new gossip topic in the field of repairing truth.
After a long time, I saw Qi Shushi sigh gently and shake the dust in his hands: "Infinite Buddha! Too good for ancestors’ mercy! Many Taoist friends live in poverty and have something to say. "
Although Qi Shushi’s voice is not high, there is a sudden silence in this hall, and all of them look at the master of the Emei Sect. Now, although everyone knows that the secret is not obvious. The number of days has changed, but no one wants to offend until the form is clear. This master is still a powerful palm teacher in the whole field of repair.
I saw Qi Shushi’s face as cool as if nothing had happened just now. "It’s not just today’s talk," he said. "I’m here to talk about this nameless fairy island in the East China Sea. Although this fairy island has not yet belonged to Zhu Mei Daoyou’s Qingcheng School and our Emei School, both of them have the intention to bring it under their wing. But now that the cat is not obvious, I can’t see where Angelica is. "
This is a slight meal here. Glancing at Zhu Mei around her, she saw that Zhu Mei had no objection and then said, "But now you must have come here to know that the frequency of strange things in this fairy island is not a good omen. To tell you the truth, I, the Emei Sect, have lost more than ten disciples since I opened my house on this island. And … "
With that, Qi Shushi scanned all the people for a week and finally fell on the people of the magic way. "And the dead are JingXie cleared. Yuan god is destroyed … "
When they heard it, they naturally recognized the meaning of Qi Shushi. The exhaustion of essence and blood and the destruction of Yuan and Shen are in line with a method called "bloodthirsty refining essence". And that the magic road and others are surprised and nervous at the exhibition of the situation.
At this time, Qi Shushi answered, "But today, the invisible venerable Taoist friends can bring a group of Taoist friends. Must be open-minded. Moreover, during the great robbery, the magic road and the magic door were separated a lot, and it was possible for the world to get it. Dear Taoist friends, don’t mind this. Since we are here. Zhu Daoyou and I can’t guarantee anything else, but our disciples can still be bound. "
The Taoist priests still have some doubts, but if the two factions of Emei Qingcheng Mountain don’t take the initiative to provoke the world, there is really no one who can make them fear.
However, Qi Shushi answered, "I didn’t mean anything by saying this, but I just told you that it is dangerous to act this time. Don’t act rashly and mistake others for yourself! Now there are three places on this fairy island where the earth’s eyes go straight to the ground, and I don’t know the geometry. Several disciples died near these three places. This time, I also began to explore the facts from these three places in order to be foolproof. What do you think? "
When they heard it, they looked at Zhu Mei’s half-closed eyes, without any objection. They said, "Look at this Zhu Mei. It must have been agreed by the two of them. Since the Qingcheng School does not object to others’ speech, what’s the use? " Therefore, there is no objection.
Qi Shushi answered, "In that case …" He threw his fist at Zhu Meiyi and said, "Please ask Taoist friends to arrange this division of troops."
When Zhu Mei heard this, he shook off the floating dust and said, "Infinite Buddha! The secret is unpredictable, and the heaven is not obvious! Now this trip to the island is unpredictable. Being original is far from what I said. There are only three acupoints on this fairy island so far. Naturally, I’ll take a look at the Taoist friends of Emei School. But now it is even more powerful for you Taoist friends to come to help! There is an invisible Taoist friend in this third eye. How about it? "
The invisible venerable master had doubts in his heart, and now Zhu Mei has given up one of these three acupoints, which makes him feel even more wrong. But at this point he can’t refuse. Tao: "A Taoist friend’s love will not disgrace his life."
Zhu Mei said with a smile, "That’s very nice. As for other Buddhist friends, they can find relatives and rely on friends. " Say and look at the half of the old.
This half of Lao Ni quickly said, "Taoist Zhu Mei, what I came to wu-tang clan this time is full of women, so I don’t dare to be greedy. Turn into a crowd and watch the enemy in case something happens. "
Zhu Mei smiled slightly when he heard this. "That’s all right." After that, Zhu Mei glanced around and said, "I don’t know if this is a chance or a disaster. It’s just that I, Zhu Mei, put the ugly words first. If I go down to the crypt, all my comrades-in-arms have past grievances. I will kill anyone who hits from ruin when he is down! "
After a meal, Zhu Mei scanned the crowd with cold eyes and said, "If a treasure is born, once it is earned by people, you must not kill to get it! Otherwise … I will kill it! "
Then Qi Shushi and Zhu Mei each said some details, and then they made up some suggestions. Finally, I decided to act tomorrow and went to prepare for it. After the meeting, Yi Yu returned to her temporary residence. Soon, a child came to call and said that she was summoned by Master Zhu Mei. Yi Yu didn’t dare to neglect and hurried away.
Walking a Louis jade heart is in total at this time Zhu Mei find him to what. It’s just that he hasn’t come up with a clue yet, and he’s already outside the quiet room in Zhu Mei. Yi Yu tapped on the knocker. "Disciple Yi Yu meets the master," he said.
"Come on in."
Yi Yu pushed the door and entered the quiet room, but it was one leng. It turns out that Zhu Mei is not the only one in this room, and the two accompanying elders, Jiang Shu and Tiancanzi, are here. And master elder brother Gideon and three elder brothers Tao Jun also laid hands on him in Zhu Mei and sat in awe. Although there was some bad blood between Qianfan and Tiancanzi, Yi Yu, who was present in Zhu Mei at this time, did not dare to be presumptuous and quickly bowed down and said, "Disciple Yi Yu has seen the Master and wishes him boundless Taoism. Fairy industry is early! Disciples have seen Uncle Jiang and Uncle Tian Can. " Say again to Gideon and Tao Jun upon.
Zhu Mei didn’t meet Yi Yu alone on weekdays as easy-going and awe-inspiring: "Sit down."
Yi Yu followed Zhu Mei’s instructions and sat down on the bottom futon. "I wonder what the master taught me when he called his disciples here?" he asked.
Zhu Mei looked at his younger brother and said, "Her! What do you think about this island exploration in the East China Sea? "
Yi Yu was stupefied when he heard this. "Isn’t this fairy island in the East China Sea a plot made by Master Zun, an old fox, and Granduncle Blissful? Why are you asking me? Is there any change here? " Although I think so. But Yi Yu won’t be silly to ask. I saw that Yi Yu’s eyelids drooped in awe and replied, "I am stupid. Also listen to the teacher’s teachings. "
Zhu Mei laughed and said, "Her. You don’t have to worry that Brother Jiang Shu, Brother Tian Can and your two brothers here are all people who know. "
Yi Yu still said, "Report to your master. It is not the disciple’s scruples. Originally, there were some disputes in the disciples’ hearts … "He looked up at Jiang Shu and Tiancanzi and answered," But the trip along the way and today’s meeting feel very strange and dare not jump to the master’s meaning. It’s not that my disciples are stupid. It’s really that the master’s ingenuity is far better than that of his disciples. "
When Zhu Mei heard this, he smiled and pointed out Yi Yu with a smile: "You boy actually took the opportunity to flatter him at this time." Although Zhu Mei criticise but it is obviously very useful.
Yi Yudao: "I dare not just wonder why Master Zun or the Qi Zhangjiao in Emei got these monks, either openly or secretly? Even the people of the magic way don’t care about taboos? "
Zhu Mei said, "It seems that you already know something! I won’t hide it from you any more. This fairy road in the East China Sea was originally ambushed by my predecessors in Qingcheng School when the Yin and Yang reversed in the Wu and Tang Dynasties thousands of years ago. "
Yi Yu was not surprised to hear this. As early as before, in the conversation between Lions Ridge and Li Jingxiu, Yi Yu vaguely guessed that the strange East China Sea Fairy Island had some mystery. But when Jiang Shu and Tian Canzi saw Yi Yu’s calm attitude, they knew about it for a long time, but they were somewhat shocked.
Zhu Mei seems to be trying to solve the puzzle for these four people, and asks, "It seems that Yuer has already known what you look like at this time?"
Yi Yu dared not pretend to be mysterious and said directly, "This is a mysterious disciple who turned over in the worry-free cave in Xiongshiling and dared not forget it." But when this was said, Jiang Shu and Tiancanzi and others were even more surprised.
And this Yi Yu talk is somewhat mysterious. What he said was immediately revealed by Li Jingxiu, but in fact Li Jingxiu didn’t tell him about this fairy island in the East China Sea, but Yi Yu guessed it by herself in connection with the past. But this has completely changed in the ears of Jiang Shu and Tiancanzi.

Zong Jin was about to ask about the departure of Lian Hengshi, but a soldier suddenly came to him with folded new clothes in his hand. He picked it up at any time and looked at it. "… what is this for?"

"Let him change his clothes," He Lianheng casually said, glancing at Jing Zhao who was hastily wiping his mouth. "Can you ride a horse?"
"Will …"
"Change clothes and leave"
Hearing this, Zong Jin can almost confirm that He Lianheng is really willing to take in Jingzhao. He got up with the man and sipped his mouth uncomfortably and said something that only he can hear.
"I owe you a favor. If there is anything you want me to do in the future, I’ll pay you back."
The man doesn’t know if he heard the footsteps passing by him all the time; Someone over there has led the horses and chariots out, and He Lianheng slowly got out of the car.
ZongJin one leng "… you are not riding a horse? !”
However, no one answered him.
Jingzhao was once on the battlefield, although he was only seventeen years old, but he was very sensible. He arranged for someone to prepare clothes for him. Without saying anything, he went to the dark corner behind the noodle stand and changed his face. By the way, he was unhappy when he walked back to Zongjin. Jiang Yi took a horse and handed the reins to him. "If there is no place for you, you will follow the carriage."
"… got it!" Jingzhao rushed to nod.
A careful calculation shows that He Lianheng gave the horse to Jingzhao; Zong Jin got his car ready and was in the same room as He Lianheng.
"Let’s go!"
Jiang Yi drove the carriage to make an order; A line of people then neatly stepped out of the city path.
It is false to suddenly meet an old friend and say that there is no fluctuation in my heart; He Lianheng and Zong Jin each sat on one side, and Zong Jin lifted the curtain from time to time and looked out as if to confirm whether Jingzhao was there.
With the passage of time, his real feeling of "Wei Chilan" is constantly declining; On the contrary, he is used to being called "Zong Jin" by others, and he is used to reaching out for the branches. Jing Zhao appears as if he is waking him up-he is Wei Chilan, and he has a blood feud to report.
Men always talk less and sit in the carriage without saying a word; Zong Jin had no small talk today. Finally, he sat sideways against the window frame with one leg and one leg stretched out at will and looked at the scenery of Jingzhaohe Trail outside.
So he also aware-LianHeng eyes almost a moment to fall on him.
It’s sunny today. Although it’s winter in Wan Li, the sun is still shining.
Zong Jin’s side face was outlined by the warm light, and even though his face, expression and corners of his mouth were still subtle, he seemed to be smiling at the most attractive person, so it seemed gentle to pick a smile at the tip of his eyes.
Partial is such a face, skin is puffed up.
Suddenly Zong Jin looked out and said, "This doesn’t seem to be a south road. Are you going to go straight?"
Walking all the way from Shangzhou to the west will enter Huangfu’s home, regardless of whether they enter Huangfuchun or not. If the old fox knows that Helianheng is doing ghosts on the way to Yanzhou, he will surely win.
"Take the water" He Lianheng patiently explained "Beitang they have a boat ready at Sanhekou"
"You are too bold and arrogant." Zongjin frowned and looked at the man. "Huangfuchun left early for half a day and entered Yanzhou, so you can see through your imaginary plan. He may not eat this YaBaKui? I must go to the Sanhe Estuary to ambush. "
"I just know that he will ambush before going to Sanhekou."
"Ah?" Zong Jin was puzzled at first, and then quickly came over-He Lianheng likes to play with minds, and Huang Fuchun is suspicious by nature. He must feel that He Lianheng dare not cross the Sanhekou and go south and directly into the imperial spring; He Lianheng is determined to go in the opposite direction and go from Sanhekou.
Zong Jin was flat and pouty and disdained these nine-hearted little people.
Then this road is too close. Before the sun rises for half an hour, you can hear the running water gurgling constantly close at hand.
When the carriage was just quite stable, someone outside should "belong to the Lord"
He Lianheng lifted the curtain and asked softly, "Are you all ready?"
"One thousand people have withdrawn from the Imperial Spring, and the ship is ready," the man said. "I will return to the Imperial Spring when the Lord is safe."
The man took a look at Che Zongjin and followed him and saw the speaker just now-another unfamiliar face or a tall, brave man. At first glance, he looked like an ape. Before Zong Jin looked at it a few times, the man had laid his body to make room for He Lianheng. Then two boats stopped at the river bank, and they caught sight of each other by eating melon in the North Hall.
North hall column is spit melon shell into the hand turned to see them immediately waved and shouted "small ZongJin-ah, don’t see the Lord".
He Lianheng inclined his one eye and didn’t bother to pay attention to his disrespectful behavior.
"Why are you eating again?" Zong Jindao "Every time I see you, you are eating."
North Hall column welcomes Zongjin to extend his fist to signal Zongjin to reach out and twist his head and eyebrows a little deformed, but he still reached out.
A handful of melons fell in his hand.
"You don’t know that Yanzhou melon is a famous product. I sent someone to the city to buy two Jin in disguise." Beitang column said, "There are only a few Liang left to divide you so much … Don’t tell Jiang Yi."
He Lianheng had boarded the ship when they were whispering on the river bank.
As soon as the man turned around, he saw this scene and said coldly, "Beitang, you go to the boat behind and join Jiang Yi."
He Lianjun rode to the horse and carriage, and all of them were handed over to the brave Han hand, Jingzhao, and he naturally rushed to Zongjin’s side. "Lord, can I come with you? I want to follow you."
In the face of Lian Heng, it is natural to call him "Lord" no longer; At that time, he couldn’t figure out what to call his mouth. When he was in a hurry, he simply called "elder brother", which coincided with Zong Jin’s previous rhetoric.
Zong Jin knows the truth, but this "elder brother" can be called into his heart-that son of a bitch Wei Chichong has liked to confront him since he was sensible, and he has been here for a long time, but I don’t know how long he hasn’t called his brother a cute chubby boy who likes to call him "brother brother" after him.
So JingZhao this directly called ZongJin heart.
Zong Jin is really thin and a little shorter than Jing Zhao; But he still reached out and patted the boy’s head strangely. "Okay, no problem. Just follow me."
Words because did not fall even constant sound suddenly emerged "you also follow the ship behind"
"I …" "What?" Zong Jin scrambled to ask, "He wants to follow me."
"This is my arrangement," the man said. "If you don’t follow it, you won’t follow it."
When he finished, he leaned into the cabin and didn’t give Zongjin any room for discussion.
"… forget it" Zong Jindao "Nothing, just follow the boat behind you. Anyway, you still follow me when you go back to the Hector even mansion"
"It’s …"
Zongjin nodded and turned the boat.
Jiang Yi, Bei Tang Lie and Jing Zhao, who were "familiar" with Zong Jin, were all arranged in front of the back boat. There were Zong Jin and He Lianheng, and the remaining five soldiers did their jobs like stakes. Soon the boat anchored and staggered into the river leading to Yizhou from Sanhekou.
"… I’m afraid it will take several days for the boat to sail." Zongjin deliberately didn’t sit with Helianheng, but sat opposite the man with his left hand holding the 30-catty stone mortar and gnashing his teeth while practicing his left hand and saying, "It would be good to chat with you by boat."
"What do you want to talk about again?" Nanren Dao
"… no, nothing to talk about."
Zong Jin had a hard time with 30 pounds, and now it is even more difficult for him to breathe and become oppressed. But he moved slowly one by one, but he was always in place. He even looked at his face as if he could do something, and red mouth was breathing.
Zongjin was already full of sweat after the ship sailed for a long time.
He Lianheng just said "to be like this"
"ah? Do you mean this? " Zong Jin said, "Since the right hand can’t become it, of course you have to practice your left hand."
"I mean," the man leaned against the ship’s rail and propped up the bar idly. "I never expected your skill."
"Ha-you didn’t expect that I wouldn’t practice? ….. "ZongJin gasped" I’m not you … less to your face … "
"You should know that beauty is also desirable."
"… I don’t have the strength to argue with you now" ZongJin stared his one eye "don’t recruit me …"
"I am praising you …"

"That’s impossible to understand nothing. Hey, hey, master, don’t take it off again. Don’t worry. I think the little teacher younger brother still has some real materials. You haven’t seen him go out and practice in the house all day long."

Chu Nian Rou has been with Zuo Ningqing since childhood, and Yu Zhi and Lu Yanjing have also worshipped Zuo Ningqing for many years. When the four people talk, they are not formal at all and have nothing to hide.
There is no doubt that Zuo Ningqing is partial to Xiao Wen now, and these people can guess that Xiao Wen himself is still in the dark.
It’s half an hour in a blink of an eye, and the last half an hour has passed. Xiao Wen is still immersed in thought, and even Feng Ning is suspicious. Xiao Wen is really going to hand in a blank paper?
Those viewers who can see the mirror above Xiao Wen’s head have been talking about it for a long time. Now they haven’t written yet, and Xiao Wen has left one!
This is twenty-seven cases of j and jīng!
Can this blank paper be counted as J and NG Ying?
If there are people who are anxious, there will naturally be people who gloat. Twenty-seven cases have dominated the celestial world, so many resources have long made Biezongmen and Sanxiu jealous! But no one dares to say anything because of the strength of 27 cases. Now, a younger brother of 27 cases wants to make a clean sheet in J and jīng, and they naturally like it.
At this time, not many people know that Xiao Wen is Ming Jianzong, but it must be announced in public after the competition …
Just when ChuNian soft also worried, Xiao Wen finally moved over there.
See Xiao asked "swish, swish, swish", and drew a series of arrays on white paper to form a sword shape.
Xiao Wen is the latest in writing, but he is definitely the highest in efficiency!
However, after the painting, Xiao Wen stared at the paper for a few eyes and then threw it into a ball at the corner of the table …
Xiao asked the crowd behind him and immediately there was an alarm because they all saw that Xiao asked that the level of Xianjian was already quite high, and the result was actually abolished by Xiao asked!
After a short pause of more than ten minutes, Xiao asked to write and draw again in an instant!
The second fairy sword is better than the first one!
"It turned out that he was making a draft by heart!"
"This is a home! !”
"This sword is much better than the two men around him! !”
Xiao asked the crowd behind him to talk immediately, but only a few true immortals and those immortals in Nuo Nuo can really see the doorway.
Then they watched Xiao Wen throw the second piece of paper into a ball …
"Coax …"
Are those spectators really messy and calm? The noise has doubled? Many people are attracted by this sound and turn their eyes. As a result, when they look at Xiao Wen’s blank paper, everything is white …
Paused for a moment. Xiao asked for a third pen!
It was painted in an instant, and this time Xiao Wen finally nodded slightly!
No one noticed that there had been nothing to feel. Nan Yunqing also looked at the design of Xianjian in the mirror and nodded.
Perfect the third fairy is perfect!
Even those who have no level can intuitively feel that Xiao Wen’s third fairy is not only stronger than the first two, but also stronger than the two people around him by more than a little bit!
The people on the other side of the peak are finally relieved. Xiao Wen not only doesn’t want to blank the paper, but wants to give them a surprise!
Zuo Ningqing quietly exhaled a long breath, not to mention Chu Nianrou them.
Seeing Xiao asked to pick up the paper again, everyone stared at it as soon as Xiao asked, wouldn’t it be that even this fairy sword was going to be abolished?
Then I saw Xiao Wen carefully put the paper roll up and inserted it into the bamboo tube at the corner of the table, which took back my stomach.
However, with the design drawing, it is definitely not possible to have this thing. You have to elaborate on the design principle and material selection at a long time. Will it come again at this time?
A total of two hours is more than an hour and a half has passed since the test!
Then I saw Shi Tai Xiao’s questionnaire, took a deep breath in the sleeve, and then flew in the new white paper!
So fast! ! !
Not only fast, but also Xiao Wen’s words have another artistic conception!
At first glance, those words give people the impression that they are scrawled, but if you look closely, you will feel that they are not scribbled, but that they are down and out, just like a down-and-out legalist who is drunk!
"hmm? The younger brother still writes a good hand? " Chunian soft some incredible tunnel
"I also just know" left setting austere laughed.
At this time, Lu Yanjing interjected, "Little brother, this method is definitely not figured out by himself, is it?"
"Where did he get those experiences? He should copy his original master’s law." Zuo Ningqing said directly.
Zuo Ning-qing was right. Xiao Wen’s words "Mine Code" and "Qi Code" come down in one continuous line, but due to time constraints, he scribbled a little more than "Mine Code" and "Qi Code" at this time.