In a word, stride forward directly, and the bloody light is accompanied by killing Hongjun.

Hongjun is afraid but also fights back.
"Boom …"
Bloody ShaQi diffuse slowly into time to collapse and then be swallowed up by the four swords of Zhu Xian.
Imperial heaven is a Sanqing here, saying, "How much time do you need to prepare for this killing fiend?"
Tongtian murdered. "How is it possible that this killing demon looks like a mixed element, especially from chaos? If you have a demon body, you can’t kill Hung-chun!"
The Imperial Heaven shook his head. "You look down upon Pangu’s seal. This seal keeps extracting the source of the fiend to strengthen the universe. Now the source of the killing fiend has been swallowed up. It is estimated that the killing fiend will collapse after a while. It can be said that the killing fiend is a frame!"
Words fall instantly only to see the large array of the two constantly fighting and killing is turned upside down.
Hongjun was beaten up first and then fought back, and then the fight was even.
This scene is deeply imprinted in Sanqing’s eyes.
The old man said, "It’s incredible that a statue of a fiend has been cut off like this. Your Heaven and Earth National People’s Congress array can summon Pangu’s father, God Yuan, and God Yuan can control heaven."
Yu Tian chuckled, "So there is a way to deal with Hongjun. Now Hongjun is the integration of heaven and Hongjun. You call Pangu Yuanshen to make Hongjun’s body resist Hongjun Yuanshen. We will destroy it, but now it seems that we need a chance. We need to prepare well or we will die!"
Sanqing nodded. Although they had hatred, they still had to unite in the face of Hongjun.
At the moment, Imperial Heaven turned around and appeared directly here in Sumi Mountain.
Although the western land was destroyed, Mount Sumi was not destroyed. Otherwise, what should we do if the causal fiend appears?
Holding up the imperial seal of the heavens means yelling "Fall!"
The decree of the heavens falls directly with a chaotic treasure.
Directly down the whole Mount Sumi.
"Boom …"
The heavens and the earth roared and Mount Sumi exploded instantly.
The spirit vein of Mount Sumi is swallowed up by the decree of the heavens, and the heavens are gone.
The whole universe, Hwa-Sung Do, can teleport in the large array naturally.
Cause and effect fiend also appears at the moment.
"Roar …"
Causal fiend appeared sharp eyes staring at Hongjun in the distance.
Hung-chun excited than in the face of killing fiend unexpectedly repeatedly occupy the wind at the moment.
Chapter 674 Causal fiend
"Go …"
Hung-chun’s words are full of happiness and excitement, and he is a scum. However, it is unimaginable that he can defeat the top killing fiend. Therefore, Hung-chun’s excitement is better than directly lifting the chaotic Lingbao earth into a meteor and throwing it out, and then pinching the fairy method to summon the vast river of years!
The long river of time appears to merge and the earth rushes directly to kill the fiend.
Killing fiend’s face upwards roars and feels that the body can’t mobilize energy. I want to absorb some reiki from heaven and earth, only to find that this reiki is out of place like rejecting him.
This universe is, after all, a reiki in Pangu’s monarch, and it is also natural with Pangu’s breath that it won’t let these chaotic fiends swallow up. Chaos fiends are sealed, but they are constantly extracted by the universe to nourish the universe. The fiend is a frame with mixed yuan and twelve powers but no mixed yuan and twelve powers.
"Boom …"
The planet falls directly to the killing fiend with the long river of years.
"KaKa cheep … KaKa cheep …"
Killing fiend slowly cracked with unwilling "ah … Pangu unwilling this seal will devour the body mana, but also will devour the body source …"
If you only devour mana, you can also fight with the fiend body, but now even the source of the fiend body has been swallowed up, so you can’t keep fighting just now.
"Boom …"
Instantaneous cracking immediately turned into bloody fragments and disappeared.
Yu Tian stares at smashing the killing fiend every day. "It’s sad, but this killing fiend body still has some profit value!"
With a wave of his hand, the four swords of Zhu Xian engulfed the killing fiend fragments in the vast ShaQi.
The four swords of Zhuxian contain the killing avenue. Even if the source is missing, it can improve the quality of Zhuxian’s four swords and strengthen the killing avenue of Zhuxian’s four swords.
Hung-chun will kill the fiend, and his heart will be full of confidence. He will stare at Yu Tianhe and Sanqing. "You will all die!"
Yutian chuckled and pointed at the distance. "Oh … if you want to kill us, kill this person first!"
Come back with the decree of the heavens.
"Boom …"
Xumishan explosion slowly appeared a pair of arms Hongjun dumbfounded anger burning "f * * king … you …"
Hung-chun has no idea that Pangu Seal can devour the chaotic fiend source, although he just killed the killing fiend, but he is still not confident in the face of chaotic fiend.
Now the causal fiend appears. This is the top ten chaotic fiend in chaos
The mystery of Causality Avenue is not as mysterious as Destiny Avenue, but it is far from simple.
At this moment, the causal fiend’s eyes narrowed. "You are very good to save the seat and owe you cause and effect!"
Words fall on the royal sky is a finger!
Then an inexplicable breath appeared, and the causal fiend continued, "This is the Causality Avenue. You hope that you can inherit the cause and effect in front of Pangu, but Pangu’s strength far exceeds that of Pangu, and it is even more jumping out of the Causality Avenue. Therefore, it is unrealistic for Pangu to get energy from the wild world. Therefore, it is not enough to deal with this person who integrates the wild heaven!"
In spite of some horror, the causal fiend pointed at Hung-chun, "Causality!"
Then a road chain appeared and fell directly to Hongjun, who was trapped directly without resistance.
The causal fiend said, "Hongjun, right? Now you have to pay off what you owe."
In a word, I saw that Hung-chun’s body flew out of several silk threads, and everyone could feel this silk thread.
Cause and effect fiend sighed, "You are sanctified by these people. You preach to repay cause and effect, but you don’t know that you preach to owe cause and effect. You need to repay these accumulated things!"
After that, the causal demon looked at Yu Tiandao. "Thank you for saving!"
Immediately to the virtual is a punch will be a little chaotic gas body source.
Suddenly virtual fracture faintly appeared a channel.
Causal fiend just walks in and disappears into chaos.
The strange picture Yu Tian was dumbfounded. "I’m leaving!"
Tongtian is also dumbfounded. "Good personality chaos fiend!"
The old man always says, "this is not personality, this is the cause and effect road!" "
"Snow … snow …"
Hongjun gushed blood, and blood fell directly to the ground like blood from heaven.
Several causal chains are boiling.
"Boom … boom …"
Hung-chun was dumbfounded and roared, "How is that possible!"
However, I saw that the mixed yuan 12-fold Hongjun directly fell into chaos 10-fold, which directly caused Hongjun to fall by 20%.
Suddenly, there are two causal chains in The six great divisions in the wheel of karma.
"Bang …"

Sung yuri said, "But you are always so busy at work that you don’t know if you can go home more. How can you see us every morning?"

Zhang Chengyuan smirked and said, "Sister, I will try my best to go home when I can, and I will never let you keep your room alone all the time. Of course, if I go abroad to film, I can ask you to excuse me."
Sung yuri doesn’t care. "I’m used to this kind of thing, and there are filial piety and sisters who accompany me. What do you need to worry about?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "That will make me feel at ease. Well, sister, after our wedding today, do you think we seem to have something more?"
"What’s more?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I don’t know, it feels like my heart is closer to you."
Sung yuri said, "Didn’t we get close before?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Before, of course, it was very close, but now it’s a step closer. Sister, if I were to choose the person I want to marry most from the four of you now, I would definitely choose you." Before, he chose to marry sung yuri, but it was not his personal choice, and it was also because Lee Hyo Ri, Yu Zhuxuan and Li Zhen asked him so.
After a pause, he went on to say, "That is to say, the person I love most in my heart should be you."
Sung yuri heart is not a slight joy but then otherwise, "this words you dare to say to filial piety elder sister they listen to? I will say what I don’t want to say. "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Sister, I am telling the truth, but you are right. I really dare not say that I am sad to Sister Xiaoli. Well, maybe I didn’t dare to tell who my favorite person was because I was afraid of their sadness before, but it’s all right. If they had known this, they wouldn’t have stayed with me. By the way, don’t tell Sister Xiaoli and them about this, otherwise they might beat me up now."
Sung yuri said, "It’s best to beat you up. Well, don’t talk about it. Let me go quickly and help me get dressed. We have to go out and entertain the guests."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It takes a few minutes to set the dining table in such a hurry." Even so, he let go of sung yuri and continued to help her change.
In a short time, sung yuri changed her suit. At this time, she was still wearing a wedding dress, but this wedding dress did not have a long skirt. Just touching the ground would not affect her walking, so it would be much more convenient to entertain guests.
After changing clothes, Zhang Chengyuan took sung yuri and went out to the hotel by car. Although it was dozens of meters away, if you walked there, it would definitely attract passers-by to pay attention and be surrounded. Then it would be bad. In a short time, you will arrive at the parking lot of the hotel and then arrive at the lobby on the second floor of the hotel from a vip channel.
At this time, all the guests in the hall have taken their seats, and the dining tables have been served one by one. In addition, there are exquisite buffet guests who are interested in it. Jiang Hudong and Yu Jae Seok are continuing to host the big screen and are playing videos about Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri’s growth, acquaintance and love, and wedding preparations, saying some funny words, among which Zhang Chengyuan is naturally the object of their frequent teasing. Whether they are dressed, mannered or acting, they will make fun of them.
In the Korean entertainment industry, it is estimated that there are also people who dare to make jokes like this, but Zhang Chengyuan doesn’t care, because he also knows that it is very common for the groom to be played by his friends at the wedding, so he can only pretend to be stupid and ugly.
Fortunately, Jiang Hudong and Yu Jae Seok also know that his temperament is not "difficult" in the end. He asked him to hold the sung yuri platform and demonstrate a quick spin in situ, various flips, and let sung yuri walk on his arms. These are really normal for him, but the guests and fans on the third floor have long been stunned, both amazed at his strength and amused.
In addition to this performance and taking a group photo, Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri are almost all toasting the guests. In the past, it took about half a minute for each table, and more than 15 tables have been there for more than an hour. In addition, there are more than 5 tables of fans who haven’t toasted yet and are ready to put them behind.
And what can you do when you make a toast for just half a minute at each table? It’s just to say hello to the guests and accept their blessings, but Zhang Chengyuan is very frank in toasting. Every time he loses half a glass of red wine or champagne, he is absolutely real, and he doesn’t let the best men drink it for him. It’s surprising that he is good at drinking and feels that he is really sincere in treating his friends.
While toasting, girlhood, F, ara, Li Zhien Zhang Chengyuan and other sisters who sang well, such as Kim Tae-Hee, Jin Yazhong, Hui Bin, Yoon Eun Hye, etc., all sang Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri sang songs alternately. They hardly contributed to the wedding of Zhang Chengyuan’s sisters, so they sang a song to show their hearts.
Although Zhang Chengyuan has been toasting, he has also divided a part of his mind to watch their performances carefully and feel their sincere wishes for him and sung yuri from the songs. At the same time, he is very touched by their sincerity and hopes that they will become better after he marries sung yuri instead of getting cold.
Chapter nine hundred and fourteen; see sb. off
With the passage of time, the guests left after eating the banquet. Perhaps seeing that Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri were very busy, many guests said goodbye to Zhang Donghu and his parents without saying goodbye. However, according to Korean wedding etiquette, it is normal for guests to leave without saying hello after eating the banquet, but no one thinks it is rude. After all, the bride and groom can’t cope with all the guests. They also do this to reduce the burden on the couple and their families. Of course, they are very close.
By about two o’clock in the afternoon, more than a thousand guests had almost left, leaving Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri’s relatives and their closest friends, including Zhang Chengyuan’s sisters, chenglong, Li Lianjie, Li Binbin, Liu Yifei and Wang Ying, five distinguished guests from afar, several members of the original Family, Won Bin and Jiang Hudong, and some good friends sung yuri had known in the entertainment industry in recent years.
In addition, Han Ye Seul, Kong Xianzhu and Kim Sa Rang are also eligible to stay, but how dare they expose Zhang Chengyuan? When other artists from jsw company who came to attend the wedding banquet walked almost the same, they greeted Lin Zhixiu and left, and Zhang Chengyuan naturally wouldn’t keep them because sung yuri and others didn’t know that they were special.
In addition, Zhang Chengyuan wanted to stay in Zhang Dongjian and Shin Min A, but after all, he didn’t have a deep friendship with them and they were all busy, so he didn’t stay.
None of the fans left because they learned that Zhang Chengyuan and the sung yuri Jockey Club would come to meet, talk and interact with them. Why would they leave?
Since then, Zhang Chengyuan and his relatives and friends in sung yuri have moved to another smaller hall to continue eating and talking. Just now, many of them have changed places because they have their own things or because there are too many unfamiliar people at the scene who are not in the mood to eat. Then, when they look at more exquisite and rare food, they immediately eat it with great appetite and chat with the people around them easily. Anyway, most of the people at the scene don’t have to be too detained.
Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri, on the other hand, don’t ask them to meet more than five tables of fans in the lobby on the third floor to toast, communicate and answer their questions. It is also warm and harmonious to accept their blessings and bring small gifts with them. In addition, because these fans are almost loyal fans of Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri, Zhang Chengyuan’s attitude towards them is much more enthusiastic and sincere than his attitude towards ordinary fans.
In fact, he is not really indifferent to fans, but he thinks that most fans often change their minds and have no loyalty, so they may become ani for a very long reason, so they don’t want to worry about their feelings. Once they have paid, they will hardly take back their feelings. He has never made friends easily, and the same is true with fans.
Although he doesn’t hold many fan meetings in recent years, he has kept his staff paying attention to his loyal fans, who will also send some greetings and gifts on holidays, and the value of gifts is often much more precious than those given to him by fans. After all, he is rich and not stingy, so he has become his loyal fans. In fact, he has not suffered much, but he is less materialistic.
The fans gathered for about an hour and a half, then Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri left, and then turned back to the hall where relatives and friends gathered. They met and talked, and the fans had their own staff to entertain them or arrange for them to leave.
Because chenglong, Li Lianjie, Li Binbin and others will leave Seoul for China at about 5: 30 this afternoon, after all, they have a lot of things to do to stay in Seoul, so Zhang Chengyuan sat next to them and introduced Won Bin, Jiang Hudong, Yu Jae Seok, Kim Jong Kook and others to them. Although they may not meet again later, he hoped that his friends would get closer.
As for his sisters, he hardly talked to them today, but there is no need to rush to talk at this time when they get together sometimes.
Ten minutes later, sung yuri’s good friends left first, and soon after, some sisters of Zhang Chengyuan, such as Jin Yazhong, Yoon Eun Hye, Li Zhien and others, left because they were still in the notice, and ara had to prepare for the performance, and the rest of the sisters simply said goodbye when they saw that Zhang Chengyuan had no time to accompany them.
Seeing this, the rest of the guests didn’t stay much. Won Bin, Jiang Hudong, and members of the Family all left. At last,, chenglong, Li Lianjie, Li Binbin, Liu Yifei and Wang Ying were left. Even relatives such as Zhang Donghu, father and mother, and Zheng’s parents left, which made Zhang Chengyuan ashamed. Although he specially invited Zheng Fu and mother to come to the ceremony, he never talked to them. Fortunately, his father Zhang Donghu had been with them.
Then Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri took chenglong and others to visit their new house. They rarely came to Seoul, but they had to visit their new house anyway. Lin Zhixiu was responsible for the aftermath of the wedding and they had to worry about it.
After visiting Zhang Chengyuan’s new house, chenglong, Li Lianjie and others even praised Zhang Chengyuan’s new house. Although it is not necessarily bigger and more luxurious than some of their residences, it is obviously much more comfortable, and it is even more rare in the most prosperous urban area.
If sometimes they want to stay for one night, chenglong smiled and said to Zhang Chengyuan, "If I come to Seoul later, I won’t live anywhere else. How can it be so fresh to live here with you?" Moreover, the temperature is several degrees warmer than the outside, which is really a treasure trove of geomantic omen. "He didn’t know that Zhang Chengyuan would arrange the gathering of spirits, and the environment here was special.
Zhang Chengyuan replied with a smile, "Big Brother, I always welcome you to live here. It’s my pleasure." Although he doesn’t like being disturbed by outsiders, chenglong and others are naturally not outsiders, but chenglong and others probably don’t have much chance to stay with him because they won’t come to Seoul easily after all, their career has nothing to do with Korean bases, and chenglong may come to announce his shadow.
At this time, it was already five o’clock in the afternoon. When chenglong and Li Lianjie saw each other, they said goodbye to Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri. Zhang Chengyuan was afraid of delaying their trip, so he didn’t stay. He personally took them to Gimpo Airport. This time, the means of transportation was a helicopter. chenglong and others took a bus to the airport earlier to wait for them.
When I arrived at the airport, it was another farewell. Cheng Longxian left by his own special plane, and then Li Lianjie, Li Binbin and Liu Yifei were more affluent, so he chatted with Zhang Chengyuan for a while. During the conversation, Li Binbin vaguely felt that Liu Yifei seemed to have something special to say to Zhang Chengyuan, so he went to Zhang Chengyuan first and arranged a private jet with Liu Yifei.
This plane is not a special plane of Zhang Chengyuan. In a few hours, Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri will go to Tahiti for their honeymoon and also go to the plane, so they will temporarily escort Li Binbin and Liu Yifei back to China by a special plane of girlhood. In addition, he sent him to be a member of the team.
After Li Binbin got off the plane, Zhang Chengyuan looked at Liu Yifei and said with a smile, "Yifei, do you have something to tell me? Do you regret not doing that with me last night? "
Liu Yifei said, "I have nothing to regret. I want to tell you one thing. My new film" Ghost Story "will be screened in Korea in May and will be screened in Korea."
Zhang Chengyuan rejoiced, "That’s a good thing. We’ll get together and do it by the way."
Liu Yifei said angrily, "Is that what you think about, Brother Zhang?"
Zhang Chengyuan laughed. "It seems that you started that kind of thing, right?"
Liu Yifei said, "Although I started it, I didn’t ask you to think about doing that. Brother Zhang, you should know what I really care about?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I know, but I don’t know if I can let go of my body and mind to love you. Maybe you should think it over before we have any substance."
Liu Yifei said, "Didn’t you say last night that you wouldn’t persuade me and push me away?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "When I have that impulse, I naturally won’t want to push you away and persuade you, but now I am not awake?"
Liu Yifei said, "Brother Zhang, you don’t have to persuade me. My mind is made up."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Well, I won’t advise you again. It’s up to you to decide how we should develop, but you should consider how to get along after we happen."
Liu Yifei said, "Don’t you think about it?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I will naturally consider it, but I want to obey your wishes. Of course, you can’t make it too difficult for me to change my nationality and move to China." If I am single, he doesn’t mind doing so, but now there are so many concerns in Korea, so naturally I can’t.
Liu Yifei said, "Don’t worry, I won’t make it so difficult for you. At most, I will let you take a little more time and come to China to see me."

Xu hurriedly said, "I really respect you if I dare not talk about it. Although the three-hole master advised me to compare, I still don’t want to compare because I want to respect you, but I suddenly thought of one thing."

Huang Zhongdao: "What is it?"
Xu said, "Do you want to leave?"
Huang Zhongdao "Yes"
Xu said, "It’s a pity that talents like you are divorced from reality. I came to accept you as the head of Hengshan, but I was worried about causing hostility among friendly countries. I decided to help Baoquan keep you in the 72 nd Cave, so that Hengshan’s friends will be strong and Hengshan will be strong."
Huang Zhong sneered, "Why did you keep me?"
Xu laughed. "Of course it’s not your mouth. I want to compete with you. If you win the Hengshan Sword Sect, you will serve you as a guest. You don’t contribute to Hengshan, but if you have something to do, Hengshan will do its best to help you, but if you lose, you will leave 72 holes in Baoquan."
Huang Zhong snorted, "I can’t bully you."
Xu laughed. "Don’t you really want to see what I can do as a young man? Don’t you really want to see why I am so confident? "
Huang Zhong certainly wants to see it.
For a martial artist, it is very itchy to meet a genius. I always want to see what he can do.
Huang Zhong is naturally the same.
Huang Zhong bit his teeth and said, "I’ll let you do it in one hand!"
Xu laughed. "You really don’t have to let me!"
Huang Zhongdao said, "I feel sorry if I don’t let you do it."
Xu laughed. "Well, if you think you can’t do it with one hand, you must add one more."
Huang Zhongdao "I have my own discretion"
Xu laughed. "So I’m going to make a move?"
Huang Zhongdao said, "You just go out."
So Xu made a move
Xu Lai directly cast the nine styles of straight boxing with clothes and ten falls on the mountain.
People’s eyes lit up as soon as the moves came out.
"Shaolin footwork?"
"This boxing is also quite powerful!"
Huang Zhong also raised an eyebrow in surprise. I didn’t expect Xu to actually have some ways to directly feel the imminent pressure.
Huang Zhong fought back directly.
However, Xu’s fist step was too clingy and too tough, and soon Huang Zhong drew his weapon.
Chapter five hundred Card constantly
When Huang Zhong drew his weapon, he probably knew that he should draw it.
Although Huang Zhongxian has returned an arm, he may have to respect him.
Even worse, many cards are swords instead of fists.
It’s ok to say that you are stained with clothes, but it won’t be much when Xu enters the half-step innate state or the innate state. At that time, you will have to change to a better gait, but it’s ok now
Xu pulled out the giant sword and immediately cast the 19th sword.
There is no point in fighting now because Huang Zhong lost an arm.
Let Huang Zhong move his arms.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa"
Xu Ganglai had five swords in one and stabbed five swords in a row, but there was a sword shadow.
Dzogchen state Xu cast limit 19 sword has been fast to the extreme.
And when Xu Jian, the realm of unity of man and sword will naturally show up.
Relatively speaking, it is not too powerful, but there is a kind of terrorist power when it is displayed here.
Just five swords, Huang Zhong’s pupil shrank, and it was hard to deal with it. He immediately stepped back. "Man and sword are one?"
At the moment, not only Huang Zhong felt the state of Xu Kendo, but also the host and others felt the state of Xu Kendo.
Zhao Longji and Bai Yiyi Liu Guoliang narrowed their eyes.
Although they had heard some stories about Xu when the Hengshan Sword School was established, after all, they didn’t see the truth. Now what they saw with their own eyes turned out to be the realm of the unity of man and sword, which was shocking.
You know, under normal circumstances, only half a step of innate fighters can enter the realm of the unity of man and sword. Generally, innate fighters can enter the realm of the unity of man and sword.
Xu just dzogchen fighters have actually entered the realm of the unity of man and sword. Is this an equal talent?
The big hole master and the second hole master raised their eyebrows at the same time.
The old gentleman was also surprised to tunnel "I didn’t think that the head of Hengshan Mountain was young, and not only had the dzogchen realm, but even the kendo had entered the realm of the unity of man and sword. One day, the achievement will inevitably be different from you and me, and the innate fighters have almost firmly established the Hengshan Sword Sect. This is to rise."
The owner of the big hole can clearly see it.
Xu talent is very good. From the ability shown now, you can already see that he is an ordinary half-step innate fighter. The strength will definitely be able to catch up with the innate fighters in the future, and the Hengshan Sword Sect will be able to barely call it a martial arts power.
Huang Zhong even looked at Xu Tao accidentally. "I can’t believe that Xu’s boss has such a state, but since Xu’s boss has this strength, if I hide my strength again, it will be a disrespect to you. Then I will use my hands and …"
Huang Zhong didn’t speak, and Xu was already white.
Because Huang Zhong suddenly attacked a knife.
Huang Zhong’s weapon is a knife, which is very wide and big but as thin as cicada’s wings.
This knife is hidden in his robe on weekdays
Because it is too thin, it does not delay his life.
At the moment, when Huang Zhong wields this knife, his power is so terrible.
"Man and knife are one!"
People looked at Huang Zhong in shock.
People finally understand why Huang Zhong entered the half-step innate realm later than the five-hole master, but he was able to defeat the five-hole master because Huang Zhong’s Dao realm has entered the realm of unity of man and Dao.
The unity of man and sword is the same realm.
There are not swordsmen, swordsmen, escorts and gunmen in the Jianghu. Every weapon has its own way.
There are four realms in the weapon system.

Kate Gracie was silent for a long time.

Then he closed his eyes and shook his head gently: "You’re right, Chang. I am still reluctant to die in such a world of flowers and flowers. "
"Then don’t die, get up. Although the scenery in this place is good, it’s cold after sitting for a long time …" Ever-victorious turned his ass gently.
Kate Gracie nodded. "Then she won’t die."
Seeing him say this, Changsheng was really relieved.
Finally … It worked!
This relaxation in his heart made him realize that his feet and buttocks were numb.
Even if he wanted to stand up, he couldn’t.
So is Kate Gracie.
He gave Chang Sheng a wry smile: "My legs are numb, Chang."
Changsheng rolled his eyes: "Don’t look at me, my legs are numb."
Then he waved to the police and firefighters behind him and beside him, shouting, "What are you doing?"! Come on, somebody help us up! Shit, I’m numb! !”
A group of people swarmed and dragged Changsheng and Kate Gracie up.
The following people saw that the suicide was successfully saved, and they all gave a relaxed cheer.
The old policeman also breathed a sigh of relief, grinning and laughing happily: "I knew it, I knew it, ha!" I knew it! He can do it! "
Aunt Maria and Lemmon next to them cheered and hugged each other.
"He succeeded!"
"Often can do anything!"
Meriano turned to look around at the cheering crowd, but he had already thought about the article he wanted to write.
A hero who saved the city team also saved a person’s life … What a great news stunt!
Moreover, there has always been a tendency to demonize the winners in the media. He naturally hopes that through this news report, how many winners can save some prestige.
"He is really something, Mr. Mediano!" Accompanying Carlos Mediano was an intern reporter, who was obviously infected by the present atmosphere. He stared with big eyes and paid tribute to Mediano.
"Of course he is great, boy, ha!" Mediano laughed and was in a good mood.
Rushing firefighters and police soon took the suicide away, and when he left, he did not forget to look back meaningfully at Changsheng.
However, Changsheng didn’t notice it, because at that time he was rubbing his balls in a very indecent posture. Because he found that after sitting on the hard ground for a long time, not only his ass was numb, but even his balls were numb.
He was worried that it would affect the quality of his sexual life, so he kept rubbing it there to warm up his most precious things.
Garcia, a policeman, wanted to thank Changsheng, but he was embarrassed to see Changsheng frowning and rubbing his balls while looking down, so he had to sneak away …
When Kate Gracie was taken downstairs, reporters flocked to interview him, and the intern reporter beside Mediano shouted, "What did you often say to you in class?"
Although he asked a good question, Gracie didn’t answer him. In fact, he didn’t answer anyone’s question, whether it was a level question or a nonsense question.
He was taken away soon.
He needs to cooperate and make some statements before he can leave.
But this is no longer a matter.
Kate Gracie, sitting in the police, looked back at the apartment she had picked by mistake.
If he chose other buildings, maybe he has lost his life now and become a cold and ugly corpse on the ground.
When reporters can’t interview the suicide, they want to interview the hero who saves lives.
However, at this time, Lemon stood in front of the door of the apartment, with a posture of "and while one man guards it ten thousand cannot force it".
"This is a private residence, please respect private privacy. Journalists are not welcome to enter here without permission … "
Lemon thinks he can beat so many reporters at the same time. He is so handsome!
Changsheng has no time to care about the noise and noise downstairs.
He is more concerned about the happiness of his later life and lower body.
That’s all that matters.
So when he returned to his room, he quickly turned on the computer.

When Lin Qing saw Qin Qian flying in, she tried to get up while lying down, but she was unable to move. She sincerely thanked "Thank you for this time, Uncle, otherwise I would have run."

"Should" Qin Qian see Lin Qing covered in blood injury is very serious frowned slightly.
He bent down to gently hug Lin Qing and said, "Dan medicine to heal first."
Lin Qing thought that she really needed Dan medicine to treat trauma, but it was a pity that she was inconvenient to take medicine at present.
I was just about to ask Qin Qian for help.
Qin Qian had thought before her that I didn’t know when there were two pills in his hand. He just hesitated to hold her jaw, but he put the pills in her mouth very quickly.
Lin Qing was forced to return to her senses. The elixir was in her mouth and she thought of one thing. The medicine was in her stomach.
Although there has been speculation, Lin Qing still confirmed with a straight face, "Uncle Qin, what Dan medicine did you just give me?"
"Rehabilitate Dan and rejuvenate Dan" Qin Qian answered.
Qin Qian thinks that these two kinds of pills are just right for Lin Qing now.
Hearing this answer, Lin Qing simply wants to sing a long song and cry to repair Dan. Of course, there is no problem and rejuvenate Dan …
Uncle Qin, I really appreciate your saving me, but can you give me laxatives all the time without pressing the button?
Chapter 41 I may be a fake monk
She quickly called the May 4th Movement "May 4th Movement!"! Get me behind that big stone? "
May 4th lazy way "do what?"
"Do what? I took a tonic! " Lin Qing wants to cry.
May 4th Movement suddenly reacted and fluttered its wings and flew behind Lin Qing, and unexpectedly picked up her collar from Qin Qian’s arms and left.
Lin Qing’s forehead jumped wildly with her collar stuck, and she looked at Qin Qian with a look of incomprehension. "Uncle Qin, please wait here and I’ll explain it to you later …"
"I’ll go with the main silver." Jujube quickly flew over and picked up her foot, so the posture was even more weird.
Qin Qian, look at the embrace and shout. It’s two hours away from one person.
He wanted to go back, but when he saw Lin Qing’s hot and awkward appearance, he put away his knowledge and stopped.
After coming to Dashi, Lin Qing was full of sweat, and her mind moved from Sumeru to fly out of an array and a bottle of Dan medicine.
"May 4th, this is an isolated array. Please help me enter the spiritual inspiration before you put me in." Just in case she has a variety of arrays, today she really chose this isolated array of gods, sights, smells and sounds. Lin Qing is more fortunate than being prepared for a rainy day.
May 4th nodded and acted immediately.
She said to Jujube, "Jujube, you beat the cover of Dan medicine and take out Dan medicine for me."
Jujube obediently took out the medicine and asked Lin Qing to "master silver, is this your second refining mutation pill?"
"I can do it now."
"But Master Yin, you said that this Dan medicine hurts after eating."
"Very period can endure" Lin Qing endured abdominal pain grind way
What’s the pain? If you don’t eat this time, it will be the shadow of her generation!
This Dan medicine was named Xunfu Dan by her. It is a variant Dan refined when she was refining and repairing Dan. It can make people recover their mobility in a short time, but after half an hour, the injury will be heavier. At the same time, it is barely a tiger-wolf medicine to endure double pain. Of course, this Dan medicine can restore the injury and cannot increase the monk’s spiritual strength.
After taking the medicine, she can feel better, lose strength and recover quickly.
Lin Qing was driven out of the array by her after she entered the isolation array during the May 4th Movement.
Lin Qing endured the pain for a while, and she was finally shaking.
A few years ago, I was trapped and didn’t eat some food because I was greedy, and there were not many impurities in my body.
After being solved, she meditated for half an hour and tried to restore some aura.
Although this place is barren, it is particularly rich in aura.
Spiritual power is introduced into the body, and it is more refined and pure through bead feedback. Since the second advancement, she feels that the cultivation speed is faster.
Lin Qing, a quiet worker at Dantian Pearl, stared at it.
There is no big change in the appearance of Zhu. What surprises will Zhu bring to her after experiencing the thunder robbery?
Lin Qing smiled some warm heart.
Now is not the time to explore it. Lin Qing put away her curiosity and closed her eyes to continue meditation.
The dark clouds outside the array seem to be brewing a disaster.
May 4th and Jujube set stones waiting for Lin Qing, while Qin Qian also meditated at the other end.
It is every short time that he sweeps his eyes in the direction of the big stone with his eyes open.
It must be a hindrance for her two spirits and beasts to take a leisurely rest on the stone.
Looking up to heaven, Qin Qian flashed doubts in his heart.
He has been in this place for nearly four hours. During these four hours, it has been like a thunderstorm, but the humidity is not enough to form rain. Besides, he has never seen a thunderstorm brewing take so long.
This place is different …
Tick-tock soon approached half an hour. Lin Qing left the array with a little recovery of aura.
Seeing that Lin Qing abandoned the array and ignored her, she was still pale. Before the May Fourth Movement, she asked, "Can it be solved?"
Lin Qing nodded. "My injury will be more serious in half an hour. I want to leave this area for healing and restoring my aura before leaving. If you encounter special circumstances, please take me for a ride. Now we are back in the same place. I am inexplicably confused about leaving Qin Shishu."
She didn’t really recover from her injury, and she had to pay a price for taking strong medicine.
May 4th picked up her collar and left without saying anything.
"Cough 54 times, can you choose a comfortable angle?"
One person and two children flew in from a distance. Qin Qian opened his eyes and got up.
Qin Qian felt a sense of joy when he saw her hanging in a depressed expression, but when he got closer, he noticed that something was wrong.
Judging from the smell, the injury is getting worse?
Qin Qian reacted quickly. If there is no foreign enemy, it must be Lin Qing. Everyone has a chance to cultivate immortality. If she doesn’t, he won’t take the initiative to ask.
May 4th Movement put Lin Qing on her side of the stone wall and frowned. "Just now, there were some special circumstances that worried Uncle Shi."
Qin Qian shook his head and said, "Does the injury matter?" Seeing her face getting paler, Qin Qian asked, "Does it hurt?"
As soon as the words were exported, he felt that he was a little silly about this question. Lin Qing had a tough personality and would not declare it even if he was in pain.
I don’t know, in a flash, she nodded her head and commented seriously on "super pain!"
Qin Qian "…"
He cleared his throat. "I have a panacea to reduce the pain …" He said the medicine bottle and flew out of the bag.
Lin Qing frightened "Don’t ShiShu this pain is nothing! I don’t need to take medicine at all! "
She was so nervous that Qin Qian was puzzled for a moment.
He soon realized that the former Lin Qing had an abnormal prescription.
"Ahem" to prevent Qin Qian from doing bad things again, this secret should not only be known by this tight-lipped person, but also hinder Lin Qing from looking at Qin Qian. "Uncle Qin, I may be a fake monk because … all the panacea supplements are mainly … sewage for me."
Qin Qianjun’s face was dull for a moment.
A magic remedy?

Wang LAN

It turned out to be Wang Lan!
Xu narrowed his eyes.
Xu has long felt that Wang Lan is not ordinary, and now Wang Lan really confirms his idea that Wang Lan is not ordinary.
Xu is not a little old man’s opponent. How can Wang Lan resist the little old man’s offensive if he has a congenital mid-level state on the surface?
Either Wang Lan has never been an ordinary person; Either he’s not really Wang Lan.
There are so many kinds of Yi techniques in Jianghu that it is really possible for some people to make Yi into Wang Lan, but the question is who he really is.
Why does he want to play Wang Lan and save Xu?
People know that
The little old man’s dark eyes seemed to have a look of fear, because he didn’t believe that anyone could withstand his offensive, and he didn’t believe that his peak blow was easily broken by one person.
This palm holding his wrist is like a firm iron clamp, which makes him unable to move at all.
Wang Lanxiao looked at the little old man and said, "Do you think you are wrong? You said that we will lose. Who will lose now? "
Wang Lan’s "unpredictability" is completely beyond the imagination of the little old man.
The black fog in the little old man’s eyes seemed to roll and surge, and he seemed to think about the possibility of escape route. But at this moment, the little old man’s mouth suddenly opened wide and he couldn’t say a word. He didn’t have to talk anymore because he had already said it.
The little old man’s hand is still in Wang Lan’s hand, but the little old man’s head has been physically separated.
A bloody knife was thrown aside by Wang Lan.
"If this thoughtful puppet zombie continues to live, it will be a big disaster for Wulin. Now that I’ve caught him, it’s simply a matter of saving a lot of trouble if I can’t give him a chance to escape and kill him directly."
Xu stared at Wang Lan’s eyes with deep doubts and shock.
He wondered who Wang Lan really was and was shocked that Wang Lan simply decided.
You know, there have been many things that Wang Lan said in history. Many people can kill their opponents because of too much nonsense and give them too much breathing space, so that they have the ability or opportunity to reverse the situation. Wang Lan would never do such a stupid thing.
Since I’m going to kill you, I’ll just kill you without talking so much nonsense.
The little old man is really dead.
People around opened their mouths again.
The ups and downs of life are really too exciting, so exciting that people can hardly slow down.
Xu looked at Wang Landao in surprise. "Are you not Wang Lan?"
Wang Lan looked at Xu and laughed. "Who am I if I’m not Wang Lan?"
Xu said, "If you are Wang Lan, how can you be relegated to a primary institution?"
Wang Lan laughed. "I just entered the junior organization because I want to see you."
Xu said, "Look at me? See what I do? "
Wang Lan said with a smile, "A friend told me that he accepted a very good apprentice’s office and I just wanted to see you."
"Friends? Apprentice? "
Xu suddenly eyes a bright way "that mysterious swordsman is your friend? The one who taught me to walk with the sword? "
Wang Lan smiled slightly "mysterious swordsman? It’s an interesting nickname … but he seems to have said that he taught you to walk with the sword and say goodbye, not to say that if I’ve seen enough, I’m finished with a worry and I’m leaving. "
When Wang Lan said he wanted the little old man to die, the little old man really died
When Wang Lan said she was leaving, she actually left directly.
Wang Lan didn’t say goodbye to Xu, but she just disappeared from Xu’s sight.
Even now, I still look stupid.
Wang Lan is just a friend of the mysterious swordsman. Is it necessary for Zhou Zhang to visit him?
Besides, Wang Lan came to see me and left him alone. What’s the matter if you don’t settle your worries?
What on earth did this Wang Lan come to see me for?
He said he was coming to see his friend’s apprentice, but it must not be that simple and it can’t be that simple.
But even if you know that things are not simple, you really don’t know what the truth is.
The only thing Xu can do now is to accept this sudden victory and bear the favor of saving his life.
Xu shouted at the same stupidly Baishan elders and others, "What are you still doing? Hurry up and harvest the battlefield?"
All this is to react roar loud and kill into the battlefield.
At the moment, there is Zhang Yin here in the three magic religions. One person is dead with Nuchihar and the little old man is dead. After the little old man is dead, it is really a one-sided trend to persuade puppet zombies to be manipulated and fight.
The number of people killed by the three demons in flight is even more unknown.
The Wulin side won a great victory.
Xu’s performance was outstanding.
This is really a lucky day for my fellow Wulin in Bohai and Shanghai, because the Wulin in Bohai and Shanghai was almost taken by the three magic religions.
Xu’s arrival has given them a new life, and Xu Hengshan’s status as the head of the martial arts has also been strengthened.
Of course, it is not important for Xu to complete the assignment of primary institutions, but to complete the sixth main line
The sixth main line can become more powerful by giving rewards through limiting the system.
After the battle, Xu immediately borrowed a room from the elders of Baishan to break through in the name of rest.
"Congratulations to the host for completing the sixth main line!"
"Reward experience is worth two million"
"Reward loading force index 200 points"
"Reward the second hidden prop in Qiwulin Prop Mall"
"Congratulations on the host upgrade"
"Host Xu"
"Excellent Grade Three"
"Experience 31671/4"
"Limit 15"
"Loading force index 2"
"prodigal index 3"
"Wulin Index 39"
"Congratulations to the host for upgrading the third hidden item in the limited item mall"
"Congratulations to the host for getting the third hidden prop in the limited prop mall-water control"
"Congratulations to the host for getting the second hidden prop of Wulin Mall-Tonghe Dafa"
Xu’s eyes are getting brighter and brighter. "Buy water control."
"It takes 200,000 experience points to buy water control. Is it confirmed by the host?"
"Congratulations to the host for learning to control water. You can control water with your mind."

Like Min Jing, high-end women in fashion, entertainment, charity and media attract much attention. They talk about moonlight spa, aurora in Iceland, health preservation and maintenance …

I can’t get a word in except for eating.
In the cold master’s instigation to add fuel to the flames, the wedding son who was interrupted by Lengxiao’s birthday party came out again.
Min Jing shyly responded to Lengxiao’s cold face and remained silent all the time.
And Bao Qi is very entangled.
She was so humbled by this meal!
"Xiao qi usually have a holiday where to play? Swiss skiing? Greece sees the seaside scenery or goes to the glacier to explore? "
Buried in bitter eating treasure and purity, I was almost choked by the words of this’ future aunt’
Miss her? I just want to say that she has no knowledge …
However, she was not ashamed to grow up barefoot in the village.
It’s also a shame to lose your family, not her.
"Sorry I haven’t been anywhere."
"Well, I’ll take you to Hawaii for a holiday when you finish the college entrance examination, okay?"
Ya entered the second aunt state so soon?
Bao Qi put chopsticks and touched her belly with a smile. It’s quite faceless to smile. "Hawaii, I don’t want to hear about the recent American hurricane. I don’t want to be a children’s pig’s foot in a disaster film … swept away by the wind and didn’t even recognize the body …"
No one can understand anything except Lengxiao.
Then she glanced at the heavy-faced man and got up and went out of the restaurant.
I didn’t expect her to be so direct. She pulled the corners of her mouth and found a step.
"Xiaoqi’s personality is very interesting!"
Treasure jade unnatural smile "small Jing you don’t mind this girl so eccentric …"
"No, no, no, no children." Smiling and shaking his head, Min Jing glanced at the crowd with a soft face and said, "By the way, the police later asked me to interrogate the waitress with apple juice, not to mention that she really looks like Xiaoqi …"
"What?" Treasure inlaid jade to draw a gasp.
She licked her lips and smiled gracefully and said, "Hehe, don’t be nervous. It’s just a bit like it … when it’s not true!"
Miss Min’s eyes are dark and cold. The owl’s eyes are always cold and sharper than the blade. The sound is cold and frightening. "It’s better to be cautious, don’t you think?"
The atmosphere was immediately low, and his momentum was too cold and aggressive.
"… sorry" lift lift lip MinJing eyes flashing.
Glancing at her coldly, Lengxiao didn’t speak again, and the second one left the table after Baoqi.
The rest looked at each other.
Treasure inlaid jade mood ups and downs and cold master eyes dark and dark.
At night, the cold house was silent.
After a day, Baoqi finally couldn’t hold back!
It is rare for Lengxiao to stay at home for a day without a chance to talk to him. She scratched her heart and lungs.
After sneaking around and knocking on the door twice, he ignored her, so she just turned over from the windowsill of her room.
Nai, the distance between the windowsills of the two rooms is too far, and it’s hard to climb over …
His window is tight!
Looking at the dark sky with her head tilted at 45 degrees, she looked sad. Her hands climbed on the windowsill and her feet trembled.
Amitabha, don’t fall short, but before he could conquer, he was dead!
Holding her voice, she whispered, "Uncle, help …"
Uncle Owl was lying on the soft couch by the window watching, and suddenly he came out of the window and shouted, which startled him.
He was so shocked that he couldn’t wait to strangle this little thing.
Third floor!
Little darlings are really fat!
Holding hands around his waist, he carefully carried her from the windowsill.
Gee …
His soft body fell into his arms and he breathed a long breath.
His hands were tight and his arms were tight. He was so strong that he almost broke her waist.

In addition to supporting his disciples off the court, Chang Sheng also continued to trust Gotze on the court.

In the 13th league match with [opponent to be investigated], mario gotze continued to start.
And Gotze knows exactly what kind of support his boss needs.
In this game, he was very active and finally scored a goal and an assist.
Help Lazio beat [opponents to be checked] 4-1.
After the game, Chang Sheng proudly said: "When Dortmund’s Gotze was still unknown in the youth team, Lazio’s Gotze has become the hottest player in Europe. This is why Lazio’s Gotze is smarter than Dortmund’s Gotze. "
If Gotze’s performance in this game is poor, these media will have something to say.
But it happened that Gotze’s performance in this game was very good …
This makes those journalists who have the intention to say something unpleasant to make them sick and always win don’t know how to open their mouths.
Especially the German media.
They felt as if they had been slapped by Chang Sheng and Gotze …
After this game, the Italian media also stood up to speak for Gotze and Changsheng.
Although they are always winning, the contest with the German media is a struggle between countries, so they naturally want to help their teams.
"Players have the freedom to move. As long as there is no contract with the other side, they can go to a better team for them. Gotze’s performance proved how correct he was when he chose to come to Lazio. "
"I don’t understand what the German media have to complain about. Did Gotze become an Italian player after he came to Lazio, and no longer play for Germany? Shouldn’t a real German fan be genuinely happy to see him doing well in Lazio? Our players have proved their abilities in other countries’ leagues, which just shows the strength of German youth training, which is a matter of great honor for German football … Why are there so many people abusing Gotze? Oppose him to go to Lazio? "
"Lazio is a robber? According to the regulations of FIFA, they paid compensation of up to 800,000 euros to Dortmund Club, and there was no legal problem for them to get Gotze. And I think Lazio has a lot more conscience than Manchester United. What if Lazio only gave Dortmund 35,000 pounds? What will they say? "
The wind of public opinion has turned …
Chapter 56 The reborn Inter Milan
As Chang Sheng expected, there is no more introduction of Gotze in Manchester United.
Obviously, when they realize that Gotze really came to Lazio because he worships himself, then they don’t have to waste time and expression on Chang Sheng.
For those players who don’t have a professional contract, the most important factor for them to leave or stay in their original club is the player’s own will.
If a player is willing to go, then no one can stop him.
But the opposite is also true. If the players themselves don’t want to leave, it is useless to promise more benefits.
Gotze is a typical representative.
If he is really like what he says, then it is meaningless for Manchester United to contact him directly.
He won’t come.
In this way, the soap opera about Gotze was completely over.
After the Genoa match, Lazio ushered in the penultimate round of the Champions League group match at home.
Their opponent is Marseille.
Lazio won the game 1-0 at home, and the winning team did not send all the main players, but rotated.
Players like candreva and Gill all started.
What makes Changsheng so relaxed is that after Lazio beat Atletico Madrid 9-0 at home, it has already won the qualifying right as the first in the group in advance-not only the group qualifying, but also the first in the group.
After four rounds of group matches, Lazio scored 12 points and Atletico Madrid scored six points.
Lazio are six points ahead of Atletico Madrid in the last two rounds of group matches. Even if Atletico Madrid wins in the last two rounds, Lazio loses all, and both sides have the same points. Atletico Madrid will also be at a disadvantage because of the winning or losing relationship with Lazio.
So Lazio secured the first place in the group.
In the next game, Changsheng intends to use it to train new people.
Because there are still several players in this Lazio who have never participated in the Champions League, it is with an eye to the future to accumulate experience in the Champions League for them.
Because there is no worry about the future, all the players are relaxed.
But relaxation and relaxation are different.
Don’t think that Lazio can take advantage of relaxation. In fact, Lazio’s tactical play can only exert its true maximum power when they relax.

On Sunday, when the true qi turns, the whole body suddenly emits milky flame, and the eyes suddenly open in the depths of the eye pupil with a layer of milky flame, and the whole eye socket is milky light.

Hands stretched out, tens of thousands of firm but gentle ways of girls’ literature condensed in the palm of your hand. Looking at Wang Xing, it’s still that confused look. "Wang Xing, wake up, stop indulging in evil forces. Wake up quickly." Deep in the eye pupil, it emits a layer of shiny and bright light. When everything in heaven and earth touches his eyes, the spirit is shocked and bald, and new things actually grow.
"The pupil of God’s eye" The ghost face exclaimed and looked at Sunday with disbelief. "How could he come up with the pupil of God?" There was a little bit of fear in the depths of the eye pupil.
Wang Xing’s breath is violent. When he touches the shiny eyes, his eyes are confused and his eyes exude a crystal clear luster. There is a bit of light shining in the darkness of his mind, but just a mass of red evil spirits, which makes the whole world of gods upside down. Wang Xing also writhed in pain in the middle and made a whining sound.
Whitestorm was surprised to see that Sunday’s "eye pupil surgery" had an impact on Wang Xing. By removing the blood symbol in this way, the control power would be weakened a lot, and even it would be broken by "eye pupil surgery" and Wang Xing would regain his sanity.
I couldn’t help cursing, "Mom A’s eye pupil technique is so powerful." To this end, I have achieved the four major Wu Shen, and I don’t want to entangle the regeneration details.
With a wave of his hand, he issued a bloody seal to regain control of Wang Xing’s mind. When he stopped drinking "Come back", he issued a great suction from his body and sucked Wang Xing back into a special one.
On Sunday, when I saw that Wang Xing was once again controlled by Whitestorm, I knew that the whole plan of Bai Feng was very important. If it was obtained by Whitestorm, Wang Xing’s hermaphroditism merged with Jin Mu’s five different attributes of fire, water and soil, the whole modern practice world would suffer a devastating blow.
As soon as the posture of "shifting and transposition" was displayed in my heart, the man whooshed up to Whitestorm, clapped his hands and shouted angrily, "Leave Wang Xinghe and the four Wu Shen."
Whitestorm see Sunday didn’t inspire the power of fire phoenix girl literature, he has the ability of world war I heart is afraid of hey hey sneer at a way "do you have this thing" a palm split out xuan gas attack proved to be sharp than.
Rao is Sunday, and now twenty percent of the power of the fire phoenix has broken out for Whitestorm’s attack, and Xuan Qi also dare not ask for a big step to take a hard step, and the posture of "shifting and transposition" has arrived at Whitestorm’s right hand behind him, holding a huge sword balloon, heavenly sword, firm but gentle as a meteor, and being forcibly compressed together is even more destructive.
Whitestorm’s cold eyes stared at the mysterious atmosphere surrounding the "Tianmen Shield", and the first update of Tianmen girls’ literature stood in front of him like Mount Tai.
Zhou Tianyou wanted to destroy Whitestorm’s "Tianmen Shield" again, but his true qi was not yet transformed into Xuanqi method, and his pure gas kept moving twice a day. "Eye pupil surgery" was his extreme, and he continued to move it with a little gas.
"Bang" tearing explosion blew the whole valley trembling, firm but gentle blaster everywhere, trees and rocks collapsed a lot.
On Sunday, heavenly sword firm but gentle hit the first Tianmen of "Tianmen Shield" and smashed the first Tianmen, and then firm but gentle fell on the second Tianmen again, which was the first time to update girls’ literature, but at this time, the rebound force was far greater than the strength he gave.
Strong rebound force shock Sunday "ah" a bellow people directly fly out feet just a great strength hit push push back a teether qi sound just * * strength to resist this great strength rebound.
Whitestorm repelled Sunday when they got to one point. With a wave of his sleeve, he exchanged a look with the old man’s ghost face and shouted "Let’s go". The ghost face and Zhao-yang Qin quickly disappeared into the valley.
"Damn" Sunday hates to lock the door of different degrees before thinking about it, but he doesn’t have the ability to do so. Secondly, when he reaches the door of different degrees, Whitestorm, the three of them have already disappeared and disappeared, so they can’t catch up with him. He retired and stamped his feet to regret it.
Mu Qiaomian was worried before saying, "Whitestorm will soon exhibit his plot when he gets the four Wu Shen. We must ask for help from the lecherous fairy and the three Chinese gods, or the whole fix-up world will be gone."
All the conspiracies on Sunday suddenly went in vain. The real meaning of this point is to divert the tiger from the mountains. The lecherous fairy and the three Chinese gods are guarding in the northwest to prevent the magic seal from being broken. The ten thousand-year-old devil came out to communicate with the modern world and the channel was opened.
If Bai Fengli brings back the lecherous fairy and the three Chinese gods, then the whole northwest defense force will become a true state. At this time, no matter what action the day organization has, people can resist it
Moreover, since Whitestorm’s personality and acting style have been obtained by the four Wu Shen and Wang Xing’s yin and yang plus the elite of modern practice, it is impossible to leave without taking action.
That is to say, their real purpose is not to destroy the power of the whole modern science of uniting, but to force the lecherous immortals and the three Chinese gods to return to China to break the magic seal and release the eternal demon king when they control the northwest, so as to communicate with the modern world channel of the mainland.
It’s really a deep plan, and it’s really a malicious means to introduce many people step by step, which puts the whole practice world in a dilemma.
If the lecherous immortals and the three Chinese gods return to China, they will start work on the northwest magic seal. At that time, no one can stop them.
If the lecherous immortals and the three Chinese gods don’t pay back, the whole modern science of uniting will suffer a devastating blow. After that, the northwest magic seal will lose its continuous support, and it can still be broken by lecherous immortals and others in the future.
Saving now is not saving, nor is it that the times are more uneasy.
Sunday flatly shouted, "No, Whitestorm’s real intention is to divert the tiger from the mountain. The root of their plan is not in the modern practice world, but the lascivious fairy and the three Chinese gods just want to lead these strong people back to rescue us so that they can break the magic seal from the ground and communicate with the mainland to fix the truth. The situation will be even worse."
Bai Minyi said, "But if we don’t ask for help from the lecherous fairy and the three gods of China, all of us will die. I suggest asking for help from the lecherous fairy and the three gods of China immediately to save the immediate crisis and then talk about it afterwards."
Mu Qiao’s eyes were tight and Zou pondered for a long time. "I agree with Bai Fengyi on Sunday. Now it’s very clear that we can’t fall into his trap any more. If we really ask the lascivious fairy and the three Chinese gods for help, it will inevitably cause the whole northwest defense force to be taken advantage of by malicious people, and the consequences will be unimaginable."
"But but we" White public opinion also want to say?
Muqiao coldly interrupted Bai’s public opinion and said, "I know what you want to say, but I want to tell you that it is more important to protect the northwest than the lives of us. It is our responsibility to deal with Whitestorm. Don’t blame others."
Zhou Tiandao said, "It’s true that we admire the old-timers and it’s our duty to protect the modern forces of fixing the truth. Now we must learn to save ourselves and not shift the blame to others whenever we encounter danger."
White public opinion looked bad and snorted, "Since this is the case, I have nothing to say." I brushed my sleeves and left in anger.
Guan Fei and Nangong Yao looked at each other, and ha ha a smile followed the white opinion.
Muqiao looked at the white public opinion and suddenly sighed, "I hope it’s not him."
On Sunday, I couldn’t help but ask, "What do you hope is not him?"
Muqiao said, "This incident makes people feel very strange that Whitestorm should find the four frozen places in Wu Shen in such a short time unless someone tipped him off."
Zhou Tiandao’s "predecessors were suspicious of white public opinion"
Muqiao said, "I’m not sure if he is the frozen four places in Wu Shen. There are four of us who know that in other words, one of the four of us must be a spy."
Chapter one hundred and seventy-nine Yanjing was attacked
Girls’ literature
On Sunday, I also felt the seriousness of the matter. The four big families are almost the core strength of the whole modern science of uniting. The four big families are the householders. It can be said that the bad influence brought by one of these four people is absolutely difficult to estimate.
It is very likely that all parties’ efforts to fix the truth will lose cohesion, and the alliance of fixing the truth will fall apart. Don’t say that a certain faction or family force in the modern science of uniting will resist the mainland forces of fixing the truth, such as Whitestorm, ghost face and others, and they will both lose their strength.
Zhou Tiandao said, "Don’t startle the elder for the time being. Let’s just stay put. After all, the bad influence is too great and we must be cautious."
Muqiao was surprised to see Sunday’s girls’ literature updated for the first time. Looking at his mature face and clear and bright eyes, I really can’t believe that a person under twenty would say such insightful words.
I sighed in my heart, "How many cultivation bosses are not hundreds of years old, but who has this child to see through? Maybe the future world needs them to create."
Nodded and said, "I think so, too. At present, the most important thing is to solve the immediate crisis and let’s go and see others first."
Zhou Tiandao’s "good" followed Muqiao, and they soon reached the top of the mountain. Without walking a few steps, the girl literature heard Xia Lan breathing a little, so she saw her lead the patrol to catch up.
Xia Lan came running with joy when he saw the figure on Sunday. He just wanted to jump into Sunday’s arms, but he saw Muqiao standing aside cheerfully and smiling. "We immediately rushed over when we received your distress signal, but it took a lot of time to find the direction. How is it now?"
Muqiao shook his head with a wry smile. "Nothing will be known later."
At this moment, the pager next to Xia Lan rang and naturally took it out and said to the pager, "I am Xia Lan’s girl literature. What can I do for you?"
A hurried voice from the other end is Mu Ting.
"Sister Lan, I’m Mu Ting. I have an emergency to tell Sunday. Do you know where he is?"
Xia Lan took a look at Sunday and said, "Christine, sister, don’t worry. Sunday is by my side now. Have something to say to me."
Mu Ting said in a hurry, "Just received from Xu Bing, commander-in-chief of the Yanjing Military Region, that many important department officials were hit hard in Yanjing area, and suddenly a division of troops gathered around to launch a military attack on Yanjing area."
"What girls’ literature" Xia Lan was so calm that she suddenly heard such a news and was shocked. "Sister Ting, don’t worry. Is there anything else?"
Muting said, "Commander Xu has asked the National Security Bureau for help because it is said that there are a large number of practitioners and the troops of that division appear very strange, almost because the firepower is quite fierce. Commander Xu ordered the existing army to carry out strong resistance, but he was unable to maintain order in Yanjing."
Xia Lan said, "Okay, I know what’s going on."
Muting said, "Now Director Fu Yi of the National Security Bureau has been working with Feng Lao to find Zhou Tianling to lead the patrol to assist Commander Xu."
Xia Lan said, "Tell Fu Director that we will arrive soon."
Muting said "good" and hung up the pager.
Xia Lan also put away the pager and turned to look at Zhou Tiangang to speak. On Sunday, he simply said, "I heard you stop talking." Zou’s eyebrows tightened.
Muqiao said, "God, did you see something?"
Zhou Tiandao "before we came to Yanjing, we received news that a certain country in Whitestorm was trading a large number of arms with Penglai people, but it was later found that it was not, and we didn’t expect that Whitestorm could equip a division with such a huge amount of arms."
Muqiao said, "Don’t they just sneak up on Yanjing by doing this?"
Sunday shook his head and said, "I don’t think it’s that simple. What kind of person is Whitestorm? How can he look at Xiao Yanjing? I’m afraid he has his meaning in doing so."
Muqiao said profoundly, "It’s true that things are crazy in vain. He won’t do anything, and there must be a hidden plot. Now let’s not think so much and go to see the director and Feng Lao and see what news they will bring us."
Zhou Tiandao "good" ordered Xia Lan to keep a few patrol members on alert. After these, Xia Lan followed Muqiao and walked towards the conference room together.

No one can understand this gesture except the players in getafe.

This is the secret code invented by Changsheng himself.
Not much yet, just a few important instructions need this gesture.
This is a constant victory in order to avoid shouting, so that the opponents next to it can also hear their own arrangements.
He had already told the players at halftime. What to do if you score in the second half. We should continue to launch a fierce offensive, and try to score another goal before the other side knows what happened, so as to change from backwardness to lead!
He emphasized it again with gestures, fearing that the players would be too excited to forget it, or that there would be disunity of ideas. Some people wanted to continue scoring goals, while others wanted to talk about it later.
This time can’t be delayed!
Seeing the head coach’s gesture, getafe players also made clear the next task.
Getafe’s offensive has intensified.
Certa is in chaos.
In addition to their own minds have not yet unified thinking, this confusion is also related to their head coach.
Victor Fernandez hasn’t figured out how to deal with the sharp counterattack of winning constantly.
Actually, he’s not in a hurry. There’s still time. It is impossible for the opponent to score another goal in two or three minutes, which is almost as likely as the chance that he will be hit in the head by something thrown by a quarrelling couple upstairs when he leaves.
So he doesn’t have to worry, he can think about it slowly. Try to be considerate … He’s cautious.
However, he pondered over this issue, frowning and acting like a "thinker".
His players are in chaos.
There is no latest instruction from the head coach, and they don’t know what to do.
When they began to face getafe’s offensive, they found themselves struggling!
Victor Fernandez thinks it is impossible for his team to concede two goals in a few minutes.
And this is exactly what getafe is committed to!
They know very well why Chang Sheng arranged this.
Because in terms of absolute strength, they are not as good as Certa, even if the opponent is a substitute.
Their only chance to win is to completely break through each other’s psychological defense with a goal, and then take advantage of the chaos to go to the next city!
After taking the lead, retreat immediately and use their reinforced concrete defense to resist the opponent’s offensive again and again.
Until the end of the game.
This is the strategy that Changsheng has arranged for them. It is simple and not unusual.
However, because it is very suitable for the specific situation of this game, it can play a role.
Otherwise, no matter how excellent the strategy is, if it can’t be applied to practice, it’s just an armchair strategist.
Because they know very well that this is the only way they can beat their opponents, so everyone has no hesitation in implementing it!
They are firm in heart and more firm in behavior.
Such a team with clear goals, knowing what to do and how to do it, meets a team with scattered fighting spirit, which is like a loose sand. Isn’t that no suspense?
Three minutes.
Only three minutes later, getafe’s attack hit Certa’s door again.
In fact, these three minutes are very short for the audience, but they are extremely long for the Certa players on the field!
They feel as if they have played three games.
Getafe seems to score goals in every attack.
This is getafe that they have never met before!