Meng is still curious to open the jade box.

When the jade box was opened, the whole room was covered with a strange fragrance of magnolia, which made everyone feel refreshed and refreshed, and everyone could not help but practice inhaling.
There are petals of orchids lying quietly in the jade box, trembling slightly, and the snow is white and pure, giving people a sense of lofty dust.
"The name of this thing is Xianlan, which is a fairy herb. It is very soft and mellow. It is easy to be absorbed by an herb, but it takes a long time. Its function is to fix the body and expel impurities, which is enough to make up for your slow cultivation speed. The drug effect can last until you practice 70 degrees."
This herb was given to Oscar by Tang San in the original work, so that Oscar’s food soulmate can always maintain a very fast cultivation speed, but now that this herb is in his hand, Oscar is naturally blessed.
Meng still can’t compare with Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing. Her martial spirit is worse than their practice speed. But with this fairy grass, Zhao Gen won’t worry about her practice speed before the soul saint.
And maybe Meng still has some changes in the quality of Wu Soul. After all, after Ning Rongrong got Xiancao, Wu Soul evolved. Meng still has a poor Wu Soul, and maybe it can really improve.
Listening to Zhao’s description, everyone was surprised.
"I can’t keep this fairy grass for yourself, can I?" Meng still lifted the lid and handed the herb to Zhao, who is so good in her heart that this fairy grass is more suitable for him.
"You take it. I’ve already eaten the fairy grass. This fairy grass is good for me. Eating too much will be harmful." Zhao Yixiao "Now you are all me and I don’t lose."
Listening to Zhao Hua, Meng still turned red and took the jade box and stopped pushing it.
Chapter 59 Acacia heartbroken red
Several women looked at each other and their eyes were eager. Ning Rongrong’s beautiful eyes looked at Zhao Jiao and said with a smile, "Zhao, don’t be biased."
"Don’t worry, I have always been exposed to rain and dew. This is for you." Zhao took out a fairy grass from the soul guide.
This is a strange fairy grass. The roots and leaves are all finely combed with vines, but the top is a golden tulip. The rich aroma gives people a magnificent feeling.
"The name of this thing is Kirara Tulip, which can absorb the essence of heaven and earth, the brilliance of the sun and the moon. Your Qibao glass tower belongs to the treasure class. With the help of this Kirara Tulip, you can achieve complementary effects. With this Xiancao, I think you will."
Ning Rongrong took the tulip from Kirara and kissed it in Zhao’s face.
"Hee hee Zhao, that’s very kind of you"
Meng still and Ning Rongrong got Xiancao, and Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing were left in the room.
It is an ordinary white flower. The flower is palm-sized and shaped like a peony, but the leaves are surprisingly red and bright as blood, which gives people a thrilling feeling.
"This grass is called Acacia heartbroken red, which is a treasure among fairy herbs. It also tells a story. A long time ago, there was a young man who cried at flowers day and night, and his heart was broken. Acacia heartbroken and he died. You see that deep red blood stain is the young man’s painstaking efforts."
"When picking flowers, you must think about your beloved lover’s sincerity, spit out one mouthful blood and sprinkle it on the petals. If you are a little half-hearted, even if you vomit blood and die, you will never pick the flowers, and you will never wither by this master."
Zhao Xi said that the story behind this lovesickness heartbroken red is whether it is a small dance or Zhu Zhuqing or whether Meng still has obtained the fairy grass and Ning Rongrong are obsessed. Looking at this fairy grass, there are some divine flashes in his eyes.
"Acacia heartbroken red and beautiful fairy grass" Meng still muttered and looked at this fairy grass, which was a bit stupid.
"Zhao, can I exchange gifts? I also want this fairy grass. "Ning Rongrong pouted and looked at Acacia heartbroken. She couldn’t help but say that Acacia heartbroken red represents a feeling and she naturally wants it.
"I give you this plant of Xiancao, which is the best for you. Maybe if you absorb this plant of Xiancao, you can evolve Qibao Glass Tower into Nine Treasures Glass Tower." Zhao Yixiao.
"It’s not that easy." Ning Rongrong’s beautiful eyes looked at Zhao, and she also knew that it was best to be suitable for herself, so she didn’t say anything more. She didn’t care about its efficacy for lovesickness heartbroken red, because only lovers could pick it. Being able to get it meant that her feelings for Zhao were pure and free of impurities.
How good would that be?
Everyone wants to prove himself like this in front of his lover.
"I’ll do it," Zhu Zhuqing said softly.
Zhao has long been in her heart, and if she can pick flowers successfully, she can prove it.
Thinking of Zhu Zhuqing walked towards the lovesickness heartbroken ahead.
"No, this fairy grass must belong to me." Xiaowu grabbed Zhu Zhuqing and pleaded, "Zhu Qing, just give me this fairy grass. I beg you."
Acacia heartbroken red is such a beautiful herb that I am crazy when I look at her.
And acacia heartbroken red can also test her feelings for Zhao without impurities.
In her heart, Zhao is the only one for her.
"Little Dance" Zhu Zhuqing looked at the little dance with some difficulty.
"Zhu Qing, let me have it, and I will fight for it this time." The little dance eyes looked up at Zhu Zhuqing with a hint of firmness in her tone.
"Well," Zhu Zhuqing’s firm expression on Xiaowu, though somewhat reluctant in his heart, still regressed. Xiaowu was the first person to know Zhao. They were just latecomers, but they couldn’t have been with Zhao if Xiaowu had not accepted them. Now Xiaowu has made this request. What else can she say?
"Okay, okay, I know you all love me. You don’t have to do this. It’s just a fairy grass." Zhao Brilliant smiled and looked at them vying for him to pick lovesickness and heartbroken red, with a little warmth in his heart.
He naturally knew that their feelings for him were pure.
After all, he and Zhu Qinglian did that step.
And Xiao Wu are also Xiao Wu, and now they are pregnant with him.
"Well," listen to the Zhao dialect, and all the women will stop fighting for it, but their eyes are still focused on the little dance and lovesickness.
The little dance slowly approached the moving and bloody peony acacia in front of her, and the little red hand gently stroked its petals, and her eyes were full of softness.
"Zhao, I love you"
Small dance eyes raised and closely watched Zhao as if Zhao was the only one in the world.
The movement of body and soul urges the little dance of qi and blood, and the lips gently open a mouthful of blood and spit on the petals.
Watching the lovesickness heartbroken, the red leaves the black stone and falls into the hands of Xiaowu Xianyu.
Zhu Zhuqing some blurred in their beautiful eyes looking at the little dance.
They just saw clearly that Xiao Wu’s eyes never left Zhao for a moment when she sprayed blood on her mouth. The gentle eyes that focused on them made them feel a little shocked.
Xiao Wu’s eyes are so pure when he looks at Zhao. Xiao Wu just spoke to Zhao, but also from the heart. Xiao Wu’s feelings for Zhao are absolutely the purest, sincere and flawless.
And that acacia heartbroken red has become the best witness.
"Zhao, is the story you just told true?" Small dance beautiful eyes looked up at Zhao with a sweet smile.
"Of course it’s true." Zhao smiled and held the little dance in his arms.
Although he knows that Xiaowu loves him very much, he can’t help but feel a little touched by his heart when he sees Xiaowu holding acacia heartbroken red in his hand. Xiaowu is really good.
Xiao Wu has a person in his heart.
So thinking about Zhao directly kissing Xiaowu in the past, Xiaowu still has some bloody taste in his mouth because he just vomited blood, but Zhao was unawares.
Nye is holding the little dance and her body is very strong as if to rub her into her side.
Feeling the gentle dance of Zhao also responded fiercely.
The whole portrait is like a clawed fish, locked in his waist.
Nye kissed for a long time before slowly letting go of the little dance.

A group of three people walked in the jungle with a double-headed egg, and there was more heat in the afterglow of the month, like a little spark in the air, which occasionally hit the face and hurt.

"Brother Da, how far is it?" Liao Jinghua asked when Dahuoji said it was not far away, but he didn’t expect to leave for more than a month and hasn’t arrived yet
"I don’t know. It shouldn’t be far away. Alas, it’s better to ride a five-color deer. It’s called a fast run." Da Huoji shook his head and smiled
"Wait" Liao Jinghua suddenly stopped and looked very strange.
"What’s the matter?" Da Huo Ji looked at Liao Jinghua’s strange face and asked.
Liao Jinghua didn’t speak, but quickly untied the bag she was carrying behind her back. At first, she was afraid of breaking the egg. Liao Jinghua spread several layers of skins in this bag, but she didn’t clip some leftover grass from the orcs to wrap the egg up. Just now Liao Jinghua felt the egg shaking a few times.
Liao Jinghua laid the bag on the ground, and the egg stood on the skin and occasionally shook. Liao Jinghua looked at each other in vain. What’s the matter? I’m afraid this small and big man seems to be coming out.
Xiao Ruan’s curiosity lay on the edge of his purse and stared at the egg closely. From time to time, he stretched out his tongue and licked his lips as if something would pop out and he could eat it with his mouth open.
Luo ….. A light ring cracked a grain, and a small hole also appeared in the cackling of the eggshell. There were more and more eggshell cracks, and finally a small egg cracked. A small double-headed man with a foot or more was holding an eggshell in the egg. Four pairs of dark and dark eyes looked at Liao Jinghua, Da Huoji and Xiao Ruan.
The little two-headed man has a cute pink face, a short hair and a shawl. The long hair is just born, and the characteristics of men and women are extremely obvious.
A blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare blare bla
"Sure enough, it’s amazing that a two-headed man who was born with a weapon must be very good at fighting," Da Huoji said in surprise
Liao Jinghua hasn’t spoken yet. The two heads stretched forward and looked at Liao Jinghua carefully. Liao Jinghua looked down at the trapped dragon lock. It’s nothing unusual.
"Ah, oh …" Small double-headed suddenly called out the sharp wooden stick and lifted it. Then the wooden stick became soft and constantly deformed, and the last three-foot long black chain was dragged by him in his hand. Liao Jinghua was trapped in a dragon lock, but it was just a little smaller than a trapped dragon lock. Small double-headed stupidly tried to wrap the chain around his shoulder, but this movement could not be done well.
Liao Jinghua wanted to think, got up and stretched out his hand to drag the trapped dragon lock. The little double-headed man really stared at Liao Jinghua with four pairs of eyes, but saw Liao Jinghua’s trapped dragon lock suddenly swishing around his shoulder with a wave of his hand.
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Chapter DiYiQi New pets
With a wave of his hand, the little double-headed man wrapped the white arm and the black chain around his shoulder and giggled.
"It’s … it’s amazing …" Liao Jinghua sighed.
"A magical race" Da Huoji also sighed.
"It’s delicious." Xiao Ruan sighed and got close to the two-headed man and smelled it carefully.
"Luo Luo Luo" the little two-headed man giggled and jumped up naked and fell into the soft arms of the small and medium-sized back.
Small soft holding small double-headed wait for a while looked at him. Small double-headed people also seem to like small soft that soft body hard to squeeze into small soft body giggling sound is very crisp and nice.
The little soft tongue stretched out with a swish and licked a mouthful of the little double-headed man, who was giggling and giggling. A pair of small hands tightly picked up a piece of the little soft body meat and grasped it in their hands. There was no fear at all.
"This little thing came out so soon. How can we get to the old fire with him? They are very tough with two-headed people, "said Da Huoji with some distress.
"It should be nothing, even if there is great hatred, it is not enough to scatter all this hatred on the child’s head." Liao Jinghua looked at the little double-headed man who was giggling in his small soft arms and said.
"Er … it’s also an old fire. No matter how bad they are, they really can’t be as knowledgeable as a newborn child, but it’s fun for me to see a two-headed newborn child for the first time." Da Huoji said and laughed.
The little double-headed man seems to have noticed that Da Huoji, perhaps an alien fix true person, was born with a sense of gap, which has become a kind of legacy. With a wave of his hand, the little double-headed man dragged the chain around his body to a three-foot chain and suddenly threw it at Da Huoji. The length was not strong enough. Although he was brave, he was too small to strike a spark with one finger, but Da Huoji never thought that this little double-headed man would dare to fight with him. Although the chain might not hit him, he was still scared to flash out for more than a dozen times.
"Brother Da will be as knowledgeable as a child." Liao Jinghua advised him in front of Da Huo Ji and Xiao Shuang-tou.
"Hum, if it weren’t for seeing that he was just born, he would have been stabbed to death with a finger." Da Huoji said bitterly.
Liao Jinghua gave a wry smile and looked back at the little double-headed man. The little double-headed man stared at a pair of black eyes without fear. Liao Jinghua looked at him and didn’t know what to fear when he was just born.
"Xiao Ruan, take good care of him. Remember that he is not eating something bad." Liao Jinghua said, "And don’t let him get hurt."
Small soft point head a soft body will be small double-headed people trapped in the body to leave a hole as big as a fist for small double-headed people to ventilate. Small double-headed people stick their heads out of that hole from time to time and then move other 16k, which is actually small soft and intimate.
"Brother Da walked away" Liao Jinghua saw that Da Huo Ji was still smiling angrily and pulling him away. Da Huo Ji snorted two times, which made him unwilling to take it with him.
"Brother, you said that the old fire is also an alien middleman? Didn’t you say that it’s not so good to fix the true alien? "Liao Jinghua said that while he was interested in the race of Lao Huo, he also wanted to divert Da Huo Ji’s attention. He, a man of several hundred years old, had to be angry with a newly born child.
"Alas, the old fire is quite complicated. The old fire is the leader of that tribe. In fact, they are not heterogeneous, but it’s about the same." Da Huoji said with a sigh
"oh? How is it? " Liao jinghua avenue
"In fact, they were all practitioners before, or Du Jie failed or dared not go to Du Jie, or they failed to soar in Mahayana, but they were not willing to go up in smoke. It has always been said that after the death of the practitioners, they were afraid of death by reincarnation," said Da Huoji.
"What’s terrible about death?" Liao Jinghua murmured that death is not terrible for Liao Jinghua. If you wander around death much more, you will naturally look down.
"Not everyone thinks like you. Most practitioners have seen it, but there are always dead ends. So some people have come up with such a way to abandon human identity and turn to another form of life. They are not people, beasts or aliens, which can be said to be another form of life," said Da Huoji.
"Another form? Is it a ghost? " Liao Jinghua couldn’t help but think of those strange stories that spread widely in Yunyang country. Although I haven’t seen them with my own eyes, everyone believes them.
"Come on, where are the ghosts? I haven’t seen them since I lived for hundreds of years." Da Huoji smiled and said, "I can’t tell how Lao Huo is, but Lao Huo has some friendship with my master. It was good with my master before Lao Huo was transferred to this form." Da Huoji said.
"In fact, they live a bitter life and are despised by most people who fix the truth. This is crooked ways, but there are still some elders in the sects, and none of them dare to fix the truth with their masters or their brothers." Da Huoji smiled and said.
Liao Jinghua was even more curious about what kind of form was transferred to by Da Huo Ji, who didn’t know how to shape it.
"Early warning tower, here we are." Da Huoji suddenly shouted at a distance.
Liao Jinghua followed Da Huoji’s hope to go to a small hill in the distance. A huge tower made of thick rocks with a height of 100 feet and a foot of more than ten feet appeared in Liao Jinghua’s eyes. Although it is still far away, it will be almost there in another three or two days.
Liao Jing Huada Huoji quickened his pace, stretched his soft body …, and his brain, . n With some angry hands behind Liao Jinghua, the little double-headed man stuck his head out to visit his stomach and broke off a little meat pie very reluctantly. He was very distressed and stuffed it to the little double-headed man. He screamed for a little softness and ate Liao Jinghua, so he didn’t care. But it seems that the little double-headed man and Xiao Ruan still hit it off quite well. Xiao Ruan also picked some vines to make seven hands to weave a suit for the little double-headed man. You can see that Xiao Ruan is right.
"Stop, don’t go, they will misunderstand you. Although the practitioners seldom bother them, they have a bad temper. You know, it’s hard to accept it for a while." Da Huoji said that at this time, they were less than 100 feet away from the warning tower.
"Well, I know you well here," Liao Jinghua said.
"Actually, I haven’t been here for a long time. It’s been more than three hundred years. At that time, my master took me here once." Da Huoji smiled and said, "I wonder what they have become now."
"Then we will wait here? Waiting for them to pick us up? " Liao jinghua avenue
"Of course not, I’ll just call two." Da Huoji smiled and said, then stepped in the previous step and slammed the inspiratory body as if it had swollen a lot.
"Hey, how are you?" Da Huoji roared out, "I am the immortal who sent Da Huoji, who came to the different repair shop three hundred years ago. Lao Huoji once met." Da Huoji called to get up.
"What? Different repair? " Liao jinghua avenue
"Well," Da Huoji took two breaths. "Although they have changed, they still recognize themselves as practitioners of truth, but the ways of cultivation are different, so they call themselves different practitioners."
"Strange, why didn’t anyone answer?" I can’t help but feel strange that no one has left Dahuoji after waiting for a long time.
"Why don’t I go and see?" Liao Jinghua said.
"If you don’t do that, you will be misunderstood by them. You know, although there are not many people from the different schools, when I came here 300 years ago, there were only a few hundred people. In the past few hundred years, they have survived to the death of more than 1,000 people, but every one of them is a fitting period. No one wants to become a different school until the last moment of the Du Jie period. There are even more than a dozen of them in Mahayana. You can’t stop them from misunderstanding us," said Da Huoji.
"But there seems to be no one in this tower." Liao Jinghua’s eyes suddenly widened again. Through that moment, it was clear that Liao Jinghua could see that there was no one at the root of the early warning tower.
"Don’t forget that we are different forms. It’s normal if you can’t see them." There is nothing strange about Da Huoji, who still keeps waving at the tower in the same place, but still nobody cares.
"What shall we do? Just wait here, "Liao Jinghua said.

The slowness is comparable to the sloth’s peristalsis, which makes Liu Sunseeker have a foot to kick him away.

"Oh, I don’t dislike you. On the contrary, I also found the best famous doctor in Beijing to treat you, otherwise I have a way to come in." Ye Ze was livid, but his voice became more gentle.
Next to the retired cure too much, his legs were shaking. Look at this man’s chest and arms bitten by crocodiles like that. He was scared to death. I didn’t expect that he could have such a wound, and the woman inside was so pale. Ah, it’s really a knife. Now it’s really great to be a teenager
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 527. Are you lying?
Liu Xi gritted her teeth at night, but she just put on a look of fear. "Good, come and welcome: efefd."
Night ze sneer at a "since the beauty kind invitation"
His slender fingers touched the door, and suddenly his brow wrinkled. He let go and his palm was black.
Pass the hand to cure too much to help him detoxify, and the corners of his mouth evoke a cold smile. "It seems that I underestimated you and I can’t get in if I hide drugs at the door?"
At this time, Mock climbed back from the window gloomily. "Cao, we are surrounded."
When I heard it outside, Ye Ze couldn’t help sneering, "I’m worried that someone will disturb your rest later, won’t you blame me?"
Liu Sunseeker was so angry that his silver fangs bit his face in the evening, but he smiled and said, "Where do I thank you?" Ten generations of ancestors bah.
"You didn’t scold me in your stomach, did you? But if I didn’t bring a gift, you wouldn’t scold me if you read it." Yeze laughed and sounded particularly hostile
Liu Xi is like a cat on hot bricks. Keep the gift for yourself, asshole.
Then, then, she motioned for Mock to cut the floor. Hehehe, it’s great that the floor is wood.
While Mock was squatting on the ground to cut the board, Liu Xiyu said coyly, "Great, I like presents best. Please invite Master Ye to come in for tea."
Night ze sneer at a kick the door.
Sure enough, I saw Liu Xixi sitting upright on the bed table at night. I don’t know how to put it in front of the bed. She sat on the bed and drank tea. In fact, it was to block the back of the bed and cut the floor lewdly, Mock.
"Where did that child go?" Ye Ze saw the cat’s ears and tail thrown in a reverie and confusion, and I couldn’t help but get angry for no reason.
Liu Xixi said at night, "That’s my cat. Now he’s a cat. Don’t bother us to catch up."
Go and lie to the ghost. Look at sitting on the bed and lying. Liu Xi can’t help but admire this girl deeply at night. It’s really more and more interesting. He is really glad that he didn’t come to kill her that day, otherwise it would be a pity.
I couldn’t help but feel a soft "Come here" when I think of her tricky nights.
"No, you come here. I’m a patient." Say that finish, Liu Sunseeker pretended to look at Ye Ze with tenderness, as if he were coquetry to him.
Knowing that she did it on purpose, she was still sweet. He smiled faintly. "Your little machines can really stand me."
"Yes, we usually get to know each other a little more until it explodes." Liu Sunseeker smiled innocently and pouted impatiently. "You’d better come here."
Yezawa eyed this room suspiciously. This room is very simple. It is simply visible. I really can’t see anything worse than just poisoning.
However, Liu Xixi just said that he has seen the technique, that is, putting dozens of poisons in different places for one person to touch one or several, but when he touches all those poisons, he will die immediately. This is the most terrible thing.
Is it gas?
Yeze’s face changed suddenly, and he really took a step back greatly. His eyes stared at Liu Sunseeker in a complicated way and wanted to see if this girl was being mysterious.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 52 Hiding a cat
It’s just a mystery. Mok can poison the door, which is the best killer. They are fleeing. A lot of things have been lost and they still have a bag of poison. It’s a snicker.
Generally, you drink tea with a straight face and whip Mock in your heart at night. You are as quick as an old fox who has lived for a hundred years. If it weren’t for his suspicious nature, even this tea kung fu could not fool him.
When he reacts, it’s all over.
At this time, Ye Ze suddenly strode towards her and sneered, "Peony flowers are also romantic when they die, so I have sinned."
Wow, this bitch knows so quickly!
Sunseeker night want to also don’t want to suddenly shouted at the window "Bai Mo is now! !”

"I don’t have to cut off his hand," said Hideki Watanabe, smiling and seemingly inadvertently stepping on the paparazzi’s face. "Unless you date me tonight, I have already made a reservation at Lanting Restaurant, okay?"

Naiyue Sakurai said without hesitation, "I won’t go."
Watanabe Hideki said "What"
Sakurai Naiyue threw a word and turned away. "I told you so many years ago that I wouldn’t marry you."
"No one can ever refuse me Sakurai Naiyue. The more you refuse me, the more I will finish levying you." Hideki Watanabe’s ferocious face flashed by. He put his stomach anger on his feet and rubbed the paparazzi’s face to feel much more comfortable. Then he said, "Get out and never let me see you in Japan, otherwise it will not be as simple as rubbing your skin."
"Yes, yes, thank you, Master Watanabe." The paparazzi, who was granted amnesty, did not care to crawl away with blood all over his face, fearing that he would slow down again. What would happen to this seemingly warm-hearted and malicious Watanabe Hideki?
Just at Watanabe Hideki was so annoyed that he suddenly glanced at the gazebo in front of him. It seemed that there was a familiar figure. When the man turned around, his eyebrows were long and his ears were long, and he was "good."
Hideki Watanabe asked himself that he had a super memory. If he met an important person, he would never forget it, but this person had an impression for a while, but it was not easy to recall it.
The man’s eyes rested on leaving Sakurai Naiyue, and when Naiyue went away, he actually followed him without delay.
"Naiyue was followed by someone around her. I remembered that he was" Hideki Watanabe almost cried out as soon as he remembered it. "He is the bronze man looking for the portrait of the Taoist priest in Tianyi. No wonder I can’t remember it at the moment."
"I didn’t expect it. I didn’t expect him to finally appear. This is really what China people say."
Hideki Watanabe is also far behind Taoist Tianyi. He has received extremely strict tracking and anti-tracking training since he was a child. He asked himself that he did not show hostility. He just hung far away from Taoist Tianyi and kept his vision.
Although he was careful, the Taoist priest didn’t seem to consider that he would be followed. His mind was in Sakurai Naiyue’s body for 20 years, but he dared to follow far away and didn’t dare to recognize him, and he didn’t know what to say.
So the three of them walked out of the campus of Tokyo University at a strange distance. Naiyue Sakurai obviously didn’t plan to eat in the school. After she left the school, she didn’t have a car to go on, as if she were going somewhere.
She turned a street and went to a noodle restaurant in China. She seemed to know the owner of the noodle restaurant very well. She said "as usual" and then went to a window seat. Taoist Tian and Hideki Watanabe didn’t follow her. Both of them kept a safe distance.
While taking this opportunity, Hideki Watanabe took out a message to inform his father that there was already one more person before he could dial.
"Young man, you’ve been being original for a long time. What can I do for you?" Tianyi Taoist said that his pronunciation and grammar were all right, but it was a little stiff. It seemed that he hadn’t said it for a long time. When he saw him from Hideki Watanabe, he felt a fire suddenly burning up. He didn’t care too much at that time, but he didn’t expect that the young man would walk a street with him out of college. Could he be sure of the truth?
"Why do you stay with a girl when you are a monk?" Hideki Watanabe found herself exposed but didn’t panic. When she turned her head, she bit back and said, "She was my friend since childhood."
"Oh, you are her friend," said the Taoist priest with a kind face. "It’s abrupt to be original, but there is no malice in being original following her."
Chapter one hundred and seventy Story discrepancy
"I can’t believe you without malice," said Hideki Watanabe, seeing that the Taoist priest had believed his words. "What’s the purpose of following a girl quietly like this?"
In Watanabe Hideki’s heart, he has become interested in the bronze man, Taoist Tianyi and Naiyue Sakurai. He has a hunch that these three people must have a very amazing secret, and this secret will be very valuable to him.
Tian Yitian looked lovingly at Sakurai Naiyue and said, "I want to see her. She really looks like her mother, but her temper is not the same at all. Her mother is gentle and virtuous." He said in a low voice, apparently for himself.
Hideki Watanabe twisted her fingers and asked, "Look at her. What are you?"
As soon as the old road quickly tidies up his temperament and lifts his feet, he will leave. "You have asked too many questions, young man."
"Wait, if I’m not mistaken, you’re a Taoist." Hideki Watanabe blurted out when he saw that he was leaving. "Is it right?"
At the first day, the old man slowly stopped his steps and looked back at Watanabe Hideki with a strange expression. "You know, it’s not."
When Hideki Watanabe saw that she was wrong, she said with confidence, "I know a lot, not only that, but also that someone has been looking for you."
It’s a man with a bronze mask.
Tianyi Road’s face became ugly, and his hand touched his chest involuntarily, as if something was hidden there, saying "bronze mask"
"Yes, it’s the bronze man. If you want to know more, come with me to a place."
"Good, but being original has a better way."
Tianyi Lao Dao’s left foot took a big step forward, and his left hand collapsed like an arrow and grabbed Watanabe Hideki’s eyes. The latter was surprised. He didn’t expect this old hand to sneak attack. He knew that he was definitely not an opponent. He crossed his arms to protect the front door and stepped back quickly, but this was in vain. Lao Dao’s left hand collapsed and punched across a mysterious arc, and his five fingers were full of blood and blood. "Bang", one turned into one, and the iron blue eagle claw quickly went around Watanabe Hideki and grabbed his neck.
Hideki Watanabe was so caught that his strength seemed to be drained, but although he was surprised, he said, "What does it mean to bully the small?"
As soon as the old man walked, he walked quickly like catching a chicken. "Being original means that if you go to another place, maybe you will tell more truth."
On this side, Hideki Watanabe just died, and on the other side, he was taken away. The world is so interesting.
In prison, Qu Yong suddenly heard a gentle and virtuous woman claiming to be Gong Qing, and this woman knew everything about Longhutang. Just from his footwork, he could see that he had learned from these Qu Yong and came to a conclusion that this woman was probably Gong Qing, his wife who had been missing for twenty years.
"You are Gong Qing"
"You are Tianyi’s apprentice, of course he will tell you about me." She was obviously not surprised that Qu Yong had heard this name.
Qu Yong said, "Actually, I’m not a Taoist disciple, but he didn’t formally accept me."
"Oh," she said, "that’s a complicated study. If you were his apprentice, you might be a Taoist now."
Qu Yong repeated again, "You just said that you are Gong Qing." He didn’t expect that he was met by himself in such a strange place after searching for a wife for so many years.
She continued to comb her head and said, "I am Gong Qing and my destiny wife."
"What?" QuYong heard him wrong. He blurted out, "Whose wife did you just say?"
"How is the destiny?" QuYong seemed to be stung by a scorpion and suddenly trembled. He stammered, "So what are you, Naiyue Sakurai? She is."
"You know Naiyue" until now, her words and feelings have fluctuated for the first time. When she heard the news of her daughter, she had some ways to restrain herself from combing her hair and hesitated for a moment before waving again and again. "Have you seen her? She is now twenty-three. What school did she go to?"
"She’s the second daughter of Sakurai Key, the second person in the Yamaguchi group." Qu Yong said by combining the news she saw with her own eyes, "She doesn’t seem to like the present life very much. The next time I saw her, she was fleeing."

Zhang arranged for Lin Zixiao to come out and shout ~

Par39 provocation?
Anshun stopped when he heard the hand-over of things, and frowned unconsciously. Mao looked hostile and cold-blooded.
"Oh my God! Bad luck, "Lin Zixiao shouted face upwards.
"What’s the matter?" Looked at Lin Zixiao Xia Mu flow very puzzled.
"Mobile phone forget school! !” Lin Zixiao watched Xia Mu shed blood in her heart! If I had known, she wouldn’t have put her mobile phone in the table. What would she forget?
"Oh, you’re really careless. I’ll accompany you back to get it." Xia Mu looked at Lin Zixiao with some disdain and forgot something so important! !
"Forget it," Lin Zixiao said with a sigh around his chest. "Let’s go home first and get it tomorrow!"
"It’s okay! Then bye bye "Xia Mu pity face with a sweet smile.
"Bye-bye" Lin Zixiao pulled out a smile and immediately pulled her face and walked to school after seeing Xia Mu flow.
It was the autumn wind in September that blew Lin Zixiao’s white skin temporarily.
"It’s so cold!" Lin Zixiao murmured softly, stretched out his hand and hugged his exposed arm and trotted to school.
She didn’t run because it was cold, but it was too dark. She was most afraid of it! Scared to death > <
Lin Zixiao told the guard uncle and went to school.
She rubbed her eyes hard. Who did she know?
Isn’t that her deskmate Jin Ba Xing?
Strange! What’s he doing here at night? He wants to do something bad.
Lin Zixiao walked in a little before he could see clearly that someone was pointing a knife at Jinba Xing Jinba Xing. There was a boy in front of him. The boy looked familiar, as if he had only seen him a few days ago ~
Pointing a knife at Jinba is cold-blooded! ! !
Lin Zixiao is going to take a detour to the classroom.
Just turn around
I heard a man’s low magnetic voice behind me.
"Come, don’t hurry to go! Lin Zikai! ! !” Tell Lin Zixiao that she was cold-blooded and cold-blooded with a strong provocative familiar voice in her tone?
The collection is 34 short
Another 34 will add more,
Par4 shouting in the dark
"Come, don’t hurry to go! Lin Zikai! ! !” Tell Lin Zixiao that she was cold-blooded and cold-blooded with a strong provocative familiar voice in her tone?
Lin Zixiao frowned deeply and stopped.
Turn around and hate looking at cold blood and say, "Why? It’s nothing for you to continue with me! "
She is really disgusted with people who are so arrogant in cold blood and like to provoke others.
"How can it not be with you?" Looking at Lin Zixiao with a smile in her cold-blooded eyes, she said, "Just now, I was your hostage. If it weren’t for you, Jinbaxing wouldn’t have promised to give me the things, and I wouldn’t be bothering him now."
Lin Zixiao frowned deeply and didn’t know what to say at the moment.
Anshun looked at Lin Zixiao faintly. Is it another femme fatale? Jin Ba Xing This woman wants to hand over something? Hehe ~ it’s really fascinating! ! !

However, even with Dan fire, it is very difficult for ordinary monks to refine their brain regions.

In order to prevent Dan fire from damaging Hun’s spirit, most monks are cautious, and they can stimulate a little weak Dan fire every time to refine the brain area at an odd speed.
If you want to refine the brain region into a fairy, it will take ten years even at the fastest speed.
In comparison, Moxiu can control 3.2 million Dan fires at the same time, which is many times faster than others.
Even a peerless genius can’t have his speed.
Almost in the blink of an eye, this foot of Xu Changdan’s fire was consumed, and at the same time, one tenth of Mo Xiu’s brain region was refined into a fairy by him.
The strength of gold Hun increased from the thickness of one hair to the thickness of two hairs, which doubled.
The body produced a stronger pressure. With the urging of Jin Hun, several particles in the immortal body turned into Dan fire and poured into the kendo furnace.
Two inches of Dan fire condensed in Moxiu [body]
Different from before, this is the Dan fire condensed by Mo Xiuxiu, which can be condensed again even if it is consumed.
At this time, Li Hao, Wu Qianqun and others behind Mo Xiu were already dumbfounded.
Moxiu’s powerful fighting power is beyond their cognition.
You know, in normal calculation, the monks on the first floor of Moxiu’s strength were worse than 100 times!
Even with God’s intermediate materials, the result is too shocking.
"Brother Mo, the Taoist priest is dead?" Li Hao still has some hard to believe and asked
Don’t take nodded "yes! I’m a little restrained. The magical avatar is just restrained by me. "
Li Hao and others’ faces suddenly look like the world’s achievement methods are indeed in phase grams. Some achievement methods are not very powerful for human beings, and they are indeed very powerful for the Taoist priests.
"all right! Don’t be in a daze, everyone. Others are still being attacked by the Taoist priest. Let’s do our best! "
"yes! Let’s do it when we don’t want waves! However, we are weak, so don’t disperse and gather together to deal with one person first! " Li Hao and others immediately condensed into one and rushed towards one of the magic monks.
At this time, Moxiu had already rushed to a monk on the other side.
The friar has already turned into a piece of black Se fog, and Mo Xiu can see that in this piece of black Se fog, all the particles in the world have turned into demons and devoured each other.
There are also several particles in the virtual world around the very black fog, and several demons in the particle world are born and devouring each other.
Mo Xiu immediately accepted the monk’s magic Hun in the black Se fog, and even the magic Dan was integrated into the black Se fog.
At this time, seven condensed Dan fire monks were wrapped in this black fog, and they were urging their respective magical powers to resist the black fog attack.
However, the strength gap between the two sides is too huge, and they have resisted for a moment, and they are already exhausted and in trouble.
Just then, Mo Xiu rushed into the black Se fog.
Kendo furnace!
Moxiu’s strong body suction sucked a different piece of black Se fog hair in.
When the black Se fog entered Moxiu [body], Moxiu heard the sound from several particles in the black Se fog, which went straight through the bottom of my heart.
"Gaga! Come to the children! Is really reckless incredibly dare to swallow life The Hunger gas! I don’t know if our blood clan is the best at swallowing! " "In that case, let Zun taste your delicious meal!" However, just as this voice fell, a more powerful suction burst in the kendo melting pot.
All the black Se fog was absorbed by the Kendo furnace in an instant.
Blink of an eye around a piece of clean Lu out of the seven monks have been exhausted.
"Hey? What’s going on Where did the fog go! " "How suddenly disappeared!" The seven monks cried in astonishment, but at this moment Moxiu began to sound.
"Everyone to recover and then help others! Don’t wave! "
As the words sounded, Mo Xiu’s figure had already flown to the other side, leaving a group of stunned monks.
At this time, thick bright flames in the kendo furnace severely burned the black Se fog.
The monk hun’ o rolled, hissed and begged for mercy in the kendo furnace.
"Small! You have to let me go! Otherwise, let the blood mill adults know that you dare to deal with the blood clan, which will definitely make you miserable. "
"Want you to let me go I can recommend you to The Hunger’s adult! Your qualification will certainly be appreciated by adults in The Hunger! " However, no matter whether this monk threatens or Yu Uhu is unmoved, it is to urge the Kendo furnace to refine it severely.
Thick Dan fire was refined out.
Finally, the monk Magic Dan and Magic Hun were refined by the Kendo Furnace, and Moxiu’s Kendo Furnace also had another foot of Dan fire.
In 3.2 million wisdom brains, this foot of Dan fire once again refined Moxiu’s brain domain by ten percent.
Blinking Moxiujin Hun has once again grown a little, which is as thick as three hairs.
At the same time, more powerful pressure was formed in Moxiu, and it was pushed out by thick fires.
Moxiudan fire has reached three inches long.
Moxiu flew into the fog of another Taoist priest and blinked, then inhaled the fog into the kendo furnace and refined it into Dan fire.
Another 10% of the brain was refined, and the fire of Moxiudan grew rapidly to four inches long.
It has risen more than four times in just a moment!
Just then, another Taoist priest finally found out that Mo Xiu was abnormal and suddenly whistled and flew to the other three monks on the second floor.
"Three senior brothers, be careful of this man. He just killed three of our younger brothers!"
This explosive drink immediately shocked three monks on the second floor of the magic road in then period, and stopped to look around.
And the monk also explained in a low voice.
Teacher! Teacher! Bait!
Three figures even flew to Moxiu’s side.

Qi Tianyou snapped up. "You have so many small problems. Heng Changshun has now become our colleage in1999. You may find you in trouble at any time. You still have the mind to ask questions. I think you should take care of yourself first. I’ll go first and find the coffin shop owner and ask him to build you a good coffin."

Shallow water is clear, hey hey, smiling at Qi Tianyou’s departure. He knows that Qi Tianyou’s story must not be finished yet.
Chapter 25 Nighttalk
In the dead of night, shallow water lies in bed and sleeps.
Someone knocked on his bed and whispered "come out"
It’s Qi Tianyou.
"What is it?"
"Go to chat," Qi Tianyou replied.
"You are really in a good mood." Shallow water Qing got up lazily. Anyway, his boss called himself to count the stars together, and he could be obeyed.
The night is full of stars.
Qi Tianyou sat with a knife on a hillside outside the camp.
From here, Longshan is far away.
That’s where triple heaven is.
"Five years," Qi Tianyou sighed. "I have been in the army for five years now. Sometimes I am surprised that I can still live to this day."
"I think you’ve been in the army for five years and now you’ve just sat in the position of brigade commander, and the climbing speed is really a little amazing." Shallow water Qing’s butt is sitting next to Qi Tianyou to pick him up and say with smile.
There is a saying in the army that "it takes three days to school, but it takes a thousand days to master it."
It means that a soldier may be able to sit in the health school in three days if you fight bravely and kill several enemies, but no matter how you behave, it is difficult to turn a battalion into a guerrilla general even if it takes three years.
All this is because even if you have to fight in the battlefield, you will be charged in almost every battle, and the probability of death is extremely high. However, the selection of the health school is usually directly selected by the senior officers from the ranks. Sometimes, because the war is too fierce, too many dead people need to be selected directly, and the highest petty officer at that time will automatically accept it afterwards, so the health school students don’t need to know how to arrange troops and be brave, just know how to carry out face-to-face orders, so promotion is very easy unless it is a small-scale battle health school. There is a phenomenon that there is a separate command of the fighting situation. The war in Zhumadian is simply a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Mu Xue, so it is not wronged that he lost to Bi Qing. After all, the latter is a veritable battlefield general.
Being a camp owner is completely different.
In the military system of Tianfeng, the explanation given by the battalion leader is that those who are in charge of a battalion worship guerrilla generals, and those who are not allowed to go to battle in person unless it is necessary. They have self-built guards with independent life and death (the number of guards in non-war times should not exceed 5% of the soldiers, and the town general guards can be doubled in wartime). Those who are highly qualified can even take charge of themselves from the leadership system, and the salary is generous. They can be given the first self-owned territory by the government house to administer the three guards and get three regular soldiers.
It is precisely because the battalion will not be promoted by the health school before the battle. It will be difficult for the battalion to be promoted. Otherwise, the brigade commander of the health school will not die or make a big mistake. Even if he makes more meritorious deeds, he will be rewarded with some gold and silver at most. Can’t he give up his position? In wartime, we can temporarily expand and seal a few generals, but after the war, we need to re-compile and settle down. What should we do if there are more generals? How many people should be in the army or how many people should be in the army? Everyone is so easy to get promoted. Who will go as a soldier to occupy the city and seize the pool? After that, there is a shortage of money to be distributed to the heroes. But that is absolutely not enough. If anyone makes some contributions, he can reach a high position in one step. That is a slippery record.
Therefore, although the guerrilla generals in the health school are one step away, they are far away from the world.
Although the Tianfeng Empire has won many battles over the years, it is limited to attack the city and plunder the land, and it is even harder.
Qi Tianyou is different from Heng Changshun. He is not only skilled in martial arts, but also courageous and resourceful. Otherwise, he can’t pay so much attention to his private blood bath. It is often said that if Qi Tianyou wants to be an official, he will become a tiger and leopard camp owner now. The problem is that he seems to have no interest in promotion at all. From five years to four years, he lingers in the position of sentry and holds a sentry in the battlefield.
At this moment, Qian Shuiqing said that Qi Tianyou laughed. "Would you believe it if I told you that I had never been promoted to join the army?"
"I believe" shallow water nodded "but you are by no means as simple as being a hero to defend our country, or the three knife-patterned gold medals in your box will not be covered with a layer of ash. You should have been a brigade commander a long time ago. The empire can give you a lot less pay."
Qi Tianyou frowned slightly. "How do you know this?"
"Everyone knows that thunder fire is a silly little exception. Many things are actually unknown to you, but the fact is that you are quite famous in the whole town of Tiexue. A character who is less popular than him is much more popular." Shallow water laughs.
Qi Tianyou stayed for a while and suddenly burst out laughing. "Hahahaha, I kept a low profile, but it is not known to the world. After a long time, I was as stupid as Lei Huo."
This feeling is very fresh. Qi Tianyou laughs till his belly hurts.
Suddenly he stopped laughing and gradually became hoarse. "Actually, I joined the army to meet someone."
"Not a man," Qi Tianyou said with a smile, "but a woman who went to see him was my mother."
"Have you seen it?"
"I saw that he lived a good life, and he was admired by heaven, and he never felt it." Qi Tianyou’s eyes flashed with disappointment.
"Then why don’t you leave the barracks after seeing it?"
"That’s because of an oath. I swore at my mother’s grave that I would never let a relative around me get hurt again. After my mother’s death, I lifted my eyes to my relatives, but I had some feelings with several brothers in the army. I regarded them as relatives and didn’t leave them."
Shallow water Qing hesitated slightly and said, "am I one of them?"
Qi Tianyou laughed. "That’s right. Now you are one of the people I want to protect. Since you call me eldest brother and I personally picked it out, I can’t let you be bullied."
A warm current surged in the shallow water.
"I called you here because I have something to tell you, so you can prepare yourself early."

She waited patiently and anxiously, then there was a tsunami, thunder and firecrackers, and then there came the corner, gradually approaching the procession of celebrating the wedding.

The princess’s dowry team is too long to see the end of the street. After walking in rows and rows, there is no end to the treasure.
Princess cars, treasures, meat, high responsibilities and gorgeous looks like a moving hill walking around the palace.
Chu Yun smiled. At the beginning, she was sealed by the Queen of the Great Chu State, but the Qin people’s high happiness status was not enough. She was going to give her horses and horses to the Queen’s specifications, and the princess was actually the queen’s special gold book.
However, she still said nothing and greeted her with a smile.
In the noise of horses and chariots, two ladies-in-waiting at the bead curtain of Longfeng Bao’s car helped the phoenix crown chardonnay, and if the female Yingying car looked over at her with complicated eyes.
Chu Yun smiled and stretched out his hand to hold the happiness hand.
When two beautiful female hands touch each other gently, they both feel a cold feeling.
Although hanging the hijab, it seems that I realized who the other person was for the first time, and my hands trembled.
Chu Yun immediately clenched her hand. At that time, I don’t know whether it is pity or injury. Don’t be afraid that I am here.
She took her hand and led her into the magnificent palace. When the emperor of Chu walked, she took her hand and led her through the heavy palace doors, and walked through their husband and wife world. She took her hand and sent her into her husband’s room.
In the Great Chu State, she is a queen, which is the virtue of a queen. In the Great Qin State, her official status is a female official around her, which is the responsibility of a female official.
This big Chu emperor’s residence has made all the preparations for welcoming the couple, bright red words, bright red candles, soft beds, incense and pillows.
Chu Yun glanced around and smiled, and then he heard happiness. I didn’t know whether it was pain, injury, sadness or crying.
The hand gripped her hand so tightly that it trembled slightly.
Chu Yun gently helped the well-being and patted her gently, soothing her and whispering something in her ear.
It was not until she let go of Chu Yun in tears that she turned to face the other accompanying female officials. You will retreat with me.
Several female officials cast a glance at each other. We want to serve the princess.
Chu Yun sneers at me. Although it is still the land of Daqin, don’t forget that the princess is married to the emperor of Dachu. I don’t care what rules you have in the palace. From now on, you have to follow me to make good rules.
She no longer looked at these female officials.
She is a mother of the country, and her demeanor is faint. A few words have given people more pressure. Several female officials dare not go against their hearts and come with her without saying a word.
Step cloister see if Jude stupefied stand behind the month all the female officer hurriedly salute.
Chu Yun smiled and went near the light track.
If you say nothing, look at her gritting her teeth and striding in.
Chu Yun’s eyes were light and swept away, and two rows of deacons in Qin Gong stood outside the new house of the female officer who had been called.
She stretched out her hand to attract Su Liang and Zhao Yiqing and ordered them to lead the wedding officials to drink at the table.
All the people are stunned and say that we are waiting for all the functions.
It’s etiquette for a husband’s family to entertain his mother’s family and send him to get married. Do you think that the emperor of Chu is far away from the country? Even the most basic courtesy can’t be achieved. Chu Yun raised his eyebrows coldly. Today, I don’t want anything unhappy to spoil the princess’s interest. It’s up to you to do it.
Speaking of this, who dares not to give face to face? In a short time, all the people in Qin Gong were removed from a clean place. Zhang Tieshi led a bunch of Chu soldiers to keep outside.
In the bridal chamber, Anle heard the footsteps. The door silently reached out and lifted the veil. Outside, there was brilliant candlelight. There were several treasures beside her. The most beautiful princess in Qin State slowly raised her eyes and stared at the man who was close at hand. She had to follow her husband and her lover all her life.
Outside the bridal chamber, Chu Yun quietly watched the tears in the cold wind. In the candlelight, a man and a woman sat and stared at each other. She was silent for a while and walked slowly.
Outside the courtyard, it is full of bright red colored silk fluttering all over the sky, and the number of bright red stickers is counted. The water on the surface of the bright red mat seems to be filled with palace cups to make people laugh and dance.
She walked across the sky alone, exhausted, and found a quiet place in the most remote corner of the palace, quietly watching the illusory moon in the water by a small pool of clear water.
Even if it is a case, Qi Mei’s meaning is hard to be flat
The sky suddenly exploded with dazzling sparks, so that she looked up and looked gloomy. The sky brightened with each passing day. It was outsiders in the palace celebrating their beautiful princess.
Tonight, I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m busy, I’m sleeping.
There was a lot of excitement in the palace, and it was also lively outside the palace. Seeing the princess driving into the palace, the people were still wanting more. This amazing grand wedding was talked about endlessly.
People are talking and laughing, watching the children join in the fun, setting off fireworks and setting off firecrackers. This anger is as lively as the Chinese New Year holiday.
In the crowd, a man wearing a black cloak and a huge hat, who covered his body from his hair to his heels, was quietly listening to everyone talking and telling.
People said angrily that they had not seen such a lively scene for many years.
People are more excited than saying that Chu and Qin should not fight if they are married. We are not worried about the war and the death of our husband.
People say that the princess’s ceremonial ceremony is really great. When crossing the Yongding Gate, she had to temporarily tear down the door to make the car pass.
People said with great interest that the torch tied to the tree from the palace to the palace made the world as bright as the day, and even the trees were burnt.
The man quietly listened to people’s comments, looked at everyone’s cheerful and happy expression calmly, and then she walked away from the people at the end of the strip, dressed in black, slowly and step by step into the darkness, slowly and step by step away from this lively and prosperous scene.

And at this time, how can Zhang Chengyuan allow her to escape? He not only occupied her lips completely, but also pulled off her bath towel, then stroked and kneaded her smooth and charming body, and soon licked her full breasts again.

However, at this time, Liu Yifei had already felt adapted and was no longer flustered, so he led Zhang Chengyuan to cooperate and enjoy it. Zhang Chengyuan was experienced in flirting, and even kissing and caressing could make women feel great pleasure, which made Liu Yifei fully feel the beauty of men and women doing things.
Although they haven’t really got together, they have made her feel no regret about attracting Zhang Chengyuan tonight. If not, she doesn’t know how long she will have to wait before she can taste this taste. Because her heart is often full of Zhang Chengyuan’s images, she can’t really move her heart to other young men.
Will she regret it in the future? Let’s talk about it in the future. She is too lazy to think about it now. If she doesn’t pursue her love when she was young, then she may really regret it in the future.
Ten minutes later, Zhang Chengyuan stopped for a while and then looked at Liu Yifei and said, "Yifei, do you want to continue?" Although I really want to have Liu Yifei soon, I have to ask her what she thinks to show my respect for her. Besides, Liu Yifei just said that she has not made up her mind to have sex with him, so he needs to ask her clearly.
"Well" Liu Yifei drifted off freely replied that she hasn’t returned to absolute being at this time.
Zhang Chengyuan smiled and added, "Yifei, do you really want to give me your first time in this place?" His sharp eyes naturally saw that Liu Yifei still kept her first time, and I don’t know if it was because of him that she kept her first time
Chapter nine hundred and three The sudden arrival of girls
Smell speech Liu Yifei immediately woke up and quickly said, "Of course not. How can I change to a better place? And if I do that with you here, maybe I’ll be too tired to collapse." It should be noted that this is a sauna room, which is suitable for that kind of exercise? Maybe Zhang Chengyuan has a special constitution and nothing will happen, but she can’t stand it.
Zhang Chengyuan laughed. "You still have some sense."
Liu Yifei said, "I haven’t been carried away by love or desire yet."
Zhang Chengyuan laughed. "I don’t think so, or you wouldn’t tease me many times today. Well, Yifei, are you trying to seduce me this time in Seoul besides attending my wedding?"
Liu Yifei shook his head. "Of course not. I couldn’t help it after seeing you. Well, maybe it’s because I’m old enough to want to taste the intimacy between men and women, and you’re just my favorite type, which has aroused my desire in that respect; Maybe it’s the cultivation of your achievement method that makes me want to be closer to you involuntarily. "Even though she really wanted to seduce Zhang Chengyuan, she was embarrassed to admit that she was talking nonsense at this time.
Zhang Chengyuan ha ha a smile "you’d put the blame on me. Well, let’s just call it my fault. Then what do you want to do to me? Yifei, I’ll give you another chance to think about whether you want to do that with me or not? "
"Well, I’ll think about it again." Liu Yifei hesitated.
Zhang Chengyuan’s face sank slightly. "Are you keeping my appetite?"
Liu Yifei laughed. "Didn’t you let me reconsider? Brother Zhang, in fact, you really want to do that with me, right? "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Nonsense, which man will not want to do that with you when he is faced with a red body?" Unless it’s gay or lose the ability to do that. "
Liu Yifei said, "In that case, why are you pretending to make me reconsider?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "This is a courtesy and respect for women. Besides, I really hope that you can change your mind rationally. Although I will regret it, I am more afraid that you will regret it in the future."
After a pause, he went on, "Maybe you will think that my attitude is inconsistent … Well, I am really ambivalent in my heart, so I will give you a chance to reconsider at last." His reason and desire have always been in conflict, and finally desire triumphs over reason many times.
Liu Yifei said, "Actually, I have nothing to think about. Isn’t it just a one-night fling? I really want to have a good experience. Brother Zhang hopes you will treat me well tonight."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It seems that you really didn’t take my warning to heart, but forget it. I don’t want to advise you to do what we should do when we hurry. I told you for so long, in fact, I can’t hold it any longer." Then he picked up Liu Yifei and walked to the door
But just a few steps out of the door, he heard the girls talking in the courtyard outside, and it became more and more clear that they seemed to be coming here. He immediately took Liu Yifei to the dressing room to let her put on her clothes first and explained, "Yifei, my sisters are here, and I have to attend to them. We have to do something, so we can postpone it for a while."
Liu Yifei has already heard the foreign voice at the gate, and he is very understanding. While dressing, he said, "I don’t worry about it, and it’s not too late to do it later."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It’s good for you to understand. Well, I’ll take you out to introduce you." In fact, he was deeply sorry that he hadn’t seen the girls for a long time and couldn’t leave them for pleasure.
Liu Yifei dressed quickly and said, "Well, I’d also like to meet your sisters and see what kind of girl a person with your eyes would recognize as a sister."
Zhang Chengyuan laughed and said, "I won’t let you down. Although most of them are not as beautiful as you, they are all lovely and have a good personality. Now they are the leading singer group in Korea. You should have heard their names called girlhood."
"girlhood?" Liu Yifei nodded. "I’ve really heard of it, and I almost never thought that they were also your sisters, Zhang Ge. Your sisters seem to be quite busy."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It’s really something. Aren’t you one of them? Well, forget it. Let’s go out. "
When they went out, they met the girls head-on, and they seemed to be going into the dressing room to change.
After seeing Zhang Chengyuan and Liu Yifei, they stared at them with a slight smile, then immediately saluted them and said hello. Then they all looked at Liu Yifei curiously. It was the first time for them to see Liu Yifei, and they didn’t recognize her. They felt a little familiar. After all, Liu Yifei was not very famous in South Korea, but they all felt that she was so beautiful that they felt ashamed.
Zhang Chengyuan smiled at them and then introduced, "This is my good friend and sister Liu Yifei, whom I met in China, who played in the Hollywood movie Kung Fu King with me before. Surely you all have some impressions of her? Well, she is two to three years older than you. You can call her Sister Yifei later. Now say hello again. "
Hearing this, the girls immediately bowed together and said, "Hello, Sister Yifei!" In my heart, I thought it was no wonder that I looked a little familiar. It turned out to be the actress who played Jin Yan in Kung Fu King. In addition, I thought, "Since she can appear here, she is very good with Cheng Yuan ppa. It is his woman at all." When I thought of this, I felt a little close to Liu Yifei. They have long been used to treating Zhang Chengyuan’s women or sisters as their sisters. People who are recognized by Zhang Chengyuan are all very good people.
Liu Yifei smiled and returned a gift, then fluent in Korean. "Hello, I’m glad to meet you." She once learned some Korean from Zhang Chengyuan, and this time she took some out before coming to Korea to practice when she was not ready, but now she fell down.
After a few pleasantries, Zhang Chengyuan asked the girls, "How did you come here tonight?"
Kim TaeYeon said, "We just returned to China in the afternoon, and then we caught a few announcements. Feeling a little tired, we wanted to take a bath and steam in the sauna. Xiuyan said that there was a sauna in your new house, so we came over and visited your new house." Other girls except Jessica had never been to Zhang Chengyuan’s new house because of their busy work.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "You should have visited here a long time ago, and you should come here often later. And you don’t have to go back tonight. Just stay here. It’s troublesome to go back and forth. Well, there are many rooms on the third and fourth floors. You can choose your own rooms to stay in."
Lim Yoon A suddenly said, "ppa, did you sleep here tonight? If not, we wouldn’t dare to sleep here. It’s a little scary because the place is so big and spacious. "
Zhang Chengyuan thought about it and felt it convenient to ask Liu Yifei, "Yifei, are we staying here tonight?" He said this in Chinese.
Liu Yifei replied, "If you want to live here, I will live here." Where she lives, she actually doesn’t care if she is close to Zhang Chengyuan.
Then Zhang Chengyuan looked at Lim Yoon A Han Wendao. "Well, I will stay here tonight. Well, you can go to the sauna. Yifei and I will go upstairs first, and then you can come to us after the sauna." I haven’t seen you for a long time, so I have to have a good chat with them. I should know that I will go on my honeymoon after the wedding tomorrow, but I didn’t accompany them.
The girls immediately nodded and agreed, and they also wanted to get together with Zhang Chengyuan. Then Zhang Chengyuan took Liu Yifei upstairs to the small living room on the second floor. After they left, the girls talked about wearing bathrobes while entering the locker room to change the sauna. They were all speculating about whether Liu Yifei and Zhang Chengyuan finally came up with a theory. Zhang Chengyuan expanded his hunting range to the international arena. Liu Yifei must be or will definitely be Zhang Chengyuan’s woman, and Zhang Chengyuan obviously likes her and cares about her.
In the small living room on the second floor, Liu Yifei also talked to Zhang Chengyuan about the girls and said, "Brother Zhang, you and your girlhood should be more than just brothers and sisters, right?"
Zhang Chengyuan smiled and said frankly, "One of them is already my woman and the other will be my woman and the other seven are sisters."
Liu Yifei said, "You really know how to make people around you. Sister Yuri seems to be your sister at first, right? So your sisters will probably have deeper entanglements with you in the future. "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It’s hard to say what will happen in the future, but I will try to avoid it as much as I avoided it with you before."
Liu Yifei laughed. "But didn’t you finally have an idea for me? So you will still have a deeper relationship with them or some of them in the future. "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Maybe. If that’s the case, I can’t help it. Now my concentration is poor and I can’t stand any temptation."
Liu Yifei wondered, "Brother Zhang, aren’t you a fix-true person? How can your concentration be so poor?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I’m no longer a monk. Since I entered the entertainment circle, I’ve been indulging myself almost all the time. How can I be determined if I haven’t cultivated my mind?" Cultivating one’s mind is actually equivalent to forcing oneself to suppress all kinds of desires. It’s tiring, and now I don’t want to cultivate immortality, so I have to study hard? "
Liu Yifei said, "If you don’t cultivate your mind, it’s really boring if you become lustful."
In fact, cultivating one’s mind doesn’t mean one’s true lust, but there is no need to explain this to Liu Yifei. Zhang Chengyuan didn’t correct her words and echoed, "If that is really boring, it is better to be able to fall in love."
Liu Yifei said, "But it’s not so good to be in such a bad mood as you are now."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It’s really not so good. I only want to converge in the past two years, but the effect doesn’t seem to be so good. I will be tempted again after being teased a few times."
Liu Yifei laughed. "Brother Zhang, are you talking about me?"
"Isn’t it?" Zhang Chengyuan responded with a smile.
Chapter nine hundred and four Warned again
When Zhang Chengyuan and Liu Yifei chatted in the small living room on the second floor for about half an hour, the girls all steamed through the sauna and came to see them on the second floor. Because the small living room on the second floor was small and there were not so many people, Zhang Chengyuan took them to the entertainment lounge on the third floor, where there was a big place to drink tea, drink wine and play some small games.
At this time, Zhang Chengyuan stopped chatting in Liu Yifei, but his sisters told each other about the recent situation and made some jokes to make them happy and make themselves happy. However, Liu Yifei was not alone, and Jin Xiaoyuan, who was good at Chinese and enthusiastic, took the initiative to talk to her. Jessica, who had been taught some Chinese by Zhang Chengyuan, was also ordered by Zhang Chengyuan to accompany Liu Yifei, and Liu Yifei would talk when his other sisters spoke.
After Kim TaeYeon, sunny, Yu Li and others all talked one after another, Zhang Chengyuan finally called Seohyun to his side and said, "Is Zhu Xian connected with Zheng Yuanyin these days?"
Seohyun said, "There are occasional chats or text messages as usual, but ppa Yuan Yin ppa is not your member? Why do you ask me this question when you should know everything about him? "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Didn’t I tell you that I don’t usually pay attention to him and you will feel uncomfortable if I pay attention to him now?"
Seohyun smiled slightly. "It’s really uncomfortable. When I talk to him these days, I always feel that there are a pair of eyes staring at us secretly, which makes me afraid to talk to him more."
Zhang Chengyuan nodded slightly and said, "It’s better not to say much. Anyway, I will erase his memory when I pass. It’s also a wave when you talk to him more."
Seohyun hesitated, "Can ppa not delete his memory?"

Hazy candlelight and jade scenery

Silk, satin and jade are horizontal.
Beauty is sad and beautiful in spring.
Which bastard is the first!
It’s not right. Lin Ping believes that if a small white boy breaks into the escort agency and cries that he has been robbed by the escort maid, he also believes that the other way around, it’s ridiculous.
To prevent the little fox, the wave hoof from seducing her husband and son from shaking their high position in the escort agency, Mrs. Wang is very strict about womanizing, and her selection of maids generally does not make people misunderstand.
Shaking his head, Lin Ping pushed the door with difficulty, and his eyes lit up. Hey, hey, her smile.
"Beauty, wouldn’t it be beautiful if you became a young master and enjoyed all the splendor?"
Talking in the mouth, Lin Ping also reached out and groped at will. "Gee, it’s good, it’s really a rare thing."
A one-person-high Shandong porcelain bottle fell to the ground and shattered.
Lin Ping frowned lovingly. "Shifan tapped this thing, but it cost several hundred taels of silver to make it specially."
"Too much!" Yan Shifan was furious. "What a bully! Your father dared to bind me Yan Shifan as a prisoner. Lin Ping, I have to tell Master!"
Lin Pingnai conveniently put the towel into Yan Shifan’s mouth and sat cross-legged. "Come on, it’s a good idea for my father to worry about your safety."
Yan Shifan’s brow crossed and his eyes stood upright, but Lin Zhennan was a master in binding. After thousands of drills, he not only missed the vital point of the human body, but also accurately closed his resistance.
"All right, Brother Shifan, I want to have a rest. Just be quiet and let you go when I recover." Lin Ping told me to take a pill of Dan medicine out of my arms and quietly adjust my breath.
Yan Shifan looked at disgruntled and closed his eyes.
A figure came to a courtyard along the shadow of the wall corner. Two short strokes and three long taps on the wall and a narrow passage appeared.
"What about number three?"
A deep voice rang out in the courtyard.
"I told the officers and men of the main guards to block the streets. Wulin people dare not openly attack the officers and men. It is difficult to spread chaos; Qinglongtang’s heartfelt tactics failed. Wang Quan was injured and evacuated; The Hengshan Sect of the Wei Institute has stabilized the situation, and the fighting at the Fuwei Escort Agency is still continuing to command the villain to come and ask for further instructions. "
"Start the second plan" and there is no fluctuation in the low voice. "You are the biggest contributor to the reconstruction after the rest of Fuzhou left the hidden pile and withdrew their hands."
"It belongs to white"
No.3 fuels upon gently quit.
A moment later, another voice sounded in the courtyard. "Do you really want this, my Lord? Is this price too big? "
"It’s only for you and me to understand that the child can’t hold the wolf’s mind." Sigh a long time. "But even if it destroys Fuzhou, it will be at all costs."
In front of Fuwei Escort Company, the two sides suddenly stopped fighting, and thousands of people quietly joined the battle group from the other side of the street, pointing to the Escort Company.
"Punch your hand, everyone, retreat quickly." Lin Zhennan made a feint to flicker and retreat.
Later, the Embroidery Gang joined forces with thousands of people to chase after them. At this moment, hundreds of torches were suddenly lit from the fence of the Escort Agency, and the square was lit up by day.
There are nearly 100 escort agency guys holding strong bows and hard crossbows on the fence. Each bowstring is buckled with two or three sharp arrows, and the cold light shines and the arrows point forward.
I don’t know if someone suddenly drank so much that the escort agency buddy almost shot the bow and arrow with a quiver of his wrist.
Metamorphosis elbow armpit!
What shocked Lin Zhennan was that the gang suddenly turned to the escort agency to help fight the embroidery gang at the same time. On the way of chasing, they were consciously surrounded by their opponents and suddenly became close to the embroidery gang members and were instantly cut down to the ground.