In a blink of an eye, we came to the funeral home office. We pushed the door and went in. The office was very simple, and the funeral home didn’t need any luxury office equipment.

There are four writing desks and a couch in the office, but at the moment there is a man sitting inside, who is dark and thin with a pair of yellow glasses and looks like an African refugee. The man looks like he is in his forties with a big head and a wide and ill-fitting suit. His white sweatshirt is a little yellow at the neckline, and he looks more sloppy.
"This is Manager Zhang of our funeral home." The little security guard introduced me.
I nodded at manager Zhang and got up the courage to shake hands with him.
To my surprise, Manager Zhang didn’t show a guilty expression. He didn’t look confident, but he also felt calm. He said verbally and politely, "We are very sorry about Mr. Fan’s mother."
I also said rudely, "I didn’t come here to listen to sorry words. I wanted to watch the video and report it to the police."
Manager Zhang waved and said, "Whether to report the case or not is your freedom. I am responsible for showing you the video."
Then Manager Zhang asked the little security guard to move two chairs away from a desk and motioned for me to sit next to them and watch together.
Manager Zhang gave me a meaningful look before playing the video and then said, "Little brother should be mentally prepared."
I nodded, and he didn’t seem to be at ease, so he took out a pack of Yuxi cigarettes from his pocket and handed me one to light before playing surveillance video.
Manager Zhang lit a cigarette himself and said to me, "Let’s watch it from 11: 45 last night."
The third chapter resin [the second more]
Chapter III Corpse
The surveillance video shows a green picture, and the place where it was shot is the funeral home, which further renders the atmosphere of terror and horror.
Manager Zhang took a deep drag on his cigarette and said to me, "Don’t worry, take your time."
I cursed him in my heart and said, can I not worry? My own mother’s body has been stolen by others. It is reasonable to say that he should be transferred directly to the picture of that despicable thief. But just now, the little security guard and his words have affected me, and I have a vague sense of unknown fear. My heart is lingering.
I think that manager Zhang, although his appearance is very untidy, gives others the impression that he is not extraordinary in spirit, but also the kind of person who has experienced many storms and seen many world figures, such as funeral parlours and crematoriums. Not everyone dares to do these businesses. This is not a question of money, because sometimes you may not have the life to spend the money when you earn money.
Manager Zhang and I just stared at the brain screen, which was almost equivalent to pausing the video. In the picture, my mother’s body was lying in a glass coffin. She was wearing a shroud and holding a copper coin in her mouth according to the custom. But the makeup artist’s heavy makeup still gave her a very awkward feeling. Her head was directed at a huge portrait of her, a small urn, several incense sticks and a glass coffin. There were several wooden chairs on both sides, and there was no one like her mother. There was a round pad in the direction of her feet, which was for the younger generation to kowtow.
The green picture doesn’t move. After I finish smoking a cigarette, Manager Zhang gives me another cigarette. People can’t focus on something for a long time. Gradually, I am a little distracted.
About ten minutes later, Manager Zhang cleared his throat and said to me, "Little brother, pay attention."
Want it? I was so excited that I quickly put all my attention back on the screen.
"Don’t worry," added Manager Zhang.
After about two minutes, the picture taken on the brain screen suddenly flashed and the whole screen was covered with snowflakes.
I frowned and asked, "What’s going on?"
Manager Zhang looked very indifferent and explained to him, "Don’t worry, we haven’t modified or deleted the video. This is why the picture taken last night suddenly appeared snowflakes on the screen. I can say that this is probably due to the influence of strong magnetic waves."
"Strong magnetic wave?" I repeat what manager Zhang said doubtfully.
Manager Zhang nodded and said to me, "Don’t worry about it for a while, you’d better keep watching."
"Why? Not finished yet? " After I also saw snowflakes on the screen, the video recording ended, so my eyes returned to the brain screen.
Ten seconds later, the monitoring screen returned to the screen. I stared at the brain screen and my heart suddenly cooled. Sure enough, there was no body of my mother in the central glass coffin of the back room, but at this moment, the coffin was so chilling.
This is gone? I feel incredible in my heart, not to mention the sudden absence of a surveillance screen. It’s incredible only in these ten seconds. The glass coffin of the funeral home is strictly sealed, and there is strong air conditioning in it to ensure that the body will not rot and stink quickly.
No way! How could someone take my mother’s body in a glass coffin for more than ten seconds without leaving a trace?
I specially observed a glass coffin covered by my mother. Although it was lifted, it gave people a feeling that it was not messy.
"Coming" Manager Zhang once again woke me up and said.
What on earth is coming?
Suddenly, the picture on the brain screen shook, and a green face was illuminated by an infrared camera, which filled the whole screen-my mother’s face.
I almost jumped out of my chair and almost screamed.
"I’ve woken you up," Manager Zhang said slowly. "Come and sit down. Don’t be afraid."
Manager Zhang comforted me almost without any words. I stammered, "What’s going on here?"
Manager Zhang cocked his head and looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders, pointed to the brain screen and said, "You saw it. That’s the thing."
I got up the courage to look at the brain screen again, but I insisted on looking at it. I never had the courage to sit in a chair and look at the face that I was familiar with and unfamiliar with.

Time flies. The feedback from the fighter plane over there is that it is close to the target location, and it will take three minutes to reach the destination.

Something is always going to happen at this critical moment, and this time is no exception. Zhang Lan’s communication rings and the phantom indicates that it is Natasha Frey, the vampire.
You’re welcome to put on the tone. "Hey, vampire, what do you want? I am very busy now. "
Nick Frey roared, "Blue, you need to get to 12th Street on Manhattan Island now!"
"The vampire you eat the wrong medicine for such a big temper? What happened over there? "
"What is it? Haven’t you and Natasha tried to do something good? The new Hulk has been created. The code name is Hate. Now the streets are raging. Conventional weapons don’t need your hand at all! I lost the picture to you. Take a look at it yourself. "
Frey’s words made Zhang Lan’s head unconsciously look at his watch at two o’clock at midnight.
This happened less than four hours after he left Banner?
Hatred should be caused by Bronsky’s injection of Banner’s blood, but how did he get Banner’s blood? Is this Professor Stern’s place? How did he know about Professor Stern?
Everything is out of order. What Zhang Lan can do is to take out the equipment card, put on the phantom suit and watch the picture sent by Fury. It is a green monster street with a height of one or three meters, and the face is rampant. Bronsky is very much like the spine protruding behind him, which is the image of disgust.
What the hell is going on here?
Zhang Lan’s head is in a mess, and he doesn’t know how to clear his mind. This sudden appearance makes him very unprepared.
"What’s the matter with blue? Is something wrong? " While Charles saw Zhang Lan remained silent for a long time, his mind fluctuated greatly and he said,
"Ah, professor, take a look at the brain wave intensifier where there is a big monster on 12th Street in Manhattan Island. See if you can control him. I need a horse here, so keep an eye on Logan."
With that, Zhang Lan acted quickly and walked out to the take-off site of the fighter plane. He hit the basketball court on the top of his head again and launched a phantom suit to fly straight out.
It’s a pity that Katie was already asleep when she came back this time, and now she is in a hurry to leave. It seems that there is no way to see her.
Take off at the same time Zhang Lan reconnects with Frey Communication. "Frey, what the hell is going on? Where’s banner? Banner, why didn’t you come out and stop the hatred? He is fully capable. "
"Or are you and Natasha doing good things behind my back?" Frey growled and still breathed a sigh of relief to explain, "According to general Ross’s intelligence feedback, Banner, after you left, you left to find Professor Stern, and you are still in a coma after taking too many inhibitory drugs, and your heart is almost stopped due to extreme weakness such as breathing."
"His girlfriend Betty panicked and asked her father, General Ross, for help. He came to the army in the middle of LeBronsky. He had injected the incomplete Hulk potion to make him recover. After killing a colleague, he injected himself with a lot of Banna blood, which made him have the ability to transform into the Hulk."
"Later, you saw that not everyone with great power will become a hero, and some people will lose their power. Bronsky, that is, hatred is one of them. Banner has not yet recovered his heartbeat. It is not clear whether he can come back to life twice a minute. What’s more, it is to stop hatred?"
"Before this, I joined Peter and Harry. They actually went to Canada? You’re the one who submitted the exit application? Fantastic Four has been influenced by you to travel to China again. Tell me who else can I find besides you? "
It took Frey less than 30 seconds to finish this long passage. At the same time, it also showed Zhang Lan that he was isolated and helped. Unfortunately, new york superhero was left with only one fighting power.
"Vampire, I’m telling you, I’m not sure if I can stop it. You’d better not put all your hopes on me. Banner is the key. Be sure to wake him up. I can stall for a while!"
"What we are trying to do is to analyze what he knows about the ingredients of the medicine and what we know when it takes a while to inject the medicine …"
"The gamma pulse comes from the amygdala of the brain. Stern’s medicine temporarily absorbs the energy of Banna’s nucleic acid chain, which suppresses Banna’s Hulk cells and dissipates the energy of the nucleic acid chain. Can he recover by himself?"
"Oh? Oh! Okay, are you sure? We … "
"neve question my words! Vampires! " Zhang Lan growled at Frey for the first time, "Tell me how long I need to delay?"
“......OK! Wait a minute. I’ll ask a bunch of technicians … "
Frey compromised with Zhang Lan’s anger mainly because he knew that Zhang Lan had the ability to predict, and the credibility of what he just said was still very high. It was just a habitual question. I didn’t expect Zhang Lan’s reaction to be so great
Communication is quiet for a while.
Zhang Lan’s anger does not come from Frey’s unbelief or who he is, but from his own anger.
Once again, after the lizard man incident in new york, he was out of his control again. This feeling is very bad. More importantly, he is not sure that he can get this thing back on track now.
This is anger at one’s ability.
He is still too weak.
Frey was quick and fast, but it took 45 seconds to get accurate information back.
"Sixteen minutes blue If you say it’s a dialogue, you need to delay for sixteen minutes!"
"Okay, I get it."
Zhang Lan responded and then hung up the communication directly. He has arrived at Manhattan Island. At this time, there is a green monster standing in the air, wantonly destroying everything in front of him. Fortunately, there are very few passers-by in the middle of the night. At present, the casualties are only the soldiers who are blocked by General Ross.
Zhang Lan rushed to wreak havoc and hate when the time came, but also suddenly stopped and seemed to feel something. He raised his head and looked up at Zhang Lan in the phantom suit.
This figure he has just seen today is the highest superhero new york called-Zhang Lan!
"Hey!" Hate to shout "it’s you Zhang Lan! Come and fight with me! Look at me like tearing up your heroic aura! "

In fact, when his right foot just pulled the football out, it had already hit Buffon’s palm.

He could have shouted and then fell to the ground.
This is a penalty, and maybe Buffon will be given a red card.
If this is in the Spanish league, it may be okay to do so.
But this is in Italy, and the opponent is Juventus, so you can do it.
David silva doesn’t know much about the inside story of Juventus and Italian football, but Rocchi’s good ball was fouled offside just now, which made david silva realize that their opponents are different, and some things may not be reasonable.
So he didn’t choose to fall to the ground.
It’s just that he does this, how can he get rid of Buffon?
David silva didn’t want to get rid of!
After he shifted the football to the left with his right foot, he pushed it directly with his left foot!
The whole movement is very smooth, just like running water, without any pause and stagnation.
But this is actually not a shooting action, this is an extraordinary action, which Spanish players use most skillfully … "Fried meatballs"!
That is, the right foot or left foot buckles the football in the opposite direction, and then the other foot quickly follows and pushes the football forward. At the same time, the player flexibly dodges the opponent’s grab and wipes it from the opponent’s side to complete a beautiful pass.
David silva didn’t use this action to pass others, but creatively used this action to shoot!
It’s really finished!
Football was pushed to the goal by him!
And he himself was thrown to the ground by Buffon at the same time.
It’s just that he doesn’t care anymore. He fell to the ground and looked up at the football rolling in front.
The football was not fast and skipped to the goal.
Then he saw his legs rush past …
David silva, who thought there was no problem, struggled to get up from the ground. If the opponent really destroyed the football, he had to make sure that he still had the spare capacity to finish the shot.
Buffon seemed to know what he wanted to do. He grabbed his ankle and pulled it. david silva kicked it empty.
But he used his hands and feet, quickly got up again and staggered forward …
"david silva’s shot-rober kovac-"
The owner of the legs that david silva saw was rober kovac.
He caught up from behind, saw the football rolling towards the goal, and flew directly to shovel it, intending to destroy it with scissors legs.
This is a difficult move.
He should adjust his body orientation in the process of sliding shovel, otherwise he will shovel the football into the goal with one foot, which will be an oolong.
At the same time, he has to twist his body in the opposite direction, cross his legs and kick out a scissor leg. He is exercising himself, and so is football. It is not easy to hit the target accurately.
In the end, rober kovac didn’t hit the football, he missed it!
The football slipped from his leg into the goal …
It was quiet for about five seconds in the Olympic stadium, and everyone seemed to have to confirm whether the ball really scored. After all, Rocchi’s ball was in front, and now everyone is a little afraid to be happy too early.
During this silence, everyone heard the whistle of referee De Santis and saw his gesture. He turned and pointed to the middle circle-the goal was effective!
The goal is valid!
This is a no matter what fucking shady, black-box operation, behind-the-scenes trading … can’t be denied … Good shot!
"david silva! ! ! Nice goal! Even three people! He beat Juventus’ whole defence by himself! Zambrotta, Nedved, Cannavaro, and finally Buffon and rober kovac! World wave! Great goal! In Italy, such a goal is wonderful! "
The commentator of Sky Italia, which is in charge of broadcasting the game, growled hysterically.
He was so excited that he lost his temper, because the ball was so beautiful!
The key goal of the key game, and it is so beautiful.
This ball has all the elements to become a classic!
"david silva! Nineteen-year-old david silva! Spanish genius! He changed the course of the game by himself, and he conquered Italy! Phenomenal young people! "
After a short pause, the Olympic Stadium burst into huge cheers, which were enough to drown everything and pounce on everyone like a flood.
Everyone in the Olympic stadium is flooded and part of the flood.
Together, they formed this spectacular scene.
All Lazio fans are screaming and shouting with all their strength.
After Rocchi’s goal was blown out on the grounds of offside, there was a fire in everyone’s heart.
Now this fire can finally gush out unscrupulously, and then spread quickly, burn and burn everything!
Chapter 59 Capello’s Countermeasures
The cheers in the stands are a little crazy, and the celebration of Lazio players is also crazy.
In the past, Chang Sheng asked the players to remain calm when they were treated unfairly.
Wrapped the anger in their hearts with ice.
But this flame has never been extinguished for a moment.
Now, they burn through the frozen shell and spurt out like a volcanic eruption.
Silva stumbled to make up the shot, but when he ran to the goal, the football had already rolled into the goal.
So Silva simply stopped braking, bumped into it, sucked the popped football in again, and then the whole person followed him into the net, then fell on his back and fell into the goal.

Turning blood into magic is definitely not as simple as talking about it. Even a monk in the blood evil temple doesn’t want to try to turn blood into magic easily.

However, even though the monk in the late stage of the blood evil temple then the state of mind did not want to turn blood into magic, the present situation left him with no choice. If he didn’t turn blood into magic, the end result would be that he was consumed alive by the other side. If he chose to turn blood into magic, he would become a monster even if he finally succeeded in surviving.
Death and turning into a monster are not the results that the Godsworn wanted in the late stage of the blood evil temple, but now he has no other choice. This action has dispatched him to a godsworn in the late stage of the golden state. Without his help, there is naturally nothing to expect from those ordinary brothers in the army. It is very difficult for them to get rid of the demon clan beyond the taxing stage. Even the Godsworn in the taxing state may not have the ability to come to help him. Besides, the strength of the other side will not change much even if there are a few more Godsworn brothers in the taxing state.
I feel that I am really in a crisis. In the late period of the blood evil temple, the monk also made a decision in an instant, and the blood evil spirit suddenly reached the extreme, and with his blood evil spirit reaching the extreme, his body also changed into a blood inferno.
At the key moment, the monk chose to live in the late stage of the blood evil temple. For him, life is still the most important thing, even if he wants to become a monster in the rest of his life, it is better than being directly killed by his opponent.
I feel that the monk’s body has changed in the later period of the blood evil spirit temple, and Xu Ren, Xiao Xiaoer, Shen Tengyun and Xiao Yaobao have all regressed by more than ten feet.
"Now want to return don’t think it’s too late? None of you want to leave today. "
After seeing Xu Ren, Xiaoer and Shen Tengyun, the monks returned them to escape and immediately mocked them in a ferocious manner.
The little demon leopard didn’t even bother to look at the monk in the late stage of the blood evil temple then gave him a look, which was the final evaluation of this guy.
"At this time, you still want to provoke me. You want to die."
Has finished the blood into the magic blood evil spirit temple then the monk body bursts out of the number of bloody Gang strength jumped toward Xu Ren, small children, Shen Tengyun and small demon leopard respectively.
This blood turns into a magic elixir. In the eyes of the monks in the later stage of the realm, his blood gas is that all the monks’ death killers will be contaminated with his blood gas, even if they don’t die, they will be seriously injured, and eventually they will become his blood food to help him ascend to the realm.
In the face of that blood ShaQi shot at himself, Xu Ren’s hand flashed red, and then that blood ShaQi disappeared into Xu Ren’s hand like being dragged.
Small Ganger directly cut out two swords, one of which resisted the blood ShaQi that flew to her, and the other helped Shen Tengyun block and pounce on his blood ShaQi.
The little demon leopard didn’t move much, but a black flame gushed out from his body, which soon turned the blood into magic blood. The blood ShaQi released by the monks in the later period of the temple was burned up.
"How is that possible? Who are you? Can see my blood ShaQi "
Blood turned into magic blood. In the later period of the temple of evil spirits, the monks saw that Xu Ren, Xiao Xiaoer and Xiao Yaobao all had the means to dissolve their blood Shaqi, and their eyes immediately became indecisive.
To him, he felt that he would be able to easily kill several opponents in front of him, but he didn’t expect the other party to be so understated that he resolved his blood ShaQi attack.
"I would have told you that we killed the blood evil spirit temple then the Godsworn before. If there is no means to restrain the blood evil spirit, how can we kill the blood evil spirit temple then the late Godsworn? Don’t they understand that blood turns into magic? "
Xu Ren saw the blood turn into magic blood, and then the monk’s face in the late stage of the temple was stunned and his face showed a disdainful smile.
Of course, Xu Ren’s smile is more to anger the monk in the late stage of the blood-turning magic blood evil spirit temple.
"Did you really kill Shi Qingshou?"
Blood turns into magic blood. The monk’s expression in the late stage of the blood evil temple is uncertain. He doesn’t want to believe that Xu Ren’s words are true, but look at the performance of these people and the enchanted elixir. Now he also thinks that these people really killed their blood evil temple. The monk Shi Qingshou in the late stage of the elixir.
"I don’t know who Shi Qingshou is. I know that he is a monk in the late stage of the temple of blood and evil spirits. That guy also wants to take twenty thousand troops to support the valley of God, but I’m also curious about how a monk in the early stage of the former fierce Yang dynasty came to you in these rear cities, but there are monks in the late stage of the golden state. Could it be that someone asked the six demons for help? "
Xu Renshi feels quite strange. Arguably, it should be that the army rushed to the front to be embedded in the army, and the strength of the monks was stronger. However, the army of the fierce Yang dynasty seemed to run in the opposite direction, attacking the city and pulling out the monks in front, but there were many monks who were not weak in repair.
"What do you know? Only when the rear is stable can we go to war without worrying about it. What if we monks all rush to the front and are infiltrated?"
Blood turns into magic. Then in the later period, the friar looked at Xu Ren and felt that the other party was still young after all and was not proficient in fighting soldiers.
"Is that true? I think it’s you guys who don’t want to rush around because of your strength, so that the weakest guy can symbolically rush to the front. "
Although the blood turned into magic blood, the monk in the late stage of the temple of evil spirits said something, but Xu Ren felt that it was not the main reason.
"Don’t think about the root when you deliberately delay."
When the blood turns into magic blood, the monks in the later stage of the temple of evil spirits have launched attacks on Xu Ren, Xiao Xiaoer, Shen Tengyun and Xiao Yaobao respectively. However, his attack this time is not simple blood Shaqi, but several powerful swords wrapped in blood Shaqi.
This blood evil spirit temple, then the monk’s strength rose several times after his blood turned into magic, so he was very confident in his attack. Even though Xu Ren, Xiaoer, Shen Tengyun and Xiaobao all had the means to restrain blood evil spirit, he was not afraid that he would feel nervous before because he didn’t think that Xu Ren, Xiaoer, Shen Tengyun and Xiaobao would have the means to restrain blood evil spirit.
In the face of the blood turning into magic blood, the monk attacked Xu Ren in the late stage of the evil spirit temple, and he didn’t dare to be careless. He saw his sword in the middle, and there was a change in heaven and earth, and several stars appeared.
Xu Renke, a monk in the late stage of the blood-turning magic blood evil temple, dare not be careless at all, but he is not sure without the help of the stars on Sunday.
Swish swish swish-
After the stars appeared on Sunday, Xu Ren made up for the lack of stars in one breath.
Xu Ren is very clear in his heart that he has the fastest speed to send those stars to the star-missing position to have a chance to defeat his opponent in the face of the late monk in the temple of blood turning into magic blood and evil spirit.
"It’s no wonder that you can kill Shi Qingshou and have the means to blind the stars on Sunday."
After seeing the stars on Sunday, the monk’s face became very dignified in the late stage of the temple of evil spirits.
A Godsworn then he also knows Gu Qixing, and of course Gu Qixing’s means of imitating the stars on Sunday. Now that the opponent has mastered this means to kill the blood evil temple, it is really not impossible for him to be extremely careful now, otherwise he will probably follow Shi Qingshou’s footsteps.
"It seems that you know a lot about this method of mine. In that case, I won’t say much about death."
Xu Ren said, "Then he directed several meteors to jump at the monk in the late stage of the temple where blood turned into magic blood."
Blood turned into magic blood. In the later period of the evil spirit temple, the monk saw the meteor coming towards him, and his face instantly changed, not to mention Xu Ren’s attack power, such as but the momentum was scary enough.
Swish swish swish-
Blood turned into magic blood. Godsworn Jin Danjing also ignored Xu Ren’s wordiness and waved his sword directly to resist Xu Ren’s control of meteorites.
A series of muffled sounds came.
Xu Ren’s attack really turned this blood into magic blood, and the monks in the later stage of the temple of evil spirits were in a hurry, but it was only for a while. As his meteorite contacts increased, his heart was not so nervous.
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-five Burst
Xu Ren’s single-handed imitation of the stars on Sunday is really amazing, but it is not a method to resist the monks who have finished turning blood into magic blood and evil spirit temple in the late Jin Dan realm.
As the confrontation became longer and longer, the monk in the later period of the blood-turned-into-magic-blood-evil temple felt that the meteorite attack power was not weak, but it would really hurt him, and it was not easy for him to feel awkward. It was just that there were so many meteorites in the sky that attacked him at the same time, and he wanted to attack Xu Ren and Xu Ren companions, which would be somewhat disturbed.
Swish swish swish-
However, although the friar in the later stage of the temple of the blood-turned-into-magic evil spirit has little leisure, he is still looking for opportunities to attack Xu Ren, Xiaoer, Shen Tengyun and Xiao Yaobao.
Of course, his main target of attack is Xu Renyin, who single-handedly imitated the stars on Sunday by Xu Ren. He feels that it is not a big threat to him to successfully kill Xu Ren or the demon race.
To say the least, even if he kills those human monks and demon families by other methods, there should be no problem if he wants to get away without the restrictions of the stars on Sunday.
It’s not surprising that the monk targeted Xu Ren in the late stage of the blood-turning magic blood evil temple. This is not the first time that he has been specifically targeted by his opponent. After all, it is his means to transform the stars on Sunday.

When it comes to mendieta, Real Madrid is full of anger now.

Florentino secretly scolded Valencia and Changsheng many times.
When florentino poached mendieta from Valencia, he was full of joy, thinking that he had strengthened his own strength and weakened Valencia.
I didn’t expect Valencia to be weakened, but their performance was better. Is your side, plagued by mendieta.
The first is the position dispute of mendieta, which has troubled the team for a long time.
Then there is the locker room problem caused by this position dispute.
The media are now speculating on this matter all day long, and everything that was originally fine has been speculated into something, making the dressing room in Real Madrid restless. What contradiction between mendieta and Figo, what contradiction between mendieta and helguera …
Some revelations look real, and some are real.
Real Madrid’s unstable performance this season is related to these internal contradictions.
In order to buy mendieta, Danghu spent 30 million euros, which made Real Madrid financially nervous and almost had no money to buy Ronaldo-if Moratti didn’t finally agree to Real Madrid’s installment payment, they really had no money to buy Ronaldo.
Only after I bought it did I find myself cheated …
They thought they bought a superstar, but they didn’t expect to buy a giant pit!
Florentino means how Valencia promised so readily, and bargained for two young players without even asking for money …
It turns out that this is specially for mendieta to come and cheat us!
When florentino understood this truth, he didn’t ask Bosco to start mendieta. Although this may make others guess that he was cheated by Valencia, it is only a matter of time. Mendieta’s performance is so poor that even fools know that Real Madrid spent 30 million plus Alvaro Arbeloa and Cambiaso to buy mendieta, which is a parallel product.
If we keep mendieta in the starting line-up for the sake of face, I’m afraid it will lead to the collapse of the team’s performance.
Real Madrid failed to win the league title last season, and we can’t lose the league title again this season anyway.
In order to win the league championship, it is only natural to let mendieta sit on the bench.
He is now preoccupied with letting mendieta go at the end of the season.
It’s just that he tried several times, and the situation was not good.
Mendieta’s agent, Tordera, was killed and refused to leave. When signing the contract, the agent who bowed to himself is now involved with himself.
Tordera certainly won’t want to let mendieta go, because mendieta is getting a lot of salary at Real Madrid now.
This is a lot of money.
The only condition for Tordera to agree to mendieta’s departure is that Real Madrid will pay mendieta the remaining three years’ salary in one breath.
This is a big headache for florentino.
I dug a mendieta myself, and that’s what happened.
Look at Cambiaso and Arbeloa, who were taken to Valencia by the winning team. One is a player who has never been taken seriously in Real Madrid, and the other is a young man who is still in the echelon of Real Madrid.
However, under the ever-victorious team, both of them were able to play in Valencia’s first team, and Cambiaso even had a regular chance to play and performed well. There was one goal and two assists.
Young players like Alvaro Arbeloa can start in the King’s Cup and contribute an assist.
Mendieta played 15 times in various competitions in Real Madrid, without scoring a goal or assisting.
This is the gap …
At the thought that the chief culprit of this gap is constant victory, florentino is even less in a good mood.
Therefore, this game, Real Madrid will end Valencia’s unbeaten no matter how much it costs!
For this game, Changsheng is also well prepared.
Before the game, all kinds of competition training skills that can improve the team’s ability in a short time were used.

One bodyguard in front has waved to them again, and the other seems to have picked up the collar line equipment and notified them.

So dejected and despondent, I went to the door and just heard the voice of the Prime Minister.
"Is that little bunny coming and bringing it in?"
"Damn it, didn’t you say that your grandfather wanted to see me? Why is this boss here?"
"I don’t know. What should I do now? I feel definitely not good."
"Play it by ear"
Two people whispering that day, the performance of the Prime Minister was uncharacteristically ignored by suluo and suluo, and something was wrong.
In fact, suluo is very afraid to see a person in the Prime Minister’s crowd who was born in blazing with anger as if he could see your soul at a glance. The Prime Minister is that kind of person.
And being in a high position with that aura, whoever is close to him knows that chatting with him is in a panic. If suluo is willing to forget him by the Prime Minister, however,
Pushing the door and going in, I was dumbfounded. Both the Dean and the Prime Minister were inside, and there was an old man with a dozen kinds of gray hair and a weather-beaten face engraved with years, wrinkles, thin body and deep eyes. This should be Grandpa Knife.
"Grandpa is good, Prime Minister is good, Dean is good, haha." The knife is a bit at a loss.
Suluo hurriedly scratched his head with a ha ha.
"Ah, ha, ha, the Prime Minister and the Dean, why are you here? What a coincidence. This is Master Wang. Hello, hello, my name is suluo. I met you for the first time. Haha"
The scene was very embarrassing at one time. Keep making eye contact with the knife.
"What will your uncle do now?"
"I feel murderous."
"Nonsense. Remember to take care of each other later."
"Well, the young man is quite good. Sit down." Master Wang looked at suluo with a smile and then ordered his aunt to pour some tea.
The bosses looked at themselves Gherardini just don’t talk pills suluo and knife depressed fidgeting.
For a long time, the prime minister glanced at suluo and said
"It’s not a coincidence that I came to visit Wang. It’s no longer a few months before the anniversary of the victory of anti-fascism. Wang led a team to form a veteran. Even if Wang also played you, I’ll let Wang shout you together."
Mom, it’s not that Master Wang wants to see me, it’s that you want to see me.
"Ah, ha, ha, since you are discussing state affairs, let’s leave the state affairs alone."
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ll come back later. I’ll treat you to a snack later. Bye."
The two stooges got up and tried to slip away.
"What’s the hurry?"
Sit like a good baby in an instant
It seems that it is another disaster to escape. Today, this battle is going to be settled after the autumn.
"You’ve been down a peg or two recently. You’re so famous that even Wang has heard of you."
Suluo and the knife giggled and scratched their heads without talking.
"Laugh and see if you two don’t sit still like that. Tell me about it yourself."
Suluo and the knife looked at each other and ordered a head.
"There’s no problem. Look at the knife. A top rich second generation doesn’t show off wealth, doesn’t race cars, doesn’t support actresses, and usually loves to help grandma cross the street. I think it’s a model among the rich second generation."

Su Lu evaded Lin Qing’s attack and the cashier shield stood in the wind. "My master naturally helped me!" Picking things is the insinuation of the person who fixes the truth. Lin Qing has no master, but she has a master as her patron.

Does this guy still stare at me?
Lin Qing said that she was the one who was abandoned, and that she should be more upset.
Before the horizontal sword, she is firm in her eyes. If she is blindly attached to it, she will lose it. It is difficult to compare others and narrow in her heart.
It is her belief to keep surpassing herself when she looks at herself now!
Chapter 191 While
Su Lu saw that Lin Qing seemed to be moving in her heart, but she didn’t believe that she could really let go.
Hum, Lin Qing, today I’ll show you what I’ve learned over the years to make this one your generation’s demons!
Instantly, wisps of silk flew out of her wide sleeves, and these silks came at Lin Qing in five colors like a snake. Lin Qing’s sword lifted purple winds and purple cyclones around the blade collided like silk, and silks were bounced and followed by her fists, palms and palms, and the wind swept away in an attempt to entangle them. The silk thread was scattered and disturbed.
In her figure, one of them turned over and stepped on a few silk threads, and attacked Su Lu like a step.
Su Lu’s reaction is also very fast, and he flies swiftly and flashes with another hand. A recruit silk thread instantly condenses into a rope, and the only stone pole that puts a photo stone on one side of the ring borrows power to avoid Lin Qing’s attack in a thrilling way.
With this fulcrum, Su Lu is like a duck to water, grabbing the silk thread with one hand and accurately aiming at Lin Qing’s pay-off.
At once, the white shadow in the ring whirled with her cascading skirts, long waist hair and colorful silk threads, dancing in the wind was just like a fairy, and the Taiwanese monks were fascinated.
Lin Qing wants to shout for help in the entanglement of filaments! I really want to cut that stone pole with a sword, but it seems that this public property can’t be damaged by her.
Su wisp of thin thread flexibly condenses into several strands of rope and sweeps Lin Qing. Lin Qing feels that she is a fancy skipping rope. While avoiding it, she thinks that Su wisp of silk does not know where it comes from. She just tried the fire spirit to burn and even cut Jin Jian constantly.
Ling Si is not broken. Su Lu’s mouth is proud. "Master granted me silk thread. Can NINEONE Nianling silkworm vomit anything!"
Lin Qing didn’t want to talk to her at all, thinking, why don’t you burn the green flame or take out the ear sword and cut it?
I haven’t decided yet, and Su Lu’s silk has come to her palm again.
Lin Qing’s conditioned reflex was inspired by this contact. Her eyelids moved for a moment and she smiled.
In the face of the continuous attack on the silk rope, her figure was moving and the silk rope was all caught.
Su Lu stupidly, Lin Qing’s lips gently sipped luck. Before Su Lu could recover, he slammed the wire rope, and Su Lu fell headlong and landed on his face!
After eating all over the floor, I reacted and hated her for forgetting that Lin Qing was a Hercules!
Lin Qing flew towards her with an easy lift. Why didn’t she think of what it was like to jump in front of it?
Su Lu saw this tug-of-war, and she was sure to lose. Quickly and decisively, she took out a special scissors to cut the silk quickly.
Seeing that Lin Qing’s hands and feet can’t be entangled, she quickly adjusted her strategy. All over the sky, filaments flew out like cobwebs and trapped two people in a red charm and a black charm at the same time.
"Oh, my God, it turns out that Fu Lingfeng has a unique charm of increasing and eliminating." An eagle-eyed monk recognized and shouted.
The increment symbol can instantly enhance two layers of spiritual power, and the elimination symbol can instantly suppress spiritual power, but both of them can’t maintain a breath and are harmful to human body.
Avoid it!
Lin Qing was caught by the four-sided filaments. Although she picked the filaments, she was hit by the elimination symbol.
Suddenly, the body was like lead, as if all spiritual forces were pulled out, as if they were pulled into the dark water by several hands.
Su Lu took the opportunity to fly forward in an attempt to give a fatal blow …
Yan Yuan, a real person, got up when he saw it, but was held by the elder Jin beside him, "Trust her."
And fix true person’s eyes are also moving and loose. Su Lu is not willing to kill Lin Qing.
Qian jun yi fa
Seeing Su Lu’s front thread pointing at her mouthpiece, Lin Qing clenched the tip of her tongue and the spiritual force was pressed, so she poured her strength into the golden sword and projected it toward her.
The golden sword struck hard and the attack was blocked. Su Lu turned over and evaded the opportunity to shoot another silk rope.
Although Su Lu was killed, Lin Qing’s waist was still entangled.
This time, Su Lu stopped trying to drag Lin Qing, but simply drank "wring!"
The waist silk thread suddenly tightened as if to wring people.
Laugh indifferently. Lin Qing’s heart is late! My psychic powers have been restored!
Pat yourself with the red symbol of increasing yuan, and keep reading the formula, but the more you read it, the more scared you are. She has read the third weight of polyester formula. This Lin Qing has not only not been hanged, but also has not broken her skin. She can hang a bear in the second weight!
This guy’s waist is so resistant to twisting. Is it true that King Kong is not bad?
"Can there be a chance?" Lin Qing’s eyes sparkled with green flame.
Su Luxin disdains that "the strength of her eternal spirit is not comparable to that of a bug!" However, for a moment, she was more startled than
Ling silk is actually empty in the green flame.
Su Lu was shocked and pale. She clenched her teeth and hated to see Lin Qing take the sword and hit her. When she raised her hand, she flew out a ofuda.
"Ah, it’s an invisibility symbol!" One person in the crowd exclaimed.
"Is this invisible symbol in a fight?" One question way
There is an admirer, Ma Lu, who answered, "Naturally, Su Shimei is a natural assistant to Fu Lingfeng."
"It’s so unfair to pool Lin."
"Lin Shimei is also in trouble!"
Lin Qing is really what this younger brother calls "something". Since the stealth operator doesn’t foul, why don’t she try it? In order to cover for "Xing", she also prepared several invisibility symbols.
Lin Qing disappeared almost at the same time after Su Lu disappeared.
Therefore, the strangest situation in this ranking war appeared: the invisible man in the ring has a silk rope flying out of the invisible man from time to time, and there are silk ropes flying across, and there are boxing waves flowing. In the dogfight, there are also various kinds of hurtful and non-fatal symbols bombing back and forth.
After repeated bombing, it is not complete than the platform. The referee’s face turned black and roared, "Destroy the scene again and both of you will get out!"
Two people can choose to appear tacitly.
As soon as he appeared on the stage, the audience froze
Just now, I saw a lot of FuLingFeng ofuda being detonated. It is reasonable to say that Sister Lin will get a little hurt, but now Lin Qing has not changed much. On the contrary, Su Lu is much more dusty than before, and her chest is covered with several layers of blood.
Su Lu secretly hates outsiders who seem to come and go. It’s all her throwing. This Lin Qing is quite cunning, not only physically strong, but also very agile. It’s like knowing where she is. She flew out of her place and fed her. Lin Qingji didn’t get caught, but she got a few palms. She hates it! What is Lin Qing’s chance these years? So strong, she had to move her master. Really.
Sue wisp of dark hate at the same time, Lin Qing was so annoyed that she couldn’t wait and see. How many defensive magic weapons did the fix true man give Sue wisp? What order vestments did she wear? She hit several times and hurt her roots. If these devices were used, she would have … The bigger the snow, the thicker it was, and the sky was getting dark unconsciously.
Su Lu bowed her head and took a long breath, then her face looked up calmly. Her hands were lightly gathering her fingers in a lotus state, and her eyes were lightly raised. In the dancing, she slowly rose half like a fairy.
Behind her, such as umbrellas and green leaves, green vines are intertwined, and lotus flowers are psychedelic, red-violet is like fire, and Lan Lian is like a dream …
When everything was quiet, everyone held their breath.
Lin Qing’s eyes are set! Fix true person that set of achievement method!
Chapter 192 Virtual color offshore operation
More than four people couldn’t help staring straight at this beautiful scene in amazement.
Beauty smells like Yu Lian … I haven’t finished sighing.
As soon as Dong Dong saw a handle, Jin Jianfei shot away and shot Su Lu, who was in the middle of the game.

After she finished the course, she benefited from the teaching of the old magic stick for so many years. The only thing she learned was that there were yin and yang techniques in the east and west.

She keeps a lot of things in her mind.
After listening to her finish, Qing Moyan looked at her.
"What else?"
Ru Xiaonan shook his little head. "You can’t be impatient. You have to remember everything I said before."
"You said that?" Blue ink Yan Yang raised her eyebrows. "Isn’t that what I remember?"
RuXiaoNan almost bit his tongue.
"You … I’ll see if you’re right before you repeat it."
Blue ink yan disdain again.
Actually, word for word.
RuXiaoNan completely stay away.
Shao Qing’s adult, you are a schoolmaster. You can remember it once you listen to it … If my grandfather is still alive, he will definitely be excited and can’t sleep for days and nights.
If he can really control other people’s insects, he will definitely become the most powerful teacher of Yin and Yang.
Ru Xiaonan taught the technique of Yin and Yang in the room every night for ten days, and it passed quickly.
This evening, it was another day of poisoning, but he didn’t leave her as usual.
"I want to try my own strength." Qing Moyan was unusually calm
Ru Xiaodong taught him the chastity mantra, and he has become very skilled, but how powerful it is will be known in the actual transportation.
RuXiaoNan pursed her lips. She was actually more nervous than he was.
"You don’t stay away if I fail …" Green ink yan looked at her.
Ru Xiaonan smiled brightly. "Don’t worry, I’m always here."
Blue ink Yan responded and looked out the window at the sunset.
He has no doubt that if he needs him, his little things will pounce on him at any time to help him.
However, there are some things he has to face by himself. If he can’t get rid of the King of Body Method, then he has to overcome it and control it.
Let it have its place
Chapter 267 A word is not on the bus
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RuXiaoNan fearful looking at the sunset outside the window.
The light in the room dimmed.
Blue ink Yan breathing suddenly aggravated Ru Xiao Nan’s heart followed up, and the body was very conscious and made a jump.
Green ink Yan absorbed in the gesture she taught him and closed her eyes and did not move.
Is it done?
RuXiaoNan really wanted to ask him, so he didn’t talk, and she didn’t dare to speak first for fear of disturbing him.
Blue ink Yan sideburns soon saw the sweat.
One minute passes by.
Ru Xiaonan can’t wait, but she can’t lean over without a mouth.
Finally, Qing Mo Yan gently exhaled with his eyes open.

Just as Qian Hong said, it is very likely that doing it yourself today will lead to a direct confrontation between the two families, which is why the planners are not ready to turn their faces.

Gee, you were imposing just now. Why didn’t you do it? Come on, always wait \
I haven’t finished this sentence yet. When I saw this, a figure appeared directly in front of me, and then Qian Hong bowed himself like a prawn.
At this time, a not-too-loud sloped sound came, and everyone was white. What did the sound mean just now? It should be that the key position was kicked out.
Young master, young master! What’s the matter with you?
How dare you? \
Don’t talk nonsense, hurry up and take the young master home. Hurry up and treat the family. Since we want to fight, we will report to one of our housekeepers when we go back. At this moment, one of them said
Qian Hong behind a few pages at this time to see the meter home is really dare to start work, we also dare not how can be said a few words of malicious words will leave.
Go back and tell your householder that you’d better be honest, or your money house will be driven out of the city of Luoying, which is very close. Ye Xiang stopped several people again and didn’t care to say.
After listening to it, these pages will look at Xiang Ye. It doesn’t look like a joke. The color of God has changed.
Look at your young master’s appearance. They also dare not delay. They just ran in the direction of the money house. We all know that if your young master is abolished, several of them will not have a good day. The master will not let go of several of them ~
Chapter three hundred and forty-five Falling into the city
A few of them then lifted their young master and left the gate of the meter house quickly.
Seeing that several people in the Qian family fled like this, several people in the family first burst out laughing. However, it was not until a few people walked away that they realized that it was very likely that things would become the fuse of two families today, putting their family in danger.
At this time, some of their talents looked at the old man. At this time, the old man was also a face of Naise. Although he also saw that the situation was very comfortable just now, when he recalled it, he knew that something was wrong. Now, the planner is not ready for a face-to-face battle
They all know that it is essential for the Ji family to fight with the other two big families, but it still needs to be well prepared for this big war. Now Xiang Ye’s foot is very popular, but it is likely to be a bad thing
"Come on, now that it has happened, go in and see the master." The old man said with a slight frown.
"What’s the big deal if you don’t pull a long face? I’ve already said that if I were here, there would be no danger for your family." Looking at them, I was afraid of wolves and tigers, and I was full of information. No wonder their family would have this crisis. It is because they are too indecisive.
With that, Xiang Ye ignored a few of them, but directly walked towards the front line inside.
They looked at Xiang Ye’s back and shook their heads. Although they knew that Ye Xiang’s strength was of the earth, was it still possible for many monks to play in the face of two forces wars? They also couldn’t say clearly.
At this time, JiQingLuan has recovered. Many girls are also smart people. Naturally, they know that something happened to their brother and Ye Xianggen is not big. Although it is because Ye Xiangcai brought him a crisis, if JiFei didn’t find Xiang Ye to help, he wouldn’t have an accident. The end result is still to blame Jia Jiahe and Qian Jia.
The old man wanted to take Xiang Ye to their family hall, but Xiang Ye is not in the mood to go there now. He just asked the old man to arrange a rest room for himself first and then went in, so he didn’t go to see the family owner.
Seeing Xiang Ye’s appearance at this moment, the old man also understood that this kind of strength master will help his family. It is estimated that once the crisis is solved, he will leave the roots immediately and will not stay.
JiQingLuan watched Xiang Ye enter the back of the room and opened his mouth, but it didn’t come out and closed, so he could walk with the old man towards the family hall.
At this time, the hall of Ji Jia was already full of people, and almost all the monks in Ji Jia were here. At this time, they all listened to what an old man in the field was telling.
Half an hour later, they already knew what had happened. At this time, everyone was both excited and worried. The excitement was that their family crisis was likely to come into contact. The worry was whether the Qian family incident would cause two wars before today.
Of course, some of them are still sad. These people are Ji Fei’s family, including Ji Fei’s father, that is, now Ji Yunting, the owner of Ji Fei’s family, has heard the news of his son at this time, and he is also heartbroken, but at this time, family matters always have to be resolved. He did not show it.
There are still a lot of secret lovers. After all, if Ji Fei dies, his son may be the master of the family. Although the family looks calm now, everyone is unanimous, but once it is calm, things will happen soon.
"Ah Zhong, as you say, it’s very powerful to help us plan our family’s youth." Another five-level monk, Uncle Ji Fei, said excitedly at this moment.
"Sir, I just said that this person solved three four-level monks and five three-level monks with ten interest rates. It’s no exaggeration at all," the old man said again at this moment.
"Okay, everyone, don’t worry. Although the money family happened today, we are not ready for a big fight, but aren’t the money family and the Jia family not ready? If they were ready, wouldn’t they be delayed until today?" Jiyuntang is still relatively heavy, so he said
Sure enough, after he finished this sentence, everyone here thought about it one after another.
"And because of this master’s temper, we are still not very clear about it, so I now have an order that no one should go near his residence without my permission. If you cause his dissatisfaction, don’t say that he doesn’t care much about you. Our family just won’t let you go. Now the most important thing is family affairs," said Ji Yunting again
After he finished, he glanced around severely, and these people were relieved to see that there was no objection.
Soon there will be no one on the facade of the family hall, and all the monks are going to prepare for the big war.
"How is Ah Zhong’s trip? I always feel as if this person is a little odd. Just like you said, it is bloody to kill several people directly."
What are two people discussing in a quiet room at this moment?
"Master, although he has a hard hand, it seems to me that he is not a fierce man. He is still not too worried," the old man said at this moment.
"Then should I meet this person well sometime? After all, he wants to help us plan our family. Is there anything to thank him for?" The plan owner said again.
"Sir, I don’t think it’s necessary to fix this. Godsworn’s temper is so weird. Let’s wait until when he wants to see you."
The old man has already remembered that when Xiang Ye entered the family, he had already woken up his family.

However, Han Ye was not sure what the aunt Zhuo was thinking at the moment, so she could put her mind up and prepare to meet Han Dage and Yun Dage and ask their opinions.

Although Han Ye is now ten years old, he has always been with Yun Mingyuan and Han Xiumo, and he has never experienced the experience of being alone. When encountering problems, Han Dage and Yun Dage are the first thoughts.
Just …
When on earth will he see his two big brothers?
Han Ye doesn’t know that when he plans to find Han Xiumo and Yun Mingyuan every day, someone is quietly paying attention to him.
Aunt Zhuo was waiting for a wise man. She was very excited when she first learned that Han Ye was a fire spirit Eucharist, and when she saw Han Ye again, she couldn’t help but take more care of him.
But recently, Han Ye seems to have been somewhat dissatisfied with her special care, and she naturally won’t do something annoying.
So she didn’t appear in front of Han Ye during this period.
But she is still quietly in the dark with Han Ye.
Her best friend was almost enchanted by her. Some nai couldn’t resist following Zhuo Qingdai when she secretly injected Korean leaves on this day.
Zhuo Qingdai is taller than her. If she is careful, she won’t find her moving, but now she is full of eyes full of Korean leaves. Naturally, it is impossible to find someone following behind her.
So her friend naturally met Han Ye.
See Korea leaves that moment she couldn’t help exclaiming a!
This kid …
She suddenly has a little understanding of what her best friend’s recent state is so wrong.
At first, she was Zhuo Qingdai, who was hurt by love. Recently, she has been talking about something wrong, but now that I think about it, she is really wrong.
Zhuo Qingdai’s friend’s name is Ye Yuanxiang. They are not only friends, but also close relatives and friends.
They befriended each other when they were young, and later they came alive from that tragic massacre. Later, they kept their two families together for many years, and their family brought in two secret methods of fatal disaster and gave them to Xianyunzong in exchange for the protection of Xianmen.
After that, the two lived in the fairy cloud Sect, and gradually no one knew that they were descendants of the family that was slain in those days.
Xian Yunzong sheltered them, but they didn’t have everything to do with them. Now Zhuo Qingdai has become a younger brother in charge of Feng. At the same time, Ye Yuanxiang has gained a firm foothold in Xianmen because of her superb swordsmanship and deadly fighting.
Ye Yuanxiang didn’t expect that she would meet a child whose brother-in-law is so similar.
When Ye Jiahe Zhuo’s family had an accident, she Zhuo Qingdai came out of the secret land in a secret land. After they came out for a long time, they only heard the news that their family was wiped out and they both escaped.
At that time, they were very angry
Chapter 194 Continue to close
The steward has been riding roughshod over the outer door for a long time. Recently, his younger brothers have been busy giving some advice to the new younger brother, and his courage has gradually fattened up.
It’s not that he doesn’t know that some people don’t give him anything when others have given him something, except that it’s really unreasonable to be worldly.
For example, there is someone behind.
But at that time, he didn’t think that this crop would arrange the two men to go to a bird-less place in the back to farm, and then the evil spirit in his heart had been removed, and then the two men were forgotten.
Who would have thought that hearing their names again turned out to be found by their cousins?
My cousin and my cousin are separated by a huge barrier, and he is respectful to them.
Finally, the steward didn’t dare to hide anything, and quickly confessed that he had done stupid things, kneeling on the ground to seek wealth and forgiveness.
Fu Yiqing raised his eyebrows slightly when listening to the steward talking about this matter. "You mean they accepted your arrangement without any resistance?"
The steward outside the door thought about the situation and nodded. "Yes, they just agreed."
To tell the truth, the two men didn’t make trouble at that time, which surprised the steward.
The place he set aside was almost the worst. After they went to the back hill, there was no movement, as if they really didn’t have a problem with his arrangement
I didn’t think much about the steward at that time. Now it seems that the other party should have background preparation and wait for others to give them a head start!
But even so, he dare not say anything when facing the rich and clear now.
It’s too simple for a younger brother to run over an outside door at will.
The steward of the outer door is afraid to say more anyway.
Fu Yiqing knew that the two men didn’t seem to be able to suffer indignities. At that time, they didn’t do anything directly to the outside door, mainly because the arrangement of the outside door was in line with the two people’s wishes.
Otherwise it can’t be as good as it is now.
But he didn’t say to let the steward take himself to these two monks.
It’s natural to be in charge outside the door.
How dare he disobey his younger brother? I’m afraid my life is too long now.
So Yun Mingyuan and Han Xiumo also met Fu Yiqing.
Nowadays, Fu Yi Qing is not the same as before. His poison base has been lifted and the remaining poison has been cleaned up.