But he is really reluctant to part with those grandchildren.

If this changes,
"Dad, is it possible to eat meat in the city?"
"Are there many cars in the city?"
"Then you can stay with us all the time?"
It’s a heavy heart to watch the twittering or the children’s old songs, but he can’t do it either. Follow the trajectory of generations and let them suffer all the time in their hometown.
"No, I’ll take you to S city to study and find a job there." The old song gritted its teeth or decided like this.
He can’t stay in the countryside, there are many things waiting for him, and he can’t leave all the children in the countryside to suffer.
He wants these generations to be busy in the fields, and half or even one generation of children can live a different life.
I don’t work in the fields every day, but I can go out for a walk during the holidays and buy whatever I want.
"Really?" A few people immediately excited.
Even the small bowl is bright, obviously full of expectations for entering the city.
They are all dressed up and stepping on old cloth shoes, which is the image of the countryside at this time.
Lao Qu sighed and put that worry behind him.
Yes, let nature take its course.
Others can let nature take its course and watch the old songs. You can still help your daughter here.
I don’t know, even if I know, it’s always a good thing to let that smelly little Song Xing go home early
Although this is not reliable, it is really very good for his daughter.
And Zhu Jia is also a poor person.
Because of the tight schedule and the fact that there is nothing old at home, the family began to rectify their ideas.
It is worth one thing that in this process, Lao Qu knew that his second son had said not long ago that he had kissed the second daughter-in-law.
He couldn’t say how complicated his mood was, and he was even more relieved.
Several daughters-in-law have advantages and disadvantages, but after a generation, so many excellent children have been born, and they are still very well remembered.
Now that one difficulty has been solved, look at the other.
It is said that she was single and didn’t get married until she was 56. Si Er, this is not urgent.
Then there’s only one left who won’t be engaged to Qu Laosan for another year.
"Third, do you have a favorite object?" The old song gently coughs and asks if this lifelong event can be solved early.
After all, he still wants grandchildren.
Qu Laosan blushed and stammered.
Looking at this situation, Wu Manzhu’s eyes narrowed as soon as he looked at Qu Laosan and then at the old face thoughtfully.
When she went to bed late, she said, "There’s no hurry for the third and fourth children to get married. Since she’s going to town, just find a girl in the city."
The old tune "No" was immediately opposed by a tingle.
Wu Manzhu narrowed his eyes and threatened "what? Do you think my son is not good enough for a city dweller to marry a country girl? "
As she said, she added, "Actually, I don’t think the second thing is urgent. It’s only because we’re engaged anyway. We’re going to the city so far away, and if it’s a big deal, we’ll give you more dowry when we break off our marriage."
"No" before she finished the old song, she objected again and said hurriedly, "We can’t be such ungrateful people."
"This how ungrateful? This is an engagement, and they can understand that we are going to town. "
"No means no" The old tune can’t calm down when he takes a deep breath.
What about his great-grandchildren?
"What’s my granddaughter’s name?" Suddenly the ear rings and the old tune consciousness says

"Boom …"

When the negative energy swept, the silicon-based beetle immediately released red light to resist the eyeful energy melting, but the damage caused by the silicon-based beetle moving out through the dimension was negligible.
"Good quick difference makes the crystal play" incarnate son looking back to Lin momo build crystal play is very difficult to make a large number of will reduce the phantom of the opera, the captain needed to grant.
"We can’t let the Zerg break through the wormhole. It’s not the time yet. Even if there is an elf fleet in the nearby star domain, they don’t pursue it. Tian Yi said that the Zerg had already held the corresponding wormhole and entered the first place to destroy it. It would be our elven king’s diabolical mind that drove us into the urn. The Zerg’s decisive retreat has been cut off and there has been a constant fight."
Lin Sisuo Duo Cong is a person. From the current situation, he thinks that many things are that the Elf King personally came to deal with the inheritors of Xiao Hanhan gene with great fanfare. Are you afraid that the bearer will come out of the mountain if he finds Xiao Han? Or are you afraid of another fate in a few years? Or both? This is not clear.
Charm’s son was given ammunition to prepare all kinds of crystal bombs to be fired. Dense crystal filaments swept across all directions. The theory of silicon-based beetles would be entangled when they shuttled from direction to direction. Once they entangled with objects, they would shrink and a large number of silicon-based beetles would be "packed" by crystal filaments. No matter how hard they struggled, they would be rushed out.
If we can bind the silicon-based beetles for a long time, Lin momo really wants to get them all together to deal with the elf fleet. Unfortunately, the forced birth of crystal silk is limited.
Harley flies to fuck a standard black hole, and it blooms like a bomb without money. Small black holes are formed, and the glittering and translucent packages are swallowed up. Silicon-based beetles finally resist so many mini black holes, and most of them are immediately wiped out.
Lin Qingya suddenly came to "Momo, we came back and met Bai Rosa and water on the way. It doesn’t matter on your side, does it? Elves are uneasy and kind. "
"That’s great. It’s good that you’re all right. Hateful elves will infiltrate into the adventure guild. We’ve been isolated and joined Mana’s reorganized fleet at once. What about white Rosa? Let her talk to me "Lin momo see silicon-based beetles are contained hurriedly spare energy lyra fleet to get white Rosa is having something to say.
"alas! Momo, the situation is worrying! Our Tianqi fleet and Tissot fleet were also forced to come over. I often suspected that there was a dark ghost among the seven of us. I didn’t expect that this dark ghost came from the Elf King. He was so ambitious and strong. On the theory of patience, the mechanical humanities or the sisterhood behind me kept a certain connection with the Elf for 3,000 years. After all, the ancestors were half Elf-related and took great care of the Elf, which involved a period of Elf-related secrets. Elf subverted human beings. No one dared to imagine their population base and ethnic strength. However, there were always traitors in human beings who could not control This makes sense. The Elf King may increase the population through cloning or has already done so. After my emergency investigation, there should be no problem for the seven of us. The Elf King will not leave anyone alive to see what our seven fleets can rely on when they are forced here. "
"Elves secret symplectic? Wood bug? " Lin momo surprised not shallow stare at white Rosa virtual image.
"Don’t be surprised that I often hide my strength. At present, there is a star cruise ship in our fleet that is very close to the demigod level. Yi Tianhe and Jill also hide their strength. The Blue Shield Jinniu and Geling can protect nearly a thousand star cruise ships and escape here by a few tricks. According to my calculations, wood bugs are hidden in our fleet, and the ambition of the Elf King is more than our foresight for many years. This guy’s whereabouts are secret. After looking for words, Momo is not weak at all. In the face of the main era, the mother emperor’s charge can support the Phantom of the Opera. Most of them have become demi Bai Rosa’s words are really not surprising.
Volume 17 A bloody battle! Temporary parting Chapter 117 Taboo
"Rosa elder sister, please also put it bluntly. I’m very interested in Elves’ secrets and wood bugs. The description of Elves King in the database is unknown. It’s full of vagueness. He is the half-sister or foster of ancestors Xiao Han, and his qualification is extremely mediocre. How can it be so extraordinary after more than three thousand years? It’s a little weird to play with all the interstellar forces. I still can’t believe it. "
"A long time ago! There are many twists and turns in this matter, and many secrets have been submerged in the torrent of history. It is reasonable to say that the elf king should be called Uncle Xiao Han, but he is called Uncle and has always been called Uncle, and there is no doubt from the elves.
In fact, this elf king is a very unfortunate guy. Xiao Han, the ancestor, didn’t save the oil lamp to offend the elf queen in those days, and this elf queen is ambitious. It seems that she wanted to be a big girl a long time ago.
The Elf Queen Xiao Han’s father, the Elf God of War, mixed his genes to generate a group of Elf God of War. These iron warriors once won the first galaxy, and the main star field was the bloody war in Eden, which is very famous in history.
When the ancestor Xiao Hanhan knew this, he resolutely rushed to destroy the plan of the Elf Queen and killed all the Elf Iron Warlords, but only one Iron Warlords escaped seriously.
Light federal so angry elves Eden star domain blood a lot of elves died if xiao cold show amazing strength behind the forces I’m afraid the elves will be exterminated?
Hatred may have been planted at that time. Although it was later made up by various means, someone would always remember the passing pain.
The Elves Queen escaped, but the Iron God of War seemed to get a little cold blood from his ancestors, so the God-making plan was carried out for more than 50 years! "
"What is a god plan? I didn’t expect so many secrets? What is the connection between the elf king’s god-making plan? " Lin momo is not familiar with history, especially involving all kinds of secrets, not to mention the level he can reach.
"God plan? Our plans to create God are all linked. Without the study of the ancestors of the Iron-blooded God of War, I’m afraid it would be difficult to carry out the great legacy of the next generation. After 3,000 years, a group of descendants with genetic blood will be created.
And the most difficult experiment is the Iron Blood God of War, who wants to create a more powerful warrior, resolutely puts all his genes into one stove.
According to some secret files of Elves, at that time, there was no survival case because of the ridiculously high fetal mortality rate in cloning experiments.
The wounded and bloody God of War did something when his life was coming to an end. He injured Xiao Han’s sister and forcibly transplanted an embryo, hoping to breed a God of War with the help of an elf strong. This fetus is the King of Elves.
Because the genetic map of the Iron Blood God of War is owned by Xiao Hanqin’s brothers, the Elf King can call his ancestor’s uncle or uncle, and Aner Temple, the ancestor’s sister Xiao Hanqin, didn’t get out of trouble until the child was born, so you can imagine what kind of mood it was at that time.
Suo ‘an ‘er Temple said that the adoption was really going on, but the Elf House was very clear that the birth of this child made some ambitious people in the Elf see hope. However, the kind-hearted Aner Temple brought the child with it to raise it just because it didn’t want to be exposed to the dark side of the Elf.
Speaking of this child, some genes in Xiao Han are so taboo that they naturally attract attention. Moreover, the Elf King seems to be very pleasing to Xiao Han, but the promotion has been slow, like a failed production, and the Iron God of War project seems to be bankrupt.
Such taboo is supported by Xiao cold secretly to ascend the throne. Otherwise, why did our ancestors take care of the Elves so much? This is simply a trinity of sons and nephews!
If the person behind this crime is really the spirit king who had a reputation for benevolence and righteousness before his death, I’m afraid everything was an illusion many years ago, and the Iron God of War project has been playing and poisoning for over 3,000 years.
Alas! Generations of feuds have just affected our preparation for this terrible elf king! Jing Cai is absolutely brilliant. Xiao Han, an interstellar hero, is no longer. There is nothing to restrict the Elf King unless we find our ancestors. "
Lin momo opened his mouth for a long time and couldn’t speak. No wonder the Elf King subverted human beings and had so many hidden events. Did Xiao Han realize that hurting others was the Elf King? Is unwilling to admit the truth or kill such a painstakingly cultivated child …
"Momo later to inquire about these things! The direction of the wormhole has changed. "The incarnate son quickly called for the silicon-based beetles to be cleaned up almost, but those fish that escaped through the net are still very troublesome.
Some silicon-based beetles actually attached the magnetic field superposition light band strangulation directly to the energy shield, and the Phantom of the Opera lost a lot of energy. This is also the demigod level interplanetary tour rotation. His ship has been invaded by silicon-based beetles.
"Peacock give me the Tianma from hate, and give me the silicon-based beetles frozen across the energy shield. I don’t believe they can’t freeze." Lin momo threw metal and looked at the screen.
The direction of the wormhole is abnormal, and there is energy expanding the wormhole. I’m afraid that the odd-level wormtower and the elite-level wormtower can directly cross the wormhole after a while, but the strategic wormtower is the largest, but I’m not worried.
"Sister Rosa, Tian Yi’s brother, sent your relatively intact ship to the mirage to quickly renovate and abandon all the star cruise ships that were seriously damaged. If you really want to run away, you must not be burdensome."
Lin momo is very decisive, and there is a large-scale energy in the wormhole. Most of the time, the mother emperor personally stepped in to expand the wormhole channel, and soon there will be a large number of zerg spewing out the roots to stop the zerg army from advancing.
"Good fleet, you can do whatever you ask us to do." It is commendable that Tian Yi handed over and led the continuous fight and exhausted his heart.
"Siso Gaia’s fleet listens to orders." Jill also pays attention to it. After all, he is an elf family. Even if Bai Rosa and Lin Momo believe him very much, it is natural to say something if it is not doubtful.
"Wood bugs how long do you want to hide? Revenge aside for a while to spend this time and then settle accounts "Lin momo suddenly said through wave frequency lang that many captains have heard the name of wood bugs.
"Ha ha ha Lin momo ting cong a person zha don’t let an old wood hide for a while? Let me out for what? How much can it help this situation? Don’t you think it’s ruining the atmosphere?
Oh, by the way, is the Phantom of Odin doing well? This little guy is a descendant of Wang Zhi, an elf queen. The illegitimate daughter came here to torture her, but you robbed her.
After all, the Elf King needs an heir Odin when he is old. The name comes from the god of war in ancient mythology. Why should he give his daughter this name? Therefore, women are the third generation of the God-making plan more than 3,000 years ago.
Do you feel very troublesome? It’s a pity that the Elf King is very indifferent to family, and Odin is not the only one.
I said that I thought Odin’s plan to blackmail the Elves had fallen behind for many years, and I devoted myself to the layout, even if I knew the ambition of the Elf King, it wouldn’t help. Who would believe the Elves’ rebellion? Even the wooden house became uneasy.
In a hundred years, I have repeatedly evaded the Elves and pursued the Elves. How many hidden lines are there? I’d rather kill someone by mistake than let one person go, or would I live to listen to your chat?
Before today, I didn’t trust you six. Who knows if there is a king of the elves? However, after observing in recent days, I feel that I miss you. You are little idiots made by Xiao Bai and Xiao Han. "
The wooden bug laughed recklessly, and the charm son couldn’t track him down. At this moment, the wooden bug still didn’t want to show up, and Hugo quickly clarified that the wooden bug was not Shakespeare
It is true that the signal in the Shakespeare wave frequency actually came from the white Rosa Tianqin fleet
White Rosa immediately looked bad to track down the results, and there was no harvest. Wood bugs knew what layout the Elf King’s ambition would be. This has become a hope against the Elf King.
Lin momo suddenly killed a wooden bug, and when he saw others, he actually pulled out the hidden wires of the Elves. But it’s hard to say whether this kind of slaughter is right or wrong. It’s hard to say that there is no time to think more.
"Everyone has an attack!" Mana organized an attack
If the wormhole is regarded as a wormtower floating slowly on the horizontal plane, it turns out that the blue halo of the odd wormtower bounces off the tower and picks up all the cannon light.
Odd-level worm tower needs ten odd-level star cruises to attack the field. Star cruises can make up ten odd-level star cruises. However, odd-level worm tower scatters a large number of worm clouds, all of which are golden-winged king worms.
Whether the golden-winged king worms sent by the mother emperor in the main era are those forced catalytic products, whether they are defensive forces or charge forces, depends on Mana’s efforts to cut them off.
Those who hate silicon-based beetles near Phantom of the Opera are destroyed. Lin momo hurried to the battlefield to block the Zerg back with the strength of the demigod star cruise ship. At this time, the elves came.
A large number of ship shadows have sprung up in wormholes in four directions in the southeast and northwest of the star quadrant coordinate axis. These ship shadows are blood red, which symbolizes the spirit of iron and blood, and a black flame marks the side of the ship, highlighting a detached mystery.
"Elves are Elves" is an abnormal panic in the wave frequency. Tian Yi led the fleet and was really scared by the other side
"Tian Yi brother Jill brother Rosa elder sister elegant elder sister often get together to a mirage, I decided to put the zerg army in it will be interesting to see if the Elves can stop us" Lin momo provoked his eyebrows and thought about the Elf King. No matter how severe you are, our fleet will be a bigger foe.

When a British commander who was used to watching his opponent with a telescope in his position was shot through the lung by a German sniper, British officers completely remembered that 55 meters was not an safe distance when facing German snipers.

"Corpsman! Corpsman Major Gaerthe has been hit! He was hit! " A soldier holding the officer who had just been shot through the chest shouted the shot and came to expect the unexpected. If the other side had a machine gun or rifle and tried to fire at them, he swore that he would definitely hide with Major Gaerthe, but the shot just appeared suddenly and hit Major Gaerthe directly.
Not far from the position, the sound of German special machine gun fire kept coming. The soldier looked at the continuous spitting of blood and foam. Major Gaerthe kept kicking his legs and struggled a little at a loss
Several British soldiers came running with special big-brimmed helmets, shouting some words to wake their companions, "The Germans have attacked! Their tanks are just ahead! Get out of here! If you run late, you will be captured by the Germans! My god, they are really good at shooting. "
At the end of the horizon, you can see that German tanks are organizing attacks. These tanks have very low shapes, but the German tanks are much better than the scrap iron in the hands of the Italians. These unique German tanks can destroy the British defensive positions far away with grenades.
"Boom!" Not far away, a British tank gun fired, and the soldier was carrying more air and less air. After running for a few minutes, Mr. Major saw the British tank counterattack a dozen British Matilda tanks, and sand dunes appeared, running over short plants in the desert and rushing to German tanks.
But then he saw an unforgettable scene. An armor-piercing bullet directly shattered the front armor of a Matilda tank, which made the British tank famous for its heavy armor into a state. The powerful impact made the whole tank body slightly deformed, and then the tragic explosion lifted the turret of the tank out.
A gun shot through Matilda tank armor 5 meters away? This is a joke to the British tank men in North Africa. The poor little tank in Italy was not owned by Matilda’s tank opponent. The thunderbolt stunned the British soldiers around until the second British tank was destroyed, and everyone remembered that they were still running for their lives.
"What did you say? What did you say?/Sorry? Make it clear? Italians fought back? German? How can the Germans fight back … Please confirm it for me! How can I give you reinforcements when I don’t know anything? " Angered, the old British general hung up his words.
He went to the front of the map and confirmed the battlefield situation with his own war staff. The front position of the British garrison was penetrated. This is why he has some ways to imagine that this line of defense was penetrated after one month of operation.
However, this is not the main reason for his anger. He is angry that there are two divisions and troops on his front line, and it is still unclear who the opponent is and how big the opponent’s strength is. All the troops responded that they suffered heavy losses, but they could not tell how many troops were attacked.
"The counterattack armored forces were forced to retreat to the east for 1 kilometer. The other armored forces should be Germans. Our tank commander reported that the opponent should have a battalion of tanks, and the number of tanks is about 3." The staff officer said to the old general with a few newly arrived manuscripts.
"Major Gaerthe, head of the 1st Division of the 9th Division, has just been killed." The old general sighed a little sadly and said, "It’s a pity that he and I hit it off very well."
Just as the old general remembered his friend, a newspaper reporter handed the latest report to the staff officer map for comparison, and then drew a few thick lines on the blue pencil map.
"The enemy broke into the junction of two divisions here and here, and a very perfect two-wing defensive position was established. Italy can’t attack so smoothly. This unit is German." The staff took a look at the old general and pointed to those thick lines and said, "The other side has about an infantry regiment and an armored battalion. There is a battalion flanking here. There should be another regiment … this is an infantry division."
The old general shook his head and pointed to the rear of the German attack troops. He said with confidence, "They will definitely not invest all their troops to attack here. I think there is a tank division waiting for us to fight back!"
He was convinced that he had information on the size of the German army. He guessed that Germany should have an armored division and two infantry troops, but these troops could not be taken out at the same time to fight the offensive war because of the supply problem. He was convinced that the German troops in front of his position were an infantry division and an armored division, so his reserve team was obviously not enough to fight back. He could retreat according to the pre-planned line.
But Montgomery’s guess made him indecisive. If the Germans really have so much in front of them, then he should consider what to fight back-he would be a shoo-in if he wanted to make an equivalent exchange consumption state.
However, he had to be cautious. After all, he was holding the British main force in North Africa. If anything went wrong, even pulling him out and shooting him could not save the situation in North Africa from deteriorating. So after thinking for a while, he decided to protect his strength according to his best interests.
"Make the troops retreat! We return to Tobruk! " The old general beat his fingers on the table for a few minutes, but he finally reached the evacuation order. He decided not to risk a counterattack, but to lengthen the German supply line to avoid the limelight of the Germans.
His decision is very correct. There is no need to win or lose for a while. There are limited supplies and the real defense line of the British team in Tobruk. If they retreat now, they can throw thousands of miles of yellow sand to the Germans. This is a very good deal.
At the same moment, in the German front command, General Frederick was looking at the battle map with his hand behind his back, and the war situation between the two sides was marked on the map.
"It is not good news for us to expect that the British counterattack has not arrived." He was worried because Rommel personally led the 7 th armored division and had not yet appeared on the battlefield.
"Is our offensive strength not big enough? The British army is not in a hurry to invest in reserve forces? " The staff also wondered that the chaotic situation kept sketching out his guess that "it would be very dangerous if they kept the reserve team General Rommel."
Frederick shook his head. He firmly believed that his attack was very sharp. If he commanded from the opposite side at this time, he would definitely push his reserves to the front line, because if he was later, these reserves would not be able to save the current battlefield situation.
Thought of here, Friedrich frowned and focused his eyes on the wedge-shaped breakthrough of the German Seventh Army, and then raised his eyebrows and said, "There are two situations when you don’t invest in the reserve team at this time. The first is that the British don’t have a reserve team; The second is that the British didn’t want to stick to here … "
Speaking of which, he seems to have caught something and carefully sorted out his thoughts. Suddenly, he struck the table and shouted, "No! These British people want to run! "
Guess that idea of the British commander, Friedrich had to admire the wisdom of the British command. He actually saw his dangerous situation and wanted to make a move to retreat into the safe tactics. So he quickly ordered, "We have to change the battle plan of General Rommel. Now we must invest in our preparation to bite the British team in front! Otherwise, when General Rommel appeared on the flank, these British people would have run away! "
He glanced at the finger of the Chief of Staff of the 7th Army and clicked on the map, showing an obstacle position. "Order the 17th Division to attack from behind immediately, and the 27th Division will continue to attack! Can’t let these British troops run away! "
At this moment, Rommel led the 7th armored division of his own army to find his own marching route in the yellow sand.
Chapter 473 473 Fight against Persia again
"We are back!" When Ryan watched the corpsman take care of several wounded people in the 52nd Battalion by tank, he heard Marcus’ unique cheap voice, "Hey, hey, you can’t do it without me, can you?"
Teach the company to return to the organizational system. Five Tiger tanks are neatly arranged in a row. Just after an attack by the Soviets, they were easily repelled by grenadiers. Now there is a rare peace here.
"Lieutenant is in a bad mood, you’d better say less," said Andre Ryan.
"I heard that the Soviets have put in new weapons. The battalion commander means that we should find out what the new tank is." Marcus looked at Ryan and said, "We don’t want to save them. You have done your best."
Ryan nodded and stretched out his hand to interrupt Marcus. "This is not what I learned. I learned blood out."
"Arrange tactics. Now that I hear you say that, I know that you have figured it out." Marcus was relieved to hear Ryan say this. "There are about two tanks near the Soviet Union, most of which are kv1, and that new big-headed monster. Only by annihilating this tank force can we seize this Tubo village."
"The reconnaissance troops came back, and the other side didn’t give up the plan of Tubo Village. They are strengthening their defense lines and digging trenches and sending more troops." The commander of No.114 tank reported the situation. "There are also two hidden anti-tank guns here, but the caliber seems to be very small and not fatal. The most reassuring thing is that the big-headed kv tank and tank guns are estimated to pose a big threat to us."
Ryan nodded, then got up and took a look at the dust. Andre didn’t speak. Alice: "The situation has been reported. It depends on what kind of reinforcements are arranged for us. It is not easy for our tanks to deal with the unknown number of Soviet tanks in the Woods."
It’s really not easy, but when Ryan and Marcus saw their reinforcements, they all felt that they had made a mountain out of a molehill this time. This time, the main attack force, the G regiment, was not soft at all. They mobilized military reinforcements and corrected four bombers for their 9 th Air Brigade to greet this unknown Persian village
Looking at the densely packed bomber Marcus stupidly swallowed a mouthful of saliva "Yu? Dozens of bombers … This is too hard. "
Everyone knows that it seems that this time the German army is going to make an example of itself. The small village of Tubo just refuses to surrender and resist the German advance. The Red Army Yard of the Soviet Union will be countered with such feelings if it dares to challenge the German army in the future. This is what the military bombers want to express, right?
The number of original bombers was amazing enough, and no one expected that the next attack would be even more amazing-four bombers flooded in and hundreds of bombs were lost in the target. These bombs were not ordinary aviation bombs, but the characteristic weapon of the German army, napalm.
This time, the Soviet Red Army was in big trouble. These napalm bombs burned the Soviet positions into a sea of fire. When the Germans attacked, the whole village of Tubo was still full of burnt smell. Some young German soldiers kept vomiting while more soldiers rushed into the village without saying a word.
The forest that ambushed Rennes was still burning with flames, but some tanks could be clearly recognized. Several Soviet tanks near the edge rushed out of the fire, but they were destroyed one by one by German tiger tanks waiting for them. Then everyone saw a charred and huge monster from the bushes near the edge of the burned forest, and slowly rushed out to the roadbed, and never moved again.
A few German grenadiers climbed a little warmer than the Soviet tank. The huge turret of the tank cheered and cheered. As Ryan said, this huge Soviet tank really made the chassis like kv1 and strengthened the front tank armor.
The Soviet soldiers who lifted the tank hatch were poisoned by toxic gas produced by burning. It seems that the driver insisted on taking the tank out of the burning area, but although the tank saved himself, it was also poisoned by gas smoke.
So this new Soviet tank was miraculously intact, and the ammunition in it was not killed by fire and temperature-it was a great luck for the Germans to capture one to study this tank just after its debut.
It is believed that the performance and data of this tank will no longer be a secret soon, and the German armored forces will be able to formulate tactics against this tank according to these data and performance. Of course, this new type of "big-headed kv tank" has its own name, that is, kv2 tank.
After a day and a night of fierce fighting for the village of Tubo, the Soviet troops withdrew from the village that Khrushchev ordered them to defend, losing nearly seven bodies and this defensive point. After the Soviet Red Army, Ukraine and Belarus were like a house, opening the door to the German G regiment and E regiment.
Before Marshal voroshilov could respond, the guderian troops joined forces with General Liszt’s E regiment. These two troops went hand in hand and surrounded the 60,000 regular Soviet troops in the central area. As a result, only five days after the Soviet War, 260,000 troops were either trapped or defeated by the Germans. They tried to plant the red flag all over Europe, and the Soviet Red Army lost completely before leaving home.
If we don’t mobilize the war, the number of Soviet frontal troops has dropped sharply to half before the war, and everyone in the German Defence Force can’t imagine what will happen next.
If the Germans show their counterattack troops and March into the Ukrainian plain where they are oppressed by Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians will rise up, and some vacillating republics will appear repeatedly. Even Stalin will not let go of the front line to command Khrushchev and voroshilov.
Of course, the situation in the north is much better. Timoshenko gathered his troops and temporarily stabilized the defense line, so that the German northern corps did not advance eastward. This is the only war zone that can make people feel a little gratified on the long Soviet-German front
"What’s the matter? What’s the matter? When we fight the Japanese in the Far East, we can beat them to hide. Why do we lose so badly in Europe? " Khrushchev was full of resentment and asked voroshilov beside him.
Voroshilov also lamented that he had just finished the war in the Persian village and wiped out his troops. "Comrade Khrushchev is not saying that the special envoy of Comrade Stalin will arrive at these times. Let’s think about how to deal with this death."
Khrushchev was in a worse mood when he heard the news. He grabbed the glass beside him and fell to the ground as soon as he cut it. The glass crashed and was smashed to pieces. Marshal voroshilov silently looked at the broken glass fragments.
"What will happen if … we retreat?" Khrushchev suddenly asked Marshal voroshilov.
Marshal voroshilov was stupefied, which obviously meant he wanted to retreat. He thought a little and then replied, "Comrade Khrushchev, if we retreat to preserve some strength, we will leave some troops for the generals who will succeed us, but these are meaningless to both of us."
Khrushchev was obviously not willing. "We are going south with troops!"
"This … this isn’t treason …" Marshal voroshilov naturally knew that doing so could save his life by mercenaries’ self-respect, but the central part of the Great Soviet Union would be immediately occupied by the Germans, and Stalin would not be in the mood to take care of him and Khrushchev when the Germans arrived in the city.
Khrushchev sighed and glanced at voroshilov. He said, "Hold Mr. Special Envoy steady first. If it is not feasible, we will lead troops to the south, and then send a newspaper to Comrade Stalin saying that we will resolutely defend the southern territory of the motherland."
"Don’t do this unless you have to." voroshilov got up and looked at the glittering and translucent glass fragments on his feet and persuaded him. "We can’t just hand over the command. It’s not like we want to fight this war. Comrade Stalin decided to fight it! You and I still wrote to him to persuade! "
Khrushchev trembles and shakes his head and walks out of the house.
As for Khrushchev and voroshilov’s research, such as receiving Stalin’s special envoy, Blauchich was studying with Bok Mo Deer and others to deploy the post-war war in Ukraine. This time, the plan of requiem was very beautiful. It is said that a front-line war meeting is being called, rather than a celebration reception is being held.
"If we want to annihilate the Soviet troops in the encirclement, we can move extra troops to continue the attack. In June, we will be able to enter the Ukrainian region. I believe that in the end, we will win a great victory over the Communist International!" Brauchich raised his glass and said

"Even if there is any problem, he should not keep it from us. If there is anything, he will definitely say it. After all, we are a family!" Wonderful surplus pie mouth said.

Hearing the word "family", Yueru and Jiang Lanyue both seem a little unnatural.
"It’s no use guessing. Let’s ask him together." Qing Xuan suggested.
"He’s meditating in the quiet room. He won’t be disturbed if he goes there now, will he?" Anya some worry tunnel.
"Excuse me, what are you afraid of? Can he still eat us?"
Miao Ying stood up and then said, "We are his wives. When he came back from practice, he ignored us and looked cold, as if we had committed some heinous crime. It was irritating to think about it and we had to ask him face to face!"
"Then ask." Anya nods.
It seems that it is better to have more people to go. Miaoying will draw the moon as well as Jiang Lanyue’s sisters, but as for Shine, she will follow without pulling.
All the female monks in this room went to the quiet room where Xiao Lingyu meditated.
"You … something?" Xiao Lingyu asked.
At the moment, Xiao Lingyu is still the same as Li Jia, so his expression is very light, and he has no tenderness in the face of this group of female monks.
Just now, everyone had a heated discussion, but before Xiao Lingyu, they didn’t know what to say.
Can’t ask, why are you not enthusiastic about us?
"They want to know, what’s wrong with you? You’re not as close to them as before." Jiang Lan petticoats is said.
When someone speaks, everyone has nothing to be embarrassed about. They all stare at Xiao Lingyu and seem to be waiting for an answer.
Xiao Lingyu was stupefied at first, then smiled and said, "Haha, I’ve been so busy lately that I neglected all of you."
As he spoke, Xiao Lingyu stood up and said, "Anyway, you shouldn’t rush the practice, because my husband will spend more time with you in the future. /-/-full text of advertisement "
Xiao Lingyu said, and pulled Miao Ying into her arms in front of everyone.
"Don’t forget our agreement."
In the soul, Xiao Lingyu warned Li Jia coldly.
"Rest assured, I have seen your memory. You three wives, I won’t move, but other women are all beautiful and have good qualifications …"
"They also forbid you to move!"
Before Shirley and say that finish, Xiao Lingyu firmly tunnel.
"Ha ha, in fact, I didn’t move. You know very well that this body has not been occupied by me. Although I can control it, it is still yours in essence. Even if I move them with your body, you are actually moving them, not me. This body is still yours, and all the enjoyment and feelings can only be felt by you, which has nothing to do with me. " Shirley and said with a smile.
Li Jia told the truth, but Xiao Lingyu still warned: "You can use my body to fight, but you must never use it to do anything to them. Otherwise, you know the consequences."
Li Jia replied, "Don’t scare me. Except for your three wives, these women seem to be interested in them, but it’s always inconvenient. I can help you."
Xiao Lingyu snorted: "You don’t need to help!"
Li Jia still insisted: "But I have always been very enthusiastic."
Xiao Lingyu said angrily, "Don’t you dare!"
Li Jia shrugged off the tunnel: "Of course I dare."
After letting Miao Ying go, Li Jia suddenly smiled at a room full of beautiful women and said, "Now that everyone is here, I will make some things clear. I want to take a few more rooms."
This sentence, directly to a room full of beautiful women all stunned, they never thought that this kind of words would come from Xiao Lingyu’s mouth so flatly.
Miao Ying, Qing Xuan and Anya all have complicated expressions. They are already Xiao Lingyu’s wives. Deep down, they naturally don’t want Xiao Lingyu to have more wives, but they don’t know how to protest. After all, they are not the same as each other.
"PianShi? Then what is your main room? " Jiang Lanshang asked curiously.
"Er … wrong, wrong, it should all be the main room." Folded and embarrassed scratched his head, and then said.
"You are very greedy. You already have three beautiful women, but you have to accept them again. I just don’t know what you want, and people are willing to be accepted." Jiang Lan petticoats didn’t good the spirit ground say.
"Anyway, there are already three, and it doesn’t hurt to have a few more."
Li Jia looked dismissive, and then said, "I don’t know whether I want to be accepted or not, but it’s better to always put things out and say it than to always keep it in my heart."
"How nice it is so early." If Jiang Lanshang refers to the tunnel.
"It’s not too late now, and you are not married."
As Li Jia spoke, she looked at Yueru and asked, "Would you like to be my wife?"
Xiao Lingyu wanted to stop it, but he couldn’t control his body. Even though he still had a clear consciousness, he was suppressed intensely.
Everyone thinks that something is wrong with Xiao Lingyu now, but they can’t see what is wrong, and Xiao Lingyu’s saying that he wants to take another wife has also diverted everyone’s attention.
"First you refused my confession, then you killed my husband, and now you ask me this …"
"Don’t be long-winded. If you want to, you will. If you don’t want to, you won’t. Give me a happy talk."
Before the month is over, Lijia has stopped talking, looking very impatient.
"I …"
Yueru hesitated and sneered, "You don’t even think I’m a widowed widow. What am I unwilling to do?"
Li Jia didn’t care about Yueru’s expression. He looked at Linger again and asked, "What about you?"
Linger frowned, but she didn’t think she was a part of it, but her expression was still very calm. "I just want to follow you forever. As for the way and identity, it’s not my concern."
The original shine has already died in the fix true world. Today, the consciousness and memory of shine are instilled in her by Xiao Lingyu. She has no infidelity to Xiao Lingyu, and she will not hesitate no matter what Xiao Lingyu asks her to do.
Just shine think, Xiao Lingyu has always regarded himself as a sister, would make such a request, which makes her very puzzled.
Lijia looked at Jiang Lanyue again and didn’t speak, but the meaning was obvious.
"My sister won’t stay with other women!" Before Jiang Lan yue spoke, Jiang Lan petticoats had already answered.
"So, you don’t want to?" Shirley asked Jiang Lan petticoats.
"Do you think I have any intention?" Their Jiang Lanshang turned over and simply answered.
"It’s a needle in a woman’s heart, but I don’t want to!" Folded and shake head to sigh a way.
"Nonsense, my sister may be willing, but I don’t have any affection for your heart breaker." Jiang Lanshang stared and said.
"Let’s start with you!"
Folded and suddenly step forward, one hand caught Jiang Lan petticoats on the shoulder.
"What are you doing?"
"That’s enough!"

Wenleisha knew that Marianne was trying to destroy her and gave her the deepest blow, but Duke burst into tears uncontrollably at the thought of turning to ashes.

"Duke! Bless me for killing her-"
"Hey hey!" Marianne still didn’t move, overlooking the worm, staring at the sharp arrow that condensed the strength of Wenleisha’s department and shot at her.
And then … there is no then.
As always, the flame easily burned the whole arrow.
"End it!" Lightly lift the index finger of the left hand and form an elegant arc with the arm. Marianne is so enchanting even with such a light finger, and a huge fireball is formed at the fingertips.
Seeing that a huge fireball will shoot out in one second, it will blow Vanessa to ashes.
Just then Marianne suddenly felt the wind behind her head.
Who? Alexstrasza?
Suddenly, I looked back and saw that I was forcing the queen. Obviously, the direction of the queen’s eyes was …
Behind me?
Marianne successfully launched the "Devil Soul" power.
It’s a pity that she made the same mistake as some stupid orc warlock.
The evil flame that seems to be surging and gorgeous is easily punctured like soap bubbles.
A brick made of ice emerged from the illusion and was snapped with a round arm and a thunderous clap.
Marianne’s own magic shield happened.
At the same moment, an energy that is not strong but like a needle like a mans arcane easily punctured her shield.
Finally …
"pa!" one
Deep red blood dripped from his forehead and quickly stained Marianne’s enchanting face.
"Hey hey! Law ye again strong turn mow down "a plank brick stun Marianne also humming outsiders don’t understand words who is that guy?
Naturally, it’s us Duke.
That trademark evil smile, that conspiracy, is more successful than the face that needs beating. Wenleisha can recognize it even if it turns to ash.
"Duke! ?”
The first sound is queen, and the second is naturally Vanessa.
"Well," Duke replied to Vanessa with a smile and cleaned up Marianne. "It’s unlucky to kill my sister!"
So Duke installed Mary with the "Magic Breaker’s Chains", which was obtained from Quel ‘Salas. It mainly destroyed the magic circuit of human body. For ordinary people, this thing is no different from ordinary chains. For mages, it is enough to turn a high-ranking mage into a weak woman.
It’s really a shame for a gentleman not to be tied up in a tortoise shell, but there are two important ladies, Duke, who seriously handcuffed Marianne.
"Duke?" WenLeiSha even threw a bow and came up in disbelief.
"Well, what’s the matter?"
"Duke! ?” WenLeiSha tone and strengthen a few minutes.
"…" Duke winked. "Didn’t your elder sister tell you that I would mirror things?"
Duke continued to talk nonsense about mirror image, a ghost. He really couldn’t bear to be killed by the death wing. Looking at the 9 soul power and 9% moral integrity in the system, Duke was crying in his heart.
But Wen Leisha is worried that she can continue to punch her face and make her fat.
"Duke? Is it really you? "
Looking at the blurred eyes, tears for you Wenleisha Duke knows that things are not that simple
Duke sighed, "I really don’t believe you touch it."
"Duke-"From consternation to surprise to ecstatic cry, when all the grievances and fears in her heart were poured out, Wenleisha finally did something that not only Duke thought but also herself thought.
Wenleisha threw Duke to the ground with a swoop and then closed her eyes and kissed him heavily.
"Boo hoo!" to be continued
Chapter 51 Liberation (Subscription)
There is a taboo in the world.
Although an old autumn mountain crashed and said that it was definitely Duke’s dream for sisters to spend money, Duke, on the other hand, a good young man in the new era told himself several times-wash and sleep.
At first, Duke really didn’t have any special feelings for Wenleisha. At best, he thought all three sisters in Windrunner were beautiful!
Life is always full of accidents, a rescue accident hit Wenleisha’s heart, and some things just happen naturally.
It is a happy thing to be kissed by a beautiful woman who likes herself.
Don’t expect Duke to be a saint when he loses his moral integrity. Duke just stared in amazement for less than half a second and then shamefully followed.
The owner of Jiangnan Leather Factory ran away with his aunt, so I … Ahem!
Duke’s stiff arm gently passed through the bright silver wire with one hand to hold the back of Wenleisha’s head, while the other hand put his arm around her well-trained waist.
At that moment, Du Kexi felt Wenleisha’s body stiff, and then not only from her face, but also from the peaks, waist, abdomen and thighs that she clung to, all felt a significant warming.
Kiss move but didn’t stop a * * * * * * dead leaned over with someone Lickitung intertwined.
With a heavy snort and a light whisper, things seem to slide at a high speed in a wonderful direction.
It’s a pity that their passion was interrupted before they were lit.
That’s an ancient dragon aspects growling …

He also deeply realized that as long as he always wins in his own team and does not score the right goals, even his economic income is guaranteed. Enterprises in China and people in China will keep coming in contact with themselves because of their constant success, trying to add more China elements to Lazio.

Lotito is not a conservative. He doesn’t care about letting China invade Lazio in a big way, which is a serious betrayal in the eyes of extreme fans. As long as there is money to earn, what club traditions and political positions are all bullshit!
He likes China and China people very much now, and he doesn’t discriminate against them at all.
He even intends to hold China’s thigh tightly, thinking that he will bring more benefits to himself in the future.
Trust in Changsheng made him start to implement Changsheng’s suggestions without hesitation. That is to put all the money into rebuilding the club.
First, renovate the training ground, re-cultivate the turf, update the training facilities, increase the floor heating for the training ground, and improve the drainage system of the training ground … The players of the first team concentrate on one piece of turf for training, and other sods begin to be renovated and rested in turn.
The entire Lazio club’s training base, Vermelot, has become a busy construction site.
Construction vehicles, trucks and other construction machinery shuttle in and out.
Busy every day, although a little noisy, but full of vitality and vitality, which means a bright future for Lazio.
Before the debt was paid off, the Vermelot training base was mortgaged to the Italian national tax department.
At that time, Lotito didn’t even want to maintain the training ground or anything. Because the maintenance is only likely to be cheaper for the tax department.
So he simply let the team use it.
Lazio can still win three league titles, one UEFA Cup and the Champions League in such a lousy training ground, and people have to admire their ever-victorious leadership ability …
At the same time, when the club rebuilds the echelon, it is necessary to consider the long-term success.
That is to find a suitable youth training supervisor for the echelon.
In the current Lazio team, there is no youth training director.
Because there is no youth training camp, what does the youth training director need to do?
At that time, in the layoffs after Lotito took office, the youth training director and the youth training coach were basically fired.
Now Changsheng wants to find a supervisor for the newly-built youth training camp.
Of course, it is impossible for him to find someone from his first-team coaching lineup to be part-time or in charge.
Originally, after Guardiola left, there were fewer first-team coaches, and he had to be in charge of youth training, which was simply not enough.
So you always have to find someone else.
As for the candidate, Changsheng has a clear idea.
This man is the coach of Inter Milan, and he is known as the best Italian youth coach Andrea Stramaccioni.
Stramaccioni’s career as a player began in Rome, but he didn’t succeed in Rome. Later, he retired early because of a serious knee injury in Bologna and became a coach at the age of 24.
He has coached many amateur youth teams.
At the age of 25, he led a youth team in Rome, AZ _ SPORT, to win the provincial championship, and then worked in Romulea until 2005, during which he led the team’s youth team to win the Italian under-17 amateur league championship.
In 2003, he obtained the certificate of young coach.
He became the coach of the Rome youth team in 2005, and in 2007, he led the team to win the Italian professional league championship under the age of 17.
If Chang Sheng doesn’t look for him, but lets him continue to develop. He should also win the Italian professional league title under the age of 18 in 2010 and the Beppe_Viola Cup title under the age of 18 in the same year.
Then he was poached to Inter Milan in 2011. In 2012, he led the Inter Milan under-19 youth team and won the first European under-19 Champions League.
As the head coach of youth training, he is very capable of leading the team.
However, he did not realize his long-cherished wish in Rome, that is, to become the director of the youth training camp.
Because in Rome, the director of youth training is Alberto Derossi, the head coach of the youth team under the age of 19, that is, Derossi’s father.
Old Derossi has a solid position in Rome.
Later, because Enrique became the head coach of Rome, Enrique brought his own clique in Spain. Stramaccioni was not valued, and he was finally sought after by Inter Milan for two months.
When Ranieri was dismissed by Inter Milan, Stramaccioni became the first-team coach for the first time, and made great strides. At that time, Moratti’s decision surprised many people. No one thought that a giant like Inter Milan would choose a young man who had never worked in the first team before. At that time, Stramaccioni was only thirty-six! And he has also become the youngest team coach in Serie A history-of course, it is impossible now. Now Changsheng has set a record that is almost impossible to be broken at the age of 32.
As a result, Stramaccioni took office despite people’s doubts, and his performance was fairly good, which proved his coaching ability and made Inter Milan willing to renew his contract for two years.
In fact, his experience is somewhat similar to that of Changsheng. They all started from the youth training camp, and then left the original club for some reasons and proved themselves in other clubs. All of them were suddenly pushed to the position of first-team head coach by the situation without first-team work experience. It’s just that he’s not as successful as Chang Sheng. After all, people always win through, and there are plug-ins, and it’s no use being unsuccessful …
However, he and Chang Sheng still have a lot in common, so when Chang Sheng said he was looking for the director of youth training, he was the first person who came to mind.
Although he lacks a first-team coach now, Chang Sheng thinks youth training is more important.
Lazio wants to develop continuously and maintain a high level, and the youth training must keep up.
You can’t go far by always buying and selling people. By 2013, his precognition will be useless …
Although Stramaccioni is the coach of the Roma Club, Changsheng thinks this is not a problem.
Everyone is an adult and should have a plan for their career prospects. How to do the best for yourself, I believe Stramaccioni should be clear in his heart …
Moreover, with his understanding of Stramaccioni’s later events, Changsheng thinks that Stramaccioni is not the kind of foolish and loyal person. He also has his own ideals and principles.
So the hatred between Rome and Lazio can’t be an obstacle for him to come to Lazio!
Chapter 20 Mulberry harvested in the lost east corner
André Stramaccioni, who works in Rome, was killed. I didn’t expect a phone call from Lazio to look for him.
As a member of the club of Rome, he thinks that Lazio and them should be two worlds in completely different planes.
Especially in recent years, Lazio has performed strongly and achieved outstanding results. The Romans had to practice ignoring Dafa to the top.

"boom! !” The two sides collided together in an instant, and ji made a shocking explosion, but they saw flying feathers all over the sky, all of which were gold Se. The golden storm disappeared, and the golden feathers of Simon’s blood flew back and spilled blood in the sky.

Has been out of hundreds of meters away, Jin Yu finally stopped castration, struggled to flap its wings and maintain a floating state, but seeing it was originally a piece of gold Se, it was bloody at the moment. In the confrontation just now, it was cut by Jian Kui.
Simon, who was lying on Jin Yu’s back, was bleeding, and when he saw Jin Yu’s bloodied bird body, his face, which had a casual expression, suddenly became cold.
Stood up, Simon soaring blood while using Jin Yu Jin Chuang Yao to treat its injury, while looking at the opposite Jian Kui, who was flapping his wings and running towards him, "His mother, dare to play with Lao tze for real? ! Then I will be with you to the end! !”
"Amazing sword! !” Also just a recruit, a shocking firm but gentle toward the sword chief crazy cut down.
Jian kui said with a sneer, "hey, this recruit again, is that all you can do? !” Said as just now, in the hands of a giant sword cross block, raised his head, ready to block Simon soaring blood as before.
Who knows, just as Simon’s shocking shock wave of blood is about to collide with Jian Kui’s giant sword, it becomes steep.
See Simon soaring blood suddenly took a deep breath, shocking firm but gentle instantly to pieces, followed by a shock of his hands, under Jian Kui’s giant sword and reshaping, evaded Jian Kui’s giant sword, and continued to chop at Jian Kui’s head.
Jian Kui didn’t expect Simon to have this trick, but he was caught off guard and didn’t have time to dodge. As a result, he was cut red-handed by the shocking shock wave of Simon’s blood.
"boom! !” There was an explosion.
"ah! !” With a scream, Jian Kui was shocked by Simon’s blood, like a choubāng ball, and flew out.
Has been out of the distance of hundreds of meters, Jian Kui finally stopped castration and looked at his own injury. Fortunately, he was equipped with defense, otherwise this sword would have to be dismembered. However, his equipment was obviously damaged, and its durability dropped badly. At the same time, because there was no mask protection, Simon’s shock wave was used to draw a blood stain, and blood trickled down.
"Simon soaring blood! !” Jian Kui, who had suffered such a loss, roared and wanted to cut Simon’s blood to pieces, but he was killed just after shouting the attack of Simon’s blood.
"Sword emerged! !” A firm but gentle, total annihilation, the sword chief about to cut.
Jian kui didn’t have much time, so in a hurry, she turned against the conditions and used her big sword to block the firm but gentle shock wave of Simon’s soaring blood. As a result, Simon blustered blood and did the same thing again. As soon as the firm but gentle sword was put away, he evaded his giant sword again and cut it firmly on his waist.
"Oh, ah, ah!" Jian Kui suddenly screamed again, flying like shells.
Dapeng spread his wings and rocked Wan Li, and Jin Yu fluttered, and instantly caught up with Jian Kui, who flew out. Simon’s bloody offensive resumed, and his hands were separated, forcing out two shock waves, which staggered toward Jian Kui’s neck.
Jian Kui was the first person in the Philippines. He didn’t luàn in a crisis. While flapping his wings to stabilize his retreat, he made a backflip with a strong waist and eyes. At the same time, he could not avoid Simon’s blood attack, grabbed the neutral position, flapping his wings to accelerate, and the giant sword launched a counterattack against Simon’s blood.
Jian Kui’s counterattack timing is very well grasped this time. At this time, Simon’s blood surge is just a move. Before the new move is made, it is too late to respond to his attack, so he can only watch his sword cut.
"Simon is bleeding, you are finished!" Jiankui smiled wildly and was about to make a move, but he didn’t expect Simon to beat him to the punch and made an incredible move. Please remember the website, if you like the "Purple Dragon Emperor of Online Games" written by the Devil.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-nine Either you die or I die
"Broken body invisible firm but gentle! !” Simon’s blood suddenly vomited all over his body, like a hedgehog. Jian Kui-wan didn’t expect Simon’s blood and this trick. He was caught off guard and was immediately caught. The firm but gentle Lin, who was burst through the body by Simon’s blood, wore a sieve and nailed it in the air. 4∴⑧0㈥5
"You! !” Jian Kui growled, and his veins stood out suddenly and violently. He wanted to use his arms, which had become a hornet’s nest, to wave his giant sword and give Simon a fatal blow to his blood, but it was only a few centimeters from his forehead, but it was insurmountable.
Ximen Biao blood looked at the whole body bloody at this time, they were ferocious, like a beast’s sword chief, raised a faint sneer at the corner of his mouth, flicked the sword in the hands of the sword chief, and said, "Are you at this level, and do you still want to be the number one in the sword? ! This kind of iron knot in one’s heart, I won’t play when I’m in the eighties! "
After that, Simon blew blood and offered a pointer on Jian Kui’s eyebrows. The shock wave compressed and blasted Jian Kui’s head directly, and Jian Kui hung back on the spot.
When Jian Kui died, Simon roared with blood. "Your boss Jian Kui is dead, so why are you still struggling in vain?"! !”
Snakes can’t fly without a head, birds can’t fly without a head, the two armies are at war, and the commander-in-chief is killed. The blow caused to his subordinates is absolutely destructive to xing.
Jian Kui originally wanted to attack the morale of players of Hongwu Club by killing Simon, but as a result, we stole the rice without sacrificing. In the end, instead of killing Simon, he died.
It doesn’t matter if he hangs up. Originally, the players in the Philippines were able to give the players of Hongwuhui a close fight. As a result, the morale of the players in the Philippines immediately plummeted, and the players of Hongwuhui were even more imposing. [provide you with
Originally, the Hongwu Club fought according to the city, and it occupied an advantage. Now, such great changes have taken place. Players in the Philippines have a sharp edge of attack, and players in the Hongwu Club suddenly broke out, completely suppressing the momentum of players in the Philippines, and then chasing after them, killing players in the Philippines at one stroke and moving the front out of the city.
The collapse of the players in the Philippines was out of control, like spilled water, and it was difficult to recover it. The defeat was like a mountain and it was completely defeated.
Players of Hongwuhui took the opportunity to beat Reservoir Dogs, and rushed out of the city like a flood that burst its banks, killing all the players in the Philippines, causing death and injury.
At this point, the battle of Hongwucheng has been won and lost, and Hongwu will repel the forces in the Philippines and seal the victory.
The third battlefield is in front of the Prince of Yan, the main city of the Youth Soul Guild.
The president of the Great God of Japan, the Great God of Jiugong, personally led a team of 20 million troops from Japan and South Korea to the front of the Prince’s City.
The two sides are at daggers drawn, and the war is on the verge.
The prince city guild hall, the prince city received a report from his staff, the fire emit three zhangs, gnashing his teeth, "Who is the base species, with my most powerful young soul in Huaxia District, who will not save it, but go to support the base woman of recent flowers to woo a group of rabble to form a bullshit Halloween alliance, which is simply unknown!"
Arrow saint said, "It’s not that he doesn’t know the so-called, it’s simply that he retaliated with si, didn’t block the interests of Huaxia District in the first place, and still resented the fact that we had organized the Heaven Alliance to conquer him, and now it’s just impeded people in Japan and South Korea to kill us!"
"Who is sacred, Lao Tzu is at odds with you!" The prince said with a face of hatred, "Don’t let Lao Tzu turn over, or Lao Tzu will know that you will die and let you fall through! !”
"Boss, it is imperative that we find a way to get through this difficult situation!" Get to the point, the arrow said, "Now Japan and South Korea are attacking us with 20 million troops. They can be regarded as the most sharp force among the invading forces in the five regions. If we confront them head-on, it is really difficult to win!"
"Positive hard touch us is any chance, but we can’t lay down and die! Now! " The prince beckoned the arrow saint to the crowd, bowed their heads and whispered, "we only have! !”
Ten minutes later, a player broke into the Chamber of Deputies and reported to the Prince of Yan, "Report to the President, the President of the Great God of Japan, Jiugong, has given us ten minutes to leave the city and surrender, otherwise they will step over the Prince of Yan!"
"Don’t wait ten minutes!" The prince Huo Ran got up, gave a strike table, saying, "You can give him an answer now! As a member of Huaxia District, how can we bow to foreign invaders? ! Give me an order to fight to the death and swear to live and die with the prince city! !”
"yes! !”
After giving the order, the Prince of Yan led a group of key players of the Youth Soul Club to leave the Chamber and go to Chengtou of the Prince of Yan to face the joint army of Japan and South Korea.
"Hum, the prince, the president of the Youth Soul Club, one of the three top guilds in Huaxia District, was a lean figure who almost killed anyone!" Jiugong Great God stood on the shoulders of a statue of ghosts and gods more than 100 meters high and armed to the teeth, and saw the prince who came to the head of the city. He said with a condescending attitude, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend, since we all have the same enemy! Then I will give you a chance, as long as I surrender to the city, I can not kill you, and I can also cooperate with you to deal with who is sacred together! How about it? !”
"Hum!" The prince disdain cold hum 1, saying, "who do you think I am? ! Who am I with? Even if there is a big issue, it is also an internal contradiction. On the occasion of the national disaster, will my prince agree with you regardless of the country’s righteousness? ! You’re dead. Today it’s either you or me! !”
"In that case!" Jiugong great god a face of cold, palm aimed at the prince in front of the city, as if I were in the palm of my hand, "then you can go to hell! Kill, leave none! !”
"kill! ! !” At the command, the joint army of Japan and South Korea came from all directions and flooded towards the Prince City.
"kill! ! !” In the face of twice as many enemies as their own, the players of the Youth Soul Club were awe-inspiring and showed no weakness. They broke out a screaming ShaSheng, and they fought fiercely with ji, a player in enemy areas.
In the field, blood was flying all at once, falling into a dark and cruel killing.
"Super ghost, destroy the wall!" The Jiugong Great God said that his shoulders shook, and a pair of wings spread like flowing clouds, flapping slowly, dragging him to slowly lift off and leave the giant ghosts beneath him.
"Hey!" Super Ghost is a new pet of Jiugong Great God. When he heard a loud roar, he made great strides in the next moment and rushed towards the front of the Prince like a chariot.
The head of the super ghost is hundreds of meters, and the distance between it and the prince city is two kilometers in a blink of an eye.
To be rushed to the front of the prince’s city 20 meters distance, super ghost fists seesaw, a pair of fists gas mans soared, forming two huge latosolic red Se ball, and then brazenly attack, fists actually hit on the wall, "super ghosts and gods bully crack! !” Please remember the website, if you like the "Purple Dragon Emperor of Online Games" written by the Devil.
Chapter three hundred and thirty Abuse
"Boom! !” There was a loud noise, and I saw the wall of the Prince of Yan, centered on the place where the super ghost’s fists landed, and the wall circled outward, and finally two shocking pits appeared, and the wall was seriously damaged.
"Super supernatural power-knock! !” At the end of the blow, the super-ghost continued to make fierce moves, his fists violently shook dàng, and a strong impact of bojidàng went out. The situation was somewhat similar to the effect of the nine-fold "Xuanwu earthquake". On the basis of the effect caused by the first blow "Ba Lie", he continued to expand the results, and the crater blasted out of the wall continued to expand and spread to half of the wall.
"Super supernatural power-Hao Chong! !” At the end of the second strike, the third strike immediately followed, only to see the super-ghost tilting, flashing half his arm, aiming at the pit on the wall, Huo Ran accelerated, and a brutal collision actually landed on the wall.
The pit on the wall was further expanded, and the scale spread to the whole wall, and the whole wall was shaking and shaking.
"Super supernatural power-destroy the cannon! !” After the serial fourth strike, the brutal collision of "Haochong" ended, the super ghost suddenly opened its mouth, and a ball of light shining in the dark compressed and condensed. When it was condensed to the limit state, it gave a long whistle, "Roar! !” The super-ghost condensed light ball rolled up a blazing tail flame and bombarded the center of the pit it made on the wall.
"Boom! !” With a resounding explosion, the wall with a span of several hundred meters, which was attacked by super ghosts, finally collapsed and fell to the prince.
Players in Japan and South Korea on both sides of the city saw the wall being destroyed, and immediately filed in and threw themselves into the city of the Prince.
"Bad, that monster destroyed the wall! Block, block, don’t let them rush into the city! !” The players in the prince city saw it and shouted.
The two sides launched the worst fight in this gap of the city wall.

"Really? !”

"But I fell asleep again …"
"What did Doctor Tai say?"
Finally, after everything gradually calmed down and the crowd slowly dispersed, Shine slowly sat up from the bed and looked at Nuoda’s gorgeous and neat room. Raising my hand and touching the bedding, the good texture is as smooth as human skin, and it is expensive and tight!
So where is this? Where the hell are you? Full of expectation and fear, all this is so unreal, for fear that when I wake up from a dream, I will pinch my thigh with another force. "Ah-"I can’t help but feel that it’s true, everything is true, and I just fell in a pool of blood. Why is it so intact now …
No, I’m busy. I got up quickly and walked towards the table not far away. There is a copper border on the table. I carefully leaned forward and found my face or this face has not changed except for being younger. I want to scratch my hair, and suddenly my hand stops, and my hand slides down my hair a little bit to show my eyebrows. I think it’s so long? It doesn’t seem so long.
Incredibly shine, hold your face in your hands, and walk back to the bed in annoyance, leaning against the edge of the bed and slowly digesting all this? I’m dead. How did you come here? The same face. Is this your past life? But what is this? I suddenly want to catch a flash in my mind. Miss, don’t forget where you came from. If you have any questions, please come to Yunlai Temple to see me. See you later.
This sentence reminds me of a monk, a monk in cloth, who laughed when she gave him a lunch. At that time, she also felt that his smile was thoughtful and meaningful, but for a while, when she wanted to ask him a question, it was gone. She was still worried about it for a long time, but she didn’t expect everything to come true in the third chapter of Volume 1.
chapter three
Lie down again, shine, pull yourself up so high, cover yourself up and hide yourself completely in the dark, so that you can escape, so that you can hide your ears. It’s not just her, is it? In reality, in dreams, in reality, everyone may have experienced or experienced this kind of self-deception by escaping from reality. It is ridiculous and sad, but it always reproduces you and me in different ways. He was born ordinary, fragile and pitied in the softest place in his heart.
But faintly heard from far and near, slight footsteps shine had to be carefully pulled to repose. Soon I smelled a faint orchid fragrance, and then I felt that I had been pulled too gently. I was very gentle and considerate. Shine moved slightly, and I just woke up and slowly opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was a pair of beautiful and honest eyes. I lost color when I saw her blink, and I "plopped" like a rabbit in panic. I knelt on the ground and knocked on the floor, but I was stunned. When she was finally white, I was busy opening and being seated.
"Princess, forgive me, Joe. Never again. Never again-"Although she couldn’t see clearly because of her prostration, she was full of tears and pity.
"Little Joe?" Linger suddenly thought of the poem "Er Qiao in the southeast" written by Cao Cao in "Ode to a Bronze Bird" and asked casually, "What about Da Qiao?"
"Princess, forgive me. It’s all Joe’s fault …"
"eh?" It’s really a blind cat’s death. This bizarre coincidence is not justified. Let Shine relax. Look at the blood on Joe’s forehead. There is a strange feeling across her heart. Gently but not refuse, I will stop Joe from desperately sighing, "Well, I won’t punish you."
"Thank Princess Xie Princess!" It’s like getting an Amnesty. Little Joe is full of gratitude. No, she said that Shine knew that this past life was definitely not a good one. Look, this pretty beauty in front of her is scared to death!
"Little Joe?" Shine repeated the name seems to like it very much, but aside Gong Li Xiao Qiao is listening to the cold in his heart, and the coming events cast their shadows before him, trembling as if there were any great disasters.
"Joe, I slept for a long time, right? What is it? " Looking at Joe’s simple and honest expression, I can’t express it. On a whim, I am in a good mood to tease this careless little girl in front of me.
"Princess" Xiao Qiao replied with trepidation.
"Don’t tell the truth." Shine knew she had to take a reassurance.
"For three days and three nights, the princess fell into the lotus pond by accident …" Xiao Qiao’s reply was getting lower and lower.
"Oh" shine before looking at Joe suddenly interrupted with a sigh to Joe’s heart to the throat again, Joe’s head hanging lower.
"Joe may have really hurt his head by falling into the pool. I can’t remember a lot of things …" He also deliberately patted his head with a painful look.
"Is the princess in pain?" Xiao Qiao forgot for a moment that he was afraid to be busy and close to explore, and he looked anxious. All this shine can be seen in his eyes. This silly girl is really good-hearted!
"It’s okay …" Shine slowly went back to bed. Little Joe quickly put a cushion on her back.
"Thank you," said Linger habitually and sincerely, while holding Xiao Qiao’s hand for fear that she might be afraid for a while and hide far away, and patting the edge of the bed with her other hand gently and tunnel, "Sit down and talk to me. I can’t remember many things since Xiao Qiao fell. Can you tell me in detail?"
"eh?" It’s really hard for Xiao Qiao to describe his whole face with the words "shocked by Pang Re".
Shine had to clap Joe’s hand again and motioned for her to sit in a soft tunnel. "I can guess from your shocked eyes how bad I was before. Is everyone afraid of me?" Don’t be afraid, I want to hear the true self before, don’t hide it! "
It seems like a joke, but it seems to insist that Xiao Qiao wait for a while nodded. After all, she grew up serving the princess, and she knows all her habits and backgrounds.
The original volume 1 chapter 4.
chapter four
The historical site where she is now is a tripartite confrontation, but it’s not what we imagined. The three countries are not equal in history, and the three countries are equally divided and friendly, while the country where she lives is phlogistic. Her original name was Mu Ziling, the first village ten years ago, and the first village ten years ago, because of the coup, she protected the queen mother Ye Yu, Lan Huang Junhao, and hundreds of lives were sacrificed, which determined their status today. A few dead people have retired with superb skills and wisdom and tears, and they have never cared about the world. They have been loyal to their families all their lives and refused to serve others, even
Ye Yulan, the queen mother of today, made up for the debt, and bestowed the title of Princess Mu Ziling on Emperor Jun Hao when she was sixteen years old. It was because Ye Yulan loved Ziling’s temperament and became arrogant, selfish and violent. Although she complained, Ye Yulan only opened her eyes and closed her eyes as the best way to make up for the loss of her parents since childhood. This package made Ye Yulan go to self-destruction faster, and she became more and more extreme, which finally led to falling into the pool …
Listen to Xiao Qiao’s fear and whisper more and more, that is, Muziling. Listen carefully, this is related to this body or everything in his past life. Although I don’t know what this rebirth means to me, I should take up the responsibility since I’m here.
I remembered that I closed my eyes and everything was all right at that moment, and it suddenly occurred to me that it would be great if I could have another chance to live! If you can give me another chance to live, I won’t let it go in such a hurry again … The attachment to life is so strong that I suddenly wake up at the moment of losing it and regret it!
"Princess Princess" Xiao Qiao boldly and tentatively awakened the princess who was wandering. Why did she cry? But also so sad
"Nothing" Muziling wiped her eyes and tears lightly, pretending to smile and pretend not to care, but she was a little trance and murmured, "I am Muziling, and Ziling is good."
"Princess" Xiao Qiao is a little at a loss to face such an amiable princess
"Well, Joe, it’s getting late. Go and rest. I’ll be alone …" Muziling patted Joe’s delicate face on purpose and joked that people who meet for the first time in this world want to take the initiative to ease this atmosphere and narrow this distance.
"Oh," Xiao Qiao obediently got up and touched his cheek that had just been patted by the princess. I don’t know what it felt like, but it was very kind and warm and had a little attachment.
Instantly restored calm just now, just like the conversation never happened just now, just like Xiao Qiao never appeared. Mu Ziling quietly looked at the beautiful eyes that "belong to" her own room, looked around for brightness, and gently stroked the bed curtain. It felt like a princess living in a fairy tale, and quietly felt the beautiful touch sliding in her fingers … Looking up at the bright and charming moon in the night through the left unlocked window, she inadvertently noticed the piano table not far away.
I couldn’t help Mu Ziling slowly leaving the bedspread and pushing open the door left unlocked. Suddenly, it was another world. It turned out that there was such a wide balcony with exquisite railings standing evenly around it. When you are idle, you can lean on the railings and look at the royal garden with a wide view-the Royal Garden Bridge. Flowing water is like a fairyland, but it surprised Mu Ziling for a short time, which surprised her even more. What she liked was that she was stroking the piano gently. She loved it since she was a child. Although she was poor, hungry and cold, she always saved money to practice it. When she was in an orphanage, she was monotonous and repetitive, which often attracted more sympathy. Because of her hard work, she finally came to the fore and gradually gained recognition from more and more people. Welcome, this is not her life department. She regarded it as a hobby and a natural fit means. Because at that time, she was a person, and the piano was like
"Ding-"refers to the delicate and delicate fingers, and the timbre is more pure than pure. It really seems that although the owner of this body is a little bad, his hobbies are so similar, which really laments the magic of the creator!
As if by magic, she sat down, skillfully tried the audition and made a slight adjustment. After that, a smooth note slowly flowed out of her fingers and filled the whole and began to diffuse the fifth chapter of Volume 1.
chapter five
"Who? !” Jun Hao has just finished reading today’s memorial and closed his eyes. It is easy to be ignored if he doesn’t listen carefully. After all, he has practiced kung fu and his hearing is much better than ordinary people.
The "Lord" has been waiting on his left, and the stalwart man has heard it and is preparing to move forward to explore.
"Wait for the shadow" Jun Hao slowly opened his eyes and said, "Let’s go together-"The man who was called shadow seems to have long been used to his unreasonable playing.
In a short time, they have come to the imperial garden and seen Muziling playing the piano. "Lord, I wonder what tricks she will play this time?" Shadow seems to have long been used to the beautiful woman who is as beautiful as a fairy.
"She likes the piano, but today is very wrong …" A feeling of not being able to get along is full of Jun Hao’s heart. Looking at that familiar face, he suddenly feels far away.
Quietly, the sound of the piano naturally changes, and the timbre is still full and smooth. This time, different melodies seem sad and sad, and accompanied by her singing softly.
Dream people are familiar with faces.

Wu Shen quickly retreated, and Lord Silver Eagle will meet us in the rear. When Teniers led the semi-elf warriors to approach Aron, Aron still relied on personal military courage to maintain the front.

Before Aaron could reply, a volley of towers was launched, and Klina Rott cooperated quite tacitly. When Rott completed an assault regrouping, Klina launched a volley in time, which made Aaron unable to cope with the fighting mode.
Teniers raised his characteristic wooden bow in his hand. His bow string was golden yellow, as thin and tough as half-elf hair.
Teniers seems to want to bow and arrow in return for Klina’s string pulling, and Aron stopped him in the middle. Aron held Teniers’s right hand tightly.
Aaron’s words were obviously a bit weak, but Teniers accidentally listened to him. Teniers put down his bow and arrow and shouted to prepare to retreat from Karlsland.
Say that finish Teniers secretly to Aaron Lou a thief smile striding to retreat.
Aaron turned to the wall and looked at Klina, still staring at him. Aaron decided not to project his eyes to the tower. Maybe one day he will be in front of Klina again, but definitely not now.
Aaron Teniers’s retreat did not cause Roth’s pursuit. On the one hand, Roth knew that Garland’s reinforcements had not arrived yet, and the troops were at a disadvantage. On the other hand, Klina waved a flag on the tower to tell Roth not to pursue Ponte, and the backup troops did not press.
Pontepin’s first strike ended in a semi-exploratory attack in this way. It should be said that neither Ponte nor Garland took advantage of the first strike.
Randall made further efforts to keep the distance from Victoria Karlsland and ensure the retreat. The closer the army is to Karlsland Valley, the smaller the gap between the movable military forces will be. This is what Randall doesn’t want to see because his troops are at a disadvantage and don’t want to be surrounded by the other side.
Lin Farrero is trying to keep the pressure on Randall. He keeps pressing his own troops to find the opportunity to focus on World War I, but Randall has never given him such an opportunity. Lin Farrero has to admit that Randall’s caution is almost close to the watertight level. In the process of retreat, he is sensitive to distance and grasps the right and wrong for the advance and retreat.
Inform the Silver Eagle that they are ready to attack Lin Farrero when Randall approaches the Karlslen fortress, and decide to continue to move the Silver Eagle Ranger after much deliberation.
The Silver Eagle Rangers on the battlefield were in the dark, but their actions were not monitored by the Garland Germans, but they did not escape the eyes of the flying dragon knights in the sky.
Then the action of the rangers is really weird. I don’t know what they want after the fight. Leon said to Knight in Feilong Luther’s back
Could the man with a silver mask in the Red Lion Temple be attacking Commander Price from behind in Sa Herrer? Silver Eagle Knight speculated.
So Gogan can’t see clearly, but it is really possible that Leon said that such an opponent is the most troublesome, even in the dark, it is not a simple person to let you know what he wants.
You see, they’re moving. It seems that they’re going to cut to the German flank in Garland. Knight pointed to the front and shouted
It is also at their height that we can see the overall change of the battlefield. The Silver Eagle did act after receiving the order from Lin Farrero, but he did not attack when the other side approached Karlslen, but attacked when Randall controlled the rhythm.
At this time, launching a flank attack obviously didn’t reach a tacit understanding with the Ponte army. The Ponte army just retreated. Didn’t this give Garland a chance to deal with them? Knight said.
Leon was thinking about it, too. It suddenly occurred to him that Lance once said that if the other party knew when and what action you were going to take, then no matter how good the tactics were, they would definitely turn on you.
It’s good to be here at dusk. The last attack of Ponte Army just came to an end, and the retreat potential has already formed. This time happens to be the lowest time for Garland German troops to be on guard. It seems that this is a mismatch, but in fact it may be that commander Leon suddenly said
Leon said that a soldier’s face appeared in his mind, and his former closest comrades always did something unexpected on the battlefield. He planned to look weird every time, but it worked wonders every time.
Is it really that man? Leon verbally said that that man was Randall’s opponent, so Randall would be a bit difficult.
Leon said that it was Lanster, but Roth didn’t know who Leon meant. After he came to Karlsland, he found that Leon was much more knowledgeable than when he was in the eastern continent. It was surprisingly clear whether he knew Garland Ponte’s two armies or grasped the situation.
Luther in the Red Lion Temple needs a rest. We must go back to the top of the mountain. Knight patted his mount and Luther said.
Leon nodded his head and his expression seemed to say sorry. If Silver Eagle was really the person he expected, he really wanted to see him confront Randall.
Silver Eagle didn’t know that a man was expecting this confrontation. He was still deploying at his own pace. Just as Randall sent Ponte troops away, Silver Eagle troops appeared from the side valley.
Half-elves are mixed with Ponte soldiers, and there are also a few mercenaries, Frinians and Saherers. It seems that all of them are mixed, and the rangers are somewhat nondescript, but the timing is right, but it is the key to the Garland Germans.
On the left rear, a special squad, General Lu, suddenly reported the situation to Randall.
special detachment
Yes, it seems to be the former attack on Karlslon troops, Lu replied
After the unsuccessful attack on Karlslon, a special squad wandered around the mountains on the left side of Karlslon for a long time, and finally came to the flank of the German army in Garland. Instead of cooperating with the Ponte army attack, it all seemed too unusual now when the Ponte army attack came to an end.
The Silver Eagle is such an unusual thing. During Randall’s deliberation, Aaron, a semi-elf warrior in Teniers, was hit by the mercenaries with two punches.
Aaron cut into Teniers’s brave and fierce half-elf soldiers, all of whom were short bows with magic swords. This was a small number of attack teams, but they had never met before in Garland German army.
Half-elves are all natural archers and wizards, and their keen vision, hearing and communication skills are also better than those of human beings, which makes them practice bow and arrow magic slightly faster than human beings, which gives them a one-on-one advantage at the moment of contact with Garland people.
Garland German army has just dealt with Ponte’s main attack team, and the attack team is still in a state of repair. I didn’t expect the commando team to be caught off guard at this point. The left defense line was torn a gap, and Aaron’s sword and Teniers’s sword and bow combination wantonly excavated the trend of attacking the array with one stroke.

However, even with Dan fire, it is very difficult for ordinary monks to refine their brain regions.

In order to prevent Dan fire from damaging Hun’s spirit, most monks are cautious, and they can stimulate a little weak Dan fire every time to refine the brain area at an odd speed.
If you want to refine the brain region into a fairy, it will take ten years even at the fastest speed.
In comparison, Moxiu can control 3.2 million Dan fires at the same time, which is many times faster than others.
Even a peerless genius can’t have his speed.
Almost in the blink of an eye, this foot of Xu Changdan’s fire was consumed, and at the same time, one tenth of Mo Xiu’s brain region was refined into a fairy by him.
The strength of gold Hun increased from the thickness of one hair to the thickness of two hairs, which doubled.
The body produced a stronger pressure. With the urging of Jin Hun, several particles in the immortal body turned into Dan fire and poured into the kendo furnace.
Two inches of Dan fire condensed in Moxiu [body]
Different from before, this is the Dan fire condensed by Mo Xiuxiu, which can be condensed again even if it is consumed.
At this time, Li Hao, Wu Qianqun and others behind Mo Xiu were already dumbfounded.
Moxiu’s powerful fighting power is beyond their cognition.
You know, in normal calculation, the monks on the first floor of Moxiu’s strength were worse than 100 times!
Even with God’s intermediate materials, the result is too shocking.
"Brother Mo, the Taoist priest is dead?" Li Hao still has some hard to believe and asked
Don’t take nodded "yes! I’m a little restrained. The magical avatar is just restrained by me. "
Li Hao and others’ faces suddenly look like the world’s achievement methods are indeed in phase grams. Some achievement methods are not very powerful for human beings, and they are indeed very powerful for the Taoist priests.
"all right! Don’t be in a daze, everyone. Others are still being attacked by the Taoist priest. Let’s do our best! "
"yes! Let’s do it when we don’t want waves! However, we are weak, so don’t disperse and gather together to deal with one person first! " Li Hao and others immediately condensed into one and rushed towards one of the magic monks.
At this time, Moxiu had already rushed to a monk on the other side.
The friar has already turned into a piece of black Se fog, and Mo Xiu can see that in this piece of black Se fog, all the particles in the world have turned into demons and devoured each other.
There are also several particles in the virtual world around the very black fog, and several demons in the particle world are born and devouring each other.
Mo Xiu immediately accepted the monk’s magic Hun in the black Se fog, and even the magic Dan was integrated into the black Se fog.
At this time, seven condensed Dan fire monks were wrapped in this black fog, and they were urging their respective magical powers to resist the black fog attack.
However, the strength gap between the two sides is too huge, and they have resisted for a moment, and they are already exhausted and in trouble.
Just then, Mo Xiu rushed into the black Se fog.
Kendo furnace!
Moxiu’s strong body suction sucked a different piece of black Se fog hair in.
When the black Se fog entered Moxiu [body], Moxiu heard the sound from several particles in the black Se fog, which went straight through the bottom of my heart.
"Gaga! Come to the children! Is really reckless incredibly dare to swallow life The Hunger gas! I don’t know if our blood clan is the best at swallowing! " "In that case, let Zun taste your delicious meal!" However, just as this voice fell, a more powerful suction burst in the kendo melting pot.
All the black Se fog was absorbed by the Kendo furnace in an instant.
Blink of an eye around a piece of clean Lu out of the seven monks have been exhausted.
"Hey? What’s going on Where did the fog go! " "How suddenly disappeared!" The seven monks cried in astonishment, but at this moment Moxiu began to sound.
"Everyone to recover and then help others! Don’t wave! "
As the words sounded, Mo Xiu’s figure had already flown to the other side, leaving a group of stunned monks.
At this time, thick bright flames in the kendo furnace severely burned the black Se fog.
The monk hun’ o rolled, hissed and begged for mercy in the kendo furnace.
"Small! You have to let me go! Otherwise, let the blood mill adults know that you dare to deal with the blood clan, which will definitely make you miserable. "
"Want you to let me go I can recommend you to The Hunger’s adult! Your qualification will certainly be appreciated by adults in The Hunger! " However, no matter whether this monk threatens or Yu Uhu is unmoved, it is to urge the Kendo furnace to refine it severely.
Thick Dan fire was refined out.
Finally, the monk Magic Dan and Magic Hun were refined by the Kendo Furnace, and Moxiu’s Kendo Furnace also had another foot of Dan fire.
In 3.2 million wisdom brains, this foot of Dan fire once again refined Moxiu’s brain domain by ten percent.
Blinking Moxiujin Hun has once again grown a little, which is as thick as three hairs.
At the same time, more powerful pressure was formed in Moxiu, and it was pushed out by thick fires.
Moxiudan fire has reached three inches long.
Moxiu flew into the fog of another Taoist priest and blinked, then inhaled the fog into the kendo furnace and refined it into Dan fire.
Another 10% of the brain was refined, and the fire of Moxiudan grew rapidly to four inches long.
It has risen more than four times in just a moment!
Just then, another Taoist priest finally found out that Mo Xiu was abnormal and suddenly whistled and flew to the other three monks on the second floor.
"Three senior brothers, be careful of this man. He just killed three of our younger brothers!"
This explosive drink immediately shocked three monks on the second floor of the magic road in then period, and stopped to look around.
And the monk also explained in a low voice.
Teacher! Teacher! Bait!
Three figures even flew to Moxiu’s side.