Back to the 172nd fairy island fog
It is said that the "appeasement" policy of Shen Wusu and Yin Sutang in Emei Qingcheng two factions boldly killed Mr. Jian Xianzhong, one of the four friends of Kunlun, one of the powerful elders of Kunlun Sect, and his disciples in Xiandao, Donghai, and left.
Although there are some criticisms in the hearts of people present about the viciousness of Shen Wuze, no one dares to talk about this witch before the two families in Emei Qingcheng Mountain have spoken. If it’s a bad sword, there’s no place to complain.
Looking at two stunning deadlier than the male left this hall is no longer suppressed the voice of discussion. Whether it’s an individual who doesn’t come in person or a disciple of Qingcheng Mountain in Emei. I can’t believe this sudden change!
Emei Sect! Qingcheng school! Kunlun Sect! Wu-tang clan! Coupled with the magic way of all this is already the monk conference in the world today! With a place like this, someone dares and can kill all the participants of Kunlun Sect. How fierce it is! What is even more incomprehensible is that the landlords here, Emei and Qingcheng, have turned a blind eye to this matter. Isn’t the mystery worth many things?
At this time, many scattered practitioners who just want to try their luck have already felt the dense conspiracy atmosphere on this fairy island in the East China Sea. There are a lot of people who start to back down in their hearts, but it’s easy to think about this thief boat, but I’m afraid it’s just …
Although there was a lot of buzz in the hall, Qi Shushi and Zhu Mei, who were on the throne, did not suppress it and seemed to give them enough time to talk. I believe that today’s events and the strong return of the witch Shen Wusu will spread throughout the whole field of repair in a few days. And the’ illegitimate son of Qi Xiaer’ that overwhelmed a few days ago has become a new gossip topic in the field of repairing truth.
After a long time, I saw Qi Shushi sigh gently and shake the dust in his hands: "Infinite Buddha! Too good for ancestors’ mercy! Many Taoist friends live in poverty and have something to say. "
Although Qi Shushi’s voice is not high, there is a sudden silence in this hall, and all of them look at the master of the Emei Sect. Now, although everyone knows that the secret is not obvious. The number of days has changed, but no one wants to offend until the form is clear. This master is still a powerful palm teacher in the whole field of repair.
I saw Qi Shushi’s face as cool as if nothing had happened just now. "It’s not just today’s talk," he said. "I’m here to talk about this nameless fairy island in the East China Sea. Although this fairy island has not yet belonged to Zhu Mei Daoyou’s Qingcheng School and our Emei School, both of them have the intention to bring it under their wing. But now that the cat is not obvious, I can’t see where Angelica is. "
This is a slight meal here. Glancing at Zhu Mei around her, she saw that Zhu Mei had no objection and then said, "But now you must have come here to know that the frequency of strange things in this fairy island is not a good omen. To tell you the truth, I, the Emei Sect, have lost more than ten disciples since I opened my house on this island. And … "
With that, Qi Shushi scanned all the people for a week and finally fell on the people of the magic way. "And the dead are JingXie cleared. Yuan god is destroyed … "
When they heard it, they naturally recognized the meaning of Qi Shushi. The exhaustion of essence and blood and the destruction of Yuan and Shen are in line with a method called "bloodthirsty refining essence". And that the magic road and others are surprised and nervous at the exhibition of the situation.
At this time, Qi Shushi answered, "But today, the invisible venerable Taoist friends can bring a group of Taoist friends. Must be open-minded. Moreover, during the great robbery, the magic road and the magic door were separated a lot, and it was possible for the world to get it. Dear Taoist friends, don’t mind this. Since we are here. Zhu Daoyou and I can’t guarantee anything else, but our disciples can still be bound. "
The Taoist priests still have some doubts, but if the two factions of Emei Qingcheng Mountain don’t take the initiative to provoke the world, there is really no one who can make them fear.
However, Qi Shushi answered, "I didn’t mean anything by saying this, but I just told you that it is dangerous to act this time. Don’t act rashly and mistake others for yourself! Now there are three places on this fairy island where the earth’s eyes go straight to the ground, and I don’t know the geometry. Several disciples died near these three places. This time, I also began to explore the facts from these three places in order to be foolproof. What do you think? "
When they heard it, they looked at Zhu Mei’s half-closed eyes, without any objection. They said, "Look at this Zhu Mei. It must have been agreed by the two of them. Since the Qingcheng School does not object to others’ speech, what’s the use? " Therefore, there is no objection.
Qi Shushi answered, "In that case …" He threw his fist at Zhu Meiyi and said, "Please ask Taoist friends to arrange this division of troops."
When Zhu Mei heard this, he shook off the floating dust and said, "Infinite Buddha! The secret is unpredictable, and the heaven is not obvious! Now this trip to the island is unpredictable. Being original is far from what I said. There are only three acupoints on this fairy island so far. Naturally, I’ll take a look at the Taoist friends of Emei School. But now it is even more powerful for you Taoist friends to come to help! There is an invisible Taoist friend in this third eye. How about it? "
The invisible venerable master had doubts in his heart, and now Zhu Mei has given up one of these three acupoints, which makes him feel even more wrong. But at this point he can’t refuse. Tao: "A Taoist friend’s love will not disgrace his life."
Zhu Mei said with a smile, "That’s very nice. As for other Buddhist friends, they can find relatives and rely on friends. " Say and look at the half of the old.
This half of Lao Ni quickly said, "Taoist Zhu Mei, what I came to wu-tang clan this time is full of women, so I don’t dare to be greedy. Turn into a crowd and watch the enemy in case something happens. "
Zhu Mei smiled slightly when he heard this. "That’s all right." After that, Zhu Mei glanced around and said, "I don’t know if this is a chance or a disaster. It’s just that I, Zhu Mei, put the ugly words first. If I go down to the crypt, all my comrades-in-arms have past grievances. I will kill anyone who hits from ruin when he is down! "
After a meal, Zhu Mei scanned the crowd with cold eyes and said, "If a treasure is born, once it is earned by people, you must not kill to get it! Otherwise … I will kill it! "
Then Qi Shushi and Zhu Mei each said some details, and then they made up some suggestions. Finally, I decided to act tomorrow and went to prepare for it. After the meeting, Yi Yu returned to her temporary residence. Soon, a child came to call and said that she was summoned by Master Zhu Mei. Yi Yu didn’t dare to neglect and hurried away.
Walking a Louis jade heart is in total at this time Zhu Mei find him to what. It’s just that he hasn’t come up with a clue yet, and he’s already outside the quiet room in Zhu Mei. Yi Yu tapped on the knocker. "Disciple Yi Yu meets the master," he said.
"Come on in."
Yi Yu pushed the door and entered the quiet room, but it was one leng. It turns out that Zhu Mei is not the only one in this room, and the two accompanying elders, Jiang Shu and Tiancanzi, are here. And master elder brother Gideon and three elder brothers Tao Jun also laid hands on him in Zhu Mei and sat in awe. Although there was some bad blood between Qianfan and Tiancanzi, Yi Yu, who was present in Zhu Mei at this time, did not dare to be presumptuous and quickly bowed down and said, "Disciple Yi Yu has seen the Master and wishes him boundless Taoism. Fairy industry is early! Disciples have seen Uncle Jiang and Uncle Tian Can. " Say again to Gideon and Tao Jun upon.
Zhu Mei didn’t meet Yi Yu alone on weekdays as easy-going and awe-inspiring: "Sit down."
Yi Yu followed Zhu Mei’s instructions and sat down on the bottom futon. "I wonder what the master taught me when he called his disciples here?" he asked.
Zhu Mei looked at his younger brother and said, "Her! What do you think about this island exploration in the East China Sea? "
Yi Yu was stupefied when he heard this. "Isn’t this fairy island in the East China Sea a plot made by Master Zun, an old fox, and Granduncle Blissful? Why are you asking me? Is there any change here? " Although I think so. But Yi Yu won’t be silly to ask. I saw that Yi Yu’s eyelids drooped in awe and replied, "I am stupid. Also listen to the teacher’s teachings. "
Zhu Mei laughed and said, "Her. You don’t have to worry that Brother Jiang Shu, Brother Tian Can and your two brothers here are all people who know. "
Yi Yu still said, "Report to your master. It is not the disciple’s scruples. Originally, there were some disputes in the disciples’ hearts … "He looked up at Jiang Shu and Tiancanzi and answered," But the trip along the way and today’s meeting feel very strange and dare not jump to the master’s meaning. It’s not that my disciples are stupid. It’s really that the master’s ingenuity is far better than that of his disciples. "
When Zhu Mei heard this, he smiled and pointed out Yi Yu with a smile: "You boy actually took the opportunity to flatter him at this time." Although Zhu Mei criticise but it is obviously very useful.
Yi Yudao: "I dare not just wonder why Master Zun or the Qi Zhangjiao in Emei got these monks, either openly or secretly? Even the people of the magic way don’t care about taboos? "
Zhu Mei said, "It seems that you already know something! I won’t hide it from you any more. This fairy road in the East China Sea was originally ambushed by my predecessors in Qingcheng School when the Yin and Yang reversed in the Wu and Tang Dynasties thousands of years ago. "
Yi Yu was not surprised to hear this. As early as before, in the conversation between Lions Ridge and Li Jingxiu, Yi Yu vaguely guessed that the strange East China Sea Fairy Island had some mystery. But when Jiang Shu and Tian Canzi saw Yi Yu’s calm attitude, they knew about it for a long time, but they were somewhat shocked.
Zhu Mei seems to be trying to solve the puzzle for these four people, and asks, "It seems that Yuer has already known what you look like at this time?"
Yi Yu dared not pretend to be mysterious and said directly, "This is a mysterious disciple who turned over in the worry-free cave in Xiongshiling and dared not forget it." But when this was said, Jiang Shu and Tiancanzi and others were even more surprised.
And this Yi Yu talk is somewhat mysterious. What he said was immediately revealed by Li Jingxiu, but in fact Li Jingxiu didn’t tell him about this fairy island in the East China Sea, but Yi Yu guessed it by herself in connection with the past. But this has completely changed in the ears of Jiang Shu and Tiancanzi.