"Really? !”

"But I fell asleep again …"
"What did Doctor Tai say?"
Finally, after everything gradually calmed down and the crowd slowly dispersed, Shine slowly sat up from the bed and looked at Nuoda’s gorgeous and neat room. Raising my hand and touching the bedding, the good texture is as smooth as human skin, and it is expensive and tight!
So where is this? Where the hell are you? Full of expectation and fear, all this is so unreal, for fear that when I wake up from a dream, I will pinch my thigh with another force. "Ah-"I can’t help but feel that it’s true, everything is true, and I just fell in a pool of blood. Why is it so intact now …
No, I’m busy. I got up quickly and walked towards the table not far away. There is a copper border on the table. I carefully leaned forward and found my face or this face has not changed except for being younger. I want to scratch my hair, and suddenly my hand stops, and my hand slides down my hair a little bit to show my eyebrows. I think it’s so long? It doesn’t seem so long.
Incredibly shine, hold your face in your hands, and walk back to the bed in annoyance, leaning against the edge of the bed and slowly digesting all this? I’m dead. How did you come here? The same face. Is this your past life? But what is this? I suddenly want to catch a flash in my mind. Miss, don’t forget where you came from. If you have any questions, please come to Yunlai Temple to see me. See you later.
This sentence reminds me of a monk, a monk in cloth, who laughed when she gave him a lunch. At that time, she also felt that his smile was thoughtful and meaningful, but for a while, when she wanted to ask him a question, it was gone. She was still worried about it for a long time, but she didn’t expect everything to come true in the third chapter of Volume 1.
chapter three
Lie down again, shine, pull yourself up so high, cover yourself up and hide yourself completely in the dark, so that you can escape, so that you can hide your ears. It’s not just her, is it? In reality, in dreams, in reality, everyone may have experienced or experienced this kind of self-deception by escaping from reality. It is ridiculous and sad, but it always reproduces you and me in different ways. He was born ordinary, fragile and pitied in the softest place in his heart.
But faintly heard from far and near, slight footsteps shine had to be carefully pulled to repose. Soon I smelled a faint orchid fragrance, and then I felt that I had been pulled too gently. I was very gentle and considerate. Shine moved slightly, and I just woke up and slowly opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was a pair of beautiful and honest eyes. I lost color when I saw her blink, and I "plopped" like a rabbit in panic. I knelt on the ground and knocked on the floor, but I was stunned. When she was finally white, I was busy opening and being seated.
"Princess, forgive me, Joe. Never again. Never again-"Although she couldn’t see clearly because of her prostration, she was full of tears and pity.
"Little Joe?" Linger suddenly thought of the poem "Er Qiao in the southeast" written by Cao Cao in "Ode to a Bronze Bird" and asked casually, "What about Da Qiao?"
"Princess, forgive me. It’s all Joe’s fault …"
"eh?" It’s really a blind cat’s death. This bizarre coincidence is not justified. Let Shine relax. Look at the blood on Joe’s forehead. There is a strange feeling across her heart. Gently but not refuse, I will stop Joe from desperately sighing, "Well, I won’t punish you."
"Thank Princess Xie Princess!" It’s like getting an Amnesty. Little Joe is full of gratitude. No, she said that Shine knew that this past life was definitely not a good one. Look, this pretty beauty in front of her is scared to death!
"Little Joe?" Shine repeated the name seems to like it very much, but aside Gong Li Xiao Qiao is listening to the cold in his heart, and the coming events cast their shadows before him, trembling as if there were any great disasters.
"Joe, I slept for a long time, right? What is it? " Looking at Joe’s simple and honest expression, I can’t express it. On a whim, I am in a good mood to tease this careless little girl in front of me.
"Princess" Xiao Qiao replied with trepidation.
"Don’t tell the truth." Shine knew she had to take a reassurance.
"For three days and three nights, the princess fell into the lotus pond by accident …" Xiao Qiao’s reply was getting lower and lower.
"Oh" shine before looking at Joe suddenly interrupted with a sigh to Joe’s heart to the throat again, Joe’s head hanging lower.
"Joe may have really hurt his head by falling into the pool. I can’t remember a lot of things …" He also deliberately patted his head with a painful look.
"Is the princess in pain?" Xiao Qiao forgot for a moment that he was afraid to be busy and close to explore, and he looked anxious. All this shine can be seen in his eyes. This silly girl is really good-hearted!
"It’s okay …" Shine slowly went back to bed. Little Joe quickly put a cushion on her back.
"Thank you," said Linger habitually and sincerely, while holding Xiao Qiao’s hand for fear that she might be afraid for a while and hide far away, and patting the edge of the bed with her other hand gently and tunnel, "Sit down and talk to me. I can’t remember many things since Xiao Qiao fell. Can you tell me in detail?"
"eh?" It’s really hard for Xiao Qiao to describe his whole face with the words "shocked by Pang Re".
Shine had to clap Joe’s hand again and motioned for her to sit in a soft tunnel. "I can guess from your shocked eyes how bad I was before. Is everyone afraid of me?" Don’t be afraid, I want to hear the true self before, don’t hide it! "
It seems like a joke, but it seems to insist that Xiao Qiao wait for a while nodded. After all, she grew up serving the princess, and she knows all her habits and backgrounds.
The original volume 1 chapter 4.
chapter four
The historical site where she is now is a tripartite confrontation, but it’s not what we imagined. The three countries are not equal in history, and the three countries are equally divided and friendly, while the country where she lives is phlogistic. Her original name was Mu Ziling, the first village ten years ago, and the first village ten years ago, because of the coup, she protected the queen mother Ye Yu, Lan Huang Junhao, and hundreds of lives were sacrificed, which determined their status today. A few dead people have retired with superb skills and wisdom and tears, and they have never cared about the world. They have been loyal to their families all their lives and refused to serve others, even
Ye Yulan, the queen mother of today, made up for the debt, and bestowed the title of Princess Mu Ziling on Emperor Jun Hao when she was sixteen years old. It was because Ye Yulan loved Ziling’s temperament and became arrogant, selfish and violent. Although she complained, Ye Yulan only opened her eyes and closed her eyes as the best way to make up for the loss of her parents since childhood. This package made Ye Yulan go to self-destruction faster, and she became more and more extreme, which finally led to falling into the pool …
Listen to Xiao Qiao’s fear and whisper more and more, that is, Muziling. Listen carefully, this is related to this body or everything in his past life. Although I don’t know what this rebirth means to me, I should take up the responsibility since I’m here.
I remembered that I closed my eyes and everything was all right at that moment, and it suddenly occurred to me that it would be great if I could have another chance to live! If you can give me another chance to live, I won’t let it go in such a hurry again … The attachment to life is so strong that I suddenly wake up at the moment of losing it and regret it!
"Princess Princess" Xiao Qiao boldly and tentatively awakened the princess who was wandering. Why did she cry? But also so sad
"Nothing" Muziling wiped her eyes and tears lightly, pretending to smile and pretend not to care, but she was a little trance and murmured, "I am Muziling, and Ziling is good."
"Princess" Xiao Qiao is a little at a loss to face such an amiable princess
"Well, Joe, it’s getting late. Go and rest. I’ll be alone …" Muziling patted Joe’s delicate face on purpose and joked that people who meet for the first time in this world want to take the initiative to ease this atmosphere and narrow this distance.
"Oh," Xiao Qiao obediently got up and touched his cheek that had just been patted by the princess. I don’t know what it felt like, but it was very kind and warm and had a little attachment.
Instantly restored calm just now, just like the conversation never happened just now, just like Xiao Qiao never appeared. Mu Ziling quietly looked at the beautiful eyes that "belong to" her own room, looked around for brightness, and gently stroked the bed curtain. It felt like a princess living in a fairy tale, and quietly felt the beautiful touch sliding in her fingers … Looking up at the bright and charming moon in the night through the left unlocked window, she inadvertently noticed the piano table not far away.
I couldn’t help Mu Ziling slowly leaving the bedspread and pushing open the door left unlocked. Suddenly, it was another world. It turned out that there was such a wide balcony with exquisite railings standing evenly around it. When you are idle, you can lean on the railings and look at the royal garden with a wide view-the Royal Garden Bridge. Flowing water is like a fairyland, but it surprised Mu Ziling for a short time, which surprised her even more. What she liked was that she was stroking the piano gently. She loved it since she was a child. Although she was poor, hungry and cold, she always saved money to practice it. When she was in an orphanage, she was monotonous and repetitive, which often attracted more sympathy. Because of her hard work, she finally came to the fore and gradually gained recognition from more and more people. Welcome, this is not her life department. She regarded it as a hobby and a natural fit means. Because at that time, she was a person, and the piano was like
"Ding-"refers to the delicate and delicate fingers, and the timbre is more pure than pure. It really seems that although the owner of this body is a little bad, his hobbies are so similar, which really laments the magic of the creator!
As if by magic, she sat down, skillfully tried the audition and made a slight adjustment. After that, a smooth note slowly flowed out of her fingers and filled the whole and began to diffuse the fifth chapter of Volume 1.
chapter five
"Who? !” Jun Hao has just finished reading today’s memorial and closed his eyes. It is easy to be ignored if he doesn’t listen carefully. After all, he has practiced kung fu and his hearing is much better than ordinary people.
The "Lord" has been waiting on his left, and the stalwart man has heard it and is preparing to move forward to explore.
"Wait for the shadow" Jun Hao slowly opened his eyes and said, "Let’s go together-"The man who was called shadow seems to have long been used to his unreasonable playing.
In a short time, they have come to the imperial garden and seen Muziling playing the piano. "Lord, I wonder what tricks she will play this time?" Shadow seems to have long been used to the beautiful woman who is as beautiful as a fairy.
"She likes the piano, but today is very wrong …" A feeling of not being able to get along is full of Jun Hao’s heart. Looking at that familiar face, he suddenly feels far away.
Quietly, the sound of the piano naturally changes, and the timbre is still full and smooth. This time, different melodies seem sad and sad, and accompanied by her singing softly.
Dream people are familiar with faces.