Just as Qian Hong said, it is very likely that doing it yourself today will lead to a direct confrontation between the two families, which is why the planners are not ready to turn their faces.

Gee, you were imposing just now. Why didn’t you do it? Come on, always wait \
I haven’t finished this sentence yet. When I saw this, a figure appeared directly in front of me, and then Qian Hong bowed himself like a prawn.
At this time, a not-too-loud sloped sound came, and everyone was white. What did the sound mean just now? It should be that the key position was kicked out.
Young master, young master! What’s the matter with you?
How dare you? \
Don’t talk nonsense, hurry up and take the young master home. Hurry up and treat the family. Since we want to fight, we will report to one of our housekeepers when we go back. At this moment, one of them said
Qian Hong behind a few pages at this time to see the meter home is really dare to start work, we also dare not how can be said a few words of malicious words will leave.
Go back and tell your householder that you’d better be honest, or your money house will be driven out of the city of Luoying, which is very close. Ye Xiang stopped several people again and didn’t care to say.
After listening to it, these pages will look at Xiang Ye. It doesn’t look like a joke. The color of God has changed.
Look at your young master’s appearance. They also dare not delay. They just ran in the direction of the money house. We all know that if your young master is abolished, several of them will not have a good day. The master will not let go of several of them ~
Chapter three hundred and forty-five Falling into the city
A few of them then lifted their young master and left the gate of the meter house quickly.
Seeing that several people in the Qian family fled like this, several people in the family first burst out laughing. However, it was not until a few people walked away that they realized that it was very likely that things would become the fuse of two families today, putting their family in danger.
At this time, some of their talents looked at the old man. At this time, the old man was also a face of Naise. Although he also saw that the situation was very comfortable just now, when he recalled it, he knew that something was wrong. Now, the planner is not ready for a face-to-face battle
They all know that it is essential for the Ji family to fight with the other two big families, but it still needs to be well prepared for this big war. Now Xiang Ye’s foot is very popular, but it is likely to be a bad thing
"Come on, now that it has happened, go in and see the master." The old man said with a slight frown.
"What’s the big deal if you don’t pull a long face? I’ve already said that if I were here, there would be no danger for your family." Looking at them, I was afraid of wolves and tigers, and I was full of information. No wonder their family would have this crisis. It is because they are too indecisive.
With that, Xiang Ye ignored a few of them, but directly walked towards the front line inside.
They looked at Xiang Ye’s back and shook their heads. Although they knew that Ye Xiang’s strength was of the earth, was it still possible for many monks to play in the face of two forces wars? They also couldn’t say clearly.
At this time, JiQingLuan has recovered. Many girls are also smart people. Naturally, they know that something happened to their brother and Ye Xianggen is not big. Although it is because Ye Xiangcai brought him a crisis, if JiFei didn’t find Xiang Ye to help, he wouldn’t have an accident. The end result is still to blame Jia Jiahe and Qian Jia.
The old man wanted to take Xiang Ye to their family hall, but Xiang Ye is not in the mood to go there now. He just asked the old man to arrange a rest room for himself first and then went in, so he didn’t go to see the family owner.
Seeing Xiang Ye’s appearance at this moment, the old man also understood that this kind of strength master will help his family. It is estimated that once the crisis is solved, he will leave the roots immediately and will not stay.
JiQingLuan watched Xiang Ye enter the back of the room and opened his mouth, but it didn’t come out and closed, so he could walk with the old man towards the family hall.
At this time, the hall of Ji Jia was already full of people, and almost all the monks in Ji Jia were here. At this time, they all listened to what an old man in the field was telling.
Half an hour later, they already knew what had happened. At this time, everyone was both excited and worried. The excitement was that their family crisis was likely to come into contact. The worry was whether the Qian family incident would cause two wars before today.
Of course, some of them are still sad. These people are Ji Fei’s family, including Ji Fei’s father, that is, now Ji Yunting, the owner of Ji Fei’s family, has heard the news of his son at this time, and he is also heartbroken, but at this time, family matters always have to be resolved. He did not show it.
There are still a lot of secret lovers. After all, if Ji Fei dies, his son may be the master of the family. Although the family looks calm now, everyone is unanimous, but once it is calm, things will happen soon.
"Ah Zhong, as you say, it’s very powerful to help us plan our family’s youth." Another five-level monk, Uncle Ji Fei, said excitedly at this moment.
"Sir, I just said that this person solved three four-level monks and five three-level monks with ten interest rates. It’s no exaggeration at all," the old man said again at this moment.
"Okay, everyone, don’t worry. Although the money family happened today, we are not ready for a big fight, but aren’t the money family and the Jia family not ready? If they were ready, wouldn’t they be delayed until today?" Jiyuntang is still relatively heavy, so he said
Sure enough, after he finished this sentence, everyone here thought about it one after another.
"And because of this master’s temper, we are still not very clear about it, so I now have an order that no one should go near his residence without my permission. If you cause his dissatisfaction, don’t say that he doesn’t care much about you. Our family just won’t let you go. Now the most important thing is family affairs," said Ji Yunting again
After he finished, he glanced around severely, and these people were relieved to see that there was no objection.
Soon there will be no one on the facade of the family hall, and all the monks are going to prepare for the big war.
"How is Ah Zhong’s trip? I always feel as if this person is a little odd. Just like you said, it is bloody to kill several people directly."
What are two people discussing in a quiet room at this moment?
"Master, although he has a hard hand, it seems to me that he is not a fierce man. He is still not too worried," the old man said at this moment.
"Then should I meet this person well sometime? After all, he wants to help us plan our family. Is there anything to thank him for?" The plan owner said again.
"Sir, I don’t think it’s necessary to fix this. Godsworn’s temper is so weird. Let’s wait until when he wants to see you."
The old man has already remembered that when Xiang Ye entered the family, he had already woken up his family.