Su pomelo turned pale with a smile. "I …"

My sister had advised me to stop worrying and concentrate on my studies. If I had listened to my sister earlier, this would not have happened.
"I know-tell the truth!"
Su Orange tries to look calm as much as possible. If Su You knows that her purpose of investigating the truth is to worry that there is a black hand behind the scenes, she will be scared.
"One of the five people is my fan, who rewarded me with a lot of things some time ago …" Su pomelo said timidly.
Sue orange didn’t interrupt her words and encouraged her to look at her sister.
"He sent me a photo, and I thought it was handsome. He said he thought I was cute and wanted to invite me to dinner. I thought about it and agreed."
Sue orange, a brainless guy, cursed in her heart that something would happen sooner or later according to her greedy and philandering personality.
Su orange thought about one night. Did one of the five people look handsome? This girl can’t compliment her aesthetics.
"At dinner, there was a man who looked very graceful although he was not as handsome as a photo. He wanted me to accompany him to the park for a walk before it was too early … As a result, when he went to the Woods, four people suddenly jumped out. I also said that he would protect me, but I didn’t expect them to be a group …"
Su pomelo said that big tears fell from her eyes and her shoulders trembled slightly because of crying.
Sue orange stretched out his hand and patted his sister’s shoulder. "Is there any photo of that guy? What is his fan number? "
Su You took out his mobile phone to play live broadcast software and handed it to his sister. "His name is escort, and there are our chat records. His photos are in the mobile phone photo album …"
Such an old name as escort will hook her. Really!
Fortunately, this girl didn’t delete all the information, otherwise there would be some trouble.
"Okay, I know. Put your mobile phone with me first, so don’t log on to the live broadcast platform in the near future."
"Well …" Su pomelo also dare not say anything more, after all, it is a matter of life and days.
But silence for a moment seemed to remind me of something and nervously pulled Sue orange hand "sister, let it go! Just come back well. I don’t want you to risk me again. "
Looking at my sister’s worried eyes, Su Orange pretended not to care about it. Well, this girl is not stupid, but how could she let it go in a daze?
I feel like my body is being ripped out and I want to have a good sleep ~goodnigh~
Chapter one hundred and twenty-three Dracula vampire family
"How did you come back after I was taken away? Where are the red leaves? How is she? " Su Chen asked
"I … red leaves …" Su pomelo’s face changed, and his eyes were full of tears again, and he looked a little scared and uneasy.
What happened that night must have been terrible for Su You. Seeing my sister was really scared is enough!
"I wish you were all right. Someone must have sent you back. Let bygones be bygones!" Sue orange relief way
Su pomelo nodded awkward.
"Well, let’s go to dinner! I have to go to school tomorrow! " Sue orange so easily stretched himself.
"Teacher Bai Bing knows that you have asked for leave for you. The school side is not worried that if you don’t want to go to school, you will rest for a few more days. In the afternoon, my mother received a message from Miss Xuewu and realized that you were released by the dean. When you were in prison, Blue Nine, Chu Yin and Ziyue were all anxious. If you don’t come out again, they will unite to visit you in prison."
"Oh …"
Didn’t the man called "Mr. Edward" bail himself out? Sue orange some puzzled.
"But there is one thing you may need to know. Be prepared." Su pomelo hesitated.
"They already know that you are a girl."
Su pomelo wiped the tears in her eyes and pulled her sister’s hand. "But then you can move back to the girls’ dormitory. My sister is so cute and beautiful that she will be popular!"
"Where is my mobile phone?"
Su Orange’s heart thumped and suddenly changed back to a girl’s identity, will it make others think that she is deliberately deceiving everyone?
Do you need to call to explain one?
"I’ll charge it for you. You can use my phone first."
"No, wait till we meet!"
Now that this has happened, it is more sincere to explain it face to face!
A dark hall similar to a medieval church
The candle flickers like a ghost’s eyes are mysterious and gloomy, filled with some unknown horror and depression.
In the center of the hall, there is a pair of crystal coffins in which lies a young girl with red hair.
There are three people standing next to the crystal coffin. They all have unusually beautiful or handsome faces, and they are amazing!
Kneeling quietly, a shivering man customized a high-end suit. At this time, he was crumpled and wrapped in his body. He couldn’t say how embarrassed he was. He looked around with frightened eyes and issued a cry, "Please leave me alone …"
"Father, what should this man do?"
Wearing a white shirt, fair skin and high nose, a handsome boy looked aside, a middle-aged man in a black ceremony and dignity.
They have the same ingenious carving, beautiful face, blue eyes and cold temperament.
"Return mankind to judge for themselves."
The middle-aged man looks as calm as water, as if nothing will make his heart fluctuate at all.
"This heartless beast is worse than a guy. Why should he stay alive?"
A beautiful girl in a white dress, tall, black hair shawl, mouth said that red flames were burning in her eyes because of anger.
"Sakura Ji doesn’t want to be emotional." The teenager put his hand on his sister’s shoulder to show comfort.