On Sunday, when the true qi turns, the whole body suddenly emits milky flame, and the eyes suddenly open in the depths of the eye pupil with a layer of milky flame, and the whole eye socket is milky light.

Hands stretched out, tens of thousands of firm but gentle ways of girls’ literature condensed in the palm of your hand. Looking at Wang Xing, it’s still that confused look. "Wang Xing, wake up, stop indulging in evil forces. Wake up quickly." Deep in the eye pupil, it emits a layer of shiny and bright light. When everything in heaven and earth touches his eyes, the spirit is shocked and bald, and new things actually grow.
"The pupil of God’s eye" The ghost face exclaimed and looked at Sunday with disbelief. "How could he come up with the pupil of God?" There was a little bit of fear in the depths of the eye pupil.
Wang Xing’s breath is violent. When he touches the shiny eyes, his eyes are confused and his eyes exude a crystal clear luster. There is a bit of light shining in the darkness of his mind, but just a mass of red evil spirits, which makes the whole world of gods upside down. Wang Xing also writhed in pain in the middle and made a whining sound.
Whitestorm was surprised to see that Sunday’s "eye pupil surgery" had an impact on Wang Xing. By removing the blood symbol in this way, the control power would be weakened a lot, and even it would be broken by "eye pupil surgery" and Wang Xing would regain his sanity.
I couldn’t help cursing, "Mom A’s eye pupil technique is so powerful." To this end, I have achieved the four major Wu Shen, and I don’t want to entangle the regeneration details.
With a wave of his hand, he issued a bloody seal to regain control of Wang Xing’s mind. When he stopped drinking "Come back", he issued a great suction from his body and sucked Wang Xing back into a special one.
On Sunday, when I saw that Wang Xing was once again controlled by Whitestorm, I knew that the whole plan of Bai Feng was very important. If it was obtained by Whitestorm, Wang Xing’s hermaphroditism merged with Jin Mu’s five different attributes of fire, water and soil, the whole modern practice world would suffer a devastating blow.
As soon as the posture of "shifting and transposition" was displayed in my heart, the man whooshed up to Whitestorm, clapped his hands and shouted angrily, "Leave Wang Xinghe and the four Wu Shen."
Whitestorm see Sunday didn’t inspire the power of fire phoenix girl literature, he has the ability of world war I heart is afraid of hey hey sneer at a way "do you have this thing" a palm split out xuan gas attack proved to be sharp than.
Rao is Sunday, and now twenty percent of the power of the fire phoenix has broken out for Whitestorm’s attack, and Xuan Qi also dare not ask for a big step to take a hard step, and the posture of "shifting and transposition" has arrived at Whitestorm’s right hand behind him, holding a huge sword balloon, heavenly sword, firm but gentle as a meteor, and being forcibly compressed together is even more destructive.
Whitestorm’s cold eyes stared at the mysterious atmosphere surrounding the "Tianmen Shield", and the first update of Tianmen girls’ literature stood in front of him like Mount Tai.
Zhou Tianyou wanted to destroy Whitestorm’s "Tianmen Shield" again, but his true qi was not yet transformed into Xuanqi method, and his pure gas kept moving twice a day. "Eye pupil surgery" was his extreme, and he continued to move it with a little gas.
"Bang" tearing explosion blew the whole valley trembling, firm but gentle blaster everywhere, trees and rocks collapsed a lot.
On Sunday, heavenly sword firm but gentle hit the first Tianmen of "Tianmen Shield" and smashed the first Tianmen, and then firm but gentle fell on the second Tianmen again, which was the first time to update girls’ literature, but at this time, the rebound force was far greater than the strength he gave.
Strong rebound force shock Sunday "ah" a bellow people directly fly out feet just a great strength hit push push back a teether qi sound just * * strength to resist this great strength rebound.
Whitestorm repelled Sunday when they got to one point. With a wave of his sleeve, he exchanged a look with the old man’s ghost face and shouted "Let’s go". The ghost face and Zhao-yang Qin quickly disappeared into the valley.
"Damn" Sunday hates to lock the door of different degrees before thinking about it, but he doesn’t have the ability to do so. Secondly, when he reaches the door of different degrees, Whitestorm, the three of them have already disappeared and disappeared, so they can’t catch up with him. He retired and stamped his feet to regret it.
Mu Qiaomian was worried before saying, "Whitestorm will soon exhibit his plot when he gets the four Wu Shen. We must ask for help from the lecherous fairy and the three Chinese gods, or the whole fix-up world will be gone."
All the conspiracies on Sunday suddenly went in vain. The real meaning of this point is to divert the tiger from the mountains. The lecherous fairy and the three Chinese gods are guarding in the northwest to prevent the magic seal from being broken. The ten thousand-year-old devil came out to communicate with the modern world and the channel was opened.
If Bai Fengli brings back the lecherous fairy and the three Chinese gods, then the whole northwest defense force will become a true state. At this time, no matter what action the day organization has, people can resist it
Moreover, since Whitestorm’s personality and acting style have been obtained by the four Wu Shen and Wang Xing’s yin and yang plus the elite of modern practice, it is impossible to leave without taking action.
That is to say, their real purpose is not to destroy the power of the whole modern science of uniting, but to force the lecherous immortals and the three Chinese gods to return to China to break the magic seal and release the eternal demon king when they control the northwest, so as to communicate with the modern world channel of the mainland.
It’s really a deep plan, and it’s really a malicious means to introduce many people step by step, which puts the whole practice world in a dilemma.
If the lecherous immortals and the three Chinese gods return to China, they will start work on the northwest magic seal. At that time, no one can stop them.
If the lecherous immortals and the three Chinese gods don’t pay back, the whole modern science of uniting will suffer a devastating blow. After that, the northwest magic seal will lose its continuous support, and it can still be broken by lecherous immortals and others in the future.
Saving now is not saving, nor is it that the times are more uneasy.
Sunday flatly shouted, "No, Whitestorm’s real intention is to divert the tiger from the mountain. The root of their plan is not in the modern practice world, but the lascivious fairy and the three Chinese gods just want to lead these strong people back to rescue us so that they can break the magic seal from the ground and communicate with the mainland to fix the truth. The situation will be even worse."
Bai Minyi said, "But if we don’t ask for help from the lecherous fairy and the three gods of China, all of us will die. I suggest asking for help from the lecherous fairy and the three gods of China immediately to save the immediate crisis and then talk about it afterwards."
Mu Qiao’s eyes were tight and Zou pondered for a long time. "I agree with Bai Fengyi on Sunday. Now it’s very clear that we can’t fall into his trap any more. If we really ask the lascivious fairy and the three Chinese gods for help, it will inevitably cause the whole northwest defense force to be taken advantage of by malicious people, and the consequences will be unimaginable."
"But but we" White public opinion also want to say?
Muqiao coldly interrupted Bai’s public opinion and said, "I know what you want to say, but I want to tell you that it is more important to protect the northwest than the lives of us. It is our responsibility to deal with Whitestorm. Don’t blame others."
Zhou Tiandao said, "It’s true that we admire the old-timers and it’s our duty to protect the modern forces of fixing the truth. Now we must learn to save ourselves and not shift the blame to others whenever we encounter danger."
White public opinion looked bad and snorted, "Since this is the case, I have nothing to say." I brushed my sleeves and left in anger.
Guan Fei and Nangong Yao looked at each other, and ha ha a smile followed the white opinion.
Muqiao looked at the white public opinion and suddenly sighed, "I hope it’s not him."
On Sunday, I couldn’t help but ask, "What do you hope is not him?"
Muqiao said, "This incident makes people feel very strange that Whitestorm should find the four frozen places in Wu Shen in such a short time unless someone tipped him off."
Zhou Tiandao’s "predecessors were suspicious of white public opinion"
Muqiao said, "I’m not sure if he is the frozen four places in Wu Shen. There are four of us who know that in other words, one of the four of us must be a spy."
Chapter one hundred and seventy-nine Yanjing was attacked
Girls’ literature
On Sunday, I also felt the seriousness of the matter. The four big families are almost the core strength of the whole modern science of uniting. The four big families are the householders. It can be said that the bad influence brought by one of these four people is absolutely difficult to estimate.
It is very likely that all parties’ efforts to fix the truth will lose cohesion, and the alliance of fixing the truth will fall apart. Don’t say that a certain faction or family force in the modern science of uniting will resist the mainland forces of fixing the truth, such as Whitestorm, ghost face and others, and they will both lose their strength.
Zhou Tiandao said, "Don’t startle the elder for the time being. Let’s just stay put. After all, the bad influence is too great and we must be cautious."
Muqiao was surprised to see Sunday’s girls’ literature updated for the first time. Looking at his mature face and clear and bright eyes, I really can’t believe that a person under twenty would say such insightful words.
I sighed in my heart, "How many cultivation bosses are not hundreds of years old, but who has this child to see through? Maybe the future world needs them to create."
Nodded and said, "I think so, too. At present, the most important thing is to solve the immediate crisis and let’s go and see others first."
Zhou Tiandao’s "good" followed Muqiao, and they soon reached the top of the mountain. Without walking a few steps, the girl literature heard Xia Lan breathing a little, so she saw her lead the patrol to catch up.
Xia Lan came running with joy when he saw the figure on Sunday. He just wanted to jump into Sunday’s arms, but he saw Muqiao standing aside cheerfully and smiling. "We immediately rushed over when we received your distress signal, but it took a lot of time to find the direction. How is it now?"
Muqiao shook his head with a wry smile. "Nothing will be known later."
At this moment, the pager next to Xia Lan rang and naturally took it out and said to the pager, "I am Xia Lan’s girl literature. What can I do for you?"
A hurried voice from the other end is Mu Ting.
"Sister Lan, I’m Mu Ting. I have an emergency to tell Sunday. Do you know where he is?"
Xia Lan took a look at Sunday and said, "Christine, sister, don’t worry. Sunday is by my side now. Have something to say to me."
Mu Ting said in a hurry, "Just received from Xu Bing, commander-in-chief of the Yanjing Military Region, that many important department officials were hit hard in Yanjing area, and suddenly a division of troops gathered around to launch a military attack on Yanjing area."
"What girls’ literature" Xia Lan was so calm that she suddenly heard such a news and was shocked. "Sister Ting, don’t worry. Is there anything else?"
Muting said, "Commander Xu has asked the National Security Bureau for help because it is said that there are a large number of practitioners and the troops of that division appear very strange, almost because the firepower is quite fierce. Commander Xu ordered the existing army to carry out strong resistance, but he was unable to maintain order in Yanjing."
Xia Lan said, "Okay, I know what’s going on."
Muting said, "Now Director Fu Yi of the National Security Bureau has been working with Feng Lao to find Zhou Tianling to lead the patrol to assist Commander Xu."
Xia Lan said, "Tell Fu Director that we will arrive soon."
Muting said "good" and hung up the pager.
Xia Lan also put away the pager and turned to look at Zhou Tiangang to speak. On Sunday, he simply said, "I heard you stop talking." Zou’s eyebrows tightened.
Muqiao said, "God, did you see something?"
Zhou Tiandao "before we came to Yanjing, we received news that a certain country in Whitestorm was trading a large number of arms with Penglai people, but it was later found that it was not, and we didn’t expect that Whitestorm could equip a division with such a huge amount of arms."
Muqiao said, "Don’t they just sneak up on Yanjing by doing this?"
Sunday shook his head and said, "I don’t think it’s that simple. What kind of person is Whitestorm? How can he look at Xiao Yanjing? I’m afraid he has his meaning in doing so."
Muqiao said profoundly, "It’s true that things are crazy in vain. He won’t do anything, and there must be a hidden plot. Now let’s not think so much and go to see the director and Feng Lao and see what news they will bring us."
Zhou Tiandao "good" ordered Xia Lan to keep a few patrol members on alert. After these, Xia Lan followed Muqiao and walked towards the conference room together.