Zong Jin was about to ask about the departure of Lian Hengshi, but a soldier suddenly came to him with folded new clothes in his hand. He picked it up at any time and looked at it. "… what is this for?"

"Let him change his clothes," He Lianheng casually said, glancing at Jing Zhao who was hastily wiping his mouth. "Can you ride a horse?"
"Will …"
"Change clothes and leave"
Hearing this, Zong Jin can almost confirm that He Lianheng is really willing to take in Jingzhao. He got up with the man and sipped his mouth uncomfortably and said something that only he can hear.
"I owe you a favor. If there is anything you want me to do in the future, I’ll pay you back."
The man doesn’t know if he heard the footsteps passing by him all the time; Someone over there has led the horses and chariots out, and He Lianheng slowly got out of the car.
ZongJin one leng "… you are not riding a horse? !”
However, no one answered him.
Jingzhao was once on the battlefield, although he was only seventeen years old, but he was very sensible. He arranged for someone to prepare clothes for him. Without saying anything, he went to the dark corner behind the noodle stand and changed his face. By the way, he was unhappy when he walked back to Zongjin. Jiang Yi took a horse and handed the reins to him. "If there is no place for you, you will follow the carriage."
"… got it!" Jingzhao rushed to nod.
A careful calculation shows that He Lianheng gave the horse to Jingzhao; Zong Jin got his car ready and was in the same room as He Lianheng.
"Let’s go!"
Jiang Yi drove the carriage to make an order; A line of people then neatly stepped out of the city path.
It is false to suddenly meet an old friend and say that there is no fluctuation in my heart; He Lianheng and Zong Jin each sat on one side, and Zong Jin lifted the curtain from time to time and looked out as if to confirm whether Jingzhao was there.
With the passage of time, his real feeling of "Wei Chilan" is constantly declining; On the contrary, he is used to being called "Zong Jin" by others, and he is used to reaching out for the branches. Jing Zhao appears as if he is waking him up-he is Wei Chilan, and he has a blood feud to report.
Men always talk less and sit in the carriage without saying a word; Zong Jin had no small talk today. Finally, he sat sideways against the window frame with one leg and one leg stretched out at will and looked at the scenery of Jingzhaohe Trail outside.
So he also aware-LianHeng eyes almost a moment to fall on him.
It’s sunny today. Although it’s winter in Wan Li, the sun is still shining.
Zong Jin’s side face was outlined by the warm light, and even though his face, expression and corners of his mouth were still subtle, he seemed to be smiling at the most attractive person, so it seemed gentle to pick a smile at the tip of his eyes.
Partial is such a face, skin is puffed up.
Suddenly Zong Jin looked out and said, "This doesn’t seem to be a south road. Are you going to go straight?"
Walking all the way from Shangzhou to the west will enter Huangfu’s home, regardless of whether they enter Huangfuchun or not. If the old fox knows that Helianheng is doing ghosts on the way to Yanzhou, he will surely win.
"Take the water" He Lianheng patiently explained "Beitang they have a boat ready at Sanhekou"
"You are too bold and arrogant." Zongjin frowned and looked at the man. "Huangfuchun left early for half a day and entered Yanzhou, so you can see through your imaginary plan. He may not eat this YaBaKui? I must go to the Sanhe Estuary to ambush. "
"I just know that he will ambush before going to Sanhekou."
"Ah?" Zong Jin was puzzled at first, and then quickly came over-He Lianheng likes to play with minds, and Huang Fuchun is suspicious by nature. He must feel that He Lianheng dare not cross the Sanhekou and go south and directly into the imperial spring; He Lianheng is determined to go in the opposite direction and go from Sanhekou.
Zong Jin was flat and pouty and disdained these nine-hearted little people.
Then this road is too close. Before the sun rises for half an hour, you can hear the running water gurgling constantly close at hand.
When the carriage was just quite stable, someone outside should "belong to the Lord"
He Lianheng lifted the curtain and asked softly, "Are you all ready?"
"One thousand people have withdrawn from the Imperial Spring, and the ship is ready," the man said. "I will return to the Imperial Spring when the Lord is safe."
The man took a look at Che Zongjin and followed him and saw the speaker just now-another unfamiliar face or a tall, brave man. At first glance, he looked like an ape. Before Zong Jin looked at it a few times, the man had laid his body to make room for He Lianheng. Then two boats stopped at the river bank, and they caught sight of each other by eating melon in the North Hall.
North hall column is spit melon shell into the hand turned to see them immediately waved and shouted "small ZongJin-ah, don’t see the Lord".
He Lianheng inclined his one eye and didn’t bother to pay attention to his disrespectful behavior.
"Why are you eating again?" Zong Jindao "Every time I see you, you are eating."
North Hall column welcomes Zongjin to extend his fist to signal Zongjin to reach out and twist his head and eyebrows a little deformed, but he still reached out.
A handful of melons fell in his hand.
"You don’t know that Yanzhou melon is a famous product. I sent someone to the city to buy two Jin in disguise." Beitang column said, "There are only a few Liang left to divide you so much … Don’t tell Jiang Yi."
He Lianheng had boarded the ship when they were whispering on the river bank.
As soon as the man turned around, he saw this scene and said coldly, "Beitang, you go to the boat behind and join Jiang Yi."
He Lianjun rode to the horse and carriage, and all of them were handed over to the brave Han hand, Jingzhao, and he naturally rushed to Zongjin’s side. "Lord, can I come with you? I want to follow you."
In the face of Lian Heng, it is natural to call him "Lord" no longer; At that time, he couldn’t figure out what to call his mouth. When he was in a hurry, he simply called "elder brother", which coincided with Zong Jin’s previous rhetoric.
Zong Jin knows the truth, but this "elder brother" can be called into his heart-that son of a bitch Wei Chichong has liked to confront him since he was sensible, and he has been here for a long time, but I don’t know how long he hasn’t called his brother a cute chubby boy who likes to call him "brother brother" after him.
So JingZhao this directly called ZongJin heart.
Zong Jin is really thin and a little shorter than Jing Zhao; But he still reached out and patted the boy’s head strangely. "Okay, no problem. Just follow me."
Words because did not fall even constant sound suddenly emerged "you also follow the ship behind"
"I …" "What?" Zong Jin scrambled to ask, "He wants to follow me."
"This is my arrangement," the man said. "If you don’t follow it, you won’t follow it."
When he finished, he leaned into the cabin and didn’t give Zongjin any room for discussion.
"… forget it" Zong Jindao "Nothing, just follow the boat behind you. Anyway, you still follow me when you go back to the Hector even mansion"
"It’s …"
Zongjin nodded and turned the boat.
Jiang Yi, Bei Tang Lie and Jing Zhao, who were "familiar" with Zong Jin, were all arranged in front of the back boat. There were Zong Jin and He Lianheng, and the remaining five soldiers did their jobs like stakes. Soon the boat anchored and staggered into the river leading to Yizhou from Sanhekou.
"… I’m afraid it will take several days for the boat to sail." Zongjin deliberately didn’t sit with Helianheng, but sat opposite the man with his left hand holding the 30-catty stone mortar and gnashing his teeth while practicing his left hand and saying, "It would be good to chat with you by boat."
"What do you want to talk about again?" Nanren Dao
"… no, nothing to talk about."
Zong Jin had a hard time with 30 pounds, and now it is even more difficult for him to breathe and become oppressed. But he moved slowly one by one, but he was always in place. He even looked at his face as if he could do something, and red mouth was breathing.
Zongjin was already full of sweat after the ship sailed for a long time.
He Lianheng just said "to be like this"
"ah? Do you mean this? " Zong Jin said, "Since the right hand can’t become it, of course you have to practice your left hand."
"I mean," the man leaned against the ship’s rail and propped up the bar idly. "I never expected your skill."
"Ha-you didn’t expect that I wouldn’t practice? ….. "ZongJin gasped" I’m not you … less to your face … "
"You should know that beauty is also desirable."
"… I don’t have the strength to argue with you now" ZongJin stared his one eye "don’t recruit me …"
"I am praising you …"