Those divine beams are still holding down the airship to make the method move, while the figures of monks have appeared frequently in everyone’s sight.

The other party is indeed a lot in number, and it looks as if they are also dressed neatly and uniformly. They are not too close, but they are constantly bombarded by treasures, charms or divine power three hundred feet away.
Tube also Sichuan big drink a way
So the two sides were separated by three hundred feet in this fog.
With these fog covers, birds and beasts in the sky can see the situation, and they feel that they are mighty and naturally dare not come easily.
The two sides bombarded the airship for a full hour before the monks slowly narrowed the encirclement.
"Come on, why don’t you attack?"
The other side has been approaching in a big way, but the mercenaries can hold the lance and wait quietly.
"Our long-range attack means were almost consumed when dealing with those birds and beasts in front, and now our skill has also suffered a serious loss … and our strength has been far-reaching!" A late Godsworn Nai Tunnel
Tube Yichuan listen to this heart a cool andao yourself or careless didn’t think of this aspect.
Here, the mercenaries can prepare for a long-range strike against each other, but the other side is still bombarding this side, which makes the situation immediately serious.
The eye has two choices: one is to cover up the past opponent’s hand-to-hand combat, the other is to close the door and rely on airship to defend and retreat.
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Chapter 77 Control Tube Yichuan
? Chapter 77 Control Tube Yichuan
The airship finally crashed to the ground after being suppressed by the divine light beam.
The airship was calm when it landed, and Guan Yichuan shouted, "Don’t move, we will stay here and wait for support."
"Deputy head of adult I think we should organize manpower to break through now even if the family has …
Chapter 7 Butler’s Attitude
? Chapter 7 Butler’s Attitude
Guan Yichuan tried to avoid family censure. He distorted the facts. Xiao Lingyu advocated letting the airship fall, which led to everyone being surrounded and failing.
To prove this, Guan Yichuan also sent messages to many hands who were alive to help them prove it after they went back.
The servants in this team …
Chapter 79 JiHongBin 1
? Chapter 79 JiHongBin 1
"We have to hurry to Guan Yishan. He and Guan Yichuan are the same milk compatriots. Sooner or later, we will see that Guan Yichuan has changed." One day, Jing girl said to Xiao Lingyu.
"This should be relatively simple. It will be easy to get a tube and a mountain with the cooperation of Guan Yichuan." Xiao Lingyu is confident in the tunnel.
Miss Jing doesn’t know …
Chapter 71 JiHongBin 2
? 567 Chapter six hundred and sixty-three Jihongbin
? People are still shouting Xiao Lingyu’s name outside. Two guards hurriedly separated a building to invite Xiao Lingyu out.
"Someone wants to challenge me?"
Xiao Lingyu was a little surprised, but then he went upstairs to the gate of the camp.
"Xiao Lingyu can have courage …"
"Stop shouting that Xiao is coming."
Xiao Lingyu waved at the bearer and squinted at each other.
It’s a bit like Ji Hongxuan, but it can be guessed that the bearer is also his family, maybe it’s the Ji Hongxuan brothers.
Xiao Lingyu remembers that there was a strong monk in Kuncheng Qijia, but this monk and Ji Hongxuan are a bit like monks, but it seems that they have just been promoted to the early days of the emperor.
"Are you Xiao Lingyu?" Asked the bearer
"Good" Xiao Lingyu nods.
"Do you have the courage to fight me?" Come and ask again
"Ha ha, I suggest that Ge should stabilize his realm first, and then consider looking for the same order monk to challenge" Xiao Lingyu shook his head and laughed.
"Now that you can see that I have just advanced, you should dare to fight with me." People said.
"Then you tell me who you are first? What is going to challenge me? " Xiao Lingyu wanted to think and then asked.
"I’m Jihongbin, and you should know that I’m here when you hear this name." The bearer made no secret of the tunnel.
"Qi Hongbin?"
Xiao Lingyu felt a little familiar. After a little reflection, I remembered that Ji Hongxuan once said that Ji Hongbin was his second brother. Ji Hongxuan wanted Xiao Lingyu to kill this person.
"It seems that this guy was instigated by Ji Hongxuan to challenge me. Ji Hongxuan still wants to borrow my hand to kill Ji Hongbin."
Xiao Lingyu can rush Jihongbin at the thought of this. "You are not stable now, so come to me again when you are stable."
Then he turned and prepared to enter the camp.
"Bullying the weak and fearing the hard dog!"
"There are parents who have no parents to discipline the embryos!"
Jihongbin’s scolding is harder and harder. Xiao Lingyu can still ignore it, but later he was successfully angered by Jihongbin.
Don’t say it’s Xiao Lingyu. Even no one can stand others abusing themselves in public. What’s worse, if you scold him at Xiao Lingyu’s door.
A few hours ago, in a courtyard of Qijia Courtyard in Duhucheng, it just broke through to the early days of the Emperor. Soon after, Ji Hongbin was quietly breathing in a big tree in the courtyard, but his third brother Ji Hongxuan came to visit at this time.
"I can’t believe that my third brother is still used to meditation here," said Jihongxuan with a look of resentment.
"What’s the matter, Third Brother?" Jihongbin asked casually.
"Eldest brother was killed by others, and the enemy has been found, so he is happy in the mercenary group of Duhu Urban Management. Our eldest brother and brothers can’t face other kin after taking revenge with their hands?" JiHongXuan expression grief tunnel
"What? Have you found the little one? "
Qi Hongbin was angry at once, but then he asked inexplicably, "Since we have found our enemy, won’t our family send someone to kill him?"
Jihongxuan sighed with a deep sigh, "The housekeeper is also a powerful family. They refuse to hand over that guy to our terms, and it is impossible to break into the family compound … If someone is sent to assassinate him, it will also cause us terms great trouble."