However, Han Ye was not sure what the aunt Zhuo was thinking at the moment, so she could put her mind up and prepare to meet Han Dage and Yun Dage and ask their opinions.

Although Han Ye is now ten years old, he has always been with Yun Mingyuan and Han Xiumo, and he has never experienced the experience of being alone. When encountering problems, Han Dage and Yun Dage are the first thoughts.
Just …
When on earth will he see his two big brothers?
Han Ye doesn’t know that when he plans to find Han Xiumo and Yun Mingyuan every day, someone is quietly paying attention to him.
Aunt Zhuo was waiting for a wise man. She was very excited when she first learned that Han Ye was a fire spirit Eucharist, and when she saw Han Ye again, she couldn’t help but take more care of him.
But recently, Han Ye seems to have been somewhat dissatisfied with her special care, and she naturally won’t do something annoying.
So she didn’t appear in front of Han Ye during this period.
But she is still quietly in the dark with Han Ye.
Her best friend was almost enchanted by her. Some nai couldn’t resist following Zhuo Qingdai when she secretly injected Korean leaves on this day.
Zhuo Qingdai is taller than her. If she is careful, she won’t find her moving, but now she is full of eyes full of Korean leaves. Naturally, it is impossible to find someone following behind her.
So her friend naturally met Han Ye.
See Korea leaves that moment she couldn’t help exclaiming a!
This kid …
She suddenly has a little understanding of what her best friend’s recent state is so wrong.
At first, she was Zhuo Qingdai, who was hurt by love. Recently, she has been talking about something wrong, but now that I think about it, she is really wrong.
Zhuo Qingdai’s friend’s name is Ye Yuanxiang. They are not only friends, but also close relatives and friends.
They befriended each other when they were young, and later they came alive from that tragic massacre. Later, they kept their two families together for many years, and their family brought in two secret methods of fatal disaster and gave them to Xianyunzong in exchange for the protection of Xianmen.
After that, the two lived in the fairy cloud Sect, and gradually no one knew that they were descendants of the family that was slain in those days.
Xian Yunzong sheltered them, but they didn’t have everything to do with them. Now Zhuo Qingdai has become a younger brother in charge of Feng. At the same time, Ye Yuanxiang has gained a firm foothold in Xianmen because of her superb swordsmanship and deadly fighting.
Ye Yuanxiang didn’t expect that she would meet a child whose brother-in-law is so similar.
When Ye Jiahe Zhuo’s family had an accident, she Zhuo Qingdai came out of the secret land in a secret land. After they came out for a long time, they only heard the news that their family was wiped out and they both escaped.
At that time, they were very angry
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The steward has been riding roughshod over the outer door for a long time. Recently, his younger brothers have been busy giving some advice to the new younger brother, and his courage has gradually fattened up.
It’s not that he doesn’t know that some people don’t give him anything when others have given him something, except that it’s really unreasonable to be worldly.
For example, there is someone behind.
But at that time, he didn’t think that this crop would arrange the two men to go to a bird-less place in the back to farm, and then the evil spirit in his heart had been removed, and then the two men were forgotten.
Who would have thought that hearing their names again turned out to be found by their cousins?
My cousin and my cousin are separated by a huge barrier, and he is respectful to them.
Finally, the steward didn’t dare to hide anything, and quickly confessed that he had done stupid things, kneeling on the ground to seek wealth and forgiveness.
Fu Yiqing raised his eyebrows slightly when listening to the steward talking about this matter. "You mean they accepted your arrangement without any resistance?"
The steward outside the door thought about the situation and nodded. "Yes, they just agreed."
To tell the truth, the two men didn’t make trouble at that time, which surprised the steward.
The place he set aside was almost the worst. After they went to the back hill, there was no movement, as if they really didn’t have a problem with his arrangement
I didn’t think much about the steward at that time. Now it seems that the other party should have background preparation and wait for others to give them a head start!
But even so, he dare not say anything when facing the rich and clear now.
It’s too simple for a younger brother to run over an outside door at will.
The steward of the outer door is afraid to say more anyway.
Fu Yiqing knew that the two men didn’t seem to be able to suffer indignities. At that time, they didn’t do anything directly to the outside door, mainly because the arrangement of the outside door was in line with the two people’s wishes.
Otherwise it can’t be as good as it is now.
But he didn’t say to let the steward take himself to these two monks.
It’s natural to be in charge outside the door.
How dare he disobey his younger brother? I’m afraid my life is too long now.
So Yun Mingyuan and Han Xiumo also met Fu Yiqing.
Nowadays, Fu Yi Qing is not the same as before. His poison base has been lifted and the remaining poison has been cleaned up.