Wu Shen quickly retreated, and Lord Silver Eagle will meet us in the rear. When Teniers led the semi-elf warriors to approach Aron, Aron still relied on personal military courage to maintain the front.

Before Aaron could reply, a volley of towers was launched, and Klina Rott cooperated quite tacitly. When Rott completed an assault regrouping, Klina launched a volley in time, which made Aaron unable to cope with the fighting mode.
Teniers raised his characteristic wooden bow in his hand. His bow string was golden yellow, as thin and tough as half-elf hair.
Teniers seems to want to bow and arrow in return for Klina’s string pulling, and Aron stopped him in the middle. Aron held Teniers’s right hand tightly.
Aaron’s words were obviously a bit weak, but Teniers accidentally listened to him. Teniers put down his bow and arrow and shouted to prepare to retreat from Karlsland.
Say that finish Teniers secretly to Aaron Lou a thief smile striding to retreat.
Aaron turned to the wall and looked at Klina, still staring at him. Aaron decided not to project his eyes to the tower. Maybe one day he will be in front of Klina again, but definitely not now.
Aaron Teniers’s retreat did not cause Roth’s pursuit. On the one hand, Roth knew that Garland’s reinforcements had not arrived yet, and the troops were at a disadvantage. On the other hand, Klina waved a flag on the tower to tell Roth not to pursue Ponte, and the backup troops did not press.
Pontepin’s first strike ended in a semi-exploratory attack in this way. It should be said that neither Ponte nor Garland took advantage of the first strike.
Randall made further efforts to keep the distance from Victoria Karlsland and ensure the retreat. The closer the army is to Karlsland Valley, the smaller the gap between the movable military forces will be. This is what Randall doesn’t want to see because his troops are at a disadvantage and don’t want to be surrounded by the other side.
Lin Farrero is trying to keep the pressure on Randall. He keeps pressing his own troops to find the opportunity to focus on World War I, but Randall has never given him such an opportunity. Lin Farrero has to admit that Randall’s caution is almost close to the watertight level. In the process of retreat, he is sensitive to distance and grasps the right and wrong for the advance and retreat.
Inform the Silver Eagle that they are ready to attack Lin Farrero when Randall approaches the Karlslen fortress, and decide to continue to move the Silver Eagle Ranger after much deliberation.
The Silver Eagle Rangers on the battlefield were in the dark, but their actions were not monitored by the Garland Germans, but they did not escape the eyes of the flying dragon knights in the sky.
Then the action of the rangers is really weird. I don’t know what they want after the fight. Leon said to Knight in Feilong Luther’s back
Could the man with a silver mask in the Red Lion Temple be attacking Commander Price from behind in Sa Herrer? Silver Eagle Knight speculated.
So Gogan can’t see clearly, but it is really possible that Leon said that such an opponent is the most troublesome, even in the dark, it is not a simple person to let you know what he wants.
You see, they’re moving. It seems that they’re going to cut to the German flank in Garland. Knight pointed to the front and shouted
It is also at their height that we can see the overall change of the battlefield. The Silver Eagle did act after receiving the order from Lin Farrero, but he did not attack when the other side approached Karlslen, but attacked when Randall controlled the rhythm.
At this time, launching a flank attack obviously didn’t reach a tacit understanding with the Ponte army. The Ponte army just retreated. Didn’t this give Garland a chance to deal with them? Knight said.
Leon was thinking about it, too. It suddenly occurred to him that Lance once said that if the other party knew when and what action you were going to take, then no matter how good the tactics were, they would definitely turn on you.
It’s good to be here at dusk. The last attack of Ponte Army just came to an end, and the retreat potential has already formed. This time happens to be the lowest time for Garland German troops to be on guard. It seems that this is a mismatch, but in fact it may be that commander Leon suddenly said
Leon said that a soldier’s face appeared in his mind, and his former closest comrades always did something unexpected on the battlefield. He planned to look weird every time, but it worked wonders every time.
Is it really that man? Leon verbally said that that man was Randall’s opponent, so Randall would be a bit difficult.
Leon said that it was Lanster, but Roth didn’t know who Leon meant. After he came to Karlsland, he found that Leon was much more knowledgeable than when he was in the eastern continent. It was surprisingly clear whether he knew Garland Ponte’s two armies or grasped the situation.
Luther in the Red Lion Temple needs a rest. We must go back to the top of the mountain. Knight patted his mount and Luther said.
Leon nodded his head and his expression seemed to say sorry. If Silver Eagle was really the person he expected, he really wanted to see him confront Randall.
Silver Eagle didn’t know that a man was expecting this confrontation. He was still deploying at his own pace. Just as Randall sent Ponte troops away, Silver Eagle troops appeared from the side valley.
Half-elves are mixed with Ponte soldiers, and there are also a few mercenaries, Frinians and Saherers. It seems that all of them are mixed, and the rangers are somewhat nondescript, but the timing is right, but it is the key to the Garland Germans.
On the left rear, a special squad, General Lu, suddenly reported the situation to Randall.
special detachment
Yes, it seems to be the former attack on Karlslon troops, Lu replied
After the unsuccessful attack on Karlslon, a special squad wandered around the mountains on the left side of Karlslon for a long time, and finally came to the flank of the German army in Garland. Instead of cooperating with the Ponte army attack, it all seemed too unusual now when the Ponte army attack came to an end.
The Silver Eagle is such an unusual thing. During Randall’s deliberation, Aaron, a semi-elf warrior in Teniers, was hit by the mercenaries with two punches.
Aaron cut into Teniers’s brave and fierce half-elf soldiers, all of whom were short bows with magic swords. This was a small number of attack teams, but they had never met before in Garland German army.
Half-elves are all natural archers and wizards, and their keen vision, hearing and communication skills are also better than those of human beings, which makes them practice bow and arrow magic slightly faster than human beings, which gives them a one-on-one advantage at the moment of contact with Garland people.
Garland German army has just dealt with Ponte’s main attack team, and the attack team is still in a state of repair. I didn’t expect the commando team to be caught off guard at this point. The left defense line was torn a gap, and Aaron’s sword and Teniers’s sword and bow combination wantonly excavated the trend of attacking the array with one stroke.