No one can understand this gesture except the players in getafe.

This is the secret code invented by Changsheng himself.
Not much yet, just a few important instructions need this gesture.
This is a constant victory in order to avoid shouting, so that the opponents next to it can also hear their own arrangements.
He had already told the players at halftime. What to do if you score in the second half. We should continue to launch a fierce offensive, and try to score another goal before the other side knows what happened, so as to change from backwardness to lead!
He emphasized it again with gestures, fearing that the players would be too excited to forget it, or that there would be disunity of ideas. Some people wanted to continue scoring goals, while others wanted to talk about it later.
This time can’t be delayed!
Seeing the head coach’s gesture, getafe players also made clear the next task.
Getafe’s offensive has intensified.
Certa is in chaos.
In addition to their own minds have not yet unified thinking, this confusion is also related to their head coach.
Victor Fernandez hasn’t figured out how to deal with the sharp counterattack of winning constantly.
Actually, he’s not in a hurry. There’s still time. It is impossible for the opponent to score another goal in two or three minutes, which is almost as likely as the chance that he will be hit in the head by something thrown by a quarrelling couple upstairs when he leaves.
So he doesn’t have to worry, he can think about it slowly. Try to be considerate … He’s cautious.
However, he pondered over this issue, frowning and acting like a "thinker".
His players are in chaos.
There is no latest instruction from the head coach, and they don’t know what to do.
When they began to face getafe’s offensive, they found themselves struggling!
Victor Fernandez thinks it is impossible for his team to concede two goals in a few minutes.
And this is exactly what getafe is committed to!
They know very well why Chang Sheng arranged this.
Because in terms of absolute strength, they are not as good as Certa, even if the opponent is a substitute.
Their only chance to win is to completely break through each other’s psychological defense with a goal, and then take advantage of the chaos to go to the next city!
After taking the lead, retreat immediately and use their reinforced concrete defense to resist the opponent’s offensive again and again.
Until the end of the game.
This is the strategy that Changsheng has arranged for them. It is simple and not unusual.
However, because it is very suitable for the specific situation of this game, it can play a role.
Otherwise, no matter how excellent the strategy is, if it can’t be applied to practice, it’s just an armchair strategist.
Because they know very well that this is the only way they can beat their opponents, so everyone has no hesitation in implementing it!
They are firm in heart and more firm in behavior.
Such a team with clear goals, knowing what to do and how to do it, meets a team with scattered fighting spirit, which is like a loose sand. Isn’t that no suspense?
Three minutes.
Only three minutes later, getafe’s attack hit Certa’s door again.
In fact, these three minutes are very short for the audience, but they are extremely long for the Certa players on the field!
They feel as if they have played three games.
Getafe seems to score goals in every attack.
This is getafe that they have never met before!