"That’s impossible to understand nothing. Hey, hey, master, don’t take it off again. Don’t worry. I think the little teacher younger brother still has some real materials. You haven’t seen him go out and practice in the house all day long."

Chu Nian Rou has been with Zuo Ningqing since childhood, and Yu Zhi and Lu Yanjing have also worshipped Zuo Ningqing for many years. When the four people talk, they are not formal at all and have nothing to hide.
There is no doubt that Zuo Ningqing is partial to Xiao Wen now, and these people can guess that Xiao Wen himself is still in the dark.
It’s half an hour in a blink of an eye, and the last half an hour has passed. Xiao Wen is still immersed in thought, and even Feng Ning is suspicious. Xiao Wen is really going to hand in a blank paper?
Those viewers who can see the mirror above Xiao Wen’s head have been talking about it for a long time. Now they haven’t written yet, and Xiao Wen has left one!
This is twenty-seven cases of j and jīng!
Can this blank paper be counted as J and NG Ying?
If there are people who are anxious, there will naturally be people who gloat. Twenty-seven cases have dominated the celestial world, so many resources have long made Biezongmen and Sanxiu jealous! But no one dares to say anything because of the strength of 27 cases. Now, a younger brother of 27 cases wants to make a clean sheet in J and jīng, and they naturally like it.
At this time, not many people know that Xiao Wen is Ming Jianzong, but it must be announced in public after the competition …
Just when ChuNian soft also worried, Xiao Wen finally moved over there.
See Xiao asked "swish, swish, swish", and drew a series of arrays on white paper to form a sword shape.
Xiao Wen is the latest in writing, but he is definitely the highest in efficiency!
However, after the painting, Xiao Wen stared at the paper for a few eyes and then threw it into a ball at the corner of the table …
Xiao asked the crowd behind him and immediately there was an alarm because they all saw that Xiao asked that the level of Xianjian was already quite high, and the result was actually abolished by Xiao asked!
After a short pause of more than ten minutes, Xiao asked to write and draw again in an instant!
The second fairy sword is better than the first one!
"It turned out that he was making a draft by heart!"
"This is a home! !”
"This sword is much better than the two men around him! !”
Xiao asked the crowd behind him to talk immediately, but only a few true immortals and those immortals in Nuo Nuo can really see the doorway.
Then they watched Xiao Wen throw the second piece of paper into a ball …
"Coax …"
Are those spectators really messy and calm? The noise has doubled? Many people are attracted by this sound and turn their eyes. As a result, when they look at Xiao Wen’s blank paper, everything is white …
Paused for a moment. Xiao asked for a third pen!
It was painted in an instant, and this time Xiao Wen finally nodded slightly!
No one noticed that there had been nothing to feel. Nan Yunqing also looked at the design of Xianjian in the mirror and nodded.
Perfect the third fairy is perfect!
Even those who have no level can intuitively feel that Xiao Wen’s third fairy is not only stronger than the first two, but also stronger than the two people around him by more than a little bit!
The people on the other side of the peak are finally relieved. Xiao Wen not only doesn’t want to blank the paper, but wants to give them a surprise!
Zuo Ningqing quietly exhaled a long breath, not to mention Chu Nianrou them.
Seeing Xiao asked to pick up the paper again, everyone stared at it as soon as Xiao asked, wouldn’t it be that even this fairy sword was going to be abolished?
Then I saw Xiao Wen carefully put the paper roll up and inserted it into the bamboo tube at the corner of the table, which took back my stomach.
However, with the design drawing, it is definitely not possible to have this thing. You have to elaborate on the design principle and material selection at a long time. Will it come again at this time?
A total of two hours is more than an hour and a half has passed since the test!
Then I saw Shi Tai Xiao’s questionnaire, took a deep breath in the sleeve, and then flew in the new white paper!
So fast! ! !
Not only fast, but also Xiao Wen’s words have another artistic conception!
At first glance, those words give people the impression that they are scrawled, but if you look closely, you will feel that they are not scribbled, but that they are down and out, just like a down-and-out legalist who is drunk!
"hmm? The younger brother still writes a good hand? " Chunian soft some incredible tunnel
"I also just know" left setting austere laughed.
At this time, Lu Yanjing interjected, "Little brother, this method is definitely not figured out by himself, is it?"
"Where did he get those experiences? He should copy his original master’s law." Zuo Ningqing said directly.
Zuo Ning-qing was right. Xiao Wen’s words "Mine Code" and "Qi Code" come down in one continuous line, but due to time constraints, he scribbled a little more than "Mine Code" and "Qi Code" at this time.