Qi Tianyou snapped up. "You have so many small problems. Heng Changshun has now become our colleage in1999. You may find you in trouble at any time. You still have the mind to ask questions. I think you should take care of yourself first. I’ll go first and find the coffin shop owner and ask him to build you a good coffin."

Shallow water is clear, hey hey, smiling at Qi Tianyou’s departure. He knows that Qi Tianyou’s story must not be finished yet.
Chapter 25 Nighttalk
In the dead of night, shallow water lies in bed and sleeps.
Someone knocked on his bed and whispered "come out"
It’s Qi Tianyou.
"What is it?"
"Go to chat," Qi Tianyou replied.
"You are really in a good mood." Shallow water Qing got up lazily. Anyway, his boss called himself to count the stars together, and he could be obeyed.
The night is full of stars.
Qi Tianyou sat with a knife on a hillside outside the camp.
From here, Longshan is far away.
That’s where triple heaven is.
"Five years," Qi Tianyou sighed. "I have been in the army for five years now. Sometimes I am surprised that I can still live to this day."
"I think you’ve been in the army for five years and now you’ve just sat in the position of brigade commander, and the climbing speed is really a little amazing." Shallow water Qing’s butt is sitting next to Qi Tianyou to pick him up and say with smile.
There is a saying in the army that "it takes three days to school, but it takes a thousand days to master it."
It means that a soldier may be able to sit in the health school in three days if you fight bravely and kill several enemies, but no matter how you behave, it is difficult to turn a battalion into a guerrilla general even if it takes three years.
All this is because even if you have to fight in the battlefield, you will be charged in almost every battle, and the probability of death is extremely high. However, the selection of the health school is usually directly selected by the senior officers from the ranks. Sometimes, because the war is too fierce, too many dead people need to be selected directly, and the highest petty officer at that time will automatically accept it afterwards, so the health school students don’t need to know how to arrange troops and be brave, just know how to carry out face-to-face orders, so promotion is very easy unless it is a small-scale battle health school. There is a phenomenon that there is a separate command of the fighting situation. The war in Zhumadian is simply a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Mu Xue, so it is not wronged that he lost to Bi Qing. After all, the latter is a veritable battlefield general.
Being a camp owner is completely different.
In the military system of Tianfeng, the explanation given by the battalion leader is that those who are in charge of a battalion worship guerrilla generals, and those who are not allowed to go to battle in person unless it is necessary. They have self-built guards with independent life and death (the number of guards in non-war times should not exceed 5% of the soldiers, and the town general guards can be doubled in wartime). Those who are highly qualified can even take charge of themselves from the leadership system, and the salary is generous. They can be given the first self-owned territory by the government house to administer the three guards and get three regular soldiers.
It is precisely because the battalion will not be promoted by the health school before the battle. It will be difficult for the battalion to be promoted. Otherwise, the brigade commander of the health school will not die or make a big mistake. Even if he makes more meritorious deeds, he will be rewarded with some gold and silver at most. Can’t he give up his position? In wartime, we can temporarily expand and seal a few generals, but after the war, we need to re-compile and settle down. What should we do if there are more generals? How many people should be in the army or how many people should be in the army? Everyone is so easy to get promoted. Who will go as a soldier to occupy the city and seize the pool? After that, there is a shortage of money to be distributed to the heroes. But that is absolutely not enough. If anyone makes some contributions, he can reach a high position in one step. That is a slippery record.
Therefore, although the guerrilla generals in the health school are one step away, they are far away from the world.
Although the Tianfeng Empire has won many battles over the years, it is limited to attack the city and plunder the land, and it is even harder.
Qi Tianyou is different from Heng Changshun. He is not only skilled in martial arts, but also courageous and resourceful. Otherwise, he can’t pay so much attention to his private blood bath. It is often said that if Qi Tianyou wants to be an official, he will become a tiger and leopard camp owner now. The problem is that he seems to have no interest in promotion at all. From five years to four years, he lingers in the position of sentry and holds a sentry in the battlefield.
At this moment, Qian Shuiqing said that Qi Tianyou laughed. "Would you believe it if I told you that I had never been promoted to join the army?"
"I believe" shallow water nodded "but you are by no means as simple as being a hero to defend our country, or the three knife-patterned gold medals in your box will not be covered with a layer of ash. You should have been a brigade commander a long time ago. The empire can give you a lot less pay."
Qi Tianyou frowned slightly. "How do you know this?"
"Everyone knows that thunder fire is a silly little exception. Many things are actually unknown to you, but the fact is that you are quite famous in the whole town of Tiexue. A character who is less popular than him is much more popular." Shallow water laughs.
Qi Tianyou stayed for a while and suddenly burst out laughing. "Hahahaha, I kept a low profile, but it is not known to the world. After a long time, I was as stupid as Lei Huo."
This feeling is very fresh. Qi Tianyou laughs till his belly hurts.
Suddenly he stopped laughing and gradually became hoarse. "Actually, I joined the army to meet someone."
"Not a man," Qi Tianyou said with a smile, "but a woman who went to see him was my mother."
"Have you seen it?"
"I saw that he lived a good life, and he was admired by heaven, and he never felt it." Qi Tianyou’s eyes flashed with disappointment.
"Then why don’t you leave the barracks after seeing it?"
"That’s because of an oath. I swore at my mother’s grave that I would never let a relative around me get hurt again. After my mother’s death, I lifted my eyes to my relatives, but I had some feelings with several brothers in the army. I regarded them as relatives and didn’t leave them."
Shallow water Qing hesitated slightly and said, "am I one of them?"
Qi Tianyou laughed. "That’s right. Now you are one of the people I want to protect. Since you call me eldest brother and I personally picked it out, I can’t let you be bullied."
A warm current surged in the shallow water.
"I called you here because I have something to tell you, so you can prepare yourself early."