She waited patiently and anxiously, then there was a tsunami, thunder and firecrackers, and then there came the corner, gradually approaching the procession of celebrating the wedding.

The princess’s dowry team is too long to see the end of the street. After walking in rows and rows, there is no end to the treasure.
Princess cars, treasures, meat, high responsibilities and gorgeous looks like a moving hill walking around the palace.
Chu Yun smiled. At the beginning, she was sealed by the Queen of the Great Chu State, but the Qin people’s high happiness status was not enough. She was going to give her horses and horses to the Queen’s specifications, and the princess was actually the queen’s special gold book.
However, she still said nothing and greeted her with a smile.
In the noise of horses and chariots, two ladies-in-waiting at the bead curtain of Longfeng Bao’s car helped the phoenix crown chardonnay, and if the female Yingying car looked over at her with complicated eyes.
Chu Yun smiled and stretched out his hand to hold the happiness hand.
When two beautiful female hands touch each other gently, they both feel a cold feeling.
Although hanging the hijab, it seems that I realized who the other person was for the first time, and my hands trembled.
Chu Yun immediately clenched her hand. At that time, I don’t know whether it is pity or injury. Don’t be afraid that I am here.
She took her hand and led her into the magnificent palace. When the emperor of Chu walked, she took her hand and led her through the heavy palace doors, and walked through their husband and wife world. She took her hand and sent her into her husband’s room.
In the Great Chu State, she is a queen, which is the virtue of a queen. In the Great Qin State, her official status is a female official around her, which is the responsibility of a female official.
This big Chu emperor’s residence has made all the preparations for welcoming the couple, bright red words, bright red candles, soft beds, incense and pillows.
Chu Yun glanced around and smiled, and then he heard happiness. I didn’t know whether it was pain, injury, sadness or crying.
The hand gripped her hand so tightly that it trembled slightly.
Chu Yun gently helped the well-being and patted her gently, soothing her and whispering something in her ear.
It was not until she let go of Chu Yun in tears that she turned to face the other accompanying female officials. You will retreat with me.
Several female officials cast a glance at each other. We want to serve the princess.
Chu Yun sneers at me. Although it is still the land of Daqin, don’t forget that the princess is married to the emperor of Dachu. I don’t care what rules you have in the palace. From now on, you have to follow me to make good rules.
She no longer looked at these female officials.
She is a mother of the country, and her demeanor is faint. A few words have given people more pressure. Several female officials dare not go against their hearts and come with her without saying a word.
Step cloister see if Jude stupefied stand behind the month all the female officer hurriedly salute.
Chu Yun smiled and went near the light track.
If you say nothing, look at her gritting her teeth and striding in.
Chu Yun’s eyes were light and swept away, and two rows of deacons in Qin Gong stood outside the new house of the female officer who had been called.
She stretched out her hand to attract Su Liang and Zhao Yiqing and ordered them to lead the wedding officials to drink at the table.
All the people are stunned and say that we are waiting for all the functions.
It’s etiquette for a husband’s family to entertain his mother’s family and send him to get married. Do you think that the emperor of Chu is far away from the country? Even the most basic courtesy can’t be achieved. Chu Yun raised his eyebrows coldly. Today, I don’t want anything unhappy to spoil the princess’s interest. It’s up to you to do it.
Speaking of this, who dares not to give face to face? In a short time, all the people in Qin Gong were removed from a clean place. Zhang Tieshi led a bunch of Chu soldiers to keep outside.
In the bridal chamber, Anle heard the footsteps. The door silently reached out and lifted the veil. Outside, there was brilliant candlelight. There were several treasures beside her. The most beautiful princess in Qin State slowly raised her eyes and stared at the man who was close at hand. She had to follow her husband and her lover all her life.
Outside the bridal chamber, Chu Yun quietly watched the tears in the cold wind. In the candlelight, a man and a woman sat and stared at each other. She was silent for a while and walked slowly.
Outside the courtyard, it is full of bright red colored silk fluttering all over the sky, and the number of bright red stickers is counted. The water on the surface of the bright red mat seems to be filled with palace cups to make people laugh and dance.
She walked across the sky alone, exhausted, and found a quiet place in the most remote corner of the palace, quietly watching the illusory moon in the water by a small pool of clear water.
Even if it is a case, Qi Mei’s meaning is hard to be flat
The sky suddenly exploded with dazzling sparks, so that she looked up and looked gloomy. The sky brightened with each passing day. It was outsiders in the palace celebrating their beautiful princess.
Tonight, I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m busy, I’m sleeping.
There was a lot of excitement in the palace, and it was also lively outside the palace. Seeing the princess driving into the palace, the people were still wanting more. This amazing grand wedding was talked about endlessly.
People are talking and laughing, watching the children join in the fun, setting off fireworks and setting off firecrackers. This anger is as lively as the Chinese New Year holiday.
In the crowd, a man wearing a black cloak and a huge hat, who covered his body from his hair to his heels, was quietly listening to everyone talking and telling.
People said angrily that they had not seen such a lively scene for many years.
People are more excited than saying that Chu and Qin should not fight if they are married. We are not worried about the war and the death of our husband.
People say that the princess’s ceremonial ceremony is really great. When crossing the Yongding Gate, she had to temporarily tear down the door to make the car pass.
People said with great interest that the torch tied to the tree from the palace to the palace made the world as bright as the day, and even the trees were burnt.
The man quietly listened to people’s comments, looked at everyone’s cheerful and happy expression calmly, and then she walked away from the people at the end of the strip, dressed in black, slowly and step by step into the darkness, slowly and step by step away from this lively and prosperous scene.