However, even with Dan fire, it is very difficult for ordinary monks to refine their brain regions.

In order to prevent Dan fire from damaging Hun’s spirit, most monks are cautious, and they can stimulate a little weak Dan fire every time to refine the brain area at an odd speed.
If you want to refine the brain region into a fairy, it will take ten years even at the fastest speed.
In comparison, Moxiu can control 3.2 million Dan fires at the same time, which is many times faster than others.
Even a peerless genius can’t have his speed.
Almost in the blink of an eye, this foot of Xu Changdan’s fire was consumed, and at the same time, one tenth of Mo Xiu’s brain region was refined into a fairy by him.
The strength of gold Hun increased from the thickness of one hair to the thickness of two hairs, which doubled.
The body produced a stronger pressure. With the urging of Jin Hun, several particles in the immortal body turned into Dan fire and poured into the kendo furnace.
Two inches of Dan fire condensed in Moxiu [body]
Different from before, this is the Dan fire condensed by Mo Xiuxiu, which can be condensed again even if it is consumed.
At this time, Li Hao, Wu Qianqun and others behind Mo Xiu were already dumbfounded.
Moxiu’s powerful fighting power is beyond their cognition.
You know, in normal calculation, the monks on the first floor of Moxiu’s strength were worse than 100 times!
Even with God’s intermediate materials, the result is too shocking.
"Brother Mo, the Taoist priest is dead?" Li Hao still has some hard to believe and asked
Don’t take nodded "yes! I’m a little restrained. The magical avatar is just restrained by me. "
Li Hao and others’ faces suddenly look like the world’s achievement methods are indeed in phase grams. Some achievement methods are not very powerful for human beings, and they are indeed very powerful for the Taoist priests.
"all right! Don’t be in a daze, everyone. Others are still being attacked by the Taoist priest. Let’s do our best! "
"yes! Let’s do it when we don’t want waves! However, we are weak, so don’t disperse and gather together to deal with one person first! " Li Hao and others immediately condensed into one and rushed towards one of the magic monks.
At this time, Moxiu had already rushed to a monk on the other side.
The friar has already turned into a piece of black Se fog, and Mo Xiu can see that in this piece of black Se fog, all the particles in the world have turned into demons and devoured each other.
There are also several particles in the virtual world around the very black fog, and several demons in the particle world are born and devouring each other.
Mo Xiu immediately accepted the monk’s magic Hun in the black Se fog, and even the magic Dan was integrated into the black Se fog.
At this time, seven condensed Dan fire monks were wrapped in this black fog, and they were urging their respective magical powers to resist the black fog attack.
However, the strength gap between the two sides is too huge, and they have resisted for a moment, and they are already exhausted and in trouble.
Just then, Mo Xiu rushed into the black Se fog.
Kendo furnace!
Moxiu’s strong body suction sucked a different piece of black Se fog hair in.
When the black Se fog entered Moxiu [body], Moxiu heard the sound from several particles in the black Se fog, which went straight through the bottom of my heart.
"Gaga! Come to the children! Is really reckless incredibly dare to swallow life The Hunger gas! I don’t know if our blood clan is the best at swallowing! " "In that case, let Zun taste your delicious meal!" However, just as this voice fell, a more powerful suction burst in the kendo melting pot.
All the black Se fog was absorbed by the Kendo furnace in an instant.
Blink of an eye around a piece of clean Lu out of the seven monks have been exhausted.
"Hey? What’s going on Where did the fog go! " "How suddenly disappeared!" The seven monks cried in astonishment, but at this moment Moxiu began to sound.
"Everyone to recover and then help others! Don’t wave! "
As the words sounded, Mo Xiu’s figure had already flown to the other side, leaving a group of stunned monks.
At this time, thick bright flames in the kendo furnace severely burned the black Se fog.
The monk hun’ o rolled, hissed and begged for mercy in the kendo furnace.
"Small! You have to let me go! Otherwise, let the blood mill adults know that you dare to deal with the blood clan, which will definitely make you miserable. "
"Want you to let me go I can recommend you to The Hunger’s adult! Your qualification will certainly be appreciated by adults in The Hunger! " However, no matter whether this monk threatens or Yu Uhu is unmoved, it is to urge the Kendo furnace to refine it severely.
Thick Dan fire was refined out.
Finally, the monk Magic Dan and Magic Hun were refined by the Kendo Furnace, and Moxiu’s Kendo Furnace also had another foot of Dan fire.
In 3.2 million wisdom brains, this foot of Dan fire once again refined Moxiu’s brain domain by ten percent.
Blinking Moxiujin Hun has once again grown a little, which is as thick as three hairs.
At the same time, more powerful pressure was formed in Moxiu, and it was pushed out by thick fires.
Moxiudan fire has reached three inches long.
Moxiu flew into the fog of another Taoist priest and blinked, then inhaled the fog into the kendo furnace and refined it into Dan fire.
Another 10% of the brain was refined, and the fire of Moxiudan grew rapidly to four inches long.
It has risen more than four times in just a moment!
Just then, another Taoist priest finally found out that Mo Xiu was abnormal and suddenly whistled and flew to the other three monks on the second floor.
"Three senior brothers, be careful of this man. He just killed three of our younger brothers!"
This explosive drink immediately shocked three monks on the second floor of the magic road in then period, and stopped to look around.
And the monk also explained in a low voice.
Teacher! Teacher! Bait!
Three figures even flew to Moxiu’s side.