Mujing didn’t give her a break. She kissed overbearing and gentle.

This kiss is so long that Shen Suer will be a generation. Don’t get me wrong, this generation is a generation because she almost suffocated someone and died.
Found her flushed, and at the right time, he resisted his desire and ended his kiss.
And she kind of survived feeling unceremoniously shoveled gasped section 318th night the emperor talk about 5.
After a while, when she recovered.
While he was admiring the delicate and charming scene, the corners of his mouth flashed a playful smile and sighed. Did I neglect you for a few days? I was in a bad mood and asked with a little joke, but I was vaguely serious. So it was probably his pleasure.
Shen Suer recovered from the smell speech. I didn’t think he was in a good mood. He took advantage of her and even joked that although she didn’t hate him hugging men, it smelled good, but did he hug her too tightly, making her delicate bones fall apart?
Kekehuang, can you stop hugging too tightly and have some difficulty breathing?
Is my charm so powerful? It’s just a kiss. I haven’t touched her through the soft clothes yet. Her delicate jade back is low and carefree, and her voice is full of temptation, ambiguity and debauchery.
Mouth so MuJing still slightly loose a pair of arms still let her tightly stick to his thin clothes in name only, and his chest is soft.
You’re too thin, and you don’t feel uncomfortable with your body, and there’s nothing on your chest. His handsome face is almost close to her ear and he said that he deliberately blew gas in her ear while eating tofu in her body.
You’re welcome and you don’t give me noodles.
Shen Suer’s big embarrassment refutation
Because he said it was the owner and it was true.
At present, she seems to be stunted and delicate.
I can’t blame her for this. A 15-year-old girl wants her to be convex and concave to be enchanting and sexy. It seems unlikely that even in modern times, so many hormones are not easy to grow up.
Shen Suer moved and started to itch. A magic hand kept on her back, and the strength was so gentle that it was like itching.
A question came, and she obviously felt that Mu Jing was getting hotter and hotter. What does the hotter man’s body mean? It represents some health problems. Male hormones are increasing. Section 319 The emperor talked about 6 at night.
Shen Suer didn’t dare to move more and more. The more presumptuous he was, the more insipid he said. The emperor seemed to be in a good mood. His tone was unusual, and he didn’t deliberately please or have any desire. At present, she doesn’t want anything to happen to him.
Well, after a few busy days, I took a bite on her cheek and gently Mujing found a problem. It’s better to talk to her later than to grieve, and it’s also convenient to do something later.
Emperor, you are acting very strange now. When did she and he become so intimate? Why didn’t she know at all?
What’s strange
It’s different at ordinary times. Besides, we don’t seem familiar with it. It’s usually cold to death. Now it’s a little like her personality that day
Mu Jing suddenly stopped to stare at Shen Suer for a long time and said seriously, Do you think we don’t know each other well? No wonder she is really a casual woman after what she did to me.
Shen Suer suddenly chuckled.
In the future, the ancient concept of chastity is strange again.
How many women does the emperor have? He has so many women that in modern times, he is a man. Why can’t he think of it?
Well, look at his face. It’s not easy to calculate
Shen Suer smiled and didn’t guess how many. He shouldn’t pay attention to the emperor. How many women do you want? There are not as many concubines in the harem, and you can add up to thousands of ladies-in-waiting at any time. I was a little curious and asked if all women wish you.
Of course, I never force women to do it.
Well said, it’s too good. It’s too personal, Emperor. Because of your sentence, I decided to worship you. It’s a little flattering, but it seems sincere from her mouth.
Mm-hmm. I nodded at the scenic spot, but I was a little wary.
like that
Emperor, I’m not interested now. The point is here.
like that
Mujing secretly complained.
That sentence never forces a woman to finish is for herself. Section 3: Talk to the emperor at night. 7
So sad reminder of a fact
Mu Jing is pure and pure, holding jane doe, seeing that he can’t eat two people before the real front. He loses speechless and regrets that he didn’t come to the point and enjoys bliss quickly.
By the way, is Huang tired?
Not tired or physically excited.
Why didn’t you come here? She also guessed that he would be busy these days.
Believe me, it’s a necessity to leave her alone for a few days. He has been enduring or saying that he has reached the limit today before sneaking into here at night.
It’s not surprising that Shen Suer believes that a young emperor can manage this well. Is this kind of emperor like an emperor?
Mujing was dazed when she heard her concise answer.
No perfunctory, no flattery
Shen Suer see MuJing gradually calmed down.