Hazy candlelight and jade scenery

Silk, satin and jade are horizontal.
Beauty is sad and beautiful in spring.
Which bastard is the first!
It’s not right. Lin Ping believes that if a small white boy breaks into the escort agency and cries that he has been robbed by the escort maid, he also believes that the other way around, it’s ridiculous.
To prevent the little fox, the wave hoof from seducing her husband and son from shaking their high position in the escort agency, Mrs. Wang is very strict about womanizing, and her selection of maids generally does not make people misunderstand.
Shaking his head, Lin Ping pushed the door with difficulty, and his eyes lit up. Hey, hey, her smile.
"Beauty, wouldn’t it be beautiful if you became a young master and enjoyed all the splendor?"
Talking in the mouth, Lin Ping also reached out and groped at will. "Gee, it’s good, it’s really a rare thing."
A one-person-high Shandong porcelain bottle fell to the ground and shattered.
Lin Ping frowned lovingly. "Shifan tapped this thing, but it cost several hundred taels of silver to make it specially."
"Too much!" Yan Shifan was furious. "What a bully! Your father dared to bind me Yan Shifan as a prisoner. Lin Ping, I have to tell Master!"
Lin Pingnai conveniently put the towel into Yan Shifan’s mouth and sat cross-legged. "Come on, it’s a good idea for my father to worry about your safety."
Yan Shifan’s brow crossed and his eyes stood upright, but Lin Zhennan was a master in binding. After thousands of drills, he not only missed the vital point of the human body, but also accurately closed his resistance.
"All right, Brother Shifan, I want to have a rest. Just be quiet and let you go when I recover." Lin Ping told me to take a pill of Dan medicine out of my arms and quietly adjust my breath.
Yan Shifan looked at disgruntled and closed his eyes.
A figure came to a courtyard along the shadow of the wall corner. Two short strokes and three long taps on the wall and a narrow passage appeared.
"What about number three?"
A deep voice rang out in the courtyard.
"I told the officers and men of the main guards to block the streets. Wulin people dare not openly attack the officers and men. It is difficult to spread chaos; Qinglongtang’s heartfelt tactics failed. Wang Quan was injured and evacuated; The Hengshan Sect of the Wei Institute has stabilized the situation, and the fighting at the Fuwei Escort Agency is still continuing to command the villain to come and ask for further instructions. "
"Start the second plan" and there is no fluctuation in the low voice. "You are the biggest contributor to the reconstruction after the rest of Fuzhou left the hidden pile and withdrew their hands."
"It belongs to white"
No.3 fuels upon gently quit.
A moment later, another voice sounded in the courtyard. "Do you really want this, my Lord? Is this price too big? "
"It’s only for you and me to understand that the child can’t hold the wolf’s mind." Sigh a long time. "But even if it destroys Fuzhou, it will be at all costs."
In front of Fuwei Escort Company, the two sides suddenly stopped fighting, and thousands of people quietly joined the battle group from the other side of the street, pointing to the Escort Company.
"Punch your hand, everyone, retreat quickly." Lin Zhennan made a feint to flicker and retreat.
Later, the Embroidery Gang joined forces with thousands of people to chase after them. At this moment, hundreds of torches were suddenly lit from the fence of the Escort Agency, and the square was lit up by day.
There are nearly 100 escort agency guys holding strong bows and hard crossbows on the fence. Each bowstring is buckled with two or three sharp arrows, and the cold light shines and the arrows point forward.
I don’t know if someone suddenly drank so much that the escort agency buddy almost shot the bow and arrow with a quiver of his wrist.
Metamorphosis elbow armpit!
What shocked Lin Zhennan was that the gang suddenly turned to the escort agency to help fight the embroidery gang at the same time. On the way of chasing, they were consciously surrounded by their opponents and suddenly became close to the embroidery gang members and were instantly cut down to the ground.