Fortunately, two righteous men of Huashan School kept this martial arts monograph in mind with the spirit of martial arts. Due to the death of father-in-law Zheng He, the beneficiary of the patent, South Shaolin felt that his father-in-law had come forward to discuss the patent, which made the problem. Mr. Lin Yuantu, the messenger of South Shaolin, thought that the "sunflower collection" was not a blessing of Wulin, so he gave up his original intention and turned to the righteous men of Huashan School for in-depth academic discussion. Both sides gained something.

Practice is the way to test theory. Mr. Lin Yuantu promoted the martial arts spirit, joined the secular world of mortals and founded the "Fuwei Escort Agency" industry, which made people envy. Because of academic disputes, two righteous men of Huashan School started disputes, and each held its own end to form two doctrines, namely "Sunflower Collection". When the martial arts monograph of Wulin Fu, the official and the people, Sun and Moon Shintoism were indignant, they were investigated for taking it without asking, plagiarizing academic works and maintaining the academic atmosphere in Wulin, and the evil was wiped out.
The plagiarism alliance in martial arts and the other factions in Wuyue Alliance have raised a feeling of rabbit death and fox sorrow. Are you qualified to be an urban management organization with half people and half officials? Even if you are an urban management academic, it is not up to you to intervene!
The first Huashan academic conference called for in-depth discussions between the two sides in the shadow of swords and swords, and finally broke up in discord. The semi-official and semi-civilian institutions upgraded the academic city management, and the Sun Moon Shintoism regained the "sunflower collection" in the hands of Jianzong, and refused to rest and actively prepare for the second Huashan academic conference.
In order to ensure fruitful results, Sun Moon Shintoism made careful arrangements or attacked the West from the east, or besieged the city to help others, or used the sword to kill people, which dealt a heavy blow to the Wuyue Sword Sect, a plagiarism alliance in martial arts. However, due to anger at the rough law enforcement of urban management, the Jedi counterattack of Wuyue Alliance also caused great losses to Sun Moon Shintoism, and both sides made persistent efforts to give up.
Without the "Sunflower Collection", Jianzong was naturally not an opponent of Qizong, but the final academic exchange between the two sides. Jianzong was defeated and ended up being divided. Huashan "Sunflower Collection" was in the hands of Qizong with serious defects, and this martial arts monograph was difficult to exert its effectiveness.
In the end, it is impossible to deduce the truth from "Sunflower Collection", but Zhao Yang thinks that his analysis is still reasonable, otherwise it will be explained that Yue Buqun’s skill in the original work will progress so fast after he got the "exorcism sword spectrum". That’s because Yue Buqun has unconsciously cultivated Huashan’s "sunflower collection", and naturally it can be further improved. Because Huashan Qizong’s "sunflower collection" focuses on psychology, Yue Buqun will be far away from Feng Buping’s "exorcism sword method".
"Master master?" Lin Ping saw that Zhao Yang’s face was changeable after he got the "Zi Xia’s Secret Book", and he was worried that the master wouldn’t be complaining about his incompetence, would he? However, Lin Ping thinks that Zhao Yang is a little greedy. It would be very good for Huashan Sect to get the lost swordsmanship of Wuyue Sword Sect in Siguo Cliff this time. Now it’s half the secret of Zi Xia, but it’s also fruitful. What do you want to do?
Patted Lin Ping, Zhao Yang apologized that he was too harsh on Lin Ping, stole his great-grandfather’s "Sword Spectrum to ward off evil spirits" and got the "Sunflower Collection" of Huashan Gas Sect with his hand. Although Hengshan sent Fuwei Escort Alliance to dispel the coveted heart of Qingcheng School, in addition to the massacre of Fuwei Escort Agency, there is always a sense of guilt in exercising Zhao Yang without asking.
Forget it. Zhao Yang shakes his head and shakes his guilt. Make it up to him more.
"Master, what shall we do now?" Lin Ping saw that Zhao Yang had returned to normal, and he was relieved to look at the chaotic situation. "We can’t always watch, can we? It is difficult for us to stay out of it when the magic teaches us better; Huashan wins. How can we explain to the Wuyue Sword Sect? "
The Wuyue Sword Sect is not just talking about it. Look at the support from the square. Other factions are not fighting bloody battles, tragic and tragic, and have not quit fighting and avoided fighting as deserters. Other Jianghu sect brothers are also bloody Han, who felt the help of "Jun Jian" Yue Buqun in the past and stood up bravely while cursing his mother and waving a knife. If he is a member of Wuyue Alliance, he will look on coldly, which is really hard to explain to heaven.
"Well," Zhao doesn’t want them to play now. It doesn’t make sense that the real masters must go through the war to practice, otherwise it will be difficult to grow up. However, the crisis of Huashan Sect is not the crisis of Hengshan Sect. Zhao Yang first took charge of Hengshan Sect and then became a member of Wuyue Alliance. "Form a sword array to protect himself against the general demons, so those demons can be left to the masters of Wuyue Alliance."
Lin tied a pendulum of six people to form a diamond-shaped sword array. Zhao Hongbo was weak. Yan Shifan was in the center of the sword array and was responsible for supporting all the others. Others separated one side and followed Zhao Yang slowly into the battlefield. Zhao Yang wandered around the periphery and was responsible for clearing away the sun and the moon. Lin Ping and others concentrated on clearing up the general congregation and increasing their actual combat experience. Seven people were invincible. The sun and the moon believers cursed and avoided their sharpness.
"Hengshan sent Uncle Zhao to help!"
Harsh, shrill, ringing in the chaotic battlefield, Zhao Yang was surprised to see that several Taishan brothers were chased around by a swordsman.
"Isn’t this ya what firewood?"
Zhao Yang has some difficulties. This firewood is like a mad dog. No matter who is around, I will bite you first! A few five-yue brothers saw that Shi Chai was slaughtering the Sun, Moon and Shintoists, and they took the lead, but this fellow suddenly found it difficult to kill them.
But being killed by Shi Chai is mostly a magic cult. There are not many alliances between the five mountains. Zhao Yang is too lazy to take a reason to die. It is not necessary for his disciples to be brave. But now it is different. This Taishan Sect is estimated to have seen Zhao’s name and asked him for help. Unless Zhao Yang doesn’t want to mix up, he must make moves.
"Mad dogs give firewood!" Zhao Yang’s luck is in the abdomen, and the tongue is bursting with spring thunder. "Come here!"
Shi Chai’s swordsmanship is really high. It’s extremely fast and biting, and it’s hard to prevent it. It’s like a tiger biting people like a mad dog. Once it’s entangled, it won’t stop. Many masters of Shi Chai’s fight against good and evil are overwhelmed by its momentum of mutual loss and desperation, and it’s hard to hold back and hate the "mad dog" sword.
Shi Chai pretends to be a "mad swordsman". After World War I, the "mad dog" in Huashan became famous for his work. Although Shi Chai made unremitting efforts to correct his name, he had to regret for life because he was awarded the name of "mad dog" and Zhao Yang finally failed to correct his name.
Zhao Yang’s shouting was like a bolt from the blue in the square, and both sides were shocked by the thunder. The foot trembled and almost fell. Jiang Yu’s fast sword almost didn’t drive him crazy. 6 cypress was even more unlucky. Jiang Yuyuan had already closed his sword, but it was Zhao Yang’s roar. 6 cypress automatically greeted the other side’s blade.
Stabbed by an opponent, injured by his own disorder and misfortune, he did not aim his angry eyes in the same direction. In this direction, the hero gave in and pulled out the two parties
There is a neurotic tendency to be furious with Zhao Yang
Crazy, but almost mad.
"Ha ha ha" Shi Chai gently licked the sword, and his blood-stained thin face flashed with a strange smile. There was also a kind of abnormal fever, kicking and stepping on the slab of blood, and slowly said, "Hengshan Zhao Yang? Hehehehehe, you are a character I admire more. It’s a pity that you are also called a character compared with the so-called Jianghu heroes Zuo Lengchan and Yue Buqun … "
"What a pity?" Zhao Yang secretly gestured that Lin Ping and others quietly retreated and scattered the Zhao Yang bird’s head, posing as a wild goose in the left, middle and right.
"It’s a pity that different ways don’t meet." Shi Chai’s face is as red as blood, and it seems to be faintly steaming with the heat. "If you want to let you go on a decisive battle today, you can’t have it. Then sacrifice your blood to my three-foot green front to get the fencing road."
"Sword Avenue?" Zhao Yang was horrified by Shi Chai’s arrogant tone. "Is it called fencing avenue?"
"Killing way" Shi Chai licked the sword while the blood stained it. On the other hand, greed and fanaticism made Zhao Yang feel angry. "Friends kill me and increase my sword anger; Killing the enemy and ourselves increases my sword; Those who kill increase my sword soul; The combination of the three swords can prove that the road is broken and the virtual sword is respected. "
"Sick!" Zhao Yang disdainfully points to a comparison "not the kui is a mad dog swordsman really crazy".
"Correct one" Shi Chai Yinyin smiled "A certain family is not a mad dog swordsman, and a certain family is a mad swordsman" Zhao Yang. You have violated a certain family’s lamella. When you know it, you will be angry and bloody; Crazy swords have been slaughtered everywhere! "
The gloomy words combined with the enthusiastic expression of giving firewood create a dull and depressing atmosphere, but the footsteps of "kicking" at the smell of giving firewood knock on everyone’s hearts one by one.
Zhao Yang raised eyebrows and observed that many people were oppressed by Shi Chai’s deliberate creation of an atmosphere, and their faces were pale and their breathing was not smooth, especially the younger brothers behind them who were oppressed by Shi Chai.
It’s good to beat the enemy without fighting!
Take a cautious step. Zhao Yang lifted the Thunder Sword, and it seemed as if he had only one shot of the blade "om". There was a rumbling sound in the square, and some people in Wulin with low skill spread involuntarily. It seemed that this "om" moved the general heart and got rid of Shi Chai’s deliberate depressive nightmare.
Chapter 17 【 Ba Jian Award 】
Shi Chai chihuo’s eyebrows are frowning in one place, and obviously he appreciates Zhao Yang’s skill. If Zhao Yang can’t resolve it, wouldn’t he say that Shi Chai is mistaken? Shi Chai took two steps forward to Yin insidious smile. "Hehehe, it’s worthy that the wind is born in Yun Qi and the rivers and lakes are plagued by Zhao Yang!"
Wind gives birth to Yun Qi?
Trouble the Jianghu?
I’m a little confused in Zhao Yang, aren’t I? Wind-born Yun Qi’s image is not invincible since he entered the Jianghu, but he is more comfortable with the wind, but this disaster is exaggerated!
Is Zhao Yang he also don’t want to come to Hengshan Liu Zhengfeng suffered a silver disaster; I was forced to go to Fuzhou Shaolin Escort Agency. If you go to the poor Tianmen in Mount Tai, you might as well die. You Huashan Yue Buqun was killed. It is more appropriate to say that he is a disaster or a light one. If he is a jinx, it is more appropriate!
Otherwise, how could Ling Huchong complain and ask him to send Zhao Yang to Songshan to play? Don’t just want to let Zhao Yang the jinx to unlucky Zuo Lengchan!
Zhao Yang made a ha ha. "Shi Chai, today, you slaughtered my upright chivalrous man in the name of resisting the devil’s religion. There are countless crimes. If you don’t turn over a new leaf, today’s Huashan Mountain is where you will die."
"Joke" Shi Chai disdainfully pei a "Zhao Yang gives you a chicken feather and you will be the direction? No, what kind of bird are you? How many fair things have you done? How many people in the Jianghu are qualified to call themselves chivalrous? Is the Huashan Sect worthy of chivalry? Can Songshan School’s ambitious man of various calculation alliances be regarded as chivalrous? There is not a good bird in Shaolin and Wudang, and the Wuyue Alliance is also a group of villains. What is pretentious? It is not as refreshing as the real villains dare to do it! "
Zhao Yang, who was scolded by Shi Chai, really couldn’t refute several sets of secrets in his arms, which made it difficult for him to distinguish between the "Nine Mysteries" and the "Clear and Righteousness" robbed by the Taishan School and the "Zi Xia Secrets" snatched by Lin Ping by the Huashan School. If his behavior can be regarded as chivalrous, then there would be no evil in this world.
Fortunately, Zhao Yang didn’t excuse himself, and Huashan Square was a mess in an instant. The two camps were divided into two camps, scolding each other for evil and flaunting their justice
"Shut up!" Shi Chai resolutely stopped the chaotic situation, and the sword pointed slightly at the front. "Zhao Yang is a chivalrous person seeking perfection in kendo. Since you are the best master of the younger generation, we will learn a thing or two today to see who is the leader in kendo!"
Kendo leader?
Zhao Yang’s heart cooled, and his family knew his own affairs. A set of "Hengshan Jianfa" Zhao Yang was just skilled. In the past, he relied on his own strength and grew up to bully his opponent, so he was unfavorable. Some people underestimated Tian Yinghao. It was not until Zhao Yang met a masked swordsman in Huoxian that he felt that his swordsmanship was poor, especially when his opponent seemed to know the "Hengshan Jianfa" move very well. Zhao Yang was tied behind his back and was very dangerous. If it was not for the temporary, the outcome of "Taishan Jianfa" was unpredictable.
Sword skill!
It’s no wonder that swordsmanship grows all the way when it’s not a ten-day month. The old man has to make a three-year appointment himself. It turns out that his swordsmanship is poor and it’s hard to get into his eyes
Zhao Yang is somewhat disheartened. It seems that relying on the sharp thunder sword has limited his progress in kendo. Relying on weapons has turned into his own shackles. Zhao Yang returned the thunder sword to the sheath and handed it to Lin Ping. "Give your sword to our teacher. You can’t bully others by relying on weapons."
Difficulties and opportunities complement each other. The martial arts realm is not like this. Only in the front line of death can we get a big breakthrough, and feasting can kill the ambition of heroes.
Now that you have planted towering trees, you can expect them.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
Zhao Yang waved the sword in his hand, but he was full of confidence. If you can’t cope with a famous junior, you can still talk about ambition and grand plans.
"In that case, let me learn a lesson about killing kendo."
"Oh ha ha ….."
Shi Chai returned the sword to the sheath, grasped the hilt, bowed slightly on the waist and back, and circled around Zhao Yang in tandem, but it became more and more aggressive.
Zhao Yang Huo Ran lose. Is this fellow a sabreplay? The most famous sword-drawing skill is Fu Hongxue in Tianya Yuedao, but that’s a fiction of Gu Long. No matter how chaotic it is, it’s impossible to confuse Fu Hongxue’s sword-drawing skill here. If so, this fellow must have learned sword-drawing skill from Japan!
The enemy!
Zhao Yang was so angry that he stooped to be a thief! What makes Zhao Yang even more angry is that this fellow should stoop to be a traitor and an enemy!
"ShiChai" Zhao Yang tone is full of cold "where did you learn this sword drawing? Did you learn it from the enemy? If the Han people don’t do it, they will take refuge in the enemy and be traitors! "