Wei Ji asked the five elements to print a unique formula to light one of the silver stars so that he could talk to the anonymous person to whom this silver star belongs. Of course, the other side agreed to communicate before.

Generally speaking, few two lovers who have never met and made friends communicate through the jade symbol. Most people will light up two silver stars together in private, and then they don’t have to wait for a reply. They can communicate directly like Pang Yumotian, which can also avoid embarrassment after being rejected.
Wei Ji has swept all the taboos represented by those silver stars, and he is familiar with the location of his master deacon, the real Wu Tong, so he directly squeezed the seal tactic to instill mana and light the silver star.
That’s right. Wei Ji is to communicate with his master Wu Tong. Today, Wei Ji has shown his ability. He has revealed that the seal of the land has greatly shocked Pang Yu, but after this treasure was leaked, it also made Pang Yu lose his ammunition and had to give it away.
However, Wei Ji didn’t mean much about it. The seal is just a gadget. The reality is not greater than that when the master played against it, and he didn’t give it much. Of course, he wouldn’t give it to communicate with his master in vain. He just wanted to turn this matter into his own credit as much as possible. It is impossible for a real person to let his apprentice suffer.
Silver star lights up the defender and waits quietly. He believes that Wutong will not refuse this exchange because he believes that Wutong believes that he is not that kind of thing. In this case, there must be something important. Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Wutong Silver Star to shine suddenly and become more and more brilliant.
With Wu Tongyin came out of it. "Do you want to see me at this time?"
Chapter DiErErEr Extraordinary achievements
Chapter DiErErEr Extraordinary achievements
"Master is like this!"
Wei Ji directly told the original story when there was no wave. After that, he asked, "Master, do you think I should treat this as a steel seal?"
On the other side, Wutong didn’t answer immediately, but was silent for a moment and then asked, "Don’t you mean to contribute to Zongmen willingly?" Or is it forced by your big brother’s words? "
"Of course I am willing!" Wei Ji replied without hesitation, "But I don’t want to give it at this time!"
"What?" Wu with then asked
"As the old saying goes, there is a cloud and wood show that Lin Feng will destroy it; When piled up on the shore, the flow will be turbulent; It is necessary to be above others! " Wei Ji immediately replied, "This kind of benefit to the whole five elements of things caused by my breaking that promotion record is even more shocking to heaven and earth, and now my strength is not strong enough to shock those who are in my same order, and I don’t want to offer them now."
After a pause, Wei Ji continued, "Of course, this is one of the reasons, and the other is that the way of offering it is not right. In my heart, I prefer to use the accidental treasure to complete something when I am stronger, but my master discovers the mystery and gives it a great contribution in a lucky way, so that I can completely pick it out from the finger-shaped steel seal."
This will neither provoke the other disciples in the clan to be hostile to me, nor let the other clan masters kidnap and threaten me after seeing the achievements of the Five Elements Sect. "
There was another moment of silence in Wutong’s side, and then he added, "So you say that only the predecessors of the divine monarch can solve this problem to avoid disaster?"
"Not bad!" Wei Ji doesn’t mince words, "but even so, I don’t think I will be insured. I won’t go out of the mountain gate in the near future!" "
"You did the right thing!" Wu Tong’s words naturally reveal a kind of appreciation: "Although my kendo practice pays attention to bravery, diligence and countercurrent, kendo is also a part of Xiandao practice, and the purpose of monasticism is to seek good fortune and avoid evil and live forever."
For some people who know the danger but don’t know how to avoid it, they are just tough. That’s not courage but death. "
"The master said it was!" Who avoid nodded and answered with a smile.
"Come on, don’t say these things in front of me," Wu Tong added. "Now, tell the teacher the truth about the real reason why this refers to turning the land into steel seals and how much do you know about the magical array?"
"Don’t dare to cheat the master." When I heard this, Wei Ji’s face became solemn and solemnly replied, "This refers to the secret array that I refined-I can refine it at any time if there are enough materials."
"What?" Wu Tongwen is very aware of the value of this secret array. Mastering this secret array means mastering a steady stream of precious objects to refine spiritual materials, and this achievement is close to that of the Five Elements Sect, which can strengthen the foundation and benefit future generations.
"Tell me about the specific situation!" Wu tong was forced not to ask
When Li Weiji told Wutong about the origin of the secret array, of course, he certainly wouldn’t say that it was learned from "Feng Shen Bao Jian" and said that it was a mutation when he was refining earthenware utensils, and he experienced an information explosion in his previous life. Wei Ji said that he had become a madman in refining utensils.
How did you first discover the variation of the indigenous array, how did you attach importance to its value, how did you deliberately promote its variation in this respect, and how did you finally achieve this unique secret array?
It’s amazing that even Wei Ji feels that he is an immortal. He’s very sure that if he can achieve something in the future, this story is definitely a very colorful one in his glorious life. Because of this kind of qualification, he has achieved something with great perseverance. After all, the most basic people in the whole immortal world are those monks with mediocre qualifications.
Wu Tong couldn’t help but move. He didn’t doubt the story of Wei Ji, because it completely conformed to his cognition of Wei Ji.
Wei Ji lives in an age of chaos. In this era, the speed of spiritual practice should be worse. He knows it well. In this case, Wei Ji can be no less than a genius, and he can improve his speed and achieve both things. If he has great perseverance, can he?
At this moment, Wutong is more and more satisfied with his ability to accept Wei Ji as his brother-in-law. If it weren’t for Wei Ji’s just getting started, he would have to be a master, but he couldn’t be too anxious. He would directly set Wei Ji as his successor now.
I have settled my heart. "It is most suitable for Taoist TV to avoid your personality. I believe that you will achieve something in the future, even if you fly to immortality! Well, you don’t have to worry about this. I’ll report it to the head personally.
I believe that a talent leader like you will never hesitate to make a gesture to keep you safe! "
"So there will be a master of labor!" Wei Ji immediately thanked Tao for a meal and asked, "Master, I don’t know how much credit I can get from this contribution?"
"You can’t forget this benefit of yourself!" Wu Tong laughed and denounced, "Don’t worry, I have always acted fairly in the five elements, and I will never let you suffer. Now the teacher will also give you two choices. You will add ten extra merits at the first moment; Second, in the future, 10% of the income of the five elements will be converted to you, and your contribution will be accumulated year by year!
Which one do you choose? Remember that you can’t go back on your word after choosing! "
When it comes to the end, Wu Tong also specially strengthened his tone solemnly.
Wei Ji couldn’t help but feel a little confused when he heard ten extraordinary feats at the beginning. How much is the extraordinary feat? It is 10 billion when converted into Lingshi, and 10 extraordinary feats are 100 billion Lingshi 100 billion. Is this an equal concept?
You know, Wei Ji has always been a self-proclaimed rich man, but he is now worth no more than 70 million if he wants to sell his own department, and this figure is not only in the foundation period, but also in the reality of then.
After all, it doesn’t mean that the wealth belongs to it is completely valuable, but that it is pure and pure, that is, it can be taken out to buy other things after it is finished. A large part of the wealth is then spent by real people on their own housekeeping tools. Besides, there is nothing left. Sometimes, in exchange for what they want, they have to give up something they cherish.
But who avoid exactly is determined people quickly pulled out from this huge digital temptation, and secretly thought to myself, "I still boast that I have seen the world, but only 100 billion Lingshi is a little confused. If it is converted, it is only 100,000 top-level Lingshi, and it is not too much!
I’ve only just completed the fourth weight of Thirty-six Changes of the Highest Land, and I’m afraid I’ll have to spend a lot of high-order lingshi if I want to complete the fifth weight. If the sixth weight doesn’t have that rare elixir, I’ll have to swallow the lingmai directly. Where is the top-order lingshi then?
Looks like it’s still going to be a long time! "
The long-term flow of water is accumulated over the years, and the final value must be far away from these ten great achievements, but the future will always be unknown, how bumpy the road will be, and no one knows what will happen in the future, and whether he will soon fall. In that case, it is far worse to exchange it now and enhance his strength.