Yanxi is not far away, but it doesn’t affect the enthusiasm of these women to chat up Zhou Zichen.

So what if you bring your wife?
It’s normal to dance in social situations, okay?
That’s how it hits them. If they have any other ideas in their hearts, then they can hehe.
"Hey, I’ll go first, okay?"
"Dancing is a first come, first served thing."
Deep black eyes are extremely cold and twittering. Women feel that the temperature drops suddenly and they are reluctant to leave on high heels.
Zhou Shao refused.
Do you have to wait for him to say fuck off before you leave?
Jin Zhan and Yan Xi danced.
More striking than before with Zhou Zichen.
This is the first time that director Jin has shown off his dancing skills in public, and all the women on the dance floor have been crushed.
Walking rotation
With a wave of his long arm, Jinzhan throws Yanxi out and then takes it back.
The crowd burst into cheers.
"Director Jin shoots well and dances so well."
"I envy you. I envy you. It’s not me."
Dong Zichen couldn’t help taking the glass back to the long table for a week.
The cell phone was ringing in his pocket, and he chose a quiet place to listen as soon as he saw the name displayed.
The anxious tone of "something big happened in boss Chengbei factory" is a senior manager of Zhou.
Deep black eyes and dark Zhou Zichen immediately asked about the specific situation.
Chun Qin Ming men hun chong mo si
"What about Yanxi?" Zhou Zichen came back in about ten minutes.
There was an accidental explosion in the factory in the north of the city. It’s not the shift, so in addition to economic losses and casualties.
He has to go there and have a look. There is no time to wait until the dinner is over.
"Ah" was startled by the sudden appearance of Zhou Zichen, who was eating a warm mouth, and the food in that mouth was stuck in his throat.
"Cough cough cough"
"She went to wash her hands." A bunch of Jin Zhan’s eyebrows gently patted her warm back and gave Zhou Zichen a cold look.
"Shuishui brother-in-law"
"Thank you" heard that Zhou Zichen thanked each other politely and then strode to wash his hands.
Jin Zhan Wen Xin
What’s wrong with this pair of uncles?
Their surnames are different and their brother-in-law Jin Zhan’s warm eyes at his niece are too unusual.
I have some doubts, but it is urgent to find the missing Yanxi and leave immediately.
Wash your hands.
Yanxi is looking in the mirror because she finds that her delicate makeup is a little dizzy.
After dancing for two times in a row, it’s hard not to sweat. The corner of her eye is a little dark. She took out the tissue she carried with her and wiped it carefully.
A handsome and evil man’s face suddenly reflected in the mirror in front of him.
Yan Xi wiped a meal.
"If a woman sees me, then don’t turn around quickly." Yi Shaoqian’s bossy tone has long been used to giving orders.
"What’s the matter?" The face piled up with a formulaic smile, and there was an illusion that the other party had come to find themselves specially.
Think too much.
People also come to wash their hands
"I’ve been waiting for you outside for several minutes. You said something was wrong." His gentleman followed Yanxi.
"Wait for me" seems to have heard some fable. Yan Xi’s eyelashes trembled. "I’m not kidding you."
Marry into a famous family
Is there a person who hates his guts every time he thinks of love?
Su He H’s richest woman, Cong Cong, is open-minded and persistent in love. The Tan family is pressing her step by step to endure her belief that there is still love.
Tan Shaoshan, the famous queen of J city, is calm and wise, loves fame and weaves a big net to trap Su He in it, and maintains a balance point in love and affection almost cruelly.
Su He should insist that she is always the one who can accompany Tan Shaoshan until the end. She is always the final winner of this famous battle.
Unexpectedly, after seven years of unmarried, an accidental love can no longer be there.
3 put away your domineering side leakage
"Wait for me" seems to have heard the latest chapter of Arabian Nights. Please visit Yanxi Eyelashes and tremble. "I’m kidding."
What are two people who don’t know each other?
"I’m serious." The man in the mirror with his arms around his chest also made the same move. Yan Xi looked at Yi Shaoqian and put on a serious expression. Even the tone was less to play around.
Seriously, your sister
Is this man crazy when he drinks too much?
When the foot rotates, Yan Xi’s face smiles politely. "What is this?" She compares two fingers with each other. She has classified Yi Shaoqian as the one whose brain is unclear.
"I didn’t drink too much." When the evil boss’s handsome face froze, Yi Shaoqian could see through the mirror that his face was not red. "And the fake smile was ugly."
When did she smile badly?
My heart is slightly angry. Yanxi raises her lip angle and instantly falls. "Please wait for me less. Now that you have something to do, please say it quickly."