Next to the girl also laughed, "Yes, he has never shown martial arts before. Aha, I didn’t expect to see a small fish so much in these years." The "small fish" was obviously the nickname of the young man Xu Shao as a child.

The middle-aged man nodded his head in an appreciative tone and said, "Have a good hide." Then he turned his eyes and looked at the building.
Lou Zhaojian was a little surprised when he saw it, but he was still forced to calm down. "You said you wouldn’t fight … I think you seem to be better than anyone?"
Xu Shao scratched his head. "I … I this which call a fight? I just run faster than others. "
Zhao Jian blade didn’t good the spirit way "hum smelly little heart tease me, isn’t it? How on earth do you want to row to your uncle Zhao is not a good humiliate "
Xu Shao shrugged his shoulders and said with a serious expression from his seat, "Wang Zhao is here. You are a reasonable person and want you to talk it over and make friends with you."
Zhao Blade fuels. "Thank you for your respect, but I don’t know you. I think I’ll forget it."
Xu Shaodao: "Yes, now that I think about it, I’d better forget it, because your performance really disappointed me …"
Zhao Blade wondered, "How do you say this?"
Xu Shaodao said, "You know the pain of being misunderstood and wronged by others, but you don’t know that others are misunderstood and wronged by you. This is where selfish people are. Although they are incompetent, they don’t want a selfish person to make friends." Zhao Blade went to the beggar’s gang without looking at it.
Zhao blade was suddenly scolded by a younger generation, and he was so angry that now he is being left alone, which is even more fueling. His hands have been secretly filled with real strength.
Xu Shao walked beside the Qi deserted and made a simple ceremony and said, "Are you injured like this Laozhang? Come on, take this medicine. It’s Dragon Saliva Yishen Pill. Don’t worry about it. "As soon as this statement comes out, people around you can’t help but scream.
You know, this Dragon Saliva Yishen Pill is a great healing medicine. Only when there are important officials around the emperor can the guards have a chance not to think that this young man will take this pill at will. Some people in the crowd can’t help but hope that it is good for them to be injured by Zhao Blade just now. At the same time, they have realized that this public status is not low.
The Qi, with his eyes open and his head slightly open, said, "Thank you, old man, for your great gratitude."
Xu Shaodao said, "Oh, don’t say that about Lao Zhang." Then he helped Qi to push the pills and push him to the palace to live. Seeing that Qi’s face turned red, Lao Zhang said from the bottom of his heart that you are white. I hope you will think more about it. Don’t argue with the salt gang. There should be no casualties. "
Qi deserted nodded and smiled, "Young man, although I have a bad temper, I am still reasonable. Don’t worry, I won’t argue with that headstrong person again." See Zhao Blade continued, "I will inform Wang about it and ask him to decide."
Xu Shao seems to be relieved. "That’s good. Thank you, Laozhang."
Qi is deserted and sighs, "I should thank the public. If it weren’t for you and my two brothers today, we would have a bloody fight."
Xu Shaodao, "Please speak, Laozhang."
Qiren Flue "I … want to be sworn brothers. What do you think?" This is not Xu Shao, but all the people present around him are shocked.
"Ah?" Xu Shao wry smile way "this ….. I LaoZhang you …"
Qi sparsely populated way "what? Do you want to? Or do you think that being an old man in a beggar’s gang is detrimental to public status? "
Xu Shao, who cares about this, thinks that if the two people are so different in age, it is not ridiculous if they become sworn brothers, but on second thought, anyway, they have done too many ridiculous things, and once again, there is a hindrance to the service road. "Oh, if the eldest brother doesn’t dislike the younger brother, just listen to you." His name is actually changed.
Xu Shao’s change to call Qi uninhabited is even more joyful. "That’s great. Let’s take the wine from the Blood Union."
So some people in the Beggars’ Sect brought two bowls of soju and bamboo chopsticks instead of incense.
When they said their vows, names and birthdays, they kowtowed. Since then, they have really formed a pair of brothers who share life and death.
These look in the eyes of Zhao Jian’s blade, but they hate it in their hearts, which is already unbearable.
Listening to the scream of Zhao Jian’s blade, he clapped his hands on the Xu Shao vest.
Xu Shao smiled easily and didn’t know what posture. The palm of Zhao Blade flashed slightly to the side, and he missed rowing in front of Xu Shao. Seeing that he couldn’t hold back, he was going to hit a beggar’s brother. Seeing Xu Shao, he quickly buckled Zhao Blade’s arm with his right hand and threw it to the other side lightly.
But when I heard a crashing, Zhao Jian’s blade was thrown on a long table, and the long table was immediately broken because of the difficulty, Zhao Jian’s blade also fell to the ground.
Although this did not damage Zhao Jian’s blade, it greatly broke his face. He couldn’t help but be moved. He roared with anger and pounced on Xu Shaoran again and again. This time, it was a powerful attack on a palm, and it was like a palm with a strong talon. It was actually a desire to kill Xu Shao in class
Xu Shao repeatedly flickered back and avoided a few palms. Seeing that Zhao Blade was still freaky and pressing, he couldn’t help but come to the temper. Seeing that he was hiding in the 17th trick, his right palm suddenly went straight for Zhao Blade’s right soft rib, and his left hand just grabbed Zhao Blade’s wrist and drank a pair of hands at the same time.
After listening to "Luo La", everyone recognized that it must be Zhao Jian’s broken ribs, saying that he was not dead but also seriously injured. However, when he looked intently, he saw that Zhao Jian’s blade was still alive and well, and his left hand was holding his right arm, which seemed to be very serious.
At the moment, it is somebody else’s youth who has a white heart, otherwise his life will be explained here today.
It turned out that just now, Xu Shao’s palm suddenly moved straight to cut his armpit at the moment when he was about to touch the soft spot of Zhao Jian’s blade, which dislocated his right arm and didn’t really hurt him.
At this time, Zhao Jian’s face expression is really ugly, and his heart is even more resentful. I can’t wait to tear up the young man in front of me. But if I want to do it, Zhao Jian’s blade is also a hero. Now that I have lost to others, there is no reason to stay and entangle. When I press one hand, "My good name is Xu Xiao, but I don’t think I can plant Zhao Jian’s blade. Let’s stay here for a long time."
Now Tianxiangyuan is back to its old excitement, and it is a little more lively than usual.
Because now this place has been hired by a young and rich boy, and he has just become sworn brothers.
The theory that there is such a rich and publicly owned group of well-known Jianghu people is that no business person is willing to let go and add fragrance, and of course he will not let them go.
Look at the tables, tables, rich dining tables, beautiful and moving girls. How can these perennial Jianghu people not be tempted?
Now they are enjoying this rare relaxation, comfort and happiness.
The secret room is so quiet that people can’t imagine that there are five people here.
The boss of Dong Fangxiao Yuntianxiang Academy, a young martial arts master, is "Aunt", the owner of Dongfang Shujing "Song Family Boxing" and the martial arts school official Song Qingjing, a wealthy businessman in Beijing, Wang Jiaqian, Jin Wang Kexin, and the five little eunuchs who are still in a daze are mostly daydreaming at will, but the middle-aged man Dong Fangxiao Yun’s eyebrows are locked and his eyes are already open or closed.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-two Life story
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For a long time, Dong Fangxiao Cloud first broke the silence, which may be caused by his silence. He sighed and said to himself, "Look at this young martial arts. I don’t know which master gave it, but it is by no means the martial arts of the great guards, nor can it be taught by the mediocre royal martial arts school."
They also stopped their worries and carefully pondered Dong Fangxiao cloud words.
Song Qing also said, "Yes, there are also masters in the great guards, but absolutely no one can be like Xu Shao … like that …" After a slight hesitation, he said, "As unfathomable as he is."
Dong Fangxiao cloud sipped his tea ceremony. "Look at his martial arts. It seems that I teach martial arts in a somewhat similar way, but it is a bit wider and less domineering than I teach martial arts."
They looked at Dong Fangxiao cloud waiting for him to continue to speak.
Dong Fangxiao cloud coughed, "I teach martial arts, that is, martial arts left over from the East Cold always kill the enemy when making moves. First of all, attack or defense is the primary purpose of absolutely losing the enemy’s fighting capacity, that is, death. However, the young martial arts is always similar in terms of the way of making moves, but it is forgiving and kind when making moves, and the hitting parts are not the key points of the opponent. This will stop the opponent but not kill him."
Song Qing nodding can’t help but admire the keen observation of this magic middleman.
Dong Fangxiao Cloud looked at Song Qing and asked, "I wonder … have you ever seen his father’s martial arts?"
Song Qing replied, "My father did learn from the Xu owner of the Tongtian Pavilion, and … my father lost. I watched the martial arts of the Xu owner from the sidelines. My father was defeated by his seventy-third move. It is said that in this capital, my father can play twenty or thirty moves, which is already a master. Obviously, the Xu owner’s martial arts are much higher than my father’s, but … I think it is still not comparable to Xu Shao."
Dong Fangxiao Cloud nodded, "Yes, your father’s martial arts is good. I know that the owner of this museum can beat your father’s martial arts. Moreover, I think it is already an enemy in Beijing, but it is absolutely impossible to teach a young master like Xu Shao. It seems that there may be a great master in this capital. Who will it be?"
They were all lost in thought again.
The building is surprisingly quiet, but it is extremely lively.