Xu Mo seems to have a look of indecision in his heart, and if he feels dignified, he looks out of the window side by side.

The horse line is very fast. Just now, I couldn’t see the knight’s face clearly. I watched the white horse fly close, and the white snow of the horse was better than clear.
Xu Mo unknowingly sneered at me. No wonder he dared to be so reckless and didn’t mind that he might offend Manchu officials.
Chu Yun also exclaimed in a low voice that it was him.
If you look dumbfounded, you can’t believe it
Knight Ma is an acquaintance.
Impressively is NaLanYu.
The fourth part is the 20 th Golden Knife in Qin Feng.
I’m still in the middle. I’ll focus on the first chapter later.
If you are deeply shocked and puzzled,
The man who galloped in the long street turned out to be Nalanyu.
That Yan Yuwen is amiable, handsome, beautiful and good at riding and shooting Jiagong. He helped Xiao Yili to save his life in the assassination of an assassin in Chu, and now his friend is riding on pedestrians in Loudang Street.
Passers-by roared and cursed and quickly dodged the strip. There was panic and chaos, and people ran around pushing and shoving.
One person can’t climb up without being pushed to the ground, but Nalan jade horse is heading straight ahead.
Xu Motian angrily slapped him on the table.
ChuYun low call a conveniently take a chopstick in the palm of your hand to save lives.
If you look pale, Xiao Yuan was riding on this avenue at the beginning, regardless of people’s life and death, but Na Lanyu was willing to take risks to save children’s lives in horseshoes. The hero who saved the children in those days turned out to be a longitudinal horse strip. Did Na Lanyu’s performance on that day be an illusion? People were unpredictable, and it was difficult to distinguish between good and evil.
Ma Si even the handsome white horse lashed at the reins, and the white horse screamed and stood up, but Nalanyu was still sitting firmly in the horse’s mouth, panting and patting the horse’s neck with one hand to calm the horse’s mood. The white horse turned twice in the ground and finally stopped.
The horseshoe just stopped in front of the fallen man, who was so scared that he even screamed as if he didn’t know that he had survived. The pedestrians around him were all pale and nervous.
NaLanYu bridled the galloping horse to see others scared out of their wits. Instead of apologizing, NaLanYu waved his hand and threw a long whip at the man. How dare you block the road and surprise my horse? Can you afford it?
What’s wrong with this world if you can’t believe that the lines of bullies and villains in your own ear-to-ear video novels will come out of Nalanyu’s mouth?
Yuling county magistrate street is mostly rich and powerful slaves, each with eyes on the top of his head and a bigger temper than the sky. Where can he stand others being bullies than they are?
The man who was beaten jumped up with his eyes burning with fire and staring at Nalanyu. Even I dared to hit you, and I was tired of living.
It’s really killing everyone in the street to shout together. How dare you run to Yuling County to come to Hu Fei?
A lot of people have rushed to teach him a lesson. You don’t want to live. Let’s be you.
If you don’t intervene at a distance, you will even yell and beat him to death.
At the end of the strip, there is a loud roar. Who dares to be polite?
With shouting a servant to dress up, the young entourage rode a black horse and rushed to see that the situation here was critical, blushing and shouting that Nalan Gong was not polite here.
It doesn’t matter what you do. Let’s beat it first and then people yell noisily.
However, people seem to be busy in their hearts, tearing people around them and asking which Nalan Gong is.
Before the sound fell, the golden light flashed on my cheeks and shot directly to the wall behind me. It crashed and fell to the ground and rolled a few times. The wall collided and landed again. It was very boring, but suddenly it was quiet when it came to a noisy strip.
People’s eyes were fixed on the rolling thing, a small gold-colored bullet.
After a while, someone finally reached out and picked up the bomb, and suddenly turned pale. This is really made of gold.
Chu Yun exclaimed in a low voice at the top of the building. It’s extravagant to hit people with gold.
Xu Mo’s day is cold, and Nalan Yu’s body looks like a young man, and he is respected and favored by the emperor. The streets are rampant with riding and archery, and the people are beaten with gold bullets every day. When they see the people fighting for gold bullets, they laugh. Where is the second person in this fun?
Speaking, the entourage has arrived at Nalanyu’s side to turn over the horse’s eyes and scan the crowd. They shouted, "Who dares to offend Nalanyong, a bodyguard with four knives in command?"
There was silence in the strip, and no one spoke. The man gently untied the sleeve and took the stick. He thought that the predecessors hurriedly hid the stick behind him, leaving Nalanyu’s neighbors trying to retreat without trace. The man who just looked angry now is trying very hard to squeeze a smile on his face.
If you pick your eyebrows, a bodyguard with a knife is more powerful than the general, who is in charge of a horde of horses.
I am far away from the emperor, but I have more scruples about him. He is a close minister. Who knows that today’s saints love him deeply? He never pursues what he did without a letter and saved Xiao Yi.
Xu Mo-tian looked at it slowly, saying that even his biological father, Nalan, died on his knees when he played the suggestion jointly. However, the emperor actually understated that Qin Chu saw that Qin Jin was going to have a good connection and mutual assistance, so he erased the matter, and even some officials who wanted to take the opportunity to bring down Nalan were discouraged and forced him to fight against Nalan’s right side. Many officials in the DPRK took the opportunity to vote for his name.
He pointed to the floor and slowly said that more than half of the bosses in Yuling County, large and small, are disciples of Xiang Ye. These people have their own opinions, and Na Lanyu still respectfully respects them as slaves, and who dares to be polite again?
Just now, I was looking for Nalanyu with a tiger’s face. The people who were desperately trying to find Nalanyu were already smiling and bowing in front of the horse. The villains were stupid and failed to make way for the stallion earlier.
Look at his expression. He seems to have waited on a slave by Nalanyu since childhood.
The handle of Nalanyu’s whip gently knocks on his palm and looks disdainfully at the person who bows in front of him. Who are you from?
Wang Gui, the villain, is in charge of the Wangs’ family in Wang Songquan. The master believes that Xiaoxiao is here to help with several businesses.