"Mom, is this a’ soul’? It’s a’ cut the soul’ and it’s almost the same. "Just now, everything is influenced by the Soul Sutra. After that, Lin Feng couldn’t help cursing, but soon he is now suffering from this time. The cultivation spirit has really increased a lot. I want to be able to grow up to my own strength. Even if I suffer again, Lin Feng can bear it.

Windson shook his head with a wry smile and staggered up. When he looked at it, he felt that it was already sunset before he knew it.
"Those three girls are crazy, aren’t they?"
Goo 1 going to the bathroom to take a bath and sweating all over is really
On the way to the bathroom, Lin Feng couldn’t help but think of the words that appeared in his mind during the practice. The importance of parents’ words and Han Yu in his heart is self-evident, but what Chu Yu words also appeared. Can’t he really let her go? Windson couldn’t help but take out the amethyst necklace from the ring and look at the beautiful and mysterious amethyst falling in a trance.
"The wind is not good! Beibei, she was kidnapped! "
The door suddenly came to the Qin Xinyu, and the anxious sound also awakened Lin Feng from his thoughts.
"What did you say?" Windson surprised way
"Beibei has just been kidnapped!" Qin Xinyu ran to the front of windson, clutching his arm and saying,
"Who did it?" Windson flew into a rage and someone dared to kidnap himself and protect people in his own territory? However, Lin Feng soon found another important problem, that is, it seems that there is still one person missing, so he asked, "Where is the little moon?"
Qin Xinyu breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Abortion is fine. She said something before she left that she wanted someone to turn Shencheng over!"
Lin Fengwen calmed down a little and said, "Don’t worry about telling me the situation in detail!"
Lin Feng learned the whole story from Qin Xinyu’s narrative.
After shopping for a day, the three girls bought a lot of things. When they came back, Qin Xinyu decided to go home first and put these things away before returning to the villa.
When they got to Lin Fenggu, they had a little rest before they re-emerged from the Qin Xinyu and Sun Yaoyue. When they put on their shoes, they had a little rest for a lively and active Blue Beibei, so they didn’t go upstairs first.
Qin Xinyu and Sun Yaoyue walked to the back of the building, and now Blue Beibei seems to argue with a young man with a famous brand. There is also a composed middle-aged man who looks at it coldly. Before they can get close to the young man and Blue Beibei, they have already started to fight.
Seeing this situation, Qin Xinyu and Sun Yaoyue didn’t worry too much. They thought it was another dude with bodyguards who wanted to flirt with Blue Beibei, only to annoy her both sides. Only then did they start to work on Blue Beibei’s strength. They knew very well that the five-star fighter Dugu, the runner-up in the fighting competition of the Federal University Games, proved that his younger brother Blue Star Gu Wu’s family was the only daughter of a contemporary householder, and that any identity was enough to make his opponent look good.
Qin Xinyu’s original battle will soon be able to quell the hapless little boy, who will certainly be badly repaired by Blue Beibei. Sun Yaoyue is smiling and slowly stepped forward to join in the excitement and see if he can also enjoy the pleasure of a flat person.
However, Qin Xinyu was soon surprised to be with Lin Feng all the year round. Although Qin Xinyu’s fighting ability is far from the real master, she also has the nickname "Dugu Xinyu" in fighters. She is not inferior to the first-class master in terms of vision. After reading more than a dozen tricks, Qin Xinyu is now blue Beibei is not the young man’s opponent and has been gradually suppressed by the other side.
Now that Qin Xinyu was in a hurry, he took two steps to help. I didn’t expect the middle-aged bodyguard who had been watching coldly across the street to suddenly start work, which shocked Qin Xinyu. It seemed that the middle-aged bodyguard took a move and stopped two people in a fierce battle at the same time!
"What did you say? A trick? " I heard that windson could not help but exclaim.
"I’m not sure he’s going too fast," Qin Xinyu said with some uncertainty. "I stopped fighting when I saw the figure flash, and then now the middle-aged bodyguard has buckled Blue Beibei and the young man’s contacts."
I heard that windson frowned involuntarily. He was also very clear about the strength of Blue Beibei, and he listened to the tone of Qin Xinyu. The strength of Blue Beibei against young people seems to be still in Blue Beibei, but these two people were stopped at the same time. The strength of the middle-aged bodyguard seems to be unfathomable.
Windson asked himself that it was impossible to stop the two men at the same time. This requires not only an accurate judgment of the fighting situation, but also a thorough understanding of the moves of the two men in the fight. Not only that, Windson remembered that Lan Beibei was a master at home, and her opponent was able to suppress her. Obviously, her strength would never be higher than her desire to stop the two men at the same time, but it would also reach a rather shocking level. But such an extremely good player would go to be a bodyguard for people? Windson think impassability.
Chapter seventy-one Restrict
The wind shook his head and asked, "Then what?"
"Then the middle-aged bodyguard let go of the young man’s hand and took Blue Beibei with him into a suspended flying car and flew away." Speaking of this, Qin Xinyu paused and said with some doubts. "By the way, the middle-aged bodyguard said to me before he left-‘Go back and tell Lin Feng that the ego will come back for him!’ Feng, can these two people be your enemies? "
"Oh?" Lin Fengwen said one leng to think it over carefully. Although Shencheng can be said to be a forest air site, his enemies are really many. At the beginning, Lin Feng really offended many young masters and ladies of rich families in the dream university, but in the end they were all crushed by the Chen family in Sun Jiahe. But it is certain that although these guys are forced by Sun Chen’s two forces to dare not seek revenge again, they must be willing to find some trouble for Lin Feng privately, but Lin Feng will never believe that they dare to kidnap his friends in broad daylight, and these people probably can’t invite the unfathomable bodyguard in Qin Xinyu’s mouth.
Wait, is such a master really a bodyguard? Lin Feng suddenly had an epiphany in his mind and asked, "Xinyu Beibei, what is her expression after being restrained by that middle-aged man?"
"Beibei expression?" Qin Xinyu rubbed his eyebrows for a long time before he hesitated and said, "There seems to be something wrong when you say this. At that time, Beibei looked back at us before being escorted. There seems to be fear or fear in her eyes after being kidnapped. There seems to be anger and … yes, more nai!"
"That’s right!" There’s an excellent master who deliberately kidnapped Beibei! "
"A Feng, do you already know who they are?" Qin Xinyu hurriedly asked, "Will Beibei be in danger?"
"I think Beibei should not be in danger." Windson smiled mysteriously. "If I didn’t guess wrong, the young man who started work with Beibei was Beibei’s cousin Lan Yan, while the middle-aged people were mostly Beibei’s elders and even Beibei’s father."
"What do you think so?" Qin Xinyu asked doubtfully.
"If you don’t know Beibei’s fighting moves and habits, it’s impossible to stop her at one stroke." Lin Fengxiao smiled and added, "And Beibei’s personality will not be arrested even if she is defeated. Remember Beibei and I said that the whole blue family can make her dare not be presumptuous. There is one person, and that is her father Lan Yehan. I guess they just came from Blue Star to bring Beibei back, but I don’t know how they can find out Beibei’s whereabouts so quickly. I have made a lot of efforts to hide Beibei’s whereabouts." Speaking of this, Lin Feng caught it.
Qin Xinyu bowed his head and thought for a while. "Well, now that you mention it, I also remember that it’s really possible that the young man who started work with Beibei is really similar to Beibei, and if it weren’t for Beibei’s family, Beibei wouldn’t have shown Nai’s expression at that time, but what should we do now? Don’t watch them take Beibei back? "
"It’s okay. I’m ready. Without my permission, they won’t want to take Beibei out of the earth! Even their own … Hum … "Windson snorted twice and added, I think she will come back to us soon. Didn’t the middle-aged man say that he would come to me? We just have to wait now. "
Lan Yan is in a hurry now, and the workers who go through the formalities in front of him shouted, "What did you say? Beibei, she can’t leave the earth? What? "
Lan Yan and Lan Yehan caught Lan Beibei, but big sleep immediately parted ways. Lan Yehan returned to Shazhengke Villa to continue to live and prepare to take time to compete with Lin Feng. Lan Yan took Lan Beibei to the moon port to prepare to take the earliest space plane to return to Blue Star.
On the way to the moon port, the white forest air has such a powerful force on the earth that Lan Yan is a little uneasy. On the one hand, he is afraid that someone will rob Lan Beibei halfway, and on the other hand, he is afraid that Lan Beibei will make trouble for himself. Although Lan Beibei’s power has been sealed by Lan Yehan, it is still easy to make something. After all, he can’t tie her hands and feet and seal her mouth.
I didn’t expect that instead of having an accident all the way, Blue Beibei also cooperated very well. Just when Blue Rock could successfully step back to Blue Star, I didn’t expect to be told that Blue Beibei couldn’t leave the earth. If it didn’t make him angry?
"Mr. Lan, please calm down." The worker replied with a faint smile. "Miss Lan Beibei’s name is restricted. She can’t leave the earth until the list is cancelled."
"Limit the list of people? Are you kidding me? What did she do to be restricted?
Rock unbelievable asked.
The so-called list of restricted personnel refers to those who have committed some things or involved in some cases on earth. These people will be required not to leave the earth before the incident or case is resolved, so their names will all appear on the list of restricted personnel, and it is impossible to leave the earth before it is cancelled.
But Lan Yangen didn’t believe what Lan Beibei would do. After all, it wasn’t long before she arrived on the earth. "Someone must be up to something." Lan Yan thought of this and looked back. He always followed Lan Beibei’s face without the slightest surprise. It seems that it is a matter of course to recognize that he was restricted. Seeing Lan Beibei’s expression, Lan Yan finally turned white. What would be so good all the way?
"I’m sorry, Mr. Lan. What did Miss Lan do? You can ask her yourself. We don’t have any information here." The worker still replied superciliously. After saying this sentence, the worker seemed to show something again. He looked at the screen in front of him and looked at the face of Lan Yan. Suddenly he asked, "Mr. Lan, if your information is correct, your name should be Lan Yan."
"Yeah, what’s the matter? Didn’t you already know? " Lan Yan didn’t good the spirit replied that he was at a loss at the moment and didn’t know what to do.
"I’m sorry that your name has appeared in the list of people just now, so I think you two should communicate with some departments to see what is going on." The worker said that he was very polite, but the action was not so unpleasant, and I don’t know what he did. Two armed port special police officers appeared around Lan Yan and Lan Beibei, presumably to invite them to "communicate."
It’s true that if Lan Beibei is alone, it may be that Lan Yan doesn’t know that she can’t leave, but both of them are restricting the list. If people want to leave the earth at the same time, they have to give people a feeling of "absconding"
"I can’t say anything?" Lanyan gaffes and screams again. It’s too much to surprise Lanyan in just a few minutes. I was just thinking about what happened to Lanbeibei, limiting the list of people. I didn’t expect to be on the list in an instant.
"That’s right!" The staff must have nodded. "I think you two should communicate with some departments first, so don’t delay the passengers behind you."
"You …" Lan Yan glared at the front workers for a long time, but he still left with Lan Beibei and the two port special police. Although he is a master fighter and pregnant with home skills, he is not a high-tech weapon opponent. What’s worse, he has guessed who is behind the trick. If he is good, the other party will not do anything to himself if he looks at Lan Beibei, but if he wants to attack a police officer now, the consequences will be unimaginable. I have to say that Lan Yan has decided to be quite wise at the moment.
Compared with Lanyan when he was in the port, Naisha Zhengke had a headache at the moment, but no matter who was surrounded by 1ooo armed swat team ||| Especially when the leading commander kept asking him to hand over the kidnapping suspect, Sha Zhengke had no doubt that these armed swat officers would have rushed in if it weren’t for his sand family in Shencheng.
Sun Yaoyue did realize what she said before about turning the whole city over. As soon as she got home, Sun Yubu made a series of orders to make the whole city black and white, and finally found out the identity and foothold of the "kidnapper" after more than an hour.
After unsuccessful negotiation, Sha Zhengke walked back to the villa and tried to find another way.
"Dad, how is it going now? Do you want to contact the police chief of Shencheng? " Shazhengke entered Shahaishan and was forced to ask.
"Contact a fart!" Sha Zhengke bitterly scolded, "The guy who led the team didn’t eat you hard or soft. I haven’t been to Director Zhou. The key is that the other party doesn’t seem to put Lao Zhou in the eye. But I want to personally supervise the situation in bring up the rear, even if Lao Zhou comes, I dare not say a word!"