The old man looks quite young, but in his twenties, he is wearing clothes that are not shabby, old but clean like the old man.

Probably there is no way for the old man to trap his son. The hemp rope is very solid and tied behind him like a mummy. His hands have black nails and are seven centimeters long. It looks particularly scary.
Aware of the arrival of a stranger, the man opened his eyes with difficulty and took a look, then shouted a father.
Looks like he’s still sane. ptomaine didn’t attack him
Glutinous rice? I look at Ma Xiaolan. Chapter 7 is 6.
Ma Xiaolan took it and prepared a piece of sticky rice paper for the old man to look for in his own body to see if he had not been bitten by anything.
The old man soon found two small holes in his son’s neck. Ma Xiaolan applied the paper with glutinous rice to the old man’s wound.
As soon as I put it away, I fell into the oil pan and went in for a while. After a scratching sound, there was a burst of black smoke. The old man was in pain in bed. I saw that the old man seemed to be ashamed of himself. He looked at me with such pain.
I think Ma Xiaolan is almost the same, so I told Ma Xiaolan that it is not so easy to compare the ptomaine when it is pulled up. Let’s wait outside now that it has been tied up, there should be no problem.
When we went outside, there was a big shock. There seemed to be a lot of cars coming, including sirens. What happened here?
Ma Xiaolan and I looked at each other. Ma Xiaolan was busy pushing me to go outside. The old man was anxious to follow us, but he turned a deaf ear to the siren outside. He was worried that his son would ask me if Ma Xiaolan and I were hopeless.
If it doesn’t happen, it will take you three hours to get back to life, I said
At this time, we have arrived at the gate of the old man’s home, where we parked several police cars and a large number of people came rushing from the car.
Everyone was dressed in black and special equipment, with guns in their hands and gas masks. Several people saw us, and their guns were aimed at us and surrounded us.
What happened? I looked at that large group of people and said something for a while. What law did I commit or did I become a terrorist? Is this after us?
I’ve never seen such a big scene, and my legs are shaking with nervousness.
Who are you? One of the people shouted at us with a trumpet.
Ordinary people, I said to them
Just as my voice just fell, I don’t know who shouted-they are not ordinary people. If they were ordinary people, the world would be ordinary people.
Just after listening to the man’s words, people got together as soon as they were on alert. A dozen submachine guns pointed at me, and Ma Xiaolan was still an old man.
The old man sat down on the ground nervously and said that he had not broken anything, and then said that he should not forget that he was in a hurry to find me today and did not go to the temple to worship the bodhisattva.
I am ashamed to look at the group of people coming towards us in front. When did I provoke the police station, or did the National Security Bureau ask the police for help to arrest Ma Xiaolan and me?
I glanced at Ma Xiaolan. Ma Xiaolan squinted at the front and looked puzzled. I could see that she didn’t know these people either.
In a short time, Ma Xiaolan suddenly laughed. Qin Gan Zhu Yan, you two are playing tricks on us. Didn’t you say let’s think about it? What does that mean?
Ha, ha, ha, ma xiaolan is sharp-eyed, which is what you see. One of them laughed, then took off his face and wore a mask, and suddenly there was a face with a ferocious scar. That person was Qin Gan, whom I met this morning.
And another person at Qin Gan’s side also took off his mask. It was when he came home that he bumped into that person. It seems that he is called Zhu Yan.
Two people smiled and let people put weapons, saying that it was absolutely no danger that Ma Xiaolan and I were in the place.
I quickly said that this is not necessarily the case. We are more dangerous in the local area.
The dragon is less modest again. It’s because of things like old and young that you can’t even get close to the underworld. If it’s ordinary ghosts and zombies, where is the dragon less opponent? Now it’s Ma Xiaolan’s help. Qin Gan and Zhu Yan have come to us
You’re not here to force us to help, are you? It’s too reneging. I looked at the two men and said
Of course not. We’re a letter-telling organization, not to force you to come here. It’s routine, but I didn’t expect to meet you two, Qin Gan said
Do what I looked at Qin Gan suspiciously.
Seeing that you are here, something must have happened here. We got the news that a zombie escaped from the city of H and was brought here by our people when he was lurking in this village. We want to come here to see if no one is poisoned and turned into a zombie, and at the same time isolate this village, Qin Gan said.
What does isolation mean? The old man has climbed up from the ground when he saw that the danger was lifted.
It is here that people are not allowed to come in. Qin Gan said
That won’t stop others from coming in, won’t let us go, said the old man with a naive face. If we don’t go, why do we have to work for a living?
Qin Gan wanted to say something, but after all, he didn’t say it to the old man, but looked at me and asked me why you were here.
I have guessed that we are here to deal with the problems left by your zombies. I said that considering the old man’s words, it is not a way to isolate the people in this place. I said, I think this place should not be isolated. Let’s call all the people in the village and see if there is no problem. It is better to have all the people in it, so we are not afraid of missing it. If the problem is solved, there will be no isolation here.
Qin Gan listened to what I said, but I didn’t wait for Qin Gan to say anything, so Zhu Yan said, that’s fine. I’ll go to the village head and call the population now. It shouldn’t take more than an hour for the people in this village to be called.
I said that’s the best. Remember to finish it as soon as possible. We can’t get along with the real ptomaine.
Zhu Yan took a few people to find the village chief Qin Gan and came into the house with us to see an old man who had been poisoned by ptomaine.
The old man has calmed down at the moment, and the black nails have receded. I asked Ma Xiaolan to give him sticky rice, and then apply it again to eradicate the ptomaine, so there would be no problem.
It took an hour for the old man to recover, and he was in a trance, saying that he seemed to have had a nightmare and we didn’t order it.
The old man let his son have a rest in the room first, then followed us to the outside of the gate, and then the old man was bound to bow down. I told Ma Xiaolan that we were living immortals.
We can’t afford to be a living fairy. It’s also a blessing for your son to be saved in his previous life. We did what we should do, uncle. Please take good care of your son. Go. Your son should be very tired now. Cook him some porridge to eat. We have something to do. I said