Eating Le Xuewei for a meal is guilty.

When there was no relationship with Han Chengyi, she felt that it was nothing to help Liang Siwen in acting. But now … Her conscience is very uneasy in the face of Liang Guren’s warm attitude. Is it necessary to keep cheating like this?
Come here, she felt that she would never be with any man again in this life. When Liang Siwen asked her for help, she agreed at once.
Who knew that she and Han Chengyi would become like this?
At that time, Le Xuewei was in a dilemma …
Chapter 251 Looking for the Cold War
Banquet in the front yard of the presidential palace
The current president of the country … Hang Zehao succeeded the presidency 14 years ago at the age of 40 and a half. In that year, he was ordered by the crisis and young.
To say that Han Chengyi is also a shrewd and calculating person, but he thinks he is still inferior to this predecessor who succeeded the president at a young age.
Hang Zegao is coming towards Han Chengyi with a glass at the moment. There is a deep smile hidden in his eyes and lips, but it floats on the surface, which is the special ability given to him by his long career.
"Mr. Han is finally looking forward to your presence today."
Hang Zehao is smiling, but his words actually contain dissatisfaction. He invited a businessman, Han Chengyi, by the president of a country, and he didn’t give it to his face several times.
Han Chengyi smiled faintly and nodded. "The president is polite. Han didn’t mean to shirk it. The atmosphere here is really not suitable for Han. You know that everyone here is a child prodigy."
"…" Hang Zegao micro ash immediately laughed "ha ha …… Han Zong this is really not suitable for you child prodigy? If everyone here is a child prodigy, then Mr. Han, you are the best among the child prodigies! "
Han Chengyi smiled and said nothing, wondering what happened to Hang Zegao this time? Where do you need his money? It won’t be. Gossip with him.
"Han Zong … I heard that you have a fiancee?" Hang Zegao gradually stopped laughing, took a sip of wine and glanced at Han Chengyi. It seemed that he didn’t care and asked
Han Chengyi’s mind moved. Why did Hang Zegao suddenly ask such a question? Is it really common to talk to him? Then he shook his head. "This is an external mistake. I think the President said that this person should be Han who is taking care of a friend. She is in poor health. Han is just taking care of her."
"Oh?" Hang Zehao’s tone is shaking, and the liquid level in his hand is shaking and swaying. "But the outside world, Mr. Han, is infatuated with her!"
It’s no surprise for Han Chengyi that Hang Zehao said this … What on earth does Hang Zehao want to say that he is so interested in his private life?
Like guessing what Han Chengyi thought, Hang Zegao chuckled, "Don’t worry, I can’t do anything. I’m a n experienced person. I advise you that a man … is better to be devoted."
Said the DPRK-ROK Chengyi raised his glass.
Han Chengyi tugged at the corners of his mouth and took a sip of whisky. What does this … mean? A country’s president comes around and points fingers at his private life?
"adoptive father"
Hang Zegao Yi Hang An approached the DPRK-ROK Chengyi and nodded and walked behind Hang Zegao, whispering something serious.
Hang Zehao picked his eyebrows and put his glass "Han Zonghang, please excuse me and enjoy yourself."
"The President please …"
Hang Zehao took Hang An to think and look at Han Chengyi when he was ready to leave, which meant that he didn’t say, "Did Han Zong find the liver source?"
"…" Han Chengyi zheng shook his head "not yet"
Hang Zegao suddenly frowned and sighed, "Then you have to speed up. It’s not good to delay this disease for four years."
Say that finish turned away.
Han Chengyi’s eyes flashed with consternation. This … situation made him very confused!
Hang Zehao took Hang An directly to the presidential residence, and he needed to brush his fingerprints when entering the residence. Hang Zehao didn’t relax.
"how about it? What do people say when they come back from the city? "
"Check the news that this Qiao Yuwei is indeed the daughter of the president Qiao Wandong who discovered this liver metabolic disease four years ago … and then four years ago, I heard that a lot has happened to Qiao’s family, but these are all some details that are not very clear. Just a little people know that Qiao Wandong and his daughter Qiao Yuwei fell ill and then divorced with his wife. Finally, I don’t know what Qiao Wandong didn’t pay attention to Qiao Yuwei. The daughter Qiao Yuwei relied on being connected to the imperial city by Han Chengyi at that time. If Han Chengyi hadn’t spent so many years on conservative treatment for her, I’m afraid she would.
At this point, Hang An stopped saying unlucky things. It seems that Qiao Yuwei’s identity may be unusual at present.
"Liver metabolic disease …" Hang Zehao raised an eyebrow and repeated, "What kind of disease is this? Have you consulted carefully?"
Hang An nodded. "Naturally, this kind of disease is mostly a spontaneous possibility of family inheritance. It is not without possibility, but a little adoptive father. From this point of view, this Qiao Yuwei is unlikely …"
"Well," Hang Zegao nodded his head, eyes slightly gathered. "It’s true that no one in Hangzhou has ever had this disease for generations … but how do you explain that she is Qiao Wandong’s daughter? Qiao Wandong’s character will not throw away his daughter unless he already knows that this daughter is not him! And this Qiao Yuwei mother can even throw her own daughter … Which mother in the world is so cruel? Can there be a better reason than not being a biological one? "
"Is …" Hang An bowed their heads and frowned. "Ann thinks so, too. It’s because Qiao Wandong heard that he was extremely fond of his wife and daughter before the accident four years ago …"
So that is to say, four years ago, something happened that made Qiao Wandong’s wife run away and he didn’t want his daughter … Hang Zehao helped his forehead, and the only explanation he could think of was … Qiao Wandong finally found out that his daughter, who had been in love for many years, was not him.
"Check Qiao Wandong again … Is there a daughter?" Hang Zegao told me that he should not be careless about whether Qiao Wandong will have two daughters … Qiao Wandong is not a philanderer.
"Is know …"
It’s easy to get out of here. Han Chengyi came out of the presidential palace and went directly to Le Xuewei’s apartment. I haven’t seen her for several days. Although I was rejected today, it’s good to go to her house and have a look. Maybe Xiaoxue will come out?
Rolls-Royce parked in the apartment building before Le Xuewei noticed Han Chengyi’s order to park the car far away from the apartment door and looked up to see Xiaoxue’s window.
But it’s not too late. Why is it so dark in Xiaoxue’s window? Are you already asleep? Just now, she did say that she was tired and wanted to go to bed early.
Looking at the dark window, Han Chengyi’s mood became gloomy and he sat there for a while and told Ni Jun to "go home!" "
However, Ni Jun hasn’t promised that Han Chengyi suddenly slapped his seat and shouted, "Wait!"
"Three little?" Ni Jun puzzled and looked down Han Chengyi’s line of sight.
Not far from the entrance of the apartment building, a red Ferrari stopped. Liang Siwen and Le Xuewei both got out of the car.
Liang Siwen took out two bags from the back seat of the car and handed them to Le Xuewei. "It’s a little heavy. Really?"
Le Xuewei took the bag, shook her head and said with a smile, "I can’t take the stairs, but I’m not tired. My home is a little messy, and I’m tired. I’ll go to bed after washing. I’ll entertain you. Go home quickly!"
"That’s good. I’m leaving." Liang Siwen raised her hand in Le Xuewei’s head and gently rubbed it. Le Xuewei looked at the car and was relieved.
In my hand, Mrs. Liang cooks soup herself and cooks all kinds of snacks. I’m afraid that Le Xuewei will not have a good meal when she is busy. Mrs. Liang is so considerate. Le Xuewei really feels that it is necessary to find a chance to talk to Liang Siwen about cheating.
Turned into the apartment building, took out her cell phone on the ladder, and it didn’t ring all night. He didn’t come and didn’t send a message … So she needs to be quiet.
"Three little … want to go over?"
Chen Nijun looked at Han Chengyi’s face and couldn’t help but persuade him, "Don’t just think about it yourself and listen to what Third Mistress says …"
Section 14
Han Chengyi suddenly tightened his hand and didn’t say anything. His eyes closed and he leaned against the chest tightness. What did he ask? Isn’t it exciting to see it with your own eyes?
So this is why Xiaoxue is lukewarm to him! He should have thought that Liang Siwen was her boyfriend. They have been together for four years and are ready to get engaged!
So what is he? What are those … in the valley? Xiaoxue just regards it as an affair? Xiaoxue said it herself. Anyway, it’s the matter between men and women that is good for both sides. She doesn’t care! What a fool he is!
"car! Go! "
"Three little …"