"Now the police probably have martial law. If you go out late, you will be easily found."

"What are you afraid of? I am superman, but I can fly." Qin Shaojie said.
"That’s right," Fujiwara thought for a moment and then asked, "By the way, you always make a flash."
Flash? Qin Shaojie was one leng, but then she came over for nothing. She said it was a royal thunder operator, right?
"It’s a secret. I can’t tell you."
"I’m worried that you’ve been photographed by the monitor and that you lost your special abilities when you killed those yakuza members. I think if you go out now, you will be surrounded by the army. If you are caught, they will probably dissect you and study you."
"Monitor? I forgot about this. Is it also in the police station building? " Qin Shaojie exclaimed
"Of course, don’t you know?" Fujiwara looked at Qin Shaojie in disbelief as if she were saying to Qin Shaojie, "Why are you so stupid?"
"That … that you are not also photographed?"
No, can’t you see that I was wearing a mask when I was in the hall? Then he took out a thin piece of black cloth from his pocket.
Er … I really didn’t notice that Qin Shaojie was so depressed that he forgot to wear a mask when he went out to do bad things.
"Is there still no clue in China and James Tien?" In the office of RB Prime Minister Mei Chuan Yves, Mei Chuan Yves looked at a middle-aged man in military uniform sitting next to him and asked.
"The Prime Minister’s cabinet was rescued and left without finding it, but the rescuer was a man and a woman wearing a mask and the man …"
"What’s the matter with that man? Say, "said Mei Chuan Yves heavy.
"At that time, ten members of the Yamaguchi group in the Prime Minister’s Cabinet went after their department and were killed. According to the surveillance video, this man’s modus operandi is very similar to that of UFOs attacking patrol boats two days ago."
"What? You mean … "Mei Chuan Yves exclaimed.
"According to the surviving soldiers, the Prime Minister’s Cabinet said that they were attacked by the sudden light in the sky that day, and this man was also light when he killed several members of the Yamaguchi group, but we don’t know what weapon he was."
"Ma Ma, get his picture out and send a national warrant," Mei Chuan Yves gnashed her teeth.
This is the man who killed his nephew and the only male among the younger generation of Mei Chuan family.
Chapter 157 Yi
The news that Qin Shaojie was wanted was broadcast by the TV station immediately the next day, and the newspaper also published a prize of up to 5 million yen. Fortunately, the monitor caught him with a vague side face, but Qin Shaojie was still very angry. After Fujiwara’s beautiful translation, Qin Shaojie realized that he was crowned as a terrorist activity.
Mahler Gobi, even if you described me as liberating tens of thousands of girls who were forced to take a small photo and make trouble, you gave me a whole charge of terrorist attack. Isn’t that bullshit? Why do you want me to be wanted in the country when everything comes to these RB people?
Well, since you say I’m engaged in terrorist attacks, I’m sorry for your enthusiasm if I don’t come up with something.
"Hey, Fujiwara, let me ask you a question." Qin Shaojie looked seriously at Fujiwara, who was dressed like a girl in a cute cartoon pajamas.
"It’s very hot when you ask," Fujiwara said vaguely as she stuffed Qin Shaojie into her mouth and didn’t know what made breakfast.
"You also saw how I get out now?" Qin Shaojie pointed to see asked.
"Woo-hoo is delicious," Fujiwara Mizo said after swallowing something in his mouth.
"What are you going out for? Didn’t you hear? You’ve become a * * * "Fujiwara Mae stared at her beautiful big eyes and blinked.
"Now there are both black and white roads out there looking for you. I guess it won’t be long before the police will come to the door for questioning, and even if you go out without being recognized by the police and seen by those yakuza, it’s not good."
"Even if I don’t go out, what if the police come to the door later?" Qin Shaojie asked
"Ah, yes," Fujiwara said suddenly.
"I’ll make it easy for you. Hee hee almost forgot that I’m an expert in this field."
"Will you be easy?" Qin Shaojie surprised and asked
"Of course, hum." Fujiwara Mei pursed her lips and snorted. It seemed that she was dissatisfied with Qin Shaojie’s questioning of her.
"When I finish painting, I promise your mother won’t recognize you."
Qin Shaojie listened to his head and floated three black lines directly. Nima, this child can’t afford to be hurt. Dare to speak? Don’t be so awesome.
"Wait for me to get the tools." Before Qin Shaojie could speak, Fujiwara Mei dragged her Shuangliu rabbit to take off her shoes and ran into the room. Soon she came out with a box like a first-aid kit.
"Come on, let’s do it," Fujiwara said.
Qin Shaojie conveniently took the box and took a look at it. Boy, scalpels, scissors, eyebrows, cotton, and all kinds of bottles and cans. That’s really everything. This girl is not trying to give people easy, but to give people the whole thing.
"Are you sure you will be easy?" Qin Shaojie looked at the scissors and scalpel very uncertain and asked.
"Of course, I am an expert in this field," Fujiwara said. "Don’t worry that those scissors and scalpels won’t be given to you."