But when can HongHao take care of them? He felt that a fatal crisis struck and forced the magic to run, and immediately gave birth to a piece of Qingyun, which was like the essence. When he appeared again, he was already twenty feet away.

This is one of the seven secrets of the Qing Xuanmen, Taibai Qingyun Tactics.
Burning orange flashes, flying sword breaks.
Feeling a pain in his face, Hong Hao wiped his cheeks and found that his hands were covered with scarlet, and his eyes were filled with horror. He was smarter than the Sangs, and he reacted immediately after many causes and effects were connected in series. He hurriedly flashed several times, holding his sword in his hands and screaming, and rushed to make a complicated etiquette for Chen Shaobai’s direction.
Give up! Surrender! Loyalty!
There are many understandings of this etiquette, but it is nothing more than these three meanings.
Hao Caohua’s streamer gravel returns to the purple pupil eyes. Chen Shaobai holds a sword to kill the enemy, depending on his performance. It seems that he has just cut off two people’s feet. In general, the situation in the field is chaotic. Hundreds of people have entered the fray to kill Xing, and people have noticed that they are not caring enough.
Within three breaths, the Sangs brothers have both been beheaded by skeleton soldiers.
Although Chen Shaobai wants to completely kill Honghao, the speed of the other party’s explosion is impossible unless his three swords come together. However, if Chixiao, Yuchang and Haocao come together, his identity will be exposed immediately, and even if there is chaos in the field, some people can recognize him.
Don’t say that he can’t afford to be a common cousin if he is accused of the scourge of war.
"I have sinned and changed my mind to apologize!" Honghao’s footsteps staggered and Qingyun flashed and soon disappeared into the battlefield.
Strictly speaking, Taibai Qingyun’s tactic is not a posture, but a set of secret records of practice. Even so, Honghao’s outbreak speed at the moment is not Chen Shaobai, and these brothers who have not refined mana can be enterprises.
Being able to push it back like a lost dog mostly depends on swordsmanship.
"multiplier fly sword fast if flying! This should be a depiction of a [rapid] array method! This pure ultimate refiner is valuable and difficult to handle! " Chen Shaobai can deceive others, but he can’t know the truth. Two companions, Zhou Jinyu, have a full face of shock. Se, the shaking force of the sword in his hand will shake the skeleton before him.
Chen Shaobai smiled without a word, and the two swords wiped out the enemy in front of him.
"It’s the best thing we can do to practice mana before J: ng’s soul changes extremely. Just take out something that is priceless. I don’t know how many government provinces are willing to exchange territory taxes for the imperial city, which may lead the emperor to sell officials and titles for a handle." Wu Muqin is also a face of surprise
Who doesn’t have some little secrets when he is away from home? It is because of mutual respect for secrets and cards that the three people can remain friendly at present. When Chen Shaobai didn’t take the initiative to explain his meaning, they didn’t ask questions.
"The dead rot is gone."
Chen Shaobai keenly noticed that the corrosive yellow water no longer appeared around the skeleton soldiers, and the chaos in the backcourt was slightly curbed after losing dozens of people.
"It’s estimated that Zuo Xunqiu and brother Chineydy fought to a critical point and he couldn’t get away with it." Zhou Jinyu held a magic sword and smashed the seventh vertebra of the skeleton in front of him to separate his body, and still spared no effort to analyze it.
"A person can cause such a big fear. If the opponent is not our fairy brothers, I’m afraid that Zuo Xunqiu alone can cut a state! This is the power of the secret method of the magical power! " Wu Muqin is like a flame, and the sword in his hand licks the skeleton in front, splashing a handful of bone powder every time he jumps.
"You really left for autumn will come alone? If I didn’t guess wrong, his sect should be similar to that of Brother Chineydy. "
Chen Shaobai’s words made them feel shocked and looked around.
They found nothing but a glimpse of the sea and a stupid volcano.
With the fierce fighting, everyone in the Qing Xuanmen has learned a lot, and the chances of saving lives have risen a lot in small groups. They are either single-minded idiots or strong people with full confidence in their own strength.
Without the support of the dead and rotten water, the skeleton of the battlefield was quickly cleaned up, and a black fog rolled from the distant volcano before everyone came to be sad or happy.
Looking up from afar, their eyesight was excellent. They soon found a brother who was riding a mountain monster with black Se. As they approached rapidly, even Se, who was ferocious and bloodthirsty, could see clearly.
Those black fog points are the condensation of sweat and sweat from the black Se mountain-climbing beast!
Sprinting from the highlands in a BMW will give these disciples great speed and strength. In the face of such absolute speed and strength, all skills are a paper tiger.
Just as the secular battlefield cavalry should have enough tactical sprint distance to the infantry, it can almost cause one-sided crushing and killing to the enemy, and all the brothers outside the Yellow Sect are masters and strongmen with swords, and they are more impactful and lethal than the secular heavy cavalry with Qinglong machete.
Although I am a fairy’s younger brother, all the people in the Xuanmen of Qing Dynasty have not refined their spiritual power and cultivated the magical secret method. In the eyes of these yellow brothers, they are just some mortals with advanced strength.
Running around at the moment is purely a matter of dying and wanting a horse to hedge and fight. It is no longer possible for the evil spirit to cross the mountain. The speed of the beast Ri travels for two thousand miles, and it will increase many times from a height to a sprint. The distance is so small that the horse can’t adjust its direction.
Is there a dead end?
They consciously turned their eyes to the only remaining disciples in the Central Plains, only to find that Honghao had long since disappeared, so despair gradually spread and a cold and vicious atmosphere rose.
I have to say that most people who can enter the immortal Sect, whether they are princes or nobles or ordinary people, have their own unique features. Faced with such a mortal situation, they will not bury their heads in death but choose to fight hard
"Damn it! Even if you are old, you can’t make this group of yellow children feel better! "
The words of an outside brother almost made Chen Shaobai meet a fellow villager, but he couldn’t help laughing when he saw the other person’s blue Se pupil.
The eye is the window of the soul and the crystal of the soul. Since it is a blue Se pupil, it can’t be a Chinese grandson.
"It’s better to pull two magic pups than to give in easily to some people! Is there something funny? "