Think about it, or I would have gone back to my carriage by now. That’s enough. Here’s my business card. Take it to your master.

Ma ‘am, will you wait for me?
Yes, go.
That door left Madame Danglars in the street. She didn’t wait long. After a while, the door opened a big gap to let her in. After she entered, she went to the doorman and looked at her and felt a whistle from her pocket. As soon as they entered the front yard, he blew the whistle. The servants should be on the porch.
Madam, I’m sure this straight man showed the baroness the way as he spoke. He had strict orders, and M. de Villefort asked me to tell her that he had to do so.
A merchant of goods in the front yard came in after the same procedure. Now people are checking him to take the baroness of goods up the steps. She feels that she has been strongly infected with the gloomy atmosphere around her. She and the servant arrived in the judge’s room. Mrs. Teng Ralph was bent on the purpose of this visit, but these people were so disrespectful to her. She complained. However, Damville Fu raised his sad face and looked at her with such a gloomy smile. Her resentment was on her lips. Forgive my servant for his panic. He said that they were particularly suspicious because of suspicion.
Madame Danglars often heard people talk about the horrible atmosphere in the judge’s house, but she couldn’t believe that the horrible atmosphere had reached such a level before she witnessed it with her own eyes. So you are not happy, she said
Yes, ma’ am, the judge replied
So you sympathize with me
Sincerely sympathize with madam
Do you know what I am here?
You want to talk to me about something terrible that happened to you, don’t you?
Yes, it was a terrible disaster.
It should be said that it was unfortunate.
Cried the unfortunate baroness
Alas, madam, the prosecutor calmly said that I think it is a disaster to save things by law.
Can you be forgotten about this matter
Everything may be forgotten. Madame Villefort said that your love will get married again soon, either today or in a week. I don’t think you will regret losing your fiance.
Madame danglars looked at villefort, and she felt that this attitude was an insult to her. Who said that I had met a friend? She asked angrily.
It was Madame Villefort who said that when he said this, his pale face turned red. What he said just now reminded him of the baroness’s past.
Well, then be enthusiastic, dear, said Baroness Villefort.
Don’t talk to me like a judge. Talk to me like a friend. Don’t tell me that I should be happy when I am in pain.
Villefort bowed. In recent months, I have contracted a bad habit. He said that whenever I hear of a disaster, I think of myself. I can’t help but want a comparison. I think my disaster is unfortunate to compare you. Compared with your situation, my situation is still enviable. I know that you are unhappy. Let’s change the subject. Did you just say madam?
I came to ask you what my friend baroness said you were going to do with this scam.
Lie to Madame de Villefort, repeating, You seem to underestimate some things and exaggerate some things. Lie to Mr. Andrea Cavalcanti. To be more accurate, Mr. Benedetto is an out-and-out assassin
I don’t deny that you changed it more accurately, but the harsher you deal with that guy, the worse my family will suffer. Forget him for a while, don’t chase him, let him escape.
You’re late, ma’ am. The wanted order has been issued.
Oh, if we catch him, do you think they can catch him?
I wish I could
Suppose they catch him, I know the chance of escape in prison. Will you let him stay in prison?
The prosecutor shook his head.
Don’t wait until my daughter gets married.
No, ma’ am, the court should follow judicial procedures
Nothing can do for me, baroness asked half jokingly and half seriously
It’s the same for everyone, including me in Villefort.
Ah, the baroness gave a little shout, but it didn’t mean that she was disappointed or anything else
Villefort looked at her and tried to see through the baroness’s mind. Yes, I know what you’re trying to say. He said that you mean those terrible rumors spread by the outside world. Those people in my family died in vain for three months, and Valentine miraculously fortunately suffered.
I didn’t expect the Madame Danglars to answer quickly.
No, ma’ am, it’s very kind of you to think so. You can’t help thinking that way. You may say in your heart that since you are so ruthless and private in committing crimes, what criminals are at large? The baroness is pale. That’s what you think, isn’t it, ma’ am
Well, I admit that I really think so
Let me answer you. Villefort moved his round-backed chair to Madame Danglars’ chair, and then he put his hands on the table. A hoarse voice said that it was a crime and went unpunished. This is because I don’t know who the criminal is yet. I’m afraid I will punish the koo wrongly. Once the criminal is found, Villefort put his hand on a cross opposite his desk. Once they are found, I swear to the emperor that madam, no matter who they are, they will die. Now madam, do you ask me to forgive the bad guy?
But are you sure he is as serious as others say?
Listen, here’s his file. When Benedetto was sixteen, he was sentenced to five years of hard labor for counterfeiting money. Later, you see, he first escaped from prison and then killed people.
Who is this poor bastard?
Who knows a Langhan and a Corsican?
No relatives to recognize him?
Nobody recognizes him, and nobody knows who his parents are.
Who is the man who brought him from Lucca?
He is also a self-protection, maybe he is his accomplice.
The baroness put her hands together, Villefort, and cried her softest and sweetest voice.