Brother Kun Peng, who has been in contact with Yuan Heng for years, is very clear about neon cold. It can be said that neon cold is caused by Kun Peng’s watching the growth of neon cold, and even he is very impressed.

It’s a pity that the innate foundation is inferior to those really top middle fiends. How can it be so dangerous at this end?
As now, it is frequently proved that the theory of Xuan Gui is Yuan Heng and Kun Peng, but there is nothing to worry about.
"smoother than expected"
Yuan Heng’s eyes are full of joy, and things are progressing more smoothly than he had expected. "Look at that treasure light and that divine light there."
The mind turns to feng shui and pushes heaven to show insight into everything, so that Kun Peng can instantly detect the two powerful vastness hidden by the cold of heaven and earth frost and gradually enhance his breath.
"That treasure light …"
Eyes filled with thick aggregates Kun Peng thought about what he had detected in his eyes and suddenly took a deep breath. "Congenital Lingbao is promoted and …"
"Look at this, I’m afraid it’s still condensing the forty-ninth road and forbidding the gods first!"
There are a lot of precious treasures in heaven and earth, although it will not exceed a dozen in detail. Most of them are forbidden by the gods on the 45 th road and can reach the 49 th road. This kind of distance treasure is only a thin line. I am afraid that there will be no treasure in the five indexes!
"Brother, what’s going on? I remember that the spirit treasure associated with neon cold seems to be the innate spirit treasure, right?"
"That’s the Northern Xuanyuan Water Control Banner, which was born in response to the Arctic land!"
Yuan Heng smiled faintly and was very satisfied in his heart. "Cold son was born with a congenital deficiency, and even her accompanying Lingbao-the congenital nine snow lotus was affected by this. Now even Yuan Ling has not been bred!"
It is incredible that there is no Lingbao Yuanling after a certain amount of robbery.
"But it just so happens that this much snow lotus is made up of the fragments of the creation violet and the petals of the creation lotus, which are complementary to the source of the Xuanyuan water control flag. This time, with the help of Han Er’s road robbery, the power of the Xuanyuan water control flag not only increased dramatically, but also the success rate of Han Er’s road demonstration increased by one layer!"
"Plus what I left behind, the success rate of this cold child’s testimony is almost 90%!"
Kunpeng smell speech suddenly language.
90% success rate I’m afraid he didn’t even have this assurance at the beginning. In those days, his robbery was to balance the fierce conflict between Kun’s real body and Peng’s real body, and then he struggled in a narrow escape, fighting for a line in the cycle of life and death!
Sure enough, there is a strong father who can make up for the congenital deficiency. Even those who are really surprised are absolutely gorgeous and enchanting. I’m afraid that the top middle-ranking heavenly fiend is not as good as neon cold in this respect …
"What’s the matter?"
Suddenly there was a loud bang, and many of the temple gods practiced water, cold, yin and so on. They couldn’t help but exclaim that they felt a kind of traction!
"Not good!"
Hearing these exclamations, Yuan Heng can feel bad, and instantly look back at the top of Zhenluoshan Mountain.
And what the eyes can see directly makes Yuan Heng’s pupil shrink. He is miscalculated after all. He didn’t expect that the last self-eating force of the heaven and earth source should be so horrible …
Terror, it’s not just the repulsion between heaven and earth.
The heaven and the earth collapsed and collapsed, and the horror was torn to the extreme. The cold actually froze and shattered everything in heaven and the earth where the whole Mount Zhenluo was located.
That terrible power that has been brewing for a long time has swept everything away, and its own nourishment has even swayed the concept of three thousand avenues, hundreds of millions of trails, heaven and earth, and everything has disappeared in a small corner of the cold force there, just like …
It seems that one place has been directly stripped from the whole universe!
"How can it be? How can it be so powerful!"
Kunpeng also saw this scene and exclaimed directly.
Kun Peng’s heart is full of confusion, and he is puzzled. People like them care about heaven and earth, and the first celestial demon comes to prove that heaven and earth will do what they want. Generally speaking, robbery is more symbolic than practical.
For heaven and earth, every more statue of Dao Dao’s top fiend will be stronger that day. If it succeeds in proving Dao Dao’s ancestors in the future, I’m afraid it will be jubilant all over the world.
"How can it be so horrible to honor the neon cold road robbery?"
The vision of neon cold syndrome is too vast. Dalian is in the ninth heaven, and the aurora feels that terrible force.
Aurora also shocked to look at it as if it were a world separated by frost and despair.
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Chapter one hundred and ninety-three Four Dooms
Aurora is also a top fiend, but at the beginning, when he preached, there was a powerful force to help, and the influence of robbery was minimized. Aurora White is where the universe is, and HarmonyOS chaos comes from the pursuit of immortality and supreme energy.
However, the scene in front of us subverts aurora cognition.
Neon cold syndrome Dao Yuanheng is always paying attention to just that part of the members exclaiming that he is seeing in his eyes and his heart is a little annoyed that he is white …
"This is a combination of four robberies!"
Yuan Heng heaved a sigh, even if he was strong, it was impossible for him to control everything in the palm of his hand after all. At this time, his heart was glad that if he had not suddenly decided to hand over the Xuanyuan water control flag to neon cold, I am afraid that now his baby daughter will break through the robbery and hope that it will not exceed 10%!
Now it seems that at that time, I’m afraid I can already feel that something is wrong, so I handed the Xuanyuan water control flag to Neon Cold for insulation.