In the courtyard, there was a Tsing Yi boy who came to attention in front of the door and walked without saying anything. He was just about to speak when he suddenly saw Tongtian coming in with a sword and suddenly dared not speak hurriedly.

Seeing that there are three holy tablets in Zixiao Palace, I ignored them and jumped directly to the old one. "Don’t you dare to run wild when you reach the teacher?"
Tongtian cold hum a still holding a sword to kill to get a jump to the yuan memorial tablet. The veteran was naturally cut in two by Tongtian sword, and then Tongtian committed suicide to cut the yuan memorial tablet.
"If you dare to fight in Zixiao Palace"
In the middle, the figure of the road flyover Hongjun appeared, and the two of them were divided into heaven and occupied by their own hands with one finger.
"Teacher, this is killing me. I really don’t care whether I’m young or old. I actually started looking at the teacher." Tongtian worshipped a worship and said.
Meng sneered, "The teacher is a brother. He made a slip of the tongue before I went to him. It’s natural that the teacher is white."
Hung-chun said, "You’re two people, one person mixing Yuan, one person picking Jin Xian, and one person is not far from that mixing Yuan. It’s like a passionate argument, so it’s really true. This matter has been revealed in the future. Let’s go and do our job." Then Hung-chun disappeared.
The two of them made a hand-clapping together and bowed out of Zixiao Palace. Did the two of them join in a cold hum?
Chapter 10 The Imperial Palace bestows treasures and presses the land to the boundary.
I don’t want to go to Penglai Island after I’m bound, but I’ll go directly in a different direction and come to the palace.
He doesn’t have any other idea to go to the Wa Palace now. First, he wants to get some Lingbao. After all, the Nu Wa is the top innate Lingbao, but the lower level is the most. Although it’s not available, it’s also a precaution to take it. Second, I haven’t seen it for a long time and I really miss it. I went to visit it specially.
When I came to that thirty-three days ago, I was not walking. I silently read a few words. The chaos in front of me suddenly separated the green hills, the waterfalls and the flowing springs, and the palace buildings stood on the mountain continuously.
In the distance, a jade palace on the top of a mountain emits light and splendor. There are virgins coming and going, and there is nothing like this.
Entering this heavy day, Mengdu walked all the way to the Dingyi Palace and met girls and fairies in twos and threes, laughing baskets and holding flowers or fragrant fruits. When she saw Mengdu, she was very respectful and called herself "Three Master!"
Meng has also come to the imperial palace many times over the years, so these child fairies can’t recognize the embarrassing scene of being rejected.
After a while, I arrived at the gate of this palace. A fairy greeted me and quickly saluted, "The third leader is coming?"
Don’t reply is nodded, "some trivial things specially come for a walk, you don’t want to stop" when the line into the palace.
As soon as I entered the Imperial Palace, I looked up and saw two people, one of whom was naturally the Terran empress Nuwa, and the other one was dressed in a royal robe and had to take a Kowloon chariot, which was the leader of the demon religion in heaven, the East Emperor.
I was stunned to see the East Emperor head on.
When the East Emperor saw it coming in, it was also a stay, but he immediately resumed his laughter. "Teacher younger brother is really in a good mood. Just now, he is in the mood to come to the school sister’s house seriously … that … that’s better. Hehe." The East Emperor is also just joking. Two people naturally know that, but how can they listen to the East Emperor’s words so wrong? They both look red at the same time.
A cry of "uncle" broke the embarrassment, but it was a boy of about sixteen or seventeen who saw Meng hurriedly called out
"well! It’s a small ten. It’s so big. Hehe, it’s rare. It’s rare. "I almost didn’t recognize it at first sight, but I never remember the year when I left heaven. It’s been a few years, so it’s 6 pressure."
6 pressure toward the smile is not words, the whole person is composed a lot.
After reading 6 times, Meng suddenly said, "Brother, if you come here, you can’t even stay in heaven."
The East Emperor’s face sank with a cold hum. "It’s not that damn Kunpeng doesn’t know what medicine he ate wrong, but it’s so difficult everywhere. If it weren’t for killing him at this time, the heaven would be chaotic. I would surely behead him now, but it would also make the little ten go back when he stayed in the Imperial Palace for a while."
Face a change suddenly folded way "brother you this demon emperor is how to think that Kunpeng is just a demon teacher, so you can bully Xiao Shi. You still choose to let Xiao Shi leave heaven and be really timid. Xiao Shi came to kill Kunpeng with his uncle, and that bird and fish actually dared to be so arrogant." Then Pamela walked outward with 6 pressures, and this 6 pressures were also fed up with Kunpeng’s anger in heaven. Now seeing Meng Ken, he will naturally not refuse, fearing that the East Emperor would gain prestige.
The East Emperor’s face turned blue and white, but don’t you know that he is really timid? But now if Kunpeng is killed at this time, the heaven will be in chaos after all, and the Wumen will take the opportunity to take the opportunity to start an uprising, so the East Emperor will not lead the war to people. For Kunpeng, it is also a forbearance to send 6 to the Palace.
Why did you send it to Wa Palace instead of Penglai Island? Just now, you also saw Meng’s character. If you really send it, it’s impossible to say that Tiankunpeng will cross the corpse demon palace.
But at the moment, the East Emperor didn’t do anything to keep it hidden. Maybe he also thought it would be better to kill Kunpeng by being covered.
"Brother, come back" Nu Wa Jiao Oh to stop the door has been covered.
Ignore it and move on.
With a wave of his hand, Nu Wa Su stopped the invisible wall, and the front wall was broken, but the figure in front of him flashed, and Nu Wa stopped in front of him. They were less than a foot apart, and Nu Wa almost clung to each other. It was very comfortable to spray her face with every breath.
Take a step back. Pamela sat down with 6 pressure and didn’t good the spirit. "Stop me. Can the teacher elder sister also recognize that Kunpeng can’t be killed?"
Nu Wa’s long breath pressed his heart and his heart beat wildly, and his heart said indifferently, "Teacher younger brother, this is an extraordinary time. If you kill Kunpeng, the heaven will be chaotic, and then if the Wu clan takes the opportunity to start an uprising, I’m afraid the flood will be drowned in the war, and this sin will be counted on your head."
There was a moment of silence. "In this case, it is better to let the younger ten go to experience it."
Dong Huang and Nu Wa listened to the proposal and also calculated a nod.
However, since you are going to experience people, it is natural to have a magic weapon. You should turn your head and look at Nu Wa and say with smile, "Sister, you see that my senior brothers are all out of the body and have no magic weapon. Here is the magic weapon of your place. Naturally, it depends on you."
Nu Wa called a fairy and told her to fetch the magic weapon.
After a while, the fairy held a tray to cover it with a cloth, and Nu Wa waved it back. The fairy pulled the cloth and took out a lamp. The lamp was nine inches high, and it was as white as ice and snow. The lotus was grand, and there was a sea bowl, and the lotus heart was the lamp heart.
Nu Wa was just about to make the 6 th world blind, but suddenly she said, "Elder martial sister, you are so stingy, and it is not enough to give a spiritual treasure to the 10 th world." Then, before Nu Wa’s words, she invited a fairy and ordered, "Go and get three more spiritual treasures."
The fairy looked like Nu Wa Nai and shook her head, saying, "Listen to the orders of the third leader to fetch three more pieces." Only then did the fairy dare to fetch them.