I smiled and knocked on the door symbolically, and saw that Zhi Xi was weak in bed and almost full of people. Three newborn baby boys were placed in the cradle with three carpets. Mom and Dad were holding a child in their hands. That was Zhi Xi and Lao Jiang’s first pair of children.

Xin Qing is like a king of children. She takes Ling Peizhu and Dudley to play paper-cutting and fiddling, and a thousand-faced child is called Pei Xixin. Now it’s Pei Xizhen. He has a big nose all over his face and said something to his sister and ran home to find Pei Xizhen to get paper.
Before I went to bed, I asked, "How did Ji Xi feel?"
"It’s like a big circle in hell, but fortunately, when Hu Li came to visit the day before yesterday, she taught me a method. Although she was a veterinarian, it was very solid." She took off her strength. "Jiang Tianci’s enemy is turning me into his pig."
Hu Li gave birth to Tang Raner two and a half years ago. She didn’t follow her to Fenggang Village, but lived with her children. She wanted to fulfill Tang Ran’s wish to train her children into a real policeman.
"Hehe …" I picked up a baby and exclaimed, "Wow, how did you give birth to three little Lao Jiang?"
Zhi yesterday opened her eyes wide, and she said, "Yu, give me a hug."
Although the baby was not born long, his appearance is still very recognizable. I can already foresee that when Zhi Xi’s four children grow up, it will be a scene of four "Jiang Tianci" laughing. I directly helped Zhi Xi to sit up. When she saw three newborns, she anxiously asked, "Is there a number?"
At this time, my mother laughed, "The cradle is numbered red, where is the old three, blue is the old four, white is the old five."
Jiang Xinmeng and Jiang Xinran went shopping in Tiannan City before, and now they just came back. When they saw the children, Jiang Xinmeng deliberately took out the photos of Jiang Tianci when he was a child. "It’s exactly the same as God-given brother … I really want my brother to see this scene." And Jiang Xinran took out the photos of Jiang Tianci when he was two years old and went to his mother’s front. Compared with the second-generation boss of Jiang, she joked, "It’s getting more and more like it."
"Don’t look like a ghost?" I asked with a supercilious look. "Zhi Xi’s second child has one brother and four younger brothers. I’m afraid no one will dare to bully her four Hercules who are two meters tall and covered in muscles. I have a sense of sight when I think about this."
"It’s a pity that I lost my photo when I was a child, otherwise you think it’s more like it." Zhi yesterday closed her eyes, half joking and half serious. "I decided that when Xiaoxi was six years old, she should at least have self-protection."
The second child’s name is Jiang Xiyi, Jiang Tianci and Zi Xiyu.
The boss told Jiang not to forget.
Now it’s three newborn names. One or three, we’re in trouble
Dad was silent for a long time and shook his head and said, "My name is Li."
Mom is helpless.
"Jianghu people should ask them more." Zhi yesterday went to bed and she was very tired.
I hold my heart clear and pink face. "Big girl, take them to the yard to play. Don’t make so much noise."
Heart sunny smile xi xi grabbed LingPei and bamboo mu wan belt with Dudley petticoats ran out of the door.
We marked the hands of five children in the Chiang family with numbers and moved to another room. It’s quiet here. Just take care of Zhi Xi if there is water.
I called the Star Picker, Poison King, Rectification, Dog King, Chien Chi and Pei Xizhen with the contact device.
After a quarter of an hour, the poisonous king came first, followed by her husband. I will never forget the scene when we first met him when we moved into Fenggang Village three years ago. His name is Wei Kuan. Maybe everyone has never heard of it, but I have dealt with him less than 50 times since I entered the police career. At that time, I was stupid and asked, "Why are there no dead people here dragging a corpse car?"
Wei Kuan shrugged and said, "Jade told me to bring my daughter."
Speaking of which, the spectators must have guessed Wei Kuan’s identity. He is the captain of the corpse-carrying team! I never imagined that Wei Kuan was the king of poisonous methods, and the man really startled me. I remember he said, "I moved a dead person for most of my life, but there is a skin inside, with the same bones and dirt. No one can grow flowers, and the appearance is not bad. I have never interfered with her shaving or not, and I like her true temperament."
Now Wei Kuan and the king of poison method are holding hands with sweet eyes, and they said hello to their parents. The king of poison method looked at the three newborns and said, "Jiang Jiaxian was born? No wonder my belly was so big. It turned out to be three little godsend. "
Then the star-picker, the rectification, the dog king and the sword idiot rushed to the so-called Tiannan Wujue in turn to envy the children respectively.
Dad habitually took out a cigarette. "My daughter gave birth to too many children, so we asked you to be a staff officer." Mom grabbed the cigarette from his hand and crushed it and threw it into the trash can. "Children can’t smoke second-hand smoke." Dad blushed with embarrassment.
The star-picking hand touched the baby’s ear. "These three are as good seedlings as his boss. According to me, this old one is called Jiang Picking Yue Laosi, and Jiang Picking Xing Laowu is called Jiang Picking Chen."
"Why don’t you go to shit?" The dog king hummed a sentence and thought, "Jiang Shiqi, Jiang Moye, Jiang Sijia."
"Come on, dog king, it’s not like snow. Why are all dogs’ names?" I’m depressed that the dog king has cultivated mountain dogs for Fenggang Village in the past three years. Those dozens of heterogeneous dogs are even afraid of wild animals.
The poisonous king suggested that "it is better to call Jiang arsenic, Jiang Dinghong and Jiang psychedelic."
"… are these three playing with poisonous materials?" Dad vetoed
Kuang Zheng added, "What about Jiang Yinquan, Jiang Tongquan and Jiang Tiequan?"
Dad, mom and I looked at each other and suddenly realized that it was a big mistake to call Tiannan Wujue, and there was no reliable name. Not only that, but everyone was moved to accept disciples. When the children woke up, they agreed to let the boss be Jiang. Don’t forget to practice gymnastics and spiritualism with three brothers, Kuang Zheng and Dog King. When Wu Zhenzhen retired, he also came to make friends with four brothers, flying needles and fist kung fu. Second, Jiang Xixi and Ling Q, star picker and poisonous Wang Xueyi.
Pei Xizhen, holding a small snot bubble, came to visit Jia Jiang’s sisters with Xiao Yuan and Xin Qing. After a long time, our three families finally got three good names: Jiang Xiangzhi, Jiang Shou, Jiang Xiang, and Jiang Xiang.
"You should water the Nirvana flowers today," Xin Qing said, pulling my skirt.
I touched her head and took a small plastic bucket with her. I ran to the grave in the cemetery and looked at the pot of nirvana flowers on the tombstone. I was very emotional and said, "Wan Wan, do you know? Lao Jiang has three more children. Now I haven’t told Lao Jiang the good news. Don’t tell him secretly. I’m going to let Zhi Xi take the children to his grave and say, "
Heart clear pocket took out a small flower "Wan Wan elder sister, look, this is your favorite morning glory."
I took the tombstone nirvana flowers and watered the heart with a smile. "Your sister hasn’t left for three years. She certainly doesn’t know that the male god gave birth to four little male gods and a little goddess."
"big!" The heart is clear and angry. "Isn’t the little goddess me?"
"You are twelve years old this year! You are almost grown up. Don’t you understand that the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves before? " I shot her in the head.
Heart shine rubbing his forehead, "bully shine shine hum again! When I go back to bully Ling Pei and Zhu Muwan. "
After watering, I put Nirvana flowers back on the tombstone.
At this time, Xin Qing suddenly covered her belly, and her face was red. I wondered if her pants seemed to be red. "Woo ~ it hurts." She panicked and said, "Is the big me dying soon?"
I quickly carried her back to Pei Xizhen’s house without packing, and they tossed about for most of the day. What’s more, it’s the first time that this big girl has come to have a holiday to ask for a macro private brother.
Heart fine worry way "big …"
"Wait a minute. I’ll buy a pack of sanitary napkins for you at Bujian Supermarket." I ran to the north of Fenggang Village, where there was Bujian Supermarket, which was jointly organized by Shen Yu and Bu Jianyou.
Bu Jian put the sanitary napkin in my hand. She smiled and asked, "Did Ling Yu buy it when Muxia came back? Nirvana is spent? "
I sigh lightly, "Not yet …"
Nirvana cauda (middle)
Ning Shu-ying successfully dragged on for two years. He left Fenggang Village a year ago and went to Banxianpu, a doomed old man, and never came back. The doomed old man would send his children to play for five days every month. Yu Ning Shu-ying didn’t reveal that "it’s okay to be okay."
I suspected that Ning Shuying had died of illness several times. However, the old man who died suddenly took out the photo album, which dispelled our doubts. Ning Shuying and Night Heart and Ning Silk were filmed recently, and there was no trace of ps. I asked the old man who died suddenly if he could talk to him. He said that Ning Shuying would not come back until early next month. Then he and Xiao Pin took Ling Pei, Zhu Muwan and Dalishang away from Fenggang Village.
When the old man who died the next month sent the child again, he said that he could talk now, but not for long.
I ran to the top of the hill where my cell phone had a signal and dialed the number he gave me.
"hello? And you are? " Familiar with the faint sound quality into my ears
I am depressed and said, "Ning Erhuo doesn’t even remember my mobile phone number?"
"Ling three shots?" Ning Shuying was surprised. He wondered, "How do you know I can talk now?"
I complained that "the old man who died said, what on earth are you doing now?" If you don’t come back for such a long time, you will know that you two beautiful women will travel with you every day. "
"I can’t tell the third person about this," Ning Shuying felt guilty. He added, "I’m in much better health. Don’t worry. I can return to Fenggang Village and reunite with you in ten years at most."
"Ten years?"
I shook my head and asked, "Have you seen Lin Muxia?"
"No" Ning Shuying is also very worried.
Nowadays, the multifunctional police flower is the daughter of the lamp god. Everyone knows about her, and the owner of the pencil necked stall once said that he had never seen Lin Muxia, as she said. If she doesn’t, she won’t appear.
We talked for a few words and then hung up.
In Fenggang Village, winter goes, spring comes, summer comes, and a year has passed. Zhi Xi gave birth to a pair of daughters this time, and named them Jiang Xiangsi and Jiang Xiangnian respectively. At this time, she is already the mother of seven children, and the essence left by Jiang Tianci is also consumed.
Zhu Yehong showed no signs of conscious recovery. Now she can sit up and open her mouth to eat, grab the sheets when she wants to go to the toilet, and so on. I took her to Tiannan City Hospital for examination. The result is that Zhu Yehong is currently equivalent to a two-year-old child, and her intellectual recovery is very slow. Maybe this is predestined. We have tried almost every method. Uncle Ning’s bamboo leaves are only slightly abnormal when he is acupuncture. After a while, it becomes the original one.
Ling Pei and Zhu Muwan made no further progress when she called her mother before bed.
She’s an adult in Fenggang Village. Eye Village has a more reliable means of defense than in the past. Besides, four years ago, the new Jianghu people and we didn’t destroy the pattern of the village. We live in the fringe of the village separately, which is relatively independent, but it’s worthwhile to get along well with the villagers. First, my position is an agent.
Tiannan Wujue and Ling Q guided the Chiang family boss and second child to learn skills, as well as small snot bubbles and children.
And I do three things repeatedly every day. The first thing is to take care of bamboo leaves without self-consciousness; The second thing is to run to the grave to talk to Lin Wan Wan and Jiang Tianci and see the state of nirvana flowers. When the weather is good, I will put the nirvana flowers on Lin Wan Wan’s tombstone, but I will take them home. The third thing is to lie in front of the bedroom window and look at the big girl in front of the hospital. I always set up a drawing board here. She holds the palette in one hand and the brush in the other, and then draws when she is finished.
Xin Qing’s painter is getting better and better. She shows it to me every time she finishes painting $ > > >
Day after day, year after year is like a blink of an eye.
This day is the eleventh year since we moved into Fenggang Village. I became a 37-year-old uncle. Xin Qing is already 20 years old. She turned into a slim girl in a beautiful little skirt. I helped Zhu Yehong to walk back to the hospital. She still didn’t take the initiative to remember everything, but when Ling Pei and Zhu Muwan were there, she was like a habit to remember and hold the female hand tightly for a long time.
Xin Qing put the brush back. She picked it up and showed it to me just after painting. "Is the painting beautiful?"
I sent the bamboo leaf red to the room to lie down and then came out to poke my face. "Your face is stained with paint."
Heart shine quickly ran to wash a face.
I watched her painting turned out to be an impossible scene. "I played mahjong with Zhu Yehong and Lin Wan Wan and Lin Muxia when I was young. When I was young, my heart was clear and I moved a small bench to sit by my side and play with rabbits."