Kong Xuan stopped here.

"Master, we have been locked in. We don’t know what the earth is like now. We have to explore it first and then return to the earth’s surface." Kong Xuan suggested.
From which arrows appear in Qinnan, we know that they have been discovered, and look at each other’s direct attitude without saying anything. Look at this person, most of them will still be the enemy’s theory. For example, we must be careful on this journey back to earth.
The former Kong Xuan pick Jin Xian’s strength can be rampant on the earth, but now the situation on the earth is strange and Qin Na has to be careful.
The two gods directly enveloped the whole earth.
Qin Na has secretly decided to find out where Chen Hongbin is, so Ma Chong will take him back to the moon, but now the earth is in such a strange situation that Qin Na really doesn’t want to wade in muddy water again.
However, as soon as he and Kong Xuan’s gods enveloped the earth, another powerful god suddenly appeared and communicated with them
This divine knowledge is very gentle and seems to be harmless. At the same time, this divine knowledge has not stopped Qin Na and Kong Xuan from exploring the earth.
"Two who are you? Will appear from 33 days away at this time "that god is wrapped in a gentle voice, but this makes Qin Na froze.
Thirty-three days outside the atmosphere …
The master of this sound actually said that the outside of the atmosphere is thirty-three days away. There is no doubt that the master of this sound regards the earth as a vast world.
"Is it a crazy game in the wild world!" Qin Na muttered in his heart.
"Master, can it be that people from my world have crossed this world because I have never felt this personal breath before?" Kong Xuan was curious.
Kong Xuan, a pet of Qin Nan, was brought to the earth. Strictly speaking, he actually has a body in both worlds. Compared with the wild world, the earth is just like a small pond compared with the sea.
The earth is too small. All the gods of Jin Xian can cover the whole earth. Kong Xuan is the pick of Jin Xian, and it is easy for gods to sweep the whole earth.
When Kong Xuan first arrived on the earth, Kong Xuan should have remembered the breath of all the people on the earth. Now, the owner of this god knowledge obviously feels that everyone on the earth is different before Kong Xuan.
The master of this god knowledge should not be the earth talent. Right.
Qin nan once thought about this possibility more than once, but obviously this kind of thing is impossible. Although people in the wild world are powerful, they don’t have this world coordinate, so they come to this world probability base.
But now, if we don’t go through the explanation, we can explain this phenomenon fundamentally.
"Two, I observed that Jin Xian actually has the shackles of Samadhi’s true fire. Are you a disciple of Tailaojun Saint?" The sound spoke again.
"Who are you?" Qin Na was silent for a moment asks.
The mystery that the other party still sees the dragon without seeing the tail makes Qin Na feel very uncomfortable.
"If you want to know my identity, you can talk about it on the ground." The voice said indifferently without any malice.
"What about the master? Are we going?" Kong Xuan low road
"Wait …" Qin Na’s face changed because at this moment, he found something unusual. somewhere on the earth, Reiki was furious to the extreme. This point is that two masters have just detected the past when Qin Na’s gods were disturbed by these violent Reiki, and nothing can be detected.
"Kong Xuan, hurry up and see what happened in this position?" Qin Na hurriedly told Kong Xuan the location.
Kong Xuan pick Jin Xian’s spiritual knowledge is much better than that of Qinnan, and he should be able to find out who is fighting there.
Can shield Jin Xian’s gods from saying that the people fighting there should at least be pick Jin Xian, and at this moment there are only a handful of pick Jin Xian on the earth.
"Don’t be Chen Hongbin" Qin Na mused.
But Qin Na luck doesn’t seem to be good today. Kong Xuan looked back with a calm face after probing.
"The owner is a witch leader, and he is a strong man. I don’t know who that strong man is. I seem to feel that the strong man is no worse than the witch leader."
"That is to say, Chen Hongbin this little guy is also likely to be a witch? How is this possible? " Qin Na surprised way
Chen Hongbin is a combination of the strong will of the ancestors of the Wu nationality. In the physical body, it has surpassed many powerful wizards to catch up with the ancestors. Now, an insignificant guy can compete with Chen Hongbin in the physical body.
"I’m going to practice if it’s so good. That witch would have put out the demon kingdom’s heaven." Qin Na muttered a word.
"Master, yes, the opponent is indeed a witch because there is no yuan God on both sides of the war." Kong Xuan said again.
"Holy cow!" Qin Na was depressed and walked back and forth several times. Finally, he gritted his teeth and commanded Kong Xuandao.
"Come on, let’s go and see what’s going on?"
Chapter three hundred and forty-one Arctic ice sheet
Chen Hongbin is at war with a strange opponent in the most desolate place on earth.
"Arctic ice sheet …"
Although the Arctic ice sheet is extremely cold, this natural climate has no influence on them.
The two men fought very loudly, and many mountains have been split by them in the whole Arctic ice sheet, and obviously this is what they tried to restrain. If they fought hard, they would probably destroy the earth before it was destroyed.
Before landing in the North Pole, Qinnan saw two figures outside the combat range.
A middle-aged man with a calm face and a handsome boy.
Both of them are looking at the battle between Chen Hongbin and the mysterious man with expressions on their faces. At the moment, it seems to be high (tide), and the whole Arctic is trembling faintly.
"You still came. I apologize to you instead of my friends. I’m really sorry for attacking you directly without knowing your identity." A gentle voice came from the handsome boy’s mouth
That gentle knowledge just now is this handsome boy.
For those arrows …
Qin Na saw the long bow in the hands of the indifferent middle-aged man at a glance. I don’t know what it is. It looks simple and abnormal, just like a dry branch getting sleepy and getting a bow.