Time flies. The feedback from the fighter plane over there is that it is close to the target location, and it will take three minutes to reach the destination.

Something is always going to happen at this critical moment, and this time is no exception. Zhang Lan’s communication rings and the phantom indicates that it is Natasha Frey, the vampire.
You’re welcome to put on the tone. "Hey, vampire, what do you want? I am very busy now. "
Nick Frey roared, "Blue, you need to get to 12th Street on Manhattan Island now!"
"The vampire you eat the wrong medicine for such a big temper? What happened over there? "
"What is it? Haven’t you and Natasha tried to do something good? The new Hulk has been created. The code name is Hate. Now the streets are raging. Conventional weapons don’t need your hand at all! I lost the picture to you. Take a look at it yourself. "
Frey’s words made Zhang Lan’s head unconsciously look at his watch at two o’clock at midnight.
This happened less than four hours after he left Banner?
Hatred should be caused by Bronsky’s injection of Banner’s blood, but how did he get Banner’s blood? Is this Professor Stern’s place? How did he know about Professor Stern?
Everything is out of order. What Zhang Lan can do is to take out the equipment card, put on the phantom suit and watch the picture sent by Fury. It is a green monster street with a height of one or three meters, and the face is rampant. Bronsky is very much like the spine protruding behind him, which is the image of disgust.
What the hell is going on here?
Zhang Lan’s head is in a mess, and he doesn’t know how to clear his mind. This sudden appearance makes him very unprepared.
"What’s the matter with blue? Is something wrong? " While Charles saw Zhang Lan remained silent for a long time, his mind fluctuated greatly and he said,
"Ah, professor, take a look at the brain wave intensifier where there is a big monster on 12th Street in Manhattan Island. See if you can control him. I need a horse here, so keep an eye on Logan."
With that, Zhang Lan acted quickly and walked out to the take-off site of the fighter plane. He hit the basketball court on the top of his head again and launched a phantom suit to fly straight out.
It’s a pity that Katie was already asleep when she came back this time, and now she is in a hurry to leave. It seems that there is no way to see her.
Take off at the same time Zhang Lan reconnects with Frey Communication. "Frey, what the hell is going on? Where’s banner? Banner, why didn’t you come out and stop the hatred? He is fully capable. "
"Or are you and Natasha doing good things behind my back?" Frey growled and still breathed a sigh of relief to explain, "According to general Ross’s intelligence feedback, Banner, after you left, you left to find Professor Stern, and you are still in a coma after taking too many inhibitory drugs, and your heart is almost stopped due to extreme weakness such as breathing."
"His girlfriend Betty panicked and asked her father, General Ross, for help. He came to the army in the middle of LeBronsky. He had injected the incomplete Hulk potion to make him recover. After killing a colleague, he injected himself with a lot of Banna blood, which made him have the ability to transform into the Hulk."
"Later, you saw that not everyone with great power will become a hero, and some people will lose their power. Bronsky, that is, hatred is one of them. Banner has not yet recovered his heartbeat. It is not clear whether he can come back to life twice a minute. What’s more, it is to stop hatred?"
"Before this, I joined Peter and Harry. They actually went to Canada? You’re the one who submitted the exit application? Fantastic Four has been influenced by you to travel to China again. Tell me who else can I find besides you? "
It took Frey less than 30 seconds to finish this long passage. At the same time, it also showed Zhang Lan that he was isolated and helped. Unfortunately, new york superhero was left with only one fighting power.
"Vampire, I’m telling you, I’m not sure if I can stop it. You’d better not put all your hopes on me. Banner is the key. Be sure to wake him up. I can stall for a while!"
"What we are trying to do is to analyze what he knows about the ingredients of the medicine and what we know when it takes a while to inject the medicine …"
"The gamma pulse comes from the amygdala of the brain. Stern’s medicine temporarily absorbs the energy of Banna’s nucleic acid chain, which suppresses Banna’s Hulk cells and dissipates the energy of the nucleic acid chain. Can he recover by himself?"
"Oh? Oh! Okay, are you sure? We … "
"neve question my words! Vampires! " Zhang Lan growled at Frey for the first time, "Tell me how long I need to delay?"
“......OK! Wait a minute. I’ll ask a bunch of technicians … "
Frey compromised with Zhang Lan’s anger mainly because he knew that Zhang Lan had the ability to predict, and the credibility of what he just said was still very high. It was just a habitual question. I didn’t expect Zhang Lan’s reaction to be so great
Communication is quiet for a while.
Zhang Lan’s anger does not come from Frey’s unbelief or who he is, but from his own anger.
Once again, after the lizard man incident in new york, he was out of his control again. This feeling is very bad. More importantly, he is not sure that he can get this thing back on track now.
This is anger at one’s ability.
He is still too weak.
Frey was quick and fast, but it took 45 seconds to get accurate information back.
"Sixteen minutes blue If you say it’s a dialogue, you need to delay for sixteen minutes!"
"Okay, I get it."
Zhang Lan responded and then hung up the communication directly. He has arrived at Manhattan Island. At this time, there is a green monster standing in the air, wantonly destroying everything in front of him. Fortunately, there are very few passers-by in the middle of the night. At present, the casualties are only the soldiers who are blocked by General Ross.
Zhang Lan rushed to wreak havoc and hate when the time came, but also suddenly stopped and seemed to feel something. He raised his head and looked up at Zhang Lan in the phantom suit.
This figure he has just seen today is the highest superhero new york called-Zhang Lan!
"Hey!" Hate to shout "it’s you Zhang Lan! Come and fight with me! Look at me like tearing up your heroic aura! "