In fact, when his right foot just pulled the football out, it had already hit Buffon’s palm.

He could have shouted and then fell to the ground.
This is a penalty, and maybe Buffon will be given a red card.
If this is in the Spanish league, it may be okay to do so.
But this is in Italy, and the opponent is Juventus, so you can do it.
David silva doesn’t know much about the inside story of Juventus and Italian football, but Rocchi’s good ball was fouled offside just now, which made david silva realize that their opponents are different, and some things may not be reasonable.
So he didn’t choose to fall to the ground.
It’s just that he does this, how can he get rid of Buffon?
David silva didn’t want to get rid of!
After he shifted the football to the left with his right foot, he pushed it directly with his left foot!
The whole movement is very smooth, just like running water, without any pause and stagnation.
But this is actually not a shooting action, this is an extraordinary action, which Spanish players use most skillfully … "Fried meatballs"!
That is, the right foot or left foot buckles the football in the opposite direction, and then the other foot quickly follows and pushes the football forward. At the same time, the player flexibly dodges the opponent’s grab and wipes it from the opponent’s side to complete a beautiful pass.
David silva didn’t use this action to pass others, but creatively used this action to shoot!
It’s really finished!
Football was pushed to the goal by him!
And he himself was thrown to the ground by Buffon at the same time.
It’s just that he doesn’t care anymore. He fell to the ground and looked up at the football rolling in front.
The football was not fast and skipped to the goal.
Then he saw his legs rush past …
David silva, who thought there was no problem, struggled to get up from the ground. If the opponent really destroyed the football, he had to make sure that he still had the spare capacity to finish the shot.
Buffon seemed to know what he wanted to do. He grabbed his ankle and pulled it. david silva kicked it empty.
But he used his hands and feet, quickly got up again and staggered forward …
"david silva’s shot-rober kovac-"
The owner of the legs that david silva saw was rober kovac.
He caught up from behind, saw the football rolling towards the goal, and flew directly to shovel it, intending to destroy it with scissors legs.
This is a difficult move.
He should adjust his body orientation in the process of sliding shovel, otherwise he will shovel the football into the goal with one foot, which will be an oolong.
At the same time, he has to twist his body in the opposite direction, cross his legs and kick out a scissor leg. He is exercising himself, and so is football. It is not easy to hit the target accurately.
In the end, rober kovac didn’t hit the football, he missed it!
The football slipped from his leg into the goal …
It was quiet for about five seconds in the Olympic stadium, and everyone seemed to have to confirm whether the ball really scored. After all, Rocchi’s ball was in front, and now everyone is a little afraid to be happy too early.
During this silence, everyone heard the whistle of referee De Santis and saw his gesture. He turned and pointed to the middle circle-the goal was effective!
The goal is valid!
This is a no matter what fucking shady, black-box operation, behind-the-scenes trading … can’t be denied … Good shot!
"david silva! ! ! Nice goal! Even three people! He beat Juventus’ whole defence by himself! Zambrotta, Nedved, Cannavaro, and finally Buffon and rober kovac! World wave! Great goal! In Italy, such a goal is wonderful! "
The commentator of Sky Italia, which is in charge of broadcasting the game, growled hysterically.
He was so excited that he lost his temper, because the ball was so beautiful!
The key goal of the key game, and it is so beautiful.
This ball has all the elements to become a classic!
"david silva! Nineteen-year-old david silva! Spanish genius! He changed the course of the game by himself, and he conquered Italy! Phenomenal young people! "
After a short pause, the Olympic Stadium burst into huge cheers, which were enough to drown everything and pounce on everyone like a flood.
Everyone in the Olympic stadium is flooded and part of the flood.
Together, they formed this spectacular scene.
All Lazio fans are screaming and shouting with all their strength.
After Rocchi’s goal was blown out on the grounds of offside, there was a fire in everyone’s heart.
Now this fire can finally gush out unscrupulously, and then spread quickly, burn and burn everything!
Chapter 59 Capello’s Countermeasures
The cheers in the stands are a little crazy, and the celebration of Lazio players is also crazy.
In the past, Chang Sheng asked the players to remain calm when they were treated unfairly.
Wrapped the anger in their hearts with ice.
But this flame has never been extinguished for a moment.
Now, they burn through the frozen shell and spurt out like a volcanic eruption.
Silva stumbled to make up the shot, but when he ran to the goal, the football had already rolled into the goal.
So Silva simply stopped braking, bumped into it, sucked the popped football in again, and then the whole person followed him into the net, then fell on his back and fell into the goal.