"Dare to break into the devil’s stronghold and want to leave to die of old age!"

Suddenly, a new and violent roar came from the front, and a statue of a man of God with five feet high and shining golden armor descended from the sky, holding a fork for heaven and glaring at Xiao Yu’s body.
The heavy sharp front thrust the fork of heaven and let out a harsh roar and whine, giving people an illusion that even a world will be stabbed by a blow.
Xiao Yu punched against the glittering golden light, hit the mouth with a fist and let out a muffled sound. The shining golden man of god was shocked by him on the spot. He just couldn’t hold back the fork and flew out, grinding his hands into blood directly.
He was horrified.
It’s time for him to react. Xiao Yu has rushed over at a faster speed than terrible. A palm directly fell on his forehead and slammed his whole purple mansion into pieces, and all the gods and souls died.
The statue of Jin Jiashen population with a bloody nose and wide eyes fell straight from it.
"Bastard, he killed our companion again!"
"Kill him, you must kill him!"
"If you don’t kill him, I’ll be implicated if the devil comes back!"
Those shining golden men of God are hysterical and growling.
Suddenly, someone offered a magic weapon, Xiaguang, which filled the sky and slammed into Xiao Yu’s body.
Xiao Yu cast a seal on the rampage and rushed out quickly from these magic weapons.
As soon as he rushed out, he turned into a big bird and rushed away.
But those shining golden man of God seem to really have the means to lock his body and roar directly towards his body.
Xiao Yu instantly disappeared into a cloud of white clouds and quickly rushed into the distance.
"He turned into a cloud there!"
"Attention, everyone, this is the pursuit of Daozong Jiuxuan Gong!"
These shining golden men of God have been chasing and roaring all the way.
Some of his guardian halls, the shining golden man of God, raised his hand to see a cloud of white clouds and rushed forward quickly, but then they seemed to hear something and their faces changed.
"It’s an outsider!"
"An outsider has broken in!"
These shining golden men of god flew into a rage and rushed toward Xiao Yu’s white clouds.
There was chaos in the middle.
The black man who broke in in a remote corner couldn’t help looking up and suddenly showing strange colors. "Who is this man? Don’t you know how to guard against the mountain spirit beast?" The strongest spirit is hidden in the dark. Once someone enters the Lord’s Hall, he will immediately be perceived by him and then inform the Golden Armor God of War. "
He observed for a moment, and suddenly his body flashed into a mass of black fog and disappeared. He sneered, "I’m wearing the fragrance of leaving the soul, and even I can’t feel it."
Xiao Yuzhong’s constant display of change was surrounded by many golden armor gods, and he couldn’t help but look gloomy and wonder, "How did they find me?"
There is a big river in front, which fills the air in the whole island and rolls in a mighty way.
Xiao Yu’s heart suddenly moved, and a drop of water directly rushed into the big river.
His causal operation suddenly made his own causal ambiguity elusive. In the dark, the head of the spirit beast was also awkward, and I couldn’t help but frown. I felt that Xiao Yu suddenly lost track and didn’t know whether he rushed into the water or changed his appearance.
"His body suddenly disappeared and I couldn’t find him."
The other end is full of sounds of golden armor and war of war.
"Be sure to find his trail if you are scattered!"
"It’s a capital crime to break into the forbidden area while the devil is out!"
Many warriors in shining armor broke off drinking and scattered to search everywhere, rushing into the river, rushing to the clouds and pulsing to other mountains.
Xiao Yu is hiding in the river, and his mind is flickering. It’s hard to figure out whether these shining warriors really found him.
He dived into the bottom of the water and flowed with the river. Suddenly, a statue of the shining golden god of war rushed into the water, and the golden light in his eyes flashed out to search for the bottom of the water.
Xiao Yu’s heart moved instantly to the shining golden ares, and a big hand behind him grabbed the shining golden ares’ head suddenly.
The shining golden god of war was about to shout in the heart, and suddenly a terrible suction came from all directions to absorb all the essence and blood of the shining golden god of war.
Not only that, but he felt his brain splitting, and all his memories flashed quickly, like being searched by life, and everything in his mind was peeked away.
In a short time, this shining golden god of war was sucked into a mummified body, all skin and bones, and died completely.
Memories in his mind were also seen by Xiao Yu.
"Spirit beast!"
Xiao Yu eyes flashing golden light know the story.
Chapter one thousand and ninety-seven Goals
Xiao Yu’s mind knew everything in a flash, and the head of the spirit beast was also directly seen by him.
"A beast dares to ruin my good deeds and die."
Xiao Yu suddenly sneered and whispered, "Brother Ghost, you’re going to have a good time this time."
The golden light flashed between his eyebrows, and a sharp strange smile rang faintly, which made the scalp numb.
Xiao Yu’s body quickly disappeared, and he walked through the water and rushed to the nearest main hall.
With the memory of the shining golden man of god, he is more handy, and he has directly evaded many arrays without causing any fluctuation.
After the death of the shining golden man of God, it caused a sensation again.
When he saw the bodies of his companions emerging from the water, the man of God in shining armor rushed to the bottom with great anger 2.
"He’s in the water!"
"Popular is dead, so be sure to kill him!"
These shining golden men of God growled.
Soon after, he approached a hall, and his body rushed out of the river and shook himself. Behind him, a Xiao Yu sneered and a big bird flapped its wings and left.
The other body is running causality, confusing causality and rushing directly in the other direction.
"A beast, I’ll kill you now."
Xiao Yu’s eyes are flashing with cold light
The presence of this spirit beast will greatly restrict his movement, and he may be found by it at any time, which will lead to unnecessary trouble.
Besides, there is the mysterious black man in secret. Once there is too much noise here, the black man will definitely regard it as attracting him to attract more enemies to reduce his attention.
Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed and rushed into the distance.
A huge fierce beast lurks on a cliff behind a mountain, with a thick chain tied to its neck and scales. It’s a mighty tiger with a face and fangs.
At the moment, his eyes flashed and suddenly he looked puzzled outside the valley. There was a strange force approaching quickly in his psychic perception.
"Roar “`"
Suddenly, the head growled and grew up, and I felt a little uneasy. My eyes flashed quickly and a long tail suddenly swept away.
Its tail is harsher than heavy pumping, but it has no resistance at all, but its anxiety is even stronger
There was a flash of golden light, and it fell directly to the side of the hill. A young man with cold eyes and red hair stared at the fierce beast, full of profound dangers.
My eyes narrowed and my voice boomed, "It’s you, an outsider!"
Xiao Yu’s eyes showed sarcasm, and a ghosting shadow between his eyes rushed out directly from his eyebrows, wrapped in a monstrous whine of Yin qi and rushed toward the other end.