Sung yuri said, "But you are always so busy at work that you don’t know if you can go home more. How can you see us every morning?"

Zhang Chengyuan smirked and said, "Sister, I will try my best to go home when I can, and I will never let you keep your room alone all the time. Of course, if I go abroad to film, I can ask you to excuse me."
Sung yuri doesn’t care. "I’m used to this kind of thing, and there are filial piety and sisters who accompany me. What do you need to worry about?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "That will make me feel at ease. Well, sister, after our wedding today, do you think we seem to have something more?"
"What’s more?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I don’t know, it feels like my heart is closer to you."
Sung yuri said, "Didn’t we get close before?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Before, of course, it was very close, but now it’s a step closer. Sister, if I were to choose the person I want to marry most from the four of you now, I would definitely choose you." Before, he chose to marry sung yuri, but it was not his personal choice, and it was also because Lee Hyo Ri, Yu Zhuxuan and Li Zhen asked him so.
After a pause, he went on to say, "That is to say, the person I love most in my heart should be you."
Sung yuri heart is not a slight joy but then otherwise, "this words you dare to say to filial piety elder sister they listen to? I will say what I don’t want to say. "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Sister, I am telling the truth, but you are right. I really dare not say that I am sad to Sister Xiaoli. Well, maybe I didn’t dare to tell who my favorite person was because I was afraid of their sadness before, but it’s all right. If they had known this, they wouldn’t have stayed with me. By the way, don’t tell Sister Xiaoli and them about this, otherwise they might beat me up now."
Sung yuri said, "It’s best to beat you up. Well, don’t talk about it. Let me go quickly and help me get dressed. We have to go out and entertain the guests."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It takes a few minutes to set the dining table in such a hurry." Even so, he let go of sung yuri and continued to help her change.
In a short time, sung yuri changed her suit. At this time, she was still wearing a wedding dress, but this wedding dress did not have a long skirt. Just touching the ground would not affect her walking, so it would be much more convenient to entertain guests.
After changing clothes, Zhang Chengyuan took sung yuri and went out to the hotel by car. Although it was dozens of meters away, if you walked there, it would definitely attract passers-by to pay attention and be surrounded. Then it would be bad. In a short time, you will arrive at the parking lot of the hotel and then arrive at the lobby on the second floor of the hotel from a vip channel.
At this time, all the guests in the hall have taken their seats, and the dining tables have been served one by one. In addition, there are exquisite buffet guests who are interested in it. Jiang Hudong and Yu Jae Seok are continuing to host the big screen and are playing videos about Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri’s growth, acquaintance and love, and wedding preparations, saying some funny words, among which Zhang Chengyuan is naturally the object of their frequent teasing. Whether they are dressed, mannered or acting, they will make fun of them.
In the Korean entertainment industry, it is estimated that there are also people who dare to make jokes like this, but Zhang Chengyuan doesn’t care, because he also knows that it is very common for the groom to be played by his friends at the wedding, so he can only pretend to be stupid and ugly.
Fortunately, Jiang Hudong and Yu Jae Seok also know that his temperament is not "difficult" in the end. He asked him to hold the sung yuri platform and demonstrate a quick spin in situ, various flips, and let sung yuri walk on his arms. These are really normal for him, but the guests and fans on the third floor have long been stunned, both amazed at his strength and amused.
In addition to this performance and taking a group photo, Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri are almost all toasting the guests. In the past, it took about half a minute for each table, and more than 15 tables have been there for more than an hour. In addition, there are more than 5 tables of fans who haven’t toasted yet and are ready to put them behind.
And what can you do when you make a toast for just half a minute at each table? It’s just to say hello to the guests and accept their blessings, but Zhang Chengyuan is very frank in toasting. Every time he loses half a glass of red wine or champagne, he is absolutely real, and he doesn’t let the best men drink it for him. It’s surprising that he is good at drinking and feels that he is really sincere in treating his friends.
While toasting, girlhood, F, ara, Li Zhien Zhang Chengyuan and other sisters who sang well, such as Kim Tae-Hee, Jin Yazhong, Hui Bin, Yoon Eun Hye, etc., all sang Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri sang songs alternately. They hardly contributed to the wedding of Zhang Chengyuan’s sisters, so they sang a song to show their hearts.
Although Zhang Chengyuan has been toasting, he has also divided a part of his mind to watch their performances carefully and feel their sincere wishes for him and sung yuri from the songs. At the same time, he is very touched by their sincerity and hopes that they will become better after he marries sung yuri instead of getting cold.
Chapter nine hundred and fourteen; see sb. off
With the passage of time, the guests left after eating the banquet. Perhaps seeing that Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri were very busy, many guests said goodbye to Zhang Donghu and his parents without saying goodbye. However, according to Korean wedding etiquette, it is normal for guests to leave without saying hello after eating the banquet, but no one thinks it is rude. After all, the bride and groom can’t cope with all the guests. They also do this to reduce the burden on the couple and their families. Of course, they are very close.
By about two o’clock in the afternoon, more than a thousand guests had almost left, leaving Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri’s relatives and their closest friends, including Zhang Chengyuan’s sisters, chenglong, Li Lianjie, Li Binbin, Liu Yifei and Wang Ying, five distinguished guests from afar, several members of the original Family, Won Bin and Jiang Hudong, and some good friends sung yuri had known in the entertainment industry in recent years.
In addition, Han Ye Seul, Kong Xianzhu and Kim Sa Rang are also eligible to stay, but how dare they expose Zhang Chengyuan? When other artists from jsw company who came to attend the wedding banquet walked almost the same, they greeted Lin Zhixiu and left, and Zhang Chengyuan naturally wouldn’t keep them because sung yuri and others didn’t know that they were special.
In addition, Zhang Chengyuan wanted to stay in Zhang Dongjian and Shin Min A, but after all, he didn’t have a deep friendship with them and they were all busy, so he didn’t stay.
None of the fans left because they learned that Zhang Chengyuan and the sung yuri Jockey Club would come to meet, talk and interact with them. Why would they leave?
Since then, Zhang Chengyuan and his relatives and friends in sung yuri have moved to another smaller hall to continue eating and talking. Just now, many of them have changed places because they have their own things or because there are too many unfamiliar people at the scene who are not in the mood to eat. Then, when they look at more exquisite and rare food, they immediately eat it with great appetite and chat with the people around them easily. Anyway, most of the people at the scene don’t have to be too detained.
Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri, on the other hand, don’t ask them to meet more than five tables of fans in the lobby on the third floor to toast, communicate and answer their questions. It is also warm and harmonious to accept their blessings and bring small gifts with them. In addition, because these fans are almost loyal fans of Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri, Zhang Chengyuan’s attitude towards them is much more enthusiastic and sincere than his attitude towards ordinary fans.
In fact, he is not really indifferent to fans, but he thinks that most fans often change their minds and have no loyalty, so they may become ani for a very long reason, so they don’t want to worry about their feelings. Once they have paid, they will hardly take back their feelings. He has never made friends easily, and the same is true with fans.
Although he doesn’t hold many fan meetings in recent years, he has kept his staff paying attention to his loyal fans, who will also send some greetings and gifts on holidays, and the value of gifts is often much more precious than those given to him by fans. After all, he is rich and not stingy, so he has become his loyal fans. In fact, he has not suffered much, but he is less materialistic.
The fans gathered for about an hour and a half, then Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri left, and then turned back to the hall where relatives and friends gathered. They met and talked, and the fans had their own staff to entertain them or arrange for them to leave.
Because chenglong, Li Lianjie, Li Binbin and others will leave Seoul for China at about 5: 30 this afternoon, after all, they have a lot of things to do to stay in Seoul, so Zhang Chengyuan sat next to them and introduced Won Bin, Jiang Hudong, Yu Jae Seok, Kim Jong Kook and others to them. Although they may not meet again later, he hoped that his friends would get closer.
As for his sisters, he hardly talked to them today, but there is no need to rush to talk at this time when they get together sometimes.
Ten minutes later, sung yuri’s good friends left first, and soon after, some sisters of Zhang Chengyuan, such as Jin Yazhong, Yoon Eun Hye, Li Zhien and others, left because they were still in the notice, and ara had to prepare for the performance, and the rest of the sisters simply said goodbye when they saw that Zhang Chengyuan had no time to accompany them.
Seeing this, the rest of the guests didn’t stay much. Won Bin, Jiang Hudong, and members of the Family all left. At last,, chenglong, Li Lianjie, Li Binbin, Liu Yifei and Wang Ying were left. Even relatives such as Zhang Donghu, father and mother, and Zheng’s parents left, which made Zhang Chengyuan ashamed. Although he specially invited Zheng Fu and mother to come to the ceremony, he never talked to them. Fortunately, his father Zhang Donghu had been with them.
Then Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri took chenglong and others to visit their new house. They rarely came to Seoul, but they had to visit their new house anyway. Lin Zhixiu was responsible for the aftermath of the wedding and they had to worry about it.
After visiting Zhang Chengyuan’s new house, chenglong, Li Lianjie and others even praised Zhang Chengyuan’s new house. Although it is not necessarily bigger and more luxurious than some of their residences, it is obviously much more comfortable, and it is even more rare in the most prosperous urban area.
If sometimes they want to stay for one night, chenglong smiled and said to Zhang Chengyuan, "If I come to Seoul later, I won’t live anywhere else. How can it be so fresh to live here with you?" Moreover, the temperature is several degrees warmer than the outside, which is really a treasure trove of geomantic omen. "He didn’t know that Zhang Chengyuan would arrange the gathering of spirits, and the environment here was special.
Zhang Chengyuan replied with a smile, "Big Brother, I always welcome you to live here. It’s my pleasure." Although he doesn’t like being disturbed by outsiders, chenglong and others are naturally not outsiders, but chenglong and others probably don’t have much chance to stay with him because they won’t come to Seoul easily after all, their career has nothing to do with Korean bases, and chenglong may come to announce his shadow.
At this time, it was already five o’clock in the afternoon. When chenglong and Li Lianjie saw each other, they said goodbye to Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri. Zhang Chengyuan was afraid of delaying their trip, so he didn’t stay. He personally took them to Gimpo Airport. This time, the means of transportation was a helicopter. chenglong and others took a bus to the airport earlier to wait for them.
When I arrived at the airport, it was another farewell. Cheng Longxian left by his own special plane, and then Li Lianjie, Li Binbin and Liu Yifei were more affluent, so he chatted with Zhang Chengyuan for a while. During the conversation, Li Binbin vaguely felt that Liu Yifei seemed to have something special to say to Zhang Chengyuan, so he went to Zhang Chengyuan first and arranged a private jet with Liu Yifei.
This plane is not a special plane of Zhang Chengyuan. In a few hours, Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri will go to Tahiti for their honeymoon and also go to the plane, so they will temporarily escort Li Binbin and Liu Yifei back to China by a special plane of girlhood. In addition, he sent him to be a member of the team.
After Li Binbin got off the plane, Zhang Chengyuan looked at Liu Yifei and said with a smile, "Yifei, do you have something to tell me? Do you regret not doing that with me last night? "
Liu Yifei said, "I have nothing to regret. I want to tell you one thing. My new film" Ghost Story "will be screened in Korea in May and will be screened in Korea."
Zhang Chengyuan rejoiced, "That’s a good thing. We’ll get together and do it by the way."
Liu Yifei said angrily, "Is that what you think about, Brother Zhang?"
Zhang Chengyuan laughed. "It seems that you started that kind of thing, right?"
Liu Yifei said, "Although I started it, I didn’t ask you to think about doing that. Brother Zhang, you should know what I really care about?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I know, but I don’t know if I can let go of my body and mind to love you. Maybe you should think it over before we have any substance."
Liu Yifei said, "Didn’t you say last night that you wouldn’t persuade me and push me away?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "When I have that impulse, I naturally won’t want to push you away and persuade you, but now I am not awake?"
Liu Yifei said, "Brother Zhang, you don’t have to persuade me. My mind is made up."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Well, I won’t advise you again. It’s up to you to decide how we should develop, but you should consider how to get along after we happen."
Liu Yifei said, "Don’t you think about it?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I will naturally consider it, but I want to obey your wishes. Of course, you can’t make it too difficult for me to change my nationality and move to China." If I am single, he doesn’t mind doing so, but now there are so many concerns in Korea, so naturally I can’t.
Liu Yifei said, "Don’t worry, I won’t make it so difficult for you. At most, I will let you take a little more time and come to China to see me."