Xu hurriedly said, "I really respect you if I dare not talk about it. Although the three-hole master advised me to compare, I still don’t want to compare because I want to respect you, but I suddenly thought of one thing."

Huang Zhongdao: "What is it?"
Xu said, "Do you want to leave?"
Huang Zhongdao "Yes"
Xu said, "It’s a pity that talents like you are divorced from reality. I came to accept you as the head of Hengshan, but I was worried about causing hostility among friendly countries. I decided to help Baoquan keep you in the 72 nd Cave, so that Hengshan’s friends will be strong and Hengshan will be strong."
Huang Zhong sneered, "Why did you keep me?"
Xu laughed. "Of course it’s not your mouth. I want to compete with you. If you win the Hengshan Sword Sect, you will serve you as a guest. You don’t contribute to Hengshan, but if you have something to do, Hengshan will do its best to help you, but if you lose, you will leave 72 holes in Baoquan."
Huang Zhong snorted, "I can’t bully you."
Xu laughed. "Don’t you really want to see what I can do as a young man? Don’t you really want to see why I am so confident? "
Huang Zhong certainly wants to see it.
For a martial artist, it is very itchy to meet a genius. I always want to see what he can do.
Huang Zhong is naturally the same.
Huang Zhong bit his teeth and said, "I’ll let you do it in one hand!"
Xu laughed. "You really don’t have to let me!"
Huang Zhongdao said, "I feel sorry if I don’t let you do it."
Xu laughed. "Well, if you think you can’t do it with one hand, you must add one more."
Huang Zhongdao "I have my own discretion"
Xu laughed. "So I’m going to make a move?"
Huang Zhongdao said, "You just go out."
So Xu made a move
Xu Lai directly cast the nine styles of straight boxing with clothes and ten falls on the mountain.
People’s eyes lit up as soon as the moves came out.
"Shaolin footwork?"
"This boxing is also quite powerful!"
Huang Zhong also raised an eyebrow in surprise. I didn’t expect Xu to actually have some ways to directly feel the imminent pressure.
Huang Zhong fought back directly.
However, Xu’s fist step was too clingy and too tough, and soon Huang Zhong drew his weapon.
Chapter five hundred Card constantly
When Huang Zhong drew his weapon, he probably knew that he should draw it.
Although Huang Zhongxian has returned an arm, he may have to respect him.
Even worse, many cards are swords instead of fists.
It’s ok to say that you are stained with clothes, but it won’t be much when Xu enters the half-step innate state or the innate state. At that time, you will have to change to a better gait, but it’s ok now
Xu pulled out the giant sword and immediately cast the 19th sword.
There is no point in fighting now because Huang Zhong lost an arm.
Let Huang Zhong move his arms.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa"
Xu Ganglai had five swords in one and stabbed five swords in a row, but there was a sword shadow.
Dzogchen state Xu cast limit 19 sword has been fast to the extreme.
And when Xu Jian, the realm of unity of man and sword will naturally show up.
Relatively speaking, it is not too powerful, but there is a kind of terrorist power when it is displayed here.
Just five swords, Huang Zhong’s pupil shrank, and it was hard to deal with it. He immediately stepped back. "Man and sword are one?"
At the moment, not only Huang Zhong felt the state of Xu Kendo, but also the host and others felt the state of Xu Kendo.
Zhao Longji and Bai Yiyi Liu Guoliang narrowed their eyes.
Although they had heard some stories about Xu when the Hengshan Sword School was established, after all, they didn’t see the truth. Now what they saw with their own eyes turned out to be the realm of the unity of man and sword, which was shocking.
You know, under normal circumstances, only half a step of innate fighters can enter the realm of the unity of man and sword. Generally, innate fighters can enter the realm of the unity of man and sword.
Xu just dzogchen fighters have actually entered the realm of the unity of man and sword. Is this an equal talent?
The big hole master and the second hole master raised their eyebrows at the same time.
The old gentleman was also surprised to tunnel "I didn’t think that the head of Hengshan Mountain was young, and not only had the dzogchen realm, but even the kendo had entered the realm of the unity of man and sword. One day, the achievement will inevitably be different from you and me, and the innate fighters have almost firmly established the Hengshan Sword Sect. This is to rise."
The owner of the big hole can clearly see it.
Xu talent is very good. From the ability shown now, you can already see that he is an ordinary half-step innate fighter. The strength will definitely be able to catch up with the innate fighters in the future, and the Hengshan Sword Sect will be able to barely call it a martial arts power.
Huang Zhong even looked at Xu Tao accidentally. "I can’t believe that Xu’s boss has such a state, but since Xu’s boss has this strength, if I hide my strength again, it will be a disrespect to you. Then I will use my hands and …"
Huang Zhong didn’t speak, and Xu was already white.
Because Huang Zhong suddenly attacked a knife.
Huang Zhong’s weapon is a knife, which is very wide and big but as thin as cicada’s wings.
This knife is hidden in his robe on weekdays
Because it is too thin, it does not delay his life.
At the moment, when Huang Zhong wields this knife, his power is so terrible.
"Man and knife are one!"
People looked at Huang Zhong in shock.
People finally understand why Huang Zhong entered the half-step innate realm later than the five-hole master, but he was able to defeat the five-hole master because Huang Zhong’s Dao realm has entered the realm of unity of man and Dao.
The unity of man and sword is the same realm.
There are not swordsmen, swordsmen, escorts and gunmen in the Jianghu. Every weapon has its own way.
There are four realms in the weapon system.