Kate Gracie was silent for a long time.

Then he closed his eyes and shook his head gently: "You’re right, Chang. I am still reluctant to die in such a world of flowers and flowers. "
"Then don’t die, get up. Although the scenery in this place is good, it’s cold after sitting for a long time …" Ever-victorious turned his ass gently.
Kate Gracie nodded. "Then she won’t die."
Seeing him say this, Changsheng was really relieved.
Finally … It worked!
This relaxation in his heart made him realize that his feet and buttocks were numb.
Even if he wanted to stand up, he couldn’t.
So is Kate Gracie.
He gave Chang Sheng a wry smile: "My legs are numb, Chang."
Changsheng rolled his eyes: "Don’t look at me, my legs are numb."
Then he waved to the police and firefighters behind him and beside him, shouting, "What are you doing?"! Come on, somebody help us up! Shit, I’m numb! !”
A group of people swarmed and dragged Changsheng and Kate Gracie up.
The following people saw that the suicide was successfully saved, and they all gave a relaxed cheer.
The old policeman also breathed a sigh of relief, grinning and laughing happily: "I knew it, I knew it, ha!" I knew it! He can do it! "
Aunt Maria and Lemmon next to them cheered and hugged each other.
"He succeeded!"
"Often can do anything!"
Meriano turned to look around at the cheering crowd, but he had already thought about the article he wanted to write.
A hero who saved the city team also saved a person’s life … What a great news stunt!
Moreover, there has always been a tendency to demonize the winners in the media. He naturally hopes that through this news report, how many winners can save some prestige.
"He is really something, Mr. Mediano!" Accompanying Carlos Mediano was an intern reporter, who was obviously infected by the present atmosphere. He stared with big eyes and paid tribute to Mediano.
"Of course he is great, boy, ha!" Mediano laughed and was in a good mood.
Rushing firefighters and police soon took the suicide away, and when he left, he did not forget to look back meaningfully at Changsheng.
However, Changsheng didn’t notice it, because at that time he was rubbing his balls in a very indecent posture. Because he found that after sitting on the hard ground for a long time, not only his ass was numb, but even his balls were numb.
He was worried that it would affect the quality of his sexual life, so he kept rubbing it there to warm up his most precious things.
Garcia, a policeman, wanted to thank Changsheng, but he was embarrassed to see Changsheng frowning and rubbing his balls while looking down, so he had to sneak away …
When Kate Gracie was taken downstairs, reporters flocked to interview him, and the intern reporter beside Mediano shouted, "What did you often say to you in class?"
Although he asked a good question, Gracie didn’t answer him. In fact, he didn’t answer anyone’s question, whether it was a level question or a nonsense question.
He was taken away soon.
He needs to cooperate and make some statements before he can leave.
But this is no longer a matter.
Kate Gracie, sitting in the police, looked back at the apartment she had picked by mistake.
If he chose other buildings, maybe he has lost his life now and become a cold and ugly corpse on the ground.
When reporters can’t interview the suicide, they want to interview the hero who saves lives.
However, at this time, Lemon stood in front of the door of the apartment, with a posture of "and while one man guards it ten thousand cannot force it".
"This is a private residence, please respect private privacy. Journalists are not welcome to enter here without permission … "
Lemon thinks he can beat so many reporters at the same time. He is so handsome!
Changsheng has no time to care about the noise and noise downstairs.
He is more concerned about the happiness of his later life and lower body.
That’s all that matters.
So when he returned to his room, he quickly turned on the computer.