When a British commander who was used to watching his opponent with a telescope in his position was shot through the lung by a German sniper, British officers completely remembered that 55 meters was not an safe distance when facing German snipers.

"Corpsman! Corpsman Major Gaerthe has been hit! He was hit! " A soldier holding the officer who had just been shot through the chest shouted the shot and came to expect the unexpected. If the other side had a machine gun or rifle and tried to fire at them, he swore that he would definitely hide with Major Gaerthe, but the shot just appeared suddenly and hit Major Gaerthe directly.
Not far from the position, the sound of German special machine gun fire kept coming. The soldier looked at the continuous spitting of blood and foam. Major Gaerthe kept kicking his legs and struggled a little at a loss
Several British soldiers came running with special big-brimmed helmets, shouting some words to wake their companions, "The Germans have attacked! Their tanks are just ahead! Get out of here! If you run late, you will be captured by the Germans! My god, they are really good at shooting. "
At the end of the horizon, you can see that German tanks are organizing attacks. These tanks have very low shapes, but the German tanks are much better than the scrap iron in the hands of the Italians. These unique German tanks can destroy the British defensive positions far away with grenades.
"Boom!" Not far away, a British tank gun fired, and the soldier was carrying more air and less air. After running for a few minutes, Mr. Major saw the British tank counterattack a dozen British Matilda tanks, and sand dunes appeared, running over short plants in the desert and rushing to German tanks.
But then he saw an unforgettable scene. An armor-piercing bullet directly shattered the front armor of a Matilda tank, which made the British tank famous for its heavy armor into a state. The powerful impact made the whole tank body slightly deformed, and then the tragic explosion lifted the turret of the tank out.
A gun shot through Matilda tank armor 5 meters away? This is a joke to the British tank men in North Africa. The poor little tank in Italy was not owned by Matilda’s tank opponent. The thunderbolt stunned the British soldiers around until the second British tank was destroyed, and everyone remembered that they were still running for their lives.
"What did you say? What did you say?/Sorry? Make it clear? Italians fought back? German? How can the Germans fight back … Please confirm it for me! How can I give you reinforcements when I don’t know anything? " Angered, the old British general hung up his words.
He went to the front of the map and confirmed the battlefield situation with his own war staff. The front position of the British garrison was penetrated. This is why he has some ways to imagine that this line of defense was penetrated after one month of operation.
However, this is not the main reason for his anger. He is angry that there are two divisions and troops on his front line, and it is still unclear who the opponent is and how big the opponent’s strength is. All the troops responded that they suffered heavy losses, but they could not tell how many troops were attacked.
"The counterattack armored forces were forced to retreat to the east for 1 kilometer. The other armored forces should be Germans. Our tank commander reported that the opponent should have a battalion of tanks, and the number of tanks is about 3." The staff officer said to the old general with a few newly arrived manuscripts.
"Major Gaerthe, head of the 1st Division of the 9th Division, has just been killed." The old general sighed a little sadly and said, "It’s a pity that he and I hit it off very well."
Just as the old general remembered his friend, a newspaper reporter handed the latest report to the staff officer map for comparison, and then drew a few thick lines on the blue pencil map.
"The enemy broke into the junction of two divisions here and here, and a very perfect two-wing defensive position was established. Italy can’t attack so smoothly. This unit is German." The staff took a look at the old general and pointed to those thick lines and said, "The other side has about an infantry regiment and an armored battalion. There is a battalion flanking here. There should be another regiment … this is an infantry division."
The old general shook his head and pointed to the rear of the German attack troops. He said with confidence, "They will definitely not invest all their troops to attack here. I think there is a tank division waiting for us to fight back!"
He was convinced that he had information on the size of the German army. He guessed that Germany should have an armored division and two infantry troops, but these troops could not be taken out at the same time to fight the offensive war because of the supply problem. He was convinced that the German troops in front of his position were an infantry division and an armored division, so his reserve team was obviously not enough to fight back. He could retreat according to the pre-planned line.
But Montgomery’s guess made him indecisive. If the Germans really have so much in front of them, then he should consider what to fight back-he would be a shoo-in if he wanted to make an equivalent exchange consumption state.
However, he had to be cautious. After all, he was holding the British main force in North Africa. If anything went wrong, even pulling him out and shooting him could not save the situation in North Africa from deteriorating. So after thinking for a while, he decided to protect his strength according to his best interests.
"Make the troops retreat! We return to Tobruk! " The old general beat his fingers on the table for a few minutes, but he finally reached the evacuation order. He decided not to risk a counterattack, but to lengthen the German supply line to avoid the limelight of the Germans.
His decision is very correct. There is no need to win or lose for a while. There are limited supplies and the real defense line of the British team in Tobruk. If they retreat now, they can throw thousands of miles of yellow sand to the Germans. This is a very good deal.
At the same moment, in the German front command, General Frederick was looking at the battle map with his hand behind his back, and the war situation between the two sides was marked on the map.
"It is not good news for us to expect that the British counterattack has not arrived." He was worried because Rommel personally led the 7 th armored division and had not yet appeared on the battlefield.
"Is our offensive strength not big enough? The British army is not in a hurry to invest in reserve forces? " The staff also wondered that the chaotic situation kept sketching out his guess that "it would be very dangerous if they kept the reserve team General Rommel."
Frederick shook his head. He firmly believed that his attack was very sharp. If he commanded from the opposite side at this time, he would definitely push his reserves to the front line, because if he was later, these reserves would not be able to save the current battlefield situation.
Thought of here, Friedrich frowned and focused his eyes on the wedge-shaped breakthrough of the German Seventh Army, and then raised his eyebrows and said, "There are two situations when you don’t invest in the reserve team at this time. The first is that the British don’t have a reserve team; The second is that the British didn’t want to stick to here … "
Speaking of which, he seems to have caught something and carefully sorted out his thoughts. Suddenly, he struck the table and shouted, "No! These British people want to run! "
Guess that idea of the British commander, Friedrich had to admire the wisdom of the British command. He actually saw his dangerous situation and wanted to make a move to retreat into the safe tactics. So he quickly ordered, "We have to change the battle plan of General Rommel. Now we must invest in our preparation to bite the British team in front! Otherwise, when General Rommel appeared on the flank, these British people would have run away! "
He glanced at the finger of the Chief of Staff of the 7th Army and clicked on the map, showing an obstacle position. "Order the 17th Division to attack from behind immediately, and the 27th Division will continue to attack! Can’t let these British troops run away! "
At this moment, Rommel led the 7th armored division of his own army to find his own marching route in the yellow sand.
Chapter 473 473 Fight against Persia again
"We are back!" When Ryan watched the corpsman take care of several wounded people in the 52nd Battalion by tank, he heard Marcus’ unique cheap voice, "Hey, hey, you can’t do it without me, can you?"
Teach the company to return to the organizational system. Five Tiger tanks are neatly arranged in a row. Just after an attack by the Soviets, they were easily repelled by grenadiers. Now there is a rare peace here.
"Lieutenant is in a bad mood, you’d better say less," said Andre Ryan.
"I heard that the Soviets have put in new weapons. The battalion commander means that we should find out what the new tank is." Marcus looked at Ryan and said, "We don’t want to save them. You have done your best."
Ryan nodded and stretched out his hand to interrupt Marcus. "This is not what I learned. I learned blood out."
"Arrange tactics. Now that I hear you say that, I know that you have figured it out." Marcus was relieved to hear Ryan say this. "There are about two tanks near the Soviet Union, most of which are kv1, and that new big-headed monster. Only by annihilating this tank force can we seize this Tubo village."
"The reconnaissance troops came back, and the other side didn’t give up the plan of Tubo Village. They are strengthening their defense lines and digging trenches and sending more troops." The commander of No.114 tank reported the situation. "There are also two hidden anti-tank guns here, but the caliber seems to be very small and not fatal. The most reassuring thing is that the big-headed kv tank and tank guns are estimated to pose a big threat to us."
Ryan nodded, then got up and took a look at the dust. Andre didn’t speak. Alice: "The situation has been reported. It depends on what kind of reinforcements are arranged for us. It is not easy for our tanks to deal with the unknown number of Soviet tanks in the Woods."
It’s really not easy, but when Ryan and Marcus saw their reinforcements, they all felt that they had made a mountain out of a molehill this time. This time, the main attack force, the G regiment, was not soft at all. They mobilized military reinforcements and corrected four bombers for their 9 th Air Brigade to greet this unknown Persian village
Looking at the densely packed bomber Marcus stupidly swallowed a mouthful of saliva "Yu? Dozens of bombers … This is too hard. "
Everyone knows that it seems that this time the German army is going to make an example of itself. The small village of Tubo just refuses to surrender and resist the German advance. The Red Army Yard of the Soviet Union will be countered with such feelings if it dares to challenge the German army in the future. This is what the military bombers want to express, right?
The number of original bombers was amazing enough, and no one expected that the next attack would be even more amazing-four bombers flooded in and hundreds of bombs were lost in the target. These bombs were not ordinary aviation bombs, but the characteristic weapon of the German army, napalm.
This time, the Soviet Red Army was in big trouble. These napalm bombs burned the Soviet positions into a sea of fire. When the Germans attacked, the whole village of Tubo was still full of burnt smell. Some young German soldiers kept vomiting while more soldiers rushed into the village without saying a word.
The forest that ambushed Rennes was still burning with flames, but some tanks could be clearly recognized. Several Soviet tanks near the edge rushed out of the fire, but they were destroyed one by one by German tiger tanks waiting for them. Then everyone saw a charred and huge monster from the bushes near the edge of the burned forest, and slowly rushed out to the roadbed, and never moved again.
A few German grenadiers climbed a little warmer than the Soviet tank. The huge turret of the tank cheered and cheered. As Ryan said, this huge Soviet tank really made the chassis like kv1 and strengthened the front tank armor.
The Soviet soldiers who lifted the tank hatch were poisoned by toxic gas produced by burning. It seems that the driver insisted on taking the tank out of the burning area, but although the tank saved himself, it was also poisoned by gas smoke.
So this new Soviet tank was miraculously intact, and the ammunition in it was not killed by fire and temperature-it was a great luck for the Germans to capture one to study this tank just after its debut.
It is believed that the performance and data of this tank will no longer be a secret soon, and the German armored forces will be able to formulate tactics against this tank according to these data and performance. Of course, this new type of "big-headed kv tank" has its own name, that is, kv2 tank.
After a day and a night of fierce fighting for the village of Tubo, the Soviet troops withdrew from the village that Khrushchev ordered them to defend, losing nearly seven bodies and this defensive point. After the Soviet Red Army, Ukraine and Belarus were like a house, opening the door to the German G regiment and E regiment.
Before Marshal voroshilov could respond, the guderian troops joined forces with General Liszt’s E regiment. These two troops went hand in hand and surrounded the 60,000 regular Soviet troops in the central area. As a result, only five days after the Soviet War, 260,000 troops were either trapped or defeated by the Germans. They tried to plant the red flag all over Europe, and the Soviet Red Army lost completely before leaving home.
If we don’t mobilize the war, the number of Soviet frontal troops has dropped sharply to half before the war, and everyone in the German Defence Force can’t imagine what will happen next.
If the Germans show their counterattack troops and March into the Ukrainian plain where they are oppressed by Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians will rise up, and some vacillating republics will appear repeatedly. Even Stalin will not let go of the front line to command Khrushchev and voroshilov.
Of course, the situation in the north is much better. Timoshenko gathered his troops and temporarily stabilized the defense line, so that the German northern corps did not advance eastward. This is the only war zone that can make people feel a little gratified on the long Soviet-German front
"What’s the matter? What’s the matter? When we fight the Japanese in the Far East, we can beat them to hide. Why do we lose so badly in Europe? " Khrushchev was full of resentment and asked voroshilov beside him.
Voroshilov also lamented that he had just finished the war in the Persian village and wiped out his troops. "Comrade Khrushchev is not saying that the special envoy of Comrade Stalin will arrive at these times. Let’s think about how to deal with this death."
Khrushchev was in a worse mood when he heard the news. He grabbed the glass beside him and fell to the ground as soon as he cut it. The glass crashed and was smashed to pieces. Marshal voroshilov silently looked at the broken glass fragments.
"What will happen if … we retreat?" Khrushchev suddenly asked Marshal voroshilov.
Marshal voroshilov was stupefied, which obviously meant he wanted to retreat. He thought a little and then replied, "Comrade Khrushchev, if we retreat to preserve some strength, we will leave some troops for the generals who will succeed us, but these are meaningless to both of us."
Khrushchev was obviously not willing. "We are going south with troops!"
"This … this isn’t treason …" Marshal voroshilov naturally knew that doing so could save his life by mercenaries’ self-respect, but the central part of the Great Soviet Union would be immediately occupied by the Germans, and Stalin would not be in the mood to take care of him and Khrushchev when the Germans arrived in the city.
Khrushchev sighed and glanced at voroshilov. He said, "Hold Mr. Special Envoy steady first. If it is not feasible, we will lead troops to the south, and then send a newspaper to Comrade Stalin saying that we will resolutely defend the southern territory of the motherland."
"Don’t do this unless you have to." voroshilov got up and looked at the glittering and translucent glass fragments on his feet and persuaded him. "We can’t just hand over the command. It’s not like we want to fight this war. Comrade Stalin decided to fight it! You and I still wrote to him to persuade! "
Khrushchev trembles and shakes his head and walks out of the house.
As for Khrushchev and voroshilov’s research, such as receiving Stalin’s special envoy, Blauchich was studying with Bok Mo Deer and others to deploy the post-war war in Ukraine. This time, the plan of requiem was very beautiful. It is said that a front-line war meeting is being called, rather than a celebration reception is being held.
"If we want to annihilate the Soviet troops in the encirclement, we can move extra troops to continue the attack. In June, we will be able to enter the Ukrainian region. I believe that in the end, we will win a great victory over the Communist International!" Brauchich raised his glass and said