Momo Tao licked maltose contentedly, and with a wave of his hand, he pointed to a small park not far over there, where there was a pavilion.

It looks not bad
It’s the first time their family has been here for so long, and it’s also very exciting to see this.
This wooden corridor with red painted golden dragon pavilion looks pretty, to say nothing of it.
The family sat in that chair and looked out at the lake and felt the breeze, let alone how comfortable it was.
This is life.
"Don’t lie on your back. What should I do if I fall?"
Come on, life is always a mess, kid
Persimmons almost fell out of the booth and peaches were pulled back.
"Oh, I just want to see if there are any fish in it." Momo Tao is curious.
There are many fish in such a big pond.
So everyone is interested.
"There should be such a big lake," Wu Manzhu said.
"Is anyone arrested?" Song Xing is ready to move "I haven’t eaten fish for a long time"
Eating fish in the city is more difficult than the brigade.
"Small six, do they have fishing nets?" Persimmon pursed her lips and looked at the lake with hot eyes.
"Can fish?" Momo Tao showed her white teeth and pointed out to them "Look there."
Some of them actually saw someone fishing there with a fishing rod. The family observed it for a long time and didn’t see anyone fishing.
See if there are any fish
Everyone sighed in succession
Then I saw that Momo Peach had run towards that side.
Everybody …
They also have to follow.
Momo Tao ran past without timidity, and then looked at it among several people and ran to the oldest and most serious old man.
Look at the bucket beside him.
Not a single fish.
Momo peach can’t help but sigh. This master can’t do it. Not even fishing.
My Lord …
Where’s the baby? It’s hard for him, right?
"Grandpa," Momo peach blinked and immediately cried softly, "I help you fish. I can fish very well."
The old man looked at this half-height cub at the corner of his mouth and wanted to fish before he was weaned.
"We are each half." Seeing that he didn’t speak, Momo Tao continued to persuade "It’s no use fishing."
"You can’t catch it anyway."
Old man.
"You come," the old man got up and hummed, and let Momo peach sit on the stool and watch.
He must laugh at the baby later.
Momo peach blinks and blinks, so don’t care about the process when you get the fishing rod. Momo peach immediately concentrates on the lake.
Come to fish, come to fish.
Big fish, big fish and big fish
In Momo, Peach hopes that after a while, the fish will float into the water, and Momo Peach’s eyes will shine, fish and fish.
"Oh," the fishing line suddenly pulled Momo peach in front, and the whole person fell into the water, holding the fishing rod tightly.
Fortunately, the horse was caught by persimmon and led to the back. When he took the fishing rod, he pulled it back a little.
Old man.
"Don’t pull hard and walk fast." The old man shouted with shame.
"Slip the fish or you can’t pull it."
Persimmon looks the same. She is strong enough to pull it.
"The line will break," the old man shouted again.
Persimmon hands began to listen to the old man’s words, pay off the line, pay off the line …
After a long time, I noticed that there was nothing to resist the fish there. She just closed the line and then successfully caught a big fish with a look of more than ten kilograms.
People around you are surprised.
This is really very big.