When it comes to mendieta, Real Madrid is full of anger now.

Florentino secretly scolded Valencia and Changsheng many times.
When florentino poached mendieta from Valencia, he was full of joy, thinking that he had strengthened his own strength and weakened Valencia.
I didn’t expect Valencia to be weakened, but their performance was better. Is your side, plagued by mendieta.
The first is the position dispute of mendieta, which has troubled the team for a long time.
Then there is the locker room problem caused by this position dispute.
The media are now speculating on this matter all day long, and everything that was originally fine has been speculated into something, making the dressing room in Real Madrid restless. What contradiction between mendieta and Figo, what contradiction between mendieta and helguera …
Some revelations look real, and some are real.
Real Madrid’s unstable performance this season is related to these internal contradictions.
In order to buy mendieta, Danghu spent 30 million euros, which made Real Madrid financially nervous and almost had no money to buy Ronaldo-if Moratti didn’t finally agree to Real Madrid’s installment payment, they really had no money to buy Ronaldo.
Only after I bought it did I find myself cheated …
They thought they bought a superstar, but they didn’t expect to buy a giant pit!
Florentino means how Valencia promised so readily, and bargained for two young players without even asking for money …
It turns out that this is specially for mendieta to come and cheat us!
When florentino understood this truth, he didn’t ask Bosco to start mendieta. Although this may make others guess that he was cheated by Valencia, it is only a matter of time. Mendieta’s performance is so poor that even fools know that Real Madrid spent 30 million plus Alvaro Arbeloa and Cambiaso to buy mendieta, which is a parallel product.
If we keep mendieta in the starting line-up for the sake of face, I’m afraid it will lead to the collapse of the team’s performance.
Real Madrid failed to win the league title last season, and we can’t lose the league title again this season anyway.
In order to win the league championship, it is only natural to let mendieta sit on the bench.
He is now preoccupied with letting mendieta go at the end of the season.
It’s just that he tried several times, and the situation was not good.
Mendieta’s agent, Tordera, was killed and refused to leave. When signing the contract, the agent who bowed to himself is now involved with himself.
Tordera certainly won’t want to let mendieta go, because mendieta is getting a lot of salary at Real Madrid now.
This is a lot of money.
The only condition for Tordera to agree to mendieta’s departure is that Real Madrid will pay mendieta the remaining three years’ salary in one breath.
This is a big headache for florentino.
I dug a mendieta myself, and that’s what happened.
Look at Cambiaso and Arbeloa, who were taken to Valencia by the winning team. One is a player who has never been taken seriously in Real Madrid, and the other is a young man who is still in the echelon of Real Madrid.
However, under the ever-victorious team, both of them were able to play in Valencia’s first team, and Cambiaso even had a regular chance to play and performed well. There was one goal and two assists.
Young players like Alvaro Arbeloa can start in the King’s Cup and contribute an assist.
Mendieta played 15 times in various competitions in Real Madrid, without scoring a goal or assisting.
This is the gap …
At the thought that the chief culprit of this gap is constant victory, florentino is even less in a good mood.
Therefore, this game, Real Madrid will end Valencia’s unbeaten no matter how much it costs!
For this game, Changsheng is also well prepared.
Before the game, all kinds of competition training skills that can improve the team’s ability in a short time were used.