When Lin Qing saw Qin Qian flying in, she tried to get up while lying down, but she was unable to move. She sincerely thanked "Thank you for this time, Uncle, otherwise I would have run."

"Should" Qin Qian see Lin Qing covered in blood injury is very serious frowned slightly.
He bent down to gently hug Lin Qing and said, "Dan medicine to heal first."
Lin Qing thought that she really needed Dan medicine to treat trauma, but it was a pity that she was inconvenient to take medicine at present.
I was just about to ask Qin Qian for help.
Qin Qian had thought before her that I didn’t know when there were two pills in his hand. He just hesitated to hold her jaw, but he put the pills in her mouth very quickly.
Lin Qing was forced to return to her senses. The elixir was in her mouth and she thought of one thing. The medicine was in her stomach.
Although there has been speculation, Lin Qing still confirmed with a straight face, "Uncle Qin, what Dan medicine did you just give me?"
"Rehabilitate Dan and rejuvenate Dan" Qin Qian answered.
Qin Qian thinks that these two kinds of pills are just right for Lin Qing now.
Hearing this answer, Lin Qing simply wants to sing a long song and cry to repair Dan. Of course, there is no problem and rejuvenate Dan …
Uncle Qin, I really appreciate your saving me, but can you give me laxatives all the time without pressing the button?
Chapter 41 I may be a fake monk
She quickly called the May 4th Movement "May 4th Movement!"! Get me behind that big stone? "
May 4th lazy way "do what?"
"Do what? I took a tonic! " Lin Qing wants to cry.
May 4th Movement suddenly reacted and fluttered its wings and flew behind Lin Qing, and unexpectedly picked up her collar from Qin Qian’s arms and left.
Lin Qing’s forehead jumped wildly with her collar stuck, and she looked at Qin Qian with a look of incomprehension. "Uncle Qin, please wait here and I’ll explain it to you later …"
"I’ll go with the main silver." Jujube quickly flew over and picked up her foot, so the posture was even more weird.
Qin Qian, look at the embrace and shout. It’s two hours away from one person.
He wanted to go back, but when he saw Lin Qing’s hot and awkward appearance, he put away his knowledge and stopped.
After coming to Dashi, Lin Qing was full of sweat, and her mind moved from Sumeru to fly out of an array and a bottle of Dan medicine.
"May 4th, this is an isolated array. Please help me enter the spiritual inspiration before you put me in." Just in case she has a variety of arrays, today she really chose this isolated array of gods, sights, smells and sounds. Lin Qing is more fortunate than being prepared for a rainy day.
May 4th nodded and acted immediately.
She said to Jujube, "Jujube, you beat the cover of Dan medicine and take out Dan medicine for me."
Jujube obediently took out the medicine and asked Lin Qing to "master silver, is this your second refining mutation pill?"
"I can do it now."
"But Master Yin, you said that this Dan medicine hurts after eating."
"Very period can endure" Lin Qing endured abdominal pain grind way
What’s the pain? If you don’t eat this time, it will be the shadow of her generation!
This Dan medicine was named Xunfu Dan by her. It is a variant Dan refined when she was refining and repairing Dan. It can make people recover their mobility in a short time, but after half an hour, the injury will be heavier. At the same time, it is barely a tiger-wolf medicine to endure double pain. Of course, this Dan medicine can restore the injury and cannot increase the monk’s spiritual strength.
After taking the medicine, she can feel better, lose strength and recover quickly.
Lin Qing was driven out of the array by her after she entered the isolation array during the May 4th Movement.
Lin Qing endured the pain for a while, and she was finally shaking.
A few years ago, I was trapped and didn’t eat some food because I was greedy, and there were not many impurities in my body.
After being solved, she meditated for half an hour and tried to restore some aura.
Although this place is barren, it is particularly rich in aura.
Spiritual power is introduced into the body, and it is more refined and pure through bead feedback. Since the second advancement, she feels that the cultivation speed is faster.
Lin Qing, a quiet worker at Dantian Pearl, stared at it.
There is no big change in the appearance of Zhu. What surprises will Zhu bring to her after experiencing the thunder robbery?
Lin Qing smiled some warm heart.
Now is not the time to explore it. Lin Qing put away her curiosity and closed her eyes to continue meditation.
The dark clouds outside the array seem to be brewing a disaster.
May 4th and Jujube set stones waiting for Lin Qing, while Qin Qian also meditated at the other end.
It is every short time that he sweeps his eyes in the direction of the big stone with his eyes open.
It must be a hindrance for her two spirits and beasts to take a leisurely rest on the stone.
Looking up to heaven, Qin Qian flashed doubts in his heart.
He has been in this place for nearly four hours. During these four hours, it has been like a thunderstorm, but the humidity is not enough to form rain. Besides, he has never seen a thunderstorm brewing take so long.
This place is different …
Tick-tock soon approached half an hour. Lin Qing left the array with a little recovery of aura.
Seeing that Lin Qing abandoned the array and ignored her, she was still pale. Before the May Fourth Movement, she asked, "Can it be solved?"
Lin Qing nodded. "My injury will be more serious in half an hour. I want to leave this area for healing and restoring my aura before leaving. If you encounter special circumstances, please take me for a ride. Now we are back in the same place. I am inexplicably confused about leaving Qin Shishu."
She didn’t really recover from her injury, and she had to pay a price for taking strong medicine.
May 4th picked up her collar and left without saying anything.
"Cough 54 times, can you choose a comfortable angle?"
One person and two children flew in from a distance. Qin Qian opened his eyes and got up.
Qin Qian felt a sense of joy when he saw her hanging in a depressed expression, but when he got closer, he noticed that something was wrong.
Judging from the smell, the injury is getting worse?
Qin Qian reacted quickly. If there is no foreign enemy, it must be Lin Qing. Everyone has a chance to cultivate immortality. If she doesn’t, he won’t take the initiative to ask.
May 4th Movement put Lin Qing on her side of the stone wall and frowned. "Just now, there were some special circumstances that worried Uncle Shi."
Qin Qian shook his head and said, "Does the injury matter?" Seeing her face getting paler, Qin Qian asked, "Does it hurt?"
As soon as the words were exported, he felt that he was a little silly about this question. Lin Qing had a tough personality and would not declare it even if he was in pain.
I don’t know, in a flash, she nodded her head and commented seriously on "super pain!"
Qin Qian "…"
He cleared his throat. "I have a panacea to reduce the pain …" He said the medicine bottle and flew out of the bag.
Lin Qing frightened "Don’t ShiShu this pain is nothing! I don’t need to take medicine at all! "
She was so nervous that Qin Qian was puzzled for a moment.
He soon realized that the former Lin Qing had an abnormal prescription.
"Ahem" to prevent Qin Qian from doing bad things again, this secret should not only be known by this tight-lipped person, but also hinder Lin Qing from looking at Qin Qian. "Uncle Qin, I may be a fake monk because … all the panacea supplements are mainly … sewage for me."
Qin Qianjun’s face was dull for a moment.
A magic remedy?